November 26, 2017


Bennett, Paula:

Politician getting pulverised by Neptune-Mars and Pluto-Sun  attacks until December. Extremely vulnerable late March, mid-Sept and late Jan 019.

Crowe, Russell:

Major emotional chaos from Uranus attacking his Moon and Jupiter until April 019. April 018,June, Sept and Dec crucial.

Harvey, Jayjay:

Mentally-ill boredcaster heading for another serious  meltdown with Neptune-Mars attack next 2  years.  Feb, May, June, July, Nov 2018 crucial, also March, Oct, Dec 019.

Innes, Leith:

Leading jockey behaving erratically with crazy Uranus attacking his Mercury,Venus and Mars in autumn. Feb, March, May significant.

Jennings, Michael:

Crazy year for the champion Rugby League winger with Uranus over his Sun  and Mercury and Neptune confusing Venus.

Kaino, Jerome:

All Black’s progress hampered by Uranus-Mars chaos, with May, Oct notable. Pluto-Venus trine more productive  after March 019.

King, Mike:

Massive reversals for entertainment has-been with  Pluto attacking his Sun until Dec 019. Major marriage problems  from Uranus whacking Venus and Saturn  between June 020 and April 021.

Pateman, Steven:

Turmoil continues for champion Australian jumps rider with erratic Uranus hovering over his Mercury and Mars positions. May, June, Oct, Sept crucial, and March-April 019, but much better 2020 with awesome Pluto-Venus trine.

Peters, Winston:

Deputy PM getting hammered from Pluto attacking his Sun, with Feb, March, April, May, June, Dec crucial. Some positives, though, from Pluto aiding his Jupiter spot in Jan, Aug, Nov.

Smerdon, Robert:

Leading Melbourne trainer in for major reversals with Pluto attacking his Sun and Jupiter. Jan, March, May, July, Dec notable.

Watson, Eric:

Major losses  for zillionaire with Pluto attacking his Sun. Jan, July, Aug, Nov, Dec  crucial.

Much care needed for April 9,10,11 borns with revolutionary Pluto anti the Sun. Chaos for April 19,20 borns with erratic Uranus over the Sun.


Arthur, Mickey:

Pakistan cricket coach thriving in early March from an awesome Uranus-Jupiter trine.

Beckham, David:

Major domestic issues from Uranus-Moon complications May, Nov and Feb 019. A new love-craze from Neptune weakening his Mars with April, Aug and Feb 019 crucial.

Brooks, Mark:

Cambridge horse trainer enhanced by awesome Pluto and Uranus phases next 3 years. Nice surprise on  March 25, 2020, and many others.

Hayes, Samantha:

Massive, difficult lifestyle and career changes for television face until  Dec 019 with Uranus atop her Sun and Mercury and Pluto attacking  Venus. May, Nov and March 019 particularly chaotic.

Ko, Lydia:

Golfing champ helped by Saturn trines in 2018, with Jan, June, Oct, Nov, Dec notable. Major comedown 2019 with erratic Uranus bombing her Sun and Mercury, and Neptune anti  her Mars.

Shorten, Bill:

Uranus-Jupiter career turmoil for Aussie politician ends in April but replaced by awesome, advancing Pluto trines to his Sun and Mercury until late 019.

Waddell, Jason:

Massive and difficult personal restructuring for volatile, gifted jockey with Pluto cramping his Mars between Jan and Nov. Uranus-Moon complications make  April, May and November especially testing.

Chaotic times for April 21,22 borns with erratic Uranus over the Sun. Many positives from a powerful Pluto-Sun trine for May 10,11,12 birthdays.


Barrett, Beauden:

Major off-year for rugby star with Pluto  attacking his Venus and Node, and Uranus upsetting his Mars position. May, July, Aug and  Oct crucial.

Jolie, Angelina:

Health issues continue, with difficult personal changes from Uranus-Ascendant attack. April especially challenging, also Dec and Jan 019.

Kearney, Steve:

Major off-year  for rugby league coach with Pluto attacking his Mars until November.

Luke, Isaac:

Rugby league star hampered by difficult  Pluto-Jupiter and Saturn-Mars phases. July  especially challenging, also Jan, Feb, Oct and Dec.

Moroney, Mike:

Difficult times continue for trans-Tasman horse trainer with Neptune-Sun and Uranus-Moon issues until March 019. March, May, Oct 018 crucial.

Nadal, Rafael:

Emotional turbulence for the tennis champ with Uranus atop his Moon in the 6th House of health. Watch for injuries in May, Oct and March 019.

Pell, Cardinal George:

Disgraced Melbourne, catholic figurehead facing paedophile charges and severely hampered by Neptune hampering his Mars and Sun. Much confusion and  delusion until Dec 019.

Shastri, Ravi:

Indian cricket coach hindered by Uranus-Mars  and Saturn-Venus problems making Jan, April, July, Oct difficult. Extremely challenging  progressions hinder March, Aug, Sept and Oct as well.

Smith, Steve:

2 major off-years for Australian cricketer with Pluto attacking his Mars until Nov 019. Feb  to June 018 crucial.

Tiley, Nigel:

Horse trainer on major slowdown with difficult  Pluto-Venus attack  until late 019. Feb, April, June, Dec 018 very stressful.

Tuivasa-Sheck, Roger:

Extremely complicated time for rugby league star from Neptune-Sun and Uranus-Venus difficulties in March, April, May, Aug, Sept, Nov and Feb 019. Saturn-Jupiter setbacks  in July, Oct as well.

Williams, Craig:

Champion Melbourne jockey very frustrated and less productive with Pluto antagonising Mars. Jan, Aug, Nov crucial.

Confusion and weakening for June 5,6,7 borns with Neptune harassing the Sun.


Adams, Steven:

Unbelievably difficult year for the high-earning basketballer, with Neptune crunching Venus and Mars and Pluto whacking his Mercury. Jan, March, April, July, Aug, Sept Nov crucial, also Jan, Feb 019.

Boult, Trent:

Cricketer hampered by Uranus-Sun reversals, with April, May, Nov, Dec and Feb 019 crucial.

Carter, Honor:

Famous wife experiencing massive personal restructuring until Oct 019 with Pluto attacking her Mars and Sun. Lifestyle chaos, too, with Uranus-Jupiter negativity May, Oct 018 and March 019.

Foran, Kieran:

Major off-year for troubled rugby league star with Pluto-Sun attack between Feb and Dec. May, Oct and March 019 crazy from Uranus zooming atop his Mars.

Oliver, Damien:

Champion Melbourne jockey making plenty of  bad decisions while Pluto crunches his Mercury. Jan, Aug, early Nov  crucial.

Reid, Winston:

Soccer star hampered  by Neptune-Venus issues, with March, Oct and Dec crucial.

William, Prince of England:

Major life  chaos with Uranus attacking his Jupiter and midheaven until April 019. May, July, Aug, Oct 018 crucial.

 Destructive Pluto anti the Sun hinders July 12,13,14 birthdays and Uranus unpredictability for July 22. Bliss, though and good fortune for July 6,7, 8 borns from Neptune-Sun enhancement.


Ardern, Jacinda:

Much strain and frustration for the Prime Minister with Saturn attacking her Mars in March, April and May.

Bosson, Opie:

Champion jockey impeded by Uranus-Sun reversals in May and Sept with Saturn-Mars energy lows  in March, June and  Nov. Major upheaval around Aug.

Federer, Roger:

Tennis champ hounded by Uranus-Node and Saturn-Jupiter issues. Feb, June, Sept , Nov crucial.

Hurrell, Konrad:

Rugby League star over the Neptune  bads of 2017. Positive Saturn trines for Feb, June, Nov of 2018 before his biggest year from a pinnacle of progressions around Oct 2019.

Key, Sir John:

One of his most difficult phases ever  with Pluto-Moon attack until Nov 019  bringing major matrimonial amendments. Pluto-Ascendant and Uranus-Jupiter negatives supervise difficult personality changes, with Jan, Feb, April, May, June, July, Oct, Nov, Dec 018 notable.  Crucials in 019 include Jan, March, Aug, Dec

Markle, Meghan:

Romantic, Neptune-Venus  confusion ends mid-Feb but  more  roadblocks from Saturn attacking her Moon and Jupiter. June, July, Sept, Oct, Nov crucial.

Marshall, Justin:

Mr Boring of the rugby media improves a lot after March. The Neptune-Venus and Uranus-Mars harassment of seasons past is over.

Robertson, Scott :

Major setbacks for rugby coach with Neptune whacking his Mars around April and Aug.

Simon, George:

Major life upheavals for veteran racing commentator-Scorpio Moon possessor with Pluto assaulting his Node and Jupiter until December.

Williamson, Kane:

Gun cricketer over the Neptune-Mercury issues of 2017, but still chaos in March with Uranus attacking his Jupiter.

Improvement for Aug 23  borns from a Uranus-Sun trine.


Domingo, Russell:

Cricket coach enhanced by Pluto-Mars trine until  November 019.  Feb, June and Nov 018 successful from Saturn-Sun trine.

Harry, Prince of England:

2 of his most awesome  years, and marriage with Pluto trining both his Moon and Sun between April 018 and Nov 020. Uranus trining Jupiter and Mercury as well in 019.

Johnson, Shaun:

Rugby league star confused and distracted  by Neptune attacking his Sun and Mercury until Feb 019.  March, April, July and Sept 018 very crucial.

O’Sullivan, Lance:

Horse racing great in for incredible and difficult changes with Pluto assaulting his Jupiter, Node and Mars, and Neptune-Moon confusion.  Feb, March, June, July, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec and Jan 019 crucial.

Street, Toni:

“ Teletubby Toni ” subject to much confusion and uncertainty with Neptune smashing her  Sun. Health must be watched, especially in March, Aug and Jan 019.

Sept 7,8,9 borns will be confused and weakened from Neptune-Sun attack. Improvements for Aug 24,25 birthdays from Uranus-Sun trine and even better for Sept 12,13,14 people from the awesome Pluto-Sun trine.


Adams, Dame Valerie:

Olympic legend with newfound enthusiasm and energy from Uranus-Mars trine. May, Oct and March 019 notable then Uranus-Jupiter trine until March 020.

Castles, Andrew:

Massive and difficult upheavals next 2 years for horse racing administration’s  “ septic tank with arms and legs ” from Pluto-Sun attack and negative Jupiter progression.

Du Plessis, Mark:

Veteran jockey slows appreciably under Pluto-Jupiter disorganisation next 2 years. March, April, May, Dec and Jan 019 very difficult.

 Gayford, Clarke:

High-profile partner facing major and difficult changes from Uranus attacking his Sun and Mars. April, May, Oct, Dec crucial and Feb, March 019.

Law, Stuart:

 West Indies cricket coach hampered by Pluto-Mercury negativity until December. Mid-year complications too from  Neptune attacking his Mars.

Marsh, Stephen:

Leading horse  trainer stil suffering Pluto-Sun frustrations. Jan, Aug, Nov crucial.

McCullum, Brendon:

Leading cricketer unproductive  in May, Nov and Feb 019 from Uranus-Mercury complications.

Netanyahu, Benjamin:

Massive downers for the evil Israeli with Pluto attacking his Moon. Jan, March, Aug, Nov crucial.

Tomic, Bernard:

Massive  off-year for tennis brat with Uranus-Sun and Pluto-Mars destruction. Jan, April, July, Nov, Dec crucial.

Turnbull, Malcom:

Incredible reversals  for Australian Prime Minister with Uranus attacking his Sun, Jupiter and Mars. April, May, June, Sept, Oct, Nov 2018 chaotic, also Jan, Feb, March 019.

Veitch, Tony:

Sports broadcasting tragic and Scorpio Moon possessor acting very  strangely under Uranus afflictions Feb, July, Aug. Serious Saturn restrictions  Jan, Feb, June, July, Oct, Nov.  Massive directional changes 2020.

Williams, Serena:

Tennis champ harassed by Uranus madness early May and Nov, with Saturn-Sun restrictions Jan, July, Oct. Pluto-Moon advancements make Feb, June, Dec  more productive.

Uranus-Sun reversals for Oct 23 borns and Pluto-Sun difficulties for Oct 13,14,15 birthdays.


Clinton, Hillary:

Mrs Evil’s erratic behaviour escalates, with a Uranus-Sun attack. April, July, Aug crucial, also early April 019

Hesson, Mike:

Cricket coach hampered by Uranus anti his Mercury and Mars positions. March, May, June, Oct crucial.

Kohli, Virat:

Another troubled  year for Indian cricket great. Uranus-Mercury opposition hinders Feb and March, then a difficult  Mars progression around Oct 018. Saturn-Venus problems restrict his happiness in Feb, May, Nov.

Slater, Cameron:

Mentally-ill blogger with more depression problems from Pluto attacking his Mercury until Nov 019. Major troubles in close relationship matters from Neptune confusing his Venus until Dec 018.

Uranus-Sun reversals for Oct 24,25,26 people but bliss and  good fortune for Nov 7,8,9 borns from Neptune-Sun trine.


Bayliss, Trev:

England cricket coach buzzing in April, before Uranus-Node reversals strain May, Oct and March 019.

Boag, Michelle:

Major reversals for National  Party diehard with Uranus-Jupiter attacks in April, Nov and Feb 019. Neptune-Sun problems bring more confusion in 019.

Pope Francis:

Head of the catholic church subject to massive and difficult personal restructuring from Pluto-Mars and Uranus-Midheaven attacks. Jan, May,July, Oct, Nov and March 019 crucial.

Robinson, Nicky:

Celebrity blow-up doll plunges into one of her renowned “ depressions ” with Neptune-Mars harassment. April,  Aug, and Feb 019 crucial. Major close relationship issues before the Pluto-Jupiter trine supervises a positive new life 019-020.

Swift, Taylor:

Icon of scattiness and neuroticism with many close relationship issues from Uranus-Venus attacks. June, July, Aug, Sept crucial, also April 019.

Tietjens, Sir Gordon:

Rugby Sevens coaching great buzzing under awesome Uranus-Jupiter trines in early June, early Oct and late March 019.

Wood, Chris:

Soccer star slows amazingly with Neptune attacking his Sun and Jupiter and Uranus opposing Venus. Feb, March, May, Sept, Oct, Nov critical until March 019.

Assistance for Dec 21 borns from Uranus-Sun trine but confusion and weakening for Dec 7,8,9 from Neptune-Sun harassment.


Bennett, Wayne:

Coaching legend in for massive slow down with Uranus-Mercury complications and a difficult Solar progression. April, July, Sept, Nov, Dec notable.

Cummings, James:

Godolphin Racing’s rookie Australian trainer in for major reversals from Pluto attacking his Sun and Jupiter next 2 years. March and  May crucial in 018, Jan, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov in 2019.

Douglas, Clayton:

Australian jumps jockey making great advancement under an awesome Pluto-Ascendant trine. Pleasant surprise on September 8.

English, Bill:

Ex-prime minister seriously restricted from Saturn squashing his Venus, Mars and Sun positions. Jan, March, May, July, Oct and Dec 018 crucial. More productive in 2019-20 with positive Uranus trines to Mars and the Sun.

McCaw, Richie:

Massive close relationship issues for the rugby great with Uranus-Mars and Neptune-Venus attacks until Feb 019. April, May, Aug, Nov 018 crucial before major emotional, Pluto-Moon destruction between Feb 019 and Oct 020.

McDonald, James:

Former champion jockey’s comeback hampered  by Neptune-Jupiter confusion until Jan 019, as well as the emotionally destructive Pluto-Moon crush between March 018 and Oct 019.

McFadden, Andrew:

Another horrific year for NZ Warriors’ assistant coach with Uranus attacking  his Sun, Venus and Mars and Neptune anti his Moon. March, April, May, July, Sept crucial.

Middleton, Kate:

Massive restructuring in home and family matters with Pluto squashing her Sun until Nov 018. Major emotional challenges from Pluto-Moon attack through 019.

Parker, Joseph:

Boxing champ hampered by Neptune-Jupiter worries mid-March, late-Sept and mid-Jan 019. Great power from Uranus-Mars positivity, though, May, Nov and Feb 019.

Stuart, Ricky:

Volatile NRL coach with Uranus harassing both his  Venus and Jupiter. May,  June, Oct extremely challenging.

Uranus-Sun reversals for Jan 19, 20 birthdays and major personal restructuring for Jan 10,11,12 from Pluto over the Sun.


Brownlee, Gerry:

Politician-Scorpio Moon possessor under heavy strain from Uranus-Mercury and Neptune-Node attacks. April very crucial, also Aug and serious from Nov to Feb 019.

Dotcom, Kim:

Major reversals for internet icon with Uranus-Sun  attacks. May, Oct, March 019 crucial with Uranus-Venus issues in 2019 as well.

Fittler Brad:

Rugby league legend with many emotional problems from Pluto attacking his Moon. Feb, June, Dec crucial.

Glenn, Sir  Owen:

Personal turmoil and negative energy from Uranus-Mars attack in June, Sept and March 019.

Hosking, Mike:

Career-threatening, explosive Sun-Mars progression before March 019, followed by  Uranus-Sun chaos May, Nov and Feb 020.

Lehmann, Darren:

Two turbulent years for Australian cricket coach from Pluto-Mercury and Uranus-Jupiter complications. Low patches mid-March, May, ely Dec 018 from Saturn-Mars attack.

Logan, Donna:

 The major reversals continue for horse training’s “ Bogan ” with Uranus attacking her Sun. May, Oct and March  019 crucial.


Football legend very angry and frustrated with  Pluto  squashing his  Mars, and Uranus attacks bringing  major roadblocks . Jan, Feb, July, Aug and  Dec crucial.

Ronaldo, Cristiano:

Football legend losing form drastically with Pluto-Midheaven  complications until Nov 019. Uranus-Jupiter and Saturn restrictions hamper him in Jan, early May,Aug, Sept and Nov 018.

Sharrock, Allan:

Horse trainer having many reversals from Uranus-Sun and Saturn-Mercury complications. Feb, May, June, Oct, Nov, Dec his angry months.

Tamaki, Brian:

Destiny church leader subject to major personal restructuring next 2 years with Uranus anti his Jupiter and Venus, with Pluto crushing his Mercury. June, Sept 018 crucial, also March 019.

Chaos for Jan 21,22 borns with Uranus attacking the Sun.


Carter, Dan:

Troubles for the rugby great continue with Neptune weakening his Sun until Jan 019 and the Pluto-Node attack until  Nov 019. Also chaotic behaviour and close relationship issues with Uranus-Venus activity in March, May, June, Sept 018.

Evans, Peter:

Major reversals for the celebrity chef from difficult Sun and Venus progressions, and  Uranus-Jupiter lifestyle restructuring. May, Oct and  March 019 crucial.

James, Roger:

Major and difficult changes for leading  horse trainer with Pluto anti his Jupiter and Ascendant. Feb to July crucial, also Dec and Jan 019.

Tame, Jack:

Television face with major and difficult lifestyle change next 2 years from Jupiter-Neptune progressions. Uranus-Venus love life confusion also, May, June, Oct and March 019 crucial.

Blissful Neptune weakens March 5,6,7 borns while passing over the Sun.


November 26, 2016


Bennett, Paula:

Power-crazy  politician  facing unbelievable and difficult upheavals next 2 years while Pluto deals to her Sun, Mercury and Venus with Neptune severely weakening  her Mars.

Clarkson, Jenny May:

TV presenter-netball identity-Scorpio Moon possessor in for a major off-year with Pluto anti the Sun. Serious  restrictions from Saturn in Jan, Feb, May, July, Oct, Nov.

Harvey, Jayjay:

Broadcaster-depressionist under extreme  personal restrictions with Saturn-Ascendant complications Jan, June, Oct. Then a massively frustrating Neptune-Mars depression era between May 018 and Dec 019.

Innes, Leith:

Leading jockey behaving erratically with  Uranus-Mars affliction. Residential matters highlighted with June, Sept, March 018 crucial.

King, Mike:

King of the Topper Stoppers preparing for massive and difficult upheavals  018-019 with Pluto attacking his Sun. Major depressions 017 with Saturn suffocating his Mars  Jan, June, Oct.

Lawless, Lucy:

Plenty of new crazes with Neptune bombing her Mercury and Venus spots next 2 years. Difficult Sun-Neptune progression bugs her Aug, Sept 017.

Molloy, Leo:

Auckland-based CEO of Loser City in for massive and difficult energy restructuring while Pluto crunches his Mars. Jan, July, Nov crucial.  Saturn-Mercury attack  brings mental issues Feb, May, Nov.

Pearce, Mitchell:

Problems continue for the troubled Aussie rugby league star with Pluto attacking his Sun, Mercury and Venus and Neptune upsetting his Mars. All clear after Dec 019.

Peters, Winston:

Politician acting very strangely in  his 72nd year, with Uranus zooming across his Mercury and Venus spots and Neptune doing same to Mars. April, June, Aug, Sept, Nov crucial with massive, difficult change from Pluto anti his Sun 2018.

Watson, Eric:

Zillionaire in for major reversals from Pluto-Sun  attack until Oct 018. Serious Saturn  setbacks in Dec 017.

Sudden, Uranian chaos for April 14-18  borns and major, difficult Pluto restructuring for April 7-9 people.


Flynn, Gemma:

Famous fiancée-hockey player with major close relationship issues from Saturn attacking her Venus. March, April and  November extremely challenging.

Jones, Stacey:

NZ Warriors assistant coach hampered by erratic Uranus anti his Mars and Saturn spots. April, June, Sept and Dec very difficult.

Key, Max:

Lifestyle/career confusion  continues for the troubled, angry youth with 4 disastrous progressions and  Neptune molesting his Jupiter until December. Feb, Oct, Nov crucial, with some improvement when  Uranus-Mars positivity breaks him from a rut in 018.

Little, Andrew:

Opposition leader with Pluto-Mercury and Neptune-Node afflictions hampering his progress  until Dec 018.

Murray, Andy:

Incredible slowdown  for the tennis champ with Uranus-Venus, Saturn-Mars and Pluto-Jupiter complications. Notable in Jan, Feb, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Nov.

Purdon, Mark:

Major life restructuring with Pluto-Midheaven  challenges between Feb and Dec. Uranus turmoil in March and Saturn restrictions Jan, Jul, Oct  with very unproductive, frustrating progressions around March and June 018.

Ryan, Gerald:

Sudden and dramatic directional change around  March for leading Australian horse trainer from explosive Sun-Uranus meeting.

Powerful Pluto trine assistance for those with May  8,9,10 birthdays.


Djokovic, Novak:

Tennis gun suffering major reversals from Pluto-Jupiter attack until Oct 018. Feb, May and  Dec unproductive in 017.

Jolie, Angelina:

Major frustrations continue with Pluto-Jupiter, Uranus-Venus and Neptune-Sun attacks until April 018. Jan,April, June, Aug and Nov 017 especially difficult.

Kearney, Steve:

Rugby league coach with progress  blocked from Pluto-Mars frustrations until late 018. December 017 has serious Saturn restrictions, but 019 much more productive with awesome Uranus-Jupiter trine.

Kidman, Nicole:

Two horrific years with plenty of depression while Pluto attacks her Mars and Mercury positions  and Neptune saming her Moon until Dec 018. Feb, April, May, July, Dec 017 crucial.

Moroney, Mike:

Two major  off-years for the trans-Tasman horse trainer with Neptune-Sun complications. Feb, May and June 017 notable  with pressure easing Jan 019.

Trump, Donald:

Mr President’s debut full of turmoil from Pluto-Jupiter and  Uranus-Venus blocks, with restrictive Saturn  severely hampering his Sun and Moon. Jan, May, July, Aug, Oct, Nov and Feb 2018 the most difficult.

Umaga, Tana:

Auckland Blues coach under major strain March, April, May from Neptune whacking his Mars and Mercury positions.

West, Kanye:

Residential turmoil in March, with Pluto-Ascendant complications supervising major close relationship  problems in 017. Goes crazy in 018 with  erratic Uranus over his Venus and Mars and Neptune whacking Jupiter.

Williams, Craig:

Slowdown continues for leading Melbourne jockey with Pluto anti Venus and Mars until Nov 018. Feb, March, April,May June and Dec 017 extremely challenging.

Neptunian confusion and indecision for  June 2,3,4 borns.


Adams, Steven:

NBA star slowing heaps next 2 years with major Uranus, Pluto and Neptune complications to his Sun, Mercury, Venus or  Mars. Feb, May-June and Sept crucial, right through to Dec  018.

Coleman, Michael:

Veteran jockey on major slowdown with Neptune-Venus and Uranus-Sun  mayhem. Jan, March, April, May, July, Aug, Oct crucial.

Cosby, Bill:

Massive Problems and upheavals with his Sun, Mercury and Jupiter all getting hammered by Pluto between April 017 and  December 020.

Foran, Kieran:

Troubled rugby league star still under dark clouds with Pluto attacking his Sun and Jupiter and Uranus doing same to his Mars and Mercury. Much better  after 2019.

McKee, Stephen:

Horse trainer with progress  seriously  hampered by Uranus-Moon and Neptune-Venus complications in domestic matters. March, July, Aug very troublesome.

Merkel, Angela:

German leader  with many reversals and erratic behaviour with Uranus-Sun activity. April, Dec, and Jan 018 crucial, with a major catastrophe around Nov  018.

Messi, Lionel:

Losses for the soccer star continue with Uranus-Jupiter attacks in March, April, Nov and Jan 018.

Oliver, Damien:

Former champion jockey hindered by Pluto-Mercury and Uranus-Mars issues until Feb 018. March, April, May, Nov crucial.

William, Prince of England:

Preparing for major lifestyle  restructuring 018 with Uranus anti Jupiter and the midheaven point. Dec 017 notable, then Jan,May, July, Aug, Oct 018 very stressful.

Wozniaki, Caroline:

Incredible comedown  next 2 years for tennis champ with Uranus attacking her Mercury and Mars and Pluto molesting Jupiter and the Sun

 Blissful Neptune assistance for July 3,4,5 borns. Major, serious reversals for those born July 9,10,11 from Pluto with Uranus chaoticizing July 17-21 people.


Bartley, Tracey:

Australian bush horse trainer making major progress next 2 years with  2 awesome Pluto trines. Nice surprise Melbourne Cup day 2018.

Bosson, Opie:

Neptune harassment of the champion jockey’s Jupiter ends mid-Jan, then gets worse with a blast to his Moon. March, Aug and Jan 018  very  unproductive months.

Federer, Roger:

Major Improvement for tennis champ with Pluto-Venus and Neptune-Mars  trines. Jan, May, July,Nov and Feb  018 positive before Uranus-Node downers in June, Sept 018.

Gallen, Paul:

Massive off-year for NRL star with Pluto smashing his Mars. Jan, July, Nov crucial.

Hollande, Francois:

Incredible  personal and career reversals with Pluto savaging his Moon and Jupiter. Jan, Feb, May, July, Aug, Nov very stressful.

Key, John:

Major restructuring  of the leader’s energies with Uranus quincunxing Mars. April, Nov crucial before major downers 018-019 with Pluto-Moon and Uranus-Jupiter complications. Also serious Saturn-Mars  energy restrictions Feb, May, Oct 017.

Simich, Ricardo:

Gossip columnist-Scorpio Moon possessor with destructive Jupiter-Pluto progression supervising major, difficult  lifestyle and career change around November.

Simon, George:

Racing  commentator-Scorpio Moon possessor facing major and difficult life changes with double Pluto and double Uranus negatives between March 017 and Dec 018.

Williamson, Kane:

Gun cricketer harassed by Neptune-Mercury  and Uranus-Jupiter negativity until March 018. March, June, Sept 017 especially testing.

Positive Uranus-Sun assistance for those born  Aug 17-21 and Saturn positives March, April for Aug 19 + 20  borns.


Harry, Prince:

Royal having major relationship roadblocks while Pluto whacks his Venus in Jan, July, Nov. Much more reproductive in 018-019 with Pluto-Moon and Uranus (2 ) positives.

Johnson, Shaun:

Rugby league star’s life improves after major upheavals around March. Serious Neptune problems between March 018 and Nov 019 will further hinder concentration, though.

Knowles, Beyonce:

Scorpio Moon  possessor under extreme confusion from Neptune-Sun attack until December. Major personal explosions  018 with Pluto-Venus block and Uranus attacking her Mars and North Node positions.

O’Sullivan, Lance:

Horse racing identity getting his life totally rearranged from Pluto attacking his Jupiter, Node and Mars until late 018, with Neptune-Moon confusion as well.

Street, Toni:

 Rapidly deteriorating teletubby under major personal reconstruction, courtesy of serious Neptune-Sun, Neptune-Mars and Pluto-Node afflictions between June 017  and Jan 019.

Wood, Susan:

Heavily made-up, veteran television face getting very angry and frustrated under the serious Saturn trifecta. Attacks on her Sun, Mars and Jupiter in Feb, March, April, May, Nov, Dec.

Indecision and confusion from Neptune for Sept 4,5,6 borns but Pluto advancement for Sept 10,11,12 people.


Barry, Maggie:

MP-Scorpio Moon possessor acting very erratically in March from Uranus-Mercury attack, before extreme Pluto-Mars restructuring brings massive and difficult change until late 018.

Bellamy, Craig:

NRL Coaching great with 2 of his toughest years ever. Pluto attacks Mars until November then Mercury until Dec 018.

Brown, Jaquie:

Media person subject to major personal restructuring from Pluto attacks on her Sun and Jupiter until Dec 018. Improvement 2019  with Uranus-Venus assistance.

Daley, Laurie:

Major off-year for the rugby league great with Pluto attacking both  Mars and Jupiter and Uranus anti his Sun. Feb, May, June, Oct, Dec extremely challenging.

Guptill, Martin:

Cricketer in  for major form slump with Uranus attacking Mercury through March, then Mars until Feb 018 with April+Nov 017 particularly stressful. A new love in  018 with Neptune-Venus awesomeness.

Kardashian, Kim:

Erratic behaviour in July, Aug from  Uranus-Sun attack, again in April 018. Dec 017 has 3 serious Saturn blocks before an awesome Pluto-Venus trine 018 introduces a new lover.

Kumble, Anil:

Turmoil continues for Indian cricket coach with Uranus-Sun harassment until late March, with major Neptune stresses around Feb,May, July, Oct, Dec.

Marsh, Stephen:

Major off-years for leading horse trainer with  Pluto attacking his Sun until Nov 018. Saturn-Jupiter clash,too, with Feb,March, April, May and Nov 017 crucial.

May, Theresa:

One of the least-stressed world leaders with awesome  Uranus-Venus and Pluto-Jupiter trines. Jan, April, July, Nov  her most productive months.

Payne, Michelle:

The slowdown continues for Melbourne Cup-winning jockey with Neptune-Mars harassment until Jan 018.

Putin, Vladimir:

Mental chaos in March from  Uranus-Mercury attack, with awesome Neptune-Venus and Uranus-Mars trines thereafter. May, Oct, Dec and  March 018 very positive with a better Pluto-Jupiter trine through 2018.

Sabin, Mike:

Controversial  former MP with close relationship and business turmoil from Uranus attacking both his Venus and Mercury spots. May, June, Sept, Oct and March  018 crucial, with late Dec 017 including serious Saturn setbacks.

Turnbull, Malcolm:

Incredible reversals  for the Australian leader in 018 with Uranus attacking his Sun, Mercury and Mars positions.

Veitch, Tony:

Scorpio Moon  possessor-sports boredcaster under extreme mental pressure from Uranus-Mercury attack. April, Oct, Feb 018 crucial before  career chaos from Uranus-Jupiter bads, July-Aug 018 until April 019.

Waldegrave, Darcy:

Anti-Astrological sports boredcaster to experience massive and difficult life changes with Pluto dealing to Mars and Jupiter while Uranus chaoticizes his Sun. Feb, March, April, May, June, Sept, Dec crucial, also Jan+March 018.

Walsh, David:

Retirement the best option for veteran, record-holding jockey  while Pluto savages Mars until December.

Difficult Pluto times for Oct 10,11,12 borns and Uranian chaos for Oct 17-21.


Clinton, Hillary:

USA’s Mrs Nasty in disgrace mid-year courtesy of difficult solar progressions, with Uranus-Sun negativity supervising further reversals in 018. Serious Saturn-Moon blocks make Jan, July, Oct 017 very stressful.

Fenton-Ellis, Karen:

Horse racing administrator-media oddball subject to major reversals with Uranus attacking her Mercury, Venus, Mars and Jupiter before 018 is over. April and Dec 017 crucial.

Hesson, Mike:

Black Caps coach hampered by Uranus-Mercury turmoil May/June and Oct. Worse in 018 with Uranus-Mars turmoil  in March, May/June and October.

Key, Bronagh:

Mrs Prime Minister very frustrated with an excess of negative energy while Neptune harasses her Mars between May 017 and Nov 018. Escapism must be watched.

Kohli, Virat:

Indian cricket champ hampered by Saturn-Moon setbacks Jan, June, Oct and Uranus-Mercury attacks in June, Sept. Major close relationship issues around July from a difficult Mars progression.

Slater, Cameron:

Uranus-Mercury mental chaos for the mentally-ill blogger in Jan before serious Saturn blocks Feb, March, April, June, Nov. Neptune-Venus love life confusion May, July, March 018  before the Pluto-Mercury mental catastrophes between March 018 and Jan 019.

Nov 4,5,6 borns cruise along nicely from Neptune-Sun assistance.


Barry, Hilary:

Life chaos continues for the television face with Uranus-Jupiter issues in June, September and March 2018, then two very destructive Mars-Pluto progressions creating major psychological issues.

Cyrus, Miley:

Scorpion Moon possessor needing a wide berth when Uranus attacks her Mars spot in June, Sept and March 018.

Ellis, David:

Horse racing’s " Tom Thumb " behaving very erratically in March and April while Uranus attacks his Mars and Node positions. Pluto-Mars attack 019 threatens retirement.

O’Sullivan, Paul:

Unbelievable and difficult changes for Hong Kong-based horse trainer with Pluto-Midheaven, Pluto-Ascendant, Neptune-Sun, Neptune-Jupiter and Uranus-Venus turmoil until Dec 018.

Neptune-Sun confusion and indecision for Dec 3,4,5 borns but Uranus-Sun advancement and promotion for Dec 16-20 people.


Hamilton, Lewis:

Motor racing champ losing the plot with major emotional problems from Pluto-Moon attack. Jan, Aug, Nov crucial with Uranus-Jupiter chaos in March.

Harawira, Hone:

Unpopular politician very exasperated with Uranus-Jupiter and Saturn-Mars complications. Jan, May, June and Oct particularly stressful.

McCaw, Richie:

Erratic behaviour and career reversals from Mars-Uranus progression around April, before Neptune-Venus and Uranus-Mars complications bring major close relationship problems in 018.

McFadden, Andrew:

NZ Warriors’ assistant coach severely hampered by Saturn and Chiron bads, March, April, May, Aug, Sept. Much worse  018 with Uranus attacking his Sun, Venus and Mars.

Middleton, Kate:

3 turbulent years coming  up. Major Pluto-Sun restructuring in home and family matters  from April 017 until Nov 018, with the emotionally destructive Pluto-Moon attack between April 018 and Nov 019. 2020 has Uranus bringing major close relationship issues with her Venus and Jupiter.

Trudeau, Justin:

Canadian leader with major emotional issues from Pluto-Moon and Neptune-Mercury attacks. Early Jan, March, Aug, Sept, Oct, Dec and Jan 018 extremely challenging.

Woods, Tiger:

Chaos continues for the comeback golfer, with Uranus attacking his Mercury, and Saturn doing same to his Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven point. Jan, May, June, July, Oct  highlighted.

Massive and difficult personal restructuring for Jan 8,9,10 borns  from Pluto and Uranus-Sun chaos and sudden change for Jan 14-18 borns.


Brownlee, Gerry:

Politician-Scorpion Moon possessor extremely  low on energy next 2 years from Neptune-Mars and  Uranus-Mercury issues. April to Aug 017  very challenging.

Jones, Eddie:

England rugby coach hampered by Saturn attacks on his Node and Jupiter positions. Jan, Feb, May, June, Oct, Nov unproductive.

Harvey, Dominic:

Broadcaster with major close relationship  turmoil from Uranus whacking his Venus and Jupiter. April, June, Sept, Nov and in 2018 Feb, March  crucial.

Logan, Donna:

Horse racing’s  " Mrs Bogan " on  a major slowdown with Pluto and Saturn  complications. Feb, May, June, Nov, Dec temperamental with dramatic Uranus-Sun reversals 018.

O’Connor, Michael:

Australian sevens rugby coach hindered by Saturn harassment of his Jupiter and  Node, with February, late May and early November crucial.

Wetzell, Pippa:

Television face subject  to major and difficult career restructuring with Pluto crushing her Mars between Feb 017 and Nov 018.


Barrymore, Drew:

Multi-talented movie person under major emotional strain Jan, June, Dec while Pluto  molests her Moon. Uranus-Mars chaos  in March and serious Saturn restrictions June, Oct, Dec.

Carter, Dan:

The rugby champion slows appreciably with Pluto attacking his Mars. Feb, June, Dec notable, with more Pluto and Uranus issues in 2018.

Cheika, Michael:

Chaotic times for rugby coach with Neptune weakening his Sun and Mercury between March 017 and Feb 018. Uranus deals to his Jupiter,too, with April and Dec crucial.

Devlin, Martin:

Veteran sports  boredcaster under great mental and communication strain while Pluto attacks his Jupiter. Feb, June, Dec crucial.

Dunne, Peter:

Politician " Dunny "  in for major downers  with Saturn depressing his Sun in Feb, May and Nov. Even bigger 2019 with Neptune attacking his Mars and Jupiter and Pluto over the North Node !

Elias, Dame Sian Seerpoohi:

The chief justice gets very angry and frustrated with Saturn attacking her Sun and Mars. Jan, April, July, Oct, Nov very crucial.

Johnson, Danielle:

Leading  jockey in for turmoil year with Uranus anti her Node and Venus, and Saturn-Sun setbacks. Feb, May, June,Sept, Oct, Nov unproductive.

Murdoch, Rupert:

Dirty old man of the media has Uranus attacking Mars in his 8th House of post-marital matters. June, Sept, March 018 crucial.

Rasmussen, Natalie:

Harness racing great being chaoticized with Uranus-Node action April, Nov, Feb 018  before  massive close relationship upheaval until late 019.

Vatuvei, Manu:

Rugby league icon slows down appreciably with Neptune weakening his Sun until Feb 018. March, April, Aug challenging with Saturn hampering his Venus June, Oct.

Complacency and laziness from Neptune atop the Sun for March 3,4,5  borns.


November 26, 2015



Bagust, Petra:

Former TV face getting dangerously bored with Neptune harassing both her Venus and Mars and erratic Uranus atop the Sun. Major  disruptions on the horizon.

Bennett, Paula:

Massive  comedown for the pig of politics. Extremely erratic behaviour March-April  with Uranus bombing her Sun, Mercury and Venus. Same 3 getting hammered by  Pluto destruction 017-018, while Neptune attacks her Mars.

Carter, David:

NZ parliament speaker facing extreme career change while Pluto attacks his Mercury between March 016 and Nov 017. Uranus atop his Jupiter will supervise strange behaviour in June, Sept 016.

Clarke, Michael:

Great discipline and self-control from the Australian cricket champ with Saturn trining his Sun,Venus and Mars. Jan, June, Sept very productive for whatever he chooses.

Cooper, Quade:

Australian rugby’s Mr Chaos hampered by Pluto-Sun attack. Jan, July, Nov crucial.

Crowe, Russell:

Major downers and mental confusion from Pluto  attacking his Sun. Feb, June, Dec  crucial.

Egan, Tina:

Taranaki horse trainer in for major  improvement next 2 years from awesome Pluto-midheaven trine. Pleasant surprise  Oct 7, 2017.

Jones, Alan:  

Australian broadcaster under plenty of strain from Uranus chaoticizing his Sun. May, Oct and March 017 crucial.

King, Mike:

Entertainment has-been getting angrier than ever next 3 years with Uranus and Pluto attacks on his Sun, Moon and Mercury.

Opie, Keith:

Big Pluto positives  for veteran Te Aroha trainer including a nice surprise on Nov 30.

Pateman, Steven:

Major slowdown for the champion Australian jumps rider  with Pluto-Sun and Neptune-Jupiter attacks. March, April, Aug crucial.

Pearce, Mitchell:

NRL star getting severely dealt to next 2 years with Pluto anti his Sun, Mercury and Venus.

Difficult Pluto-Sun restructuring for April 5,6,7  borns with Uranian chaos for April 11,12,13,14.


Johns, Andrew:

Real tough next 2 years for the rugby league legend, with Pluto attacking his Venus and Mars and Neptune  confusing Mercury. Major personal  problems.

Ko, Lydia:

Major advancement for the golfing champ  under the Pluto-Mars trine with Feb, June and Dec particularly productive. Mid-Nov restrictions with a difficult Saturn-Mars peak on Nov 23.

Little, Andrew:

Lots of power and strength from Pluto-Sun trine, especially Jan, July, Dec. Maximum chaos late March with Uranus-Mercury turmoil, also Neptune-Mars stress late March, early Sept and late Jan 017.

Murray, Andy:

Tennis champ experiencing major, difficult career changes while Pluto attacks Jupiter until Nov 017. March and  April 016 very testing.

Purdon, Mark:

Career turmoil and erratic behaviour for harness  racing great as Uranus dive bombs Mars. Early June, Sept, March 017 crucial.

Rudd, Phil:

Troubled drumming legend under extreme personal  restructuring with Pluto transiting the North Node between January and late November. Life improves thereafter.

Shorten, Bill:

Massive comedown and negative energy  for Australia’s opposition leader while Pluto attacks Mars between Feb and Dec.

Awesome Pluto-Sun advancement for May 6,7,8 borns.


Chisholm, Donna:

Anti-Astrological veteran  of Auckland journalism in for major career-lifestyle changes with Uranus attacking her Mars and Jupiter. May, Oct and March 017 crucial.

Hurley, Liz:

Serious career and lifestyle dilemmas  with Saturn setbacks and Neptune-Jupiter harassment. April, Aug, Nov and Dec  very unproductive.

Jolie, Angelina:

Difficult lifestyle and career changes with Pluto anti Jupiter this year and next. Lethargy and indecision from Neptune-Sun attack in 2017 as well.

Moroney, Paul:

Horse racing’s " Big P " behaving very erratically with Uranus over Mars, especially April, November and January 017.

Nadal, Rafael:

Major off-year for the tennis champ with Pluto-Venus attacks in Jan, July, Nov. Uranus-Mars negativity lowers the energy in May, Oct as well

Norman, Russel:

Former Greens  leader not adjusting well to his new job with Greenpeace. Pluto frustrates his Mars early Jan, mid-Aug, late Oct and Neptune confuses his Sun until Feb 017.

Shastri, Ravi:

Massive early year problems for the Indian cricket coach with a destructive Mars-Pluto progression around March.

Smith, Steve:

Australian cricket captain in for an horrific year with Neptune-Sun and Uranus-Mars attacks. April, Nov and Dec  especially difficult.

Stevens, Phil:

Small-time Matamata  horse trainer making major advancement next 2 years with awesome Pluto trines to his Mars and Jupiter. Nice surprise Oct 28, 2017.

Trump, Donald:

Major and difficult  lifestyle-career changes from Pluto-Jupiter attack until Nov 017. Major strain April 016 from  negative Mars progression, with Uranus-Jupiter lunacy 2 months earlier.

Umaga, Tana:

Auckland Blues coach not  bringing a lot of improvement, notably with Saturn suffocating Mercury and Mars in May and June.

West, Kanye:

Uranus-Node negativity brings residential  chaotics, especially May, Oct and March 017. Then Pluto over the 7th cusp supervises massive change in a close relationship between Feb and Dec 017.

Williams, Craig:

Incredible and difficult  changes next 2 years  for champion Australian jockey with Pluto-Venus, Neptune-Jupiter and Uranus-Moon issues. March, Aug 2016 crucial.

Neptune worry and indecision for May 31, June 1,2  birthdays.


Branson, Sir  Richard:

Entrepreneurial legend slows a lot with Pluto anti his Mars between Feb and Dec. Even bigger  career changes 2017 with Uranus challenging his Sun and Midheaven point.

Bush, George W:

Total  turmoil for the evil man. Neptune-Mars attack affecting the health until December, as are Pluto-Moon emotional and family isssues. Career confusion between July and April 017 from Uranus-midheaven  chaos, with Pluto anti Jupiter in 017.

Cosby, Bill:

Unbelievably difficult 2 years for the king of drug rape, with Uranus anti his Sun, Mercury and Jupiter. March, May,June,Sept, Oct  crucial, also March, April 017. Plus Neptune-Moon disillusionment  from May 016 until Dec 017.

Dixon, Scott:

Massive downers  and difficult changes for champion  Indycar driver with Neptune-Jupiter and Pluto-Mercury negativity. Feb, Aug, Oct and Dec  laden  with problems.

Foran, Kieran:

League star in for major off-year, courtesy of difficult solar progressions, and Uranus anti the Sun and Jupiter. April, Oct especially chaotic.

McKee, Stephen:

Massive off-year  for Auckland  horse trainer with Pluto anti Jupiter and Neptune demoralising Mars, Mercury and Pluto. March, July, Aug  crucial and Jan/Feb 017.

Messi, Lionel:

Major bads for the football star with Neptune-Moon, Pluto-Mercury and Uranus-Mars complications. Feb, May, June, July,Oct,Dec and Feb 017 extremely challenging.

Oliver, Damien:

Champion Australian jockey’s judgement and communication improves after Uranus-Mercury attack finishes mid-March but the major slowdown continues with a Pluto attack in 2017.

Rogerson, Graeme:

Horse training icon slows a lot with Uranus  and Neptune whacking the Sun and Mars respectively. Low on enthusiasm, especially April, Aug, Feb 017.

Difficult Pluto-Sun restructuring for July 7,8,9 borns with July 13,14,15,16 suffering Uranian chaos. Positive Neptune-Sun bliss for July 1,2,3.


Bosson, Opie:

Champion jockey on major slowdown with Pluto-Mercury and Neptune-Jupiter complications. March, Aug, Sept, Oct  crucial.

Brown, Nathan:

NRL coach with his  Mercury and Mars spots getting hammered by Uranus. May, June, Sept testing.

Henry, Paul:

Broadcaster with plenty of opportunities and excitement as  Uranus trines his Venus and Jupiter. June, Aug and April 017 very notable.

Hollande, Francois:

Two unbelievably difficult  years. Uranian chaos in Feb then Pluto-Moon devastation in April through to late 017 and Pluto-Jupiter attacks until late 017 as well.

Key, John:

Prime Minister subject to major  residential amendments with Uranus attacking his Moon in April, Nov, and Feb 2017. Massive changes in energy distribution thereafter until  Feb 018  indicative of job change,  with the emotionally destructive Pluto-Moon  attack  of  2018  supervising one of his most difficult years.

Morgan, Justin:

Neptune, Saturn, and Uranus complications from May to Aug severely challenge the NZ Warriors assistant coach.

Van Gaal, Louis:

Chaos for the Manchester United manager with Neptune and Uranus attacks to his Moon, Mercury and Mars positions. March, May, June, Sept, Oct crucial, also Feb, March  017.

Williams, Sonny Bill:

Sports champ at his brilliant best under Uranus-Mercury enhancement during June,July, Sept and March 017

Positive Uranus-Sun advancement for Aug  14,15,16,17 birthdays.


Harry, Prince of England:

Uranus-Venus chaos ends February then the frustrating  Pluto-Venus love block rules until late Nov 2017. The awesome Pluto-Moon trine of 018-019 will supervise marriage.

Johnson, Shaun:

Major off-year for the rugby league champ with Uranus and Saturn complications. Feb, April, May, Sept, Oct, Nov have downers  before a significant  upheaval around Feb 017.

Knowles, Beyonce:

Uranus v Venus love life chaos ends March, before Neptune harasses her Sun until Dec 2017. A time of chaos in money matters.

O’Sullivan, Lance:

Turmoil for former champion jockey-turned trainer eases  after Uranus attacks in March, but  with massive lifestyle restructuring from Pluto anti Jupiter in 2017, then the North Node and Mars in 2018.

Sheen, Charlie:

Legendary  womaniser-HIV possessor  in for massive downers with Neptune-Sun confusion April, July and Feb 017. Devastating Mars-Pluto and Venus-Pluto progressions Aug and Dec  before  serious Pluto-Venus attack in 017.

Waterhouse, Gai:

Major worries ease for champion trainer from Neptune harassment mid-Feb. Positive Uranus-Mercury trines in April, Nov, Feb 017.

Wood, Susan:

Much  personal chaos for the media has-been from Uranus-Venus attack, with October, May and March 017 crucial. Life improves 2017 under Uranus-Jupiter positive.

Indecision and worry from Neptune for Sept 2,3,4 births but Pluto-Sun positives for Sept 8,9,10


Bellamy, Craig:

Difficult, frustrating changes for Melbourne Storm coach  from Pluto-Mars disharmony between March 016 and Nov 017. Uranus-Mercury issues will hamper  March, April 016 as well.

Bennett, Manu:

Massive  and difficult changes for NZ actor while Pluto attacks both his Sun and Jupiter.

Cameron, David:

Plenty of reversals for the British PM while Pluto attacks his Sun. Early in the months of Jan, Aug and Nov particularly critical.

Castles, Andrew:

Horse racing’s inglorious " Septic Tank with arms and legs " to be associated with more disasters. His Sun gets chaoticized by Uranus until Feb 017 then destructive Pluto through 2018.

Kardashian, Kim:

Major career fail late in year from difficult Mars progression, before Uranus-Sun reversals in 2017. Awesome Pluto-Venus trine brings  a new romance in 2018.

McCullum, Brendon:

Massive and difficult career changes from Pluto-Jupiter attack until Oct 017. Feb, May, Dec 016 particularly difficult.

O’Brien, Aidan:

Champion Irish horse trainer under major personal reconstruction with Pluto attacking his Mars, then Jupiter  in 2017. Also Uranus anti his Sun with May, Oct and  March 017 crucial.

Williams, Serena:

Retirement recommended for the tennis champ. Massive  upheavals from Pluto anti the Midheaven point and Jupiter, with March, May and Jan 017 crucial.

Difficult  Pluto-Sun restructuring for October 9,10,11 births and Uranian chaos for Oct 14,15,16,17.


Charles, Prince of Wales:

Major close relationship issues with Pluto anti his Venus. Feb, June, Dec notable with a stressful Christmas from Saturn squashing Mars.

Fenton-Ellis, Karyn:

Horse racing identity in for massive and difficult changes with Uranus  attacking her Mercury, Venus, Mars and Saturn positions until late 017.

Hesson, Mike:

Black Caps  coach hampered by anti-North Node action from Saturn and Neptune. March,  July, Aug, Sept and Jan 017 crucial.

Joubert, Craig:

Controversial South African rugby referee in for major reversals with Pluto attacking his Node. Sept and Oct very  notable.

Slater, Cameron:

Mentally-ill blogger under major stress  with a serious  Uranus-Mercury assault. April, Nov and Jan 017 crucial with Pluto doing more damage in 2018.

Awesome Neptune-Sun positivity for Nov 2,3,4 borns.


Barry, Hilary:

TV face with many personal dilemmas and confusion from  Neptune whacking her Sun before 2017’s lifestyle chaos from Uranus attacking her Jupiter.

Ellis, David:

Very low energy levels for horse racing’s " Tom Thumb " while Uranus attacks his Mars. May, June, July, Sept and March, April 017 particularly stressful.

Hennessy, Gary:

Matamata horse  trainer with Pluto and Uranus awesomes ensuring 3 excellent years. Nice surprise Dec 30, 2017.

Kirwan, Sir John:

Failed rugby coach-depression specialist  with a whole new lease on life. Uranus-Sun and Pluto-Moon-Mars-Jupiter trines until late 017.

Moody, Sarah:

Australian racing personality programmed for massive  and difficult changes with Pluto, Uranus and Neptune attacks until March 017.

O’Sullivan, Paul:

Hong Kong-based NZ horse trainer in for massive, difficult changes next 2 years with Neptune anti his Sun and Jupiter. Also  Pluto restructuring the midheaven point.

Pitt, Brad:

Major turmoils with  Pluto crunching Mercury and close relationship and family problems from Uranus attacking the Moon and Venus.

Worry and indecision from Neptune-Sun negativity for Dec 1,2,3 borns but awesome Uranus-Sun advancement for Dec 12,13,14,15.



Nation getting its Venus and Mars hampered by negative  Neptune energy until December 2017. General  lack of positivity and much unhappiness from a worsening economy, with early Jan, May, Sept 016 very challenging.

Button, Jenson:

Motor racing ace with career confusion while Neptune whacks Jupiter in Feb, Oct and Nov. More in 2017 with Uranus attacking his Mercury and Sun.

Craig Colin:

Political wannabe  under major personal reconstruction with Pluto over his Sun and communication issues with Uranus attacking Mercury.

Hamilton, Lewis:

Major off-year and transition period for motor racing champ with Pluto atop his Sun until Nov 017. Other reversals with Uranus-Jupiter negativity  in May, Oct and March 017.

Inglis, Greg:

Rugby league star on major  slowdown with Uranus-Sun and Pluto-Node attacks. July, Aug, Oct crucial.

Jong-Un, Kim:

Massive and difficult career changes next 2 years with Pluto crushing his Sun.

McCaw, Ritchie:

Rugby  legend not adapting well to retirement, with Uranus-Moon emotional and residential turbulence. May,  Oct, March 017 crucial before massive and difficult changes 018-019 from Neptune-Venus, Pluto-Moon and Uranus-Mars attacks.

McFadden, Andrew:

Massive off-year for  NZ Warriors’ coach with Pluto-Midheaven attrocities until Nov. April and July particularly stressful

Parker, Joseph:

Boxing  champ on major slowdown with Uranus-Sun attack Feb then Pluto reconstruction between April 016 and Nov 017. Feb, March, May, Sept, Oct in 016 difficult.

Sargent, John:

Sydney horse trainer under two years of Pluto-Mars  enhancement, with a special surprise on Nov 1, 2016.

Stuart, Ricky:

Massive and difficult changes for NRL coach next 2 years while Pluto attacks the Sun and Mars. A million to one to win  the Grand Final.

Woods, Tiger:

Golfer’s horror run don’t improve much with Pluto whacking his Jupiter, with Jan, July, Nov crucial. Some  positives in May and October from Uranus-Moon trine.

Much personal restructuring for Jan 6,7, 8 borns from Pluto-Sun squash, with Jan 11,12,13,14 borns getting their share of reversals from Uranus-Sun chaos.


Campbell, John:

Broadcaster in for major lifestyle restructuring with Pluto  attacking Jupiter until November. Mental chaos  2017 with mad Uranus anti his Mercury.

Kenny-Dowall, Shaun:

Rugby league star with major restrictions on positive energy while Neptune harasses Mars until December.

McCully, Murray:

Major and difficult routine change with Pluto anti Venus until November. Great mental stress from Saturn-Mercury issues in Jan, June, Oct.

Taylor, Jason:

NRL coach under seriously difficult  Sun-Pluto progression June, July.

Tinkler, Nathan:

Total turmoil with Uranus attacking the ex-zillionaire’s  Jupiter till March, then Mercury to increase mental chaos in June, Sept, March 017. The Pluto-Jupiter major wipeout comes between March 017 and Nov 018.


Blatter, Sepp:

It gets worse for the disgraced FIFA boss, with Pluto demoralising his Moon from February until December.

Dunne, Peter:

Political sicko " Dunny "  getting molested by Saturn anti his Jupiter and Mars early December.

Marshall, Benji:

NRL star not firing and difficult changes while Pluto attacks his Venus and Mars positions.

Murdoch, Rupert:

Wonderful  new partnership for the media’s dirty old man, with awesome Neptune-Jupiter and Uranus-Moon trines. March, July, Aug, Sept and  Jan 017 blissful.

Rasmussen, Natalie:

Chaos in matters of romance/close relationship for harness racing champion while Venus ( in adventurous Aries ) gets unsettled  by Uranus. April, Nov crucial, with Jan, June and Oct  very restricted from Saturn-Sun block.

Todd, Sir Mark:

Equestrian legend with yet another passionate craze from Uranus bombing his Venus ( in adventurous Aries ) and seductive Neptune doing same to his Sun. An exciting secret love affair.

Waller, Chris:

Champion horse  trainer in for major personal changes and emotional upheavals with Uranus anti his Moon between May and March 2017. Also difficult progressions Feb,June, July and Sept 016.

 Feb 28,March 1,2 borns  very illuminated, weakened or easily led while Neptune crosses the Sun.

November 26 2014
Barker, Dean:
Should be challenging for the America's Cup in October, November during an  awesome Sun-Jupiter progression, with Neptune-Moon bliss in October and December as well.
Boyle, Susan:
Big downers, especially  July and November under the demoralising Pluto-Mars attack.
Clarke, Michael:
Aussie cricket champ over all his Uranus and Pluto problems last 2 years. Receiving very productive  Saturn trines  December 2015  right through to Oct 016.
Cooper, Quade:
Rugby's Mr Erratic ending Uranus-Sun craziness in March but still hampered by Pluto-Sun difficulties until late 016.
Crowe, Russell:
The Aries Dragon gets restless and troublesome while erratic Uranus moves over his Sun. April and December crucial, before Pluto becomes the attacker in 2016.
Fay, Sir Michael:
Incredibly difficult changes for the money man next 2 years as Uranus and Pluto attack his Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars, all in Aries.
Kerr, Miranda:
Aussie supermodel born to have chaotic love life with a Venus in Gemini opposing Jupiter and Uranus. All 3 planets getting harassed by deceptive Neptune next 2 years will ensure even more drama.
King, Mike:
Fading entertainer  facing major personal restructuring with Uranus bombing Mercury, then the Sun in 2016 with a Pluto double to follow.
Molloy, Leo:
Horse racing's " poisoned dwarf " on a major downhill with Uranus-Mars and Pluto-Moon destruction. April, Oct, Feb 016 crucial before big wipeout 2017 when Pluto crunches his Mars.
Pearce, Mitchell:
Incredible changes for this NRL star with crazy Uranus crunching his Sun, Mercury and Venus.
Watson, Emma:
Actress getting all the breaks with Pluto trining Mercury until December. Also new love craze from Neptune atop Venus June, July, going right through until late 016.
Wright, Tony:
TV3 sports editor  with Uranus and Pluto crunching his Sun and Venus next 2 years. Major upheavals.
Aries mortals of April 3,4,5 birth subject to serious Pluto-Sun negativity. Uranus atop the Sun of April 6,7,8,9 will cause much chaos.
Brown, Chris:
Entertainer coming good after the Neptune-Mercury stress. Pluto-Sun trines advance him majorly, especially March,May and December.
Clooney, George:
Major love life complications with Pluto anti his Venus until October. January  and June very difficult, but major improvement 2016 with a Pluto-Sun trine
Elizabeth, Queen of England:
Major career changes around March, April with difficult Jupiter and midheaven progressions.
Flynn, Gemma:
Sportswoman-McCaw girlfriend on a major roll with Pluto trining Mercury, and Neptune inspiring Mars and Jupiter, right through till December.
Jones, Stacey:
NZ Warriors'  coaching staffer having 2 awesome years with Pluto and Neptune positives.
Ko, Lydia:
Golfing champ with positive Uranus-Jupiters in May, Oct before  her best ever, through 016 and 017 from an awesome Pluto-Mars trine.
Little, Andrew:
Opposition leader doing it tough with erratic Uranus hovering over his Mercury. June, August  spotlighted, with Saturn-Jupiter setbacks as well, late Feb, late April and mid-Oct particularly.
McCoy  A P:
Awesome Pluto-Sun trine brings more honour for England's 19 times-champion  jumps jockey.
McIllroy, Rory:
Golfing champ with the awesome Pluto-Sun trine until December.
Phillips, Zara:
Massive advancement for the Royal with Pluto trining Mars between January and December. Emotional and  domestic discord with Uranus attacking the Moon, crucial months being June, August and March 015.
Awesome advancement via the Pluto-Sun trine for May 4,5 and 6 borns.
Elder-Holmes, Millie:
Serious restrictions from Saturn attacking her Mars and Sun, with January, May and September crucial. Major life improvement from the Pluto-Jupiter trine 2016-17.
Ford, Rob:
The problems continue for Canada's ailing ex-mayor. Neptune attacks his Mercury, with March, August and January 016 crucial. Massive personal restructuring with Pluto atop his midheaven point until December.
Jolie, Angelina:
Emotional chaos to the max while Pluto attacks her Moon, and Uranus sits on Jupiter and the midheaven point. April, October and February 016 crucial. 
Shailer, Paul
Matamata horse trainer making major advancement next 2 years with awesome Plutos.Nice  surprise Dec 16.
Williams, Craig:
Leading Melbourne jockey  in for 2 major off years with plenty of Uranus and Neptune complications. May, Sept, Oct 015 will be  unproductive.
Gems of May 28,29,30 birth subject to treacherous Neptune-Sun confusions.
Adams, Steven:
Budding basketball champ under the awesome Pluto-Mars trine next 2 years. Major advancement.
Bingle, Lara:
Australian trouble magnet in for more reversals with Uranus and Pluto attacking Mercury and Mars next 2 years. 
Branson, Richard:
Major  reversals for the legendary entrepreneur with Uranus attacking his Mars. April, Nov and Jan 016 crucial, with Pluto supervising a further attack from Feb 016 until December.
Bush, George W:
Major communication and mind issues in next 2 years. Pluto and Uranus attacking the Sun,Moon and Jupiter and Neptune anti Mars. Unbelievable 015 and 016.
Cosby, Bill:
Disgraced  comedian under fire from Uranus-Sun reversals.May, Sept and March 016 notable. Dec 015 has a very difficult progression.
Dhoni, Mahendra S:
Uranus-Sun turmoil  and a difficult progression for the Indian cricket captain  in March with  the Pluto-Sun attack continuing until December.
Horan, Brendan:
Former MP in for major reversals with Uranus ( 2015 ) and Pluto ( 2016 ) attacking his Sun.
Hosking, Mike::
Prediction erased due to incorrect birth information.
Knox, Amanda:
Major chaos for Ms murder suspect March/April from Uranus-Sun attack before Pluto-Sun downers until Dec 2016.
Leuluai, Thomas:
Veteran NZ Warrior in for a very auspicious year under Pluto-Venus and  Neptune-Mars trines plus a Uranus-Jupiter sextile.
Milne, Jonathan:
Rookie Star-Times editor subject to major personal restructuring with difficult Mars and Pluto progressions around December.
Phelps, Michael:
Plenty of frustration and setbacks  for the swimming champ while Pluto attacks his Mars. July, November crucial.
Singh, Ranveer:
Indian actor in for some off years. Pluto ( to Sun ) and Uranus ( to Mars ) attacks this year with Pluto whacking Mars in 016 as well.
Pluto-Sun setbacks for July 5,6 and 7 births while Uranus harasses the Sun of July 8.9.10,11,12 borns. Neptune assistance for those of June 29,30 and July 1 birth.
Affleck, Ben:
Scorpio Moon possessor  being very loved with Neptune enhancing his Venus and Ascendant until January 016. Major success buzz with progressed Jupiter trining his  Mars mid-016 also.
Bosson, Opie:
Champion jockey on a major slowdown with Pluto anti his Mercury until December.Major upheaval around August.
Chuang, Bevan:
Auckland mayor's infamous former mistress  behaving erratically with Uranus anti her Mars.Major career crisis around Sept with  May, and February 016  also highlighted.
Federer, Roger:
Tennis great slows appreciably with major energy reconstruction from Pluto anti Mars until November.
Gallen, Paul:
NSW rugby league captain subject to erratic behaviour with Uranus-Mars complications. April and October crucial.
Hollande, Francois:
French president with incredibly difficult Mars and Solar ( 2 ) progressions Feb, March. Then Uranus attacking Moon and Jupiter, who both get crunched by Pluto in 2017.
Hurrell, Konrad:
Neptune problems of 2014 finish for the league champ in Feb, with an awesome Pluto-Mars trine and progression peaking October.
Jagger, Mick: 
Big ups in the love life with Pluto trining his Venus until November.
McGregor, Louise:
Advancing horse trainer under awesome Uranus and Pluto trines. Pleasant surprise March 7.
Obama, Barack:
Serious, unhappy Saturn-Moon peaks on Jan 29, April 28 and Oct 25. The times when he'll be squirming, wriggling and telling lies.
Ridge, Jaime:
NZ's next top drama queen ( and Scorpion Moon possessor ! ) under major lifestyle reconstruction with Pluto assaulting Jupiter until November. June and Sept have major Saturn-Sun downers.
Van Gaal, Louis:
Manchester United soccer manager in for some major turbulence with Pluto anti his Jupiter. Jan, July, Nov crucial, before crazy Uranus attacks the Moon and Mars in 2016.                            
Williams, Sonny Bill:
More big ups for the sporting legend with Pluto trining the North Node. July and November special.
Uranus-Sun advancement for August 9,10,11,12 births.
Crowe, Martin:
Time out needed for the cricketing great with Pluto-Moon and Uranus-Mars upheavals. Right through until October 2016, with May 015 particularly difficult.
Johnson, Shaun:
Best-ever year for the NZ Warriors playmaker from Pluto-Mercury and Neptune-Ascendant trines. June, August, September,October very productive, with minor Saturn setbacks  mid-April, mid-May.
Knowles, Beyonce:
Crazy Uranus disrupting the love life with attacks on Venus. June, August and March 016 crucial.
Modi, Narendra:
India's Prime Minister with plenty of stress. Neptune anti Venus, April, August and February 016, with Saturn attacks in May, June, September and October.
O'Sullivan, Lance:
Former champion jockey turned trainer subject to major directional changes while Uranus attacks Jupiter, Mars and the North Node. May,June,Aug,Sept and March 2016 particularly disruptive.
Warne, Shane:
Cricket's iconic spinner more confused than ever with Pluto hammering his Mercury. February, June, December crucial.
Waterhouse, Gai:
Major slowdown for the champion horse trainer with Neptune harassing the Sun. April, July, October and Feb 016 crucial.
Pluto-Sun positives for September 6,7,8 borns but Neptune-Sun treachery for August 30,31 and Sept 1.
Bellamy, Craig:
Major off-year for the Melbourne Storm coach with Uranus attacking Mercury and Mars. June and September particularly stressful.
Rapper with his Venus getting enhanced by Pluto, indicating great happiness in foreign lands. January, June, November strong.
Meyer, Heyneke:
Springbok coach over 2014's Pluto-Sun problem, with awesome Neptune-Mercury and Uranus-Mars trines enhancing him until early 2016.
McCullum, Brendon:
Career chaos when Uranus whacks Jupiter in April, November, January 016 . Pluto-Jupiter attack 2016 will supervise even bigger changes.
Netanyahu, Benjamin:
Israeli Prime Minister  suffering extreme mental turmoil  with chaotic Uranus-Moon oppositions in late May, late September and mid-March 016. 
O'Brien, Aidan:
Champion Irish horse trainer with Uranus-Jupiter chaos April, Oct and Feb 016. Major energy-related reconstructions when Pluto sits on Mars in 2016.
Putin, Vladimir:
Erratic behaviour  continues with Uranus attacking his Sun in February and Pluto taking over until November. Serious Saturnine sadnesses mid Jan, early May, mid Oct.
Walsh, David:
Veteran jockey slows notably with Uranus attacking Mars. April, October and February 016 notable.
Williams, Serena:
Major reversals with Uranus whacking Jupiter and midheaven April, Sept and Jan 016 before Pluto attacks them both in 2016-17 to supervise major personal reconstruction.
Zeta-Jones, Catherine:
Major and difficult career/lifestyle changes while Pluto continues to attack Jupiter. January, August and October key months.
Large reversals from Uranus for October 9,10,11,12 births and Pluto attacks for  October 6,7,8.
Abbott, Tony:
Australian Prime Minister enveloped in chaos May, October and March 016 with Uranus attacking his Jupiter. Worse in 2017 when Pluto takes over.
Charles, Prince:
Future king subject to major career restructuring with Pluto anti the midheaven point until October.Also major changes via progression around April and June.
Cropp, Lisa:
Productive year for the ex-champion jockey on the comeback trail, with powerful Neptune trines operating through February, May, June, October; Saturn trines in January, April, November with a Pluto-Jupiter sextile as well,
Di Caprio, Leonardo:
Uranus-Moon turmoil ends March with further emotional strain when Pluto attacks the Moon in 2016. Major dramas around October 015.
Khan, Shahrukh:
Amazing year for the Indian movie legend with Neptune-Sun and Pluto-Ascendant trines supervising great advancement until late 2016.
Kohli, Virat:
One of Indian cricket's main men dogged by Saturn-Jupiter setbacks, late in the months of Jan, April, Oct.
Perry, Katy:
Uranus' chaotic attacks on Mars end February before Pluto takes over for major restructuring of energies until December. Feb and June  crucial.
Positive Neptune assistance for October 30,31 and Nov 1 borns.
Banks, John:
Mr pathetic of NZ politics  very  confused and weakened by a Neptune-Sun attack, possibly until late 016.
Ellis, David:
Prolific racehorse purchaser needing to watch his health with serious Saturn-Venus blocks around Feb, April and Oct. Uranus anti Mars supervises a major personal explosion in 016.
Kirwan, Sir John:
Difficult  Sun-Moon progression around September before a wonderful new life from Pluto trining the Moon and Jupiter in 016. 
Pope Francis:
Under severe mental strain with erratic Uranus anti his Mars in the 3rd house of communications. Early June, Sept and March 016 crucial.
Richards, Keith:
Disastrous year for the legendary musician/drugster with difficult progressions Feb and Dec. Neptune attacks the Moon and Mars ( March, Sept, Jan 016 crucial ) with Pluto squashing his Mercury from Feb to Dec.
Great Uranus-Sun positivity for  December 8,9,10,11 borns but Neptune-Sun treachery for  Nov 29,30, December 1.
Bennett, Wayne:
Coaching legend not cracking it with a difficult Sun-Saturn progression until September. 
Cruden, Aaron:
All Black gun with difficult Sun-Pluto progressions and Uranus-Sun transits. April,October and February 016 crucial.
Jong-Un, Kim:
North Korean leader subject to erratic behaviour while Uranus attacks his Sun. April, Nov and Feb 016 crucial, with Pluto-Sun restructuring 016-017.
McCaw, Richie:
One of the All Blacks champion's  happier years with Neptune inspiring his Sun and Mercury until Feb 016.
McFadden, Andrew:
Awesome progressions in June, Sept, Oct indicate an NRL Championship win  for the NZ Warriors' coach.
Parker, Joseph:
Big ups for the boxer with Pluto trining his Jupiter until December.
Stuart, Ricky:
NRL coach subject to incredible, difficult personal reconstruction next 3 years with Uranus and Pluto both attacking his Mars and Sun.
Woods, Tiger:
Golfing legend on the big downer with crazy Uranus over Jupiter in March then Pluto causing the problems from April until January 016. Serious Saturn-Venus blocks July, August 015 also.
Major Pluto-Sun restructuring for  January 4,5 and 6 borns with Uranian chaos for those of January 7,8,9,10.
Hinch, Derryn:
Turning point year for the broadcasting legend with Pluto sitting on Venus and Neptune attacking Mars.
Major upheavals for the Brazilian football ace while Pluto sits on his Venus. Uranus attacking Mars changes the routine dramatically. July, August and April 016 crucial.
Bieber, Justin:
Serious mental block-depression phase ends early January, then positive Pluto-Jupiter and midheaven phases till November 016
Carter, Dan:
Veteran All Black hampered by uneven energy flow from Uranus-Mars opposition. May, mid-October and February 016 crucial.
Collins, Judith:
Some relief for Crusher the pig of politics when Neptune stops harassing her Mars in February. Pluto continues to attack her North Node until November when there will also be 2  serious Saturn blocks to the Sun and Mars.
Devlin, Martin:
Veteran boredcaster  subject to major Saturnine setbacks. January, May, September crucial.
Donaldson, Michael:
Veteran journalist to be severely harassed by Uranus and Saturn complications affecting the health. Feb, April, October crucial.
Marshall, Benji:
League star in for many disruptions with erratic Uranus over his Venus and Mars. Pluto continues the attacks in 016.
Thorne, Graham:
Major downers for the  former MP and All Black while Pluto crash tackles his Mars.
Waller, Chris:
Champion Sydney horse trainer hampered by many restrictive Saturn phases, with peaks on Jan 24, May 4, June 30, July 11, Aug 22, Sept 3 and October 21. Major emotional strain  from Uranus-Moon attacks in 2016.
Neptune-Sun weakening or enlightenment for February 26,27 and 28 births.

Astrologer Don Murray - Astrologist weighs in on Kiwi Sport in 2013! @ TVNZ - Video


Nov 26, 2013


Bain, David:

Still  plenty of reversals and anguish for the wrongly-convicted murder-accused with Uranus chaoticising Mercury which gets attacked by Pluto as well in 015.

Barker, Dean:

The Uranus and Pluto negativity of 2013 ends February but the Neptune-midheaven complications remain until December. 2015 much better with Neptune-Moon bliss until December, with some amazing solar arc directions around October.

Christchurch City:

Shakeytown  still subject to Pluto attacking Jupiter until November. Thereafter a much safer place.

Clarke, Michael:

Woes continue for the champion cricketer while Pluto attacks the Sun and Mars. Another year of massive problems.

Cooper, Quade:

Major off-year for Aussie rugby's Mr Erratic with crazy Uranus hovering over his Sun. May, Sept crucial with the final blast early in 2015.

Cumani, Luca:

UK-based horse trainer with  2-3 off-years while Pluto and Uranus assault his Sun, Venus and Mars.

Currie, Shayne

Neptune-Jupiter and Pluto-Mars attacks supervise difficult changes for the NZ HERALD editor.

Dawson, Charlotte

Plenty of inner turmoil with Saturn atop the Scorpio Moon, especially Jan, April, Oct before the Uranus-Pluto fireworks begin a major downslide 2015-17.

Feeney, Jayjay

Broadcaster  in for massive and difficult life change while Pluto and Uranus molest the midheaven point until late 015.

Folau, Israel:

Football  star in total chaos next 2 years while Uranus and Pluto attack the Sun, Mercury and Venus.

Innes, Leith:

Gun NZ jockey  on  a big comedown with Uranus and Pluto anti the Sun. Feb, March, Nov and Dec crucial months.

Johnson, Chris:

Veteran jockey ( turns 50 in April ) slowing down while Uranus hovers around Mars before a Pluto attack supervises retirement in 2015.

Sharapova, Maria:

Chaos  in Feb, March from Uranus-Jupiter malevolence with Pluto-Jupiter destruction until October. Even tougher  in 015 with Neptune attacking Mars.

Tomkins, Sam:

Expensive  NRL purchase hampered by Neptune-Mars negativity next 2 years. May, June  014 difficult.

Aries born April 1,2,3 to be careful of Pluto-Sun restructuring while April 2,3,4,5,6 have chaotic Uranus's sudden attacks on the Sun.


Allpress, Lisa

Former champion jockey heading for retirement with Pluto and Uranus attacks on Jupiter next 2 years. Very  difficult progressions around November.

Elizabeth, Queen of England:

Challenging Jupiter-midheaven progression supervises major, late-year career changes.

Hansen, Steve:

All  Blacks coach seriously hampered by Uranus-Mars negativity and Pluto-Uranus anti-Node action.  May, September crucial until March 015.

Phillips, Zara:

Royal  in for major romantic problems while Neptune attacks Venus until December. 2015 has great improvement and newfound energy with an awesome Pluto-Mars trine

Shorten, Bill:

New  Australian Labour party leader not firing under Uranus-Mars negativity. Winter especially difficult, then Pluto-Mars badness brings major comedown 2015.

Roache, William:

Disgraced Coro St icon set for significant Sun-Uranus reversals around February. Thereafter 3 years of Uranus/Pluto attacks on Mercury and Mars to further his problems.

Vili, Tanner:

Samoan  rugby coach making big progress under Pluto trines to Jupiter and Venus. A must employ.

Awesome Pluto-Sun trines for Taurus mortals born May,2,3,4.


Brooks, Rebekah:

Disgraced British  journo under severe Neptune-Sun harassment until Feb 015, with two seriously bad Saturn negatives December 014.

Chisholm, Donna:

The old scowler of Auckland journalism subject to serious "  psychological restructuring " late year when progressed Mars crunches Pluto.

Hurley, Liz:

Major and difficult personality changes while Pluto and Uranus attack the Ascendant until Jan 015.

Jolie, Angelina:

Turmoil around Feb,March with Uranus-Mars attack, thereafter Uranus and Pluto creating lots of emotional problems anti the Moon until Oct 015.

Kyi, Aung San Suu:

The star of Myanmar is really achieving under positive Pluto-Venus and Neptune-Mars action. Even bigger  with a Pluto-Jupiter trine in 2017.

Mundine, Anthony:

Big off-year for " The Man " with Pluto anti Venus and crazy Uranus atop his Jupiter.

Nadal, Rafael:

Tennis champ hounded by Uranus-Venus negativity until March 015. Early June, early September have difficult peaks.

Norman, Russell:

Greens leader enduring chaos and uneven energy flow from Uranus anti Mars, which gets another horrific whack from Pluto in 015.

Oliver, Jamie:

 Big  downhill starting for the celebrity chef with Neptune attacking his Sun until Jan 015. Also crazy Uranus atop his Jupiter, with June, August  then March 015 crucial.

Phillip, Prince of England:

Major health and brain problems as Pluto and Uranus assault Mercury and the Ascendant until November 015.

Umaga, Tana:

Rugby coach in for a big off-year with Neptune attacking his Sun 

Indecision and lethargy from Neptune-Sun negativity for those celebrating May 27,28,29.


Assange, Julian:

Destructive  Sun-Mars progression around April then blissful, positive emotional situation from Neptune-Moon trine through till Feb 015.

Cruise, Tom:

Progressed Sun-Uranus turmoil around February before the destructive Pluto-Sun transit ends in November. A big off-year.

Lohan, Lindsay:

Life improves after Uranus-Sun turmoil of Februray but 015 and 016 have more major psychological problems from a Pluto-Mercury progression.

Merkel, Angela:

German leader with late year turmoils before destructive Pluto and Neptune hits to Jupiter and Venus finally end in December.

Nissen, Wendyl:

Long-standing  media robot in for a severe pummelling from Pluto and Uranus attacks on Mercury. More  indecision and negativity from Neptune whacking Venus and Mars.

O'Connor, James:

3-4 unsettled years for Australian rugby's  naughty boy while Uranus and Pluto attack his Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.

Parker-Bowles, Camilla:

Major  emotional problems until the Pluto-Moon destruction ends in October.

Simpson, O J:

Major  worry  and energy mismanagement while Neptune attacks Mars until Jan 015. Big downers 015 and 016 from Uranus and Pluto

United States

Two  of the toughest years, with Uranus and Pluto anti the Sun until October 015. Crucial months in 014 are April, June and November.

Blissful Neptune assistance for those born June 27,28,29. Pluto-Sun problems for July 3,4,5 and Uranus attacks for July 4,5,6,7,8


Affleck, Ben:

One lucky, loved dude with Neptune trining his Moon and Venus until Feb 015 and thereafter Neptune trining the Ascendant as well.

Bosson, Opie:

Champion  jockey slowing down under Uranus-Mercury chaos. May, September and March 015 crucial. Pluto-Mercury turmoil thereafter will supervise major career changes.

Eades, Gavin:

Melbourne underworld figure and ex-jockey ( Group One Gav ) getting his Mars, Jupiter and Mercury seriously restructured by Uranus and Pluto next 2 years,

Hurrell, Konrad:

NZ  Warrior in for two years of great advancement under the awesome Pluto-Mars trine.

Key, John:

Much  less stressful existence with blissful Uranus-Sun and Neptune-Venus trines. March, August  and Jan 015 very pleasant.

Moody, Peter:

Very challenging  off-year for the Black Caviar trainer while Neptune molests his natal Mars until December.

Obama, Barack:

Lots  of positivity from Uranus-Sun enhancement Feb, March. Major personal stress with Saturn-Ascendant attacks early June and late August.

Ridge, Jaime:

NZ's next top drama queen facing massive lifestyle changes next 2 years with Pluto and Uranus restructuring Jupiter.

Ritchie, Julia:

Horse  trainer receiving very awesome Pluto and Uranus. Nice surprises on Labour weekend.

Energy and enthusiasm for August 5,6,7,8, born Leo  from a Uranus-Sun trine.


Chittick, Mark:

Thoroughbred   breeder in for major improvement with Pluto assisting  his Mars, Mercury and Venus. Blissful   Neptune-Jupiter trine also.

Connery, Sean:

One of the worst ever years for " James Bond." There's a vicious Pluto and Uranus attack on Jupiter until December, with horrific Mars and Ascendant progressions making June particularly stressful.

Crowe, Martin:

Former  cricketing great with some major emotional issues while Uranus attacks his Moon. May and  September crucial, but 015 even more difficult with Pluto-Moon destruction and Uranus attackin g Mars.

Harry, Prince of England :

Major personality changes while Pluto and Uranus attack the ascendant. Also Neptune confuses his Mercury with some concern over sexual matters. Feb,  Sept and Dec crucial. Major drama around Feb 015..

Johnson, Shaun:

2 years of Neptune frustration end late January, then 3 awesome years of Pluto and Neptune elevation to become the NRL superstar.

Middleton, Pippa:

In  the right place at the right time this year with awesome Pluto-Sun, Pluto-midheaven and Uranus-Mars trines. A must employ.

Price, Steve:

Major improvement for the St George-Illawarrra coach with Pluto trining the  Sun and Mercury.

Waterhouse, Gai:

Great mental stress around April and October while Pluto and Uranus attacking the midheaven point until late 015 make massive lifestyle  changes.

Wood, Susan:

Veteran  broadcaster facing two years of difficult career change as Pluto and Uranus assail Mercury.

Worry and indecision for Aug 29,30,31 borns from Neptune negativity. Powerful Pluto trines for Sept 4,5,6 persons.


Adams, Valerie:

Big off-year for the world champion with Uranus and Pluto attacking her Sun

Cameron, David:

British  PM in for 3 years of major reversals while Uranus and Pluto attack the Sun. Serious  emotional problems around April.

Cowell, Simon:

Major reversals for the  X-Factor boss with Uranus and Pluto attacking his Sun.

Ellis, Marc:

Many reversals in matters of business and residence while Uranus attacks the Sun and Mercury. Even bigger  in 015 with Pluto doing the restructuring.


Rapper  over his Pluto-Mars horrifics of 013, with the Uranus-Mars chaos ending in March. Pluto assists Mercury this year then makes a blissful trine to Venus in 2014.

Kardashian, Kim

Getting  restless and neurotic while Neptune attacks Mars. April, July and Feb 015 crucial for this hopeless romantic.

Meyer, Heyneke:

Off-year  for the Springboks coach with Pluto anti the Sun.

Putin, Vladmir:

Finishing a Neptune-Moon stressful and now a  seriously challenging Uranus-Sun opposition until Feb 015. April and September crucial.

Zeta-Jones, Catherine:

Pluto and Uranus anti Jupiter supervise massive lifestyle/career changes until October 2015.

Librans of Oct 6,7,8,9 birth have many reversals from Uranus, while Oct 5,6 and 7 have a Pluto-Sun attack as well.


Charles, Prince of England:

Incredibly big career changes while Pluto and Uranus attack the midheaven point until October 015. July, Aug 014  stressful for relationship matters.

Hesson, Mike:

Awesome Uranus-Node buzz makes February special. Neptune bliss to Venus and the Sun keep the Black Caps coach positive for the year.

Perry Kate:

Big  off-year with love dramas from a Neptune-Venus attack and Uranus anti Mars taxing the energies.

Singleton, John:

Australian icon still bugged by Pluto-Mars destruction until November. Plenty of setbacks.

Positive Neptune assistance for those Scorpions born Oct 29, 30,31.


Banks, John:

Serious and stressful Saturn squashes on Mercury and Venus early Jan,April, June,Aug, Oct before Neptune-Sun negativity supervises a major comedown in 2015.

Cyrus, Miley:

Major love-life problems with Pluto atop Venus, and  extreme craziness from Uranus-Venus attack in March. Gloom from Saturn squashing the Scorpion Moon  early Jan and late in April/September.

Dettori, Frankie:

Career ending  combination of Uranus and Pluto anti Mercury until Jan 015. Major worries.

Elliott, Matthew:

Awesome Uranus-Sun positive with late September highlights before the Pluto-Mars trine brings great achievement in 015.

Murdoch, James:

Media mogul in for major reversals with Pluto and Uranus attacks on Jupiter until late 015.

O'Sullivan, Paul:

Hong  Kong-based  horse trainer hitting some purple patches with awesome Uranus trine to the Sun and Jupiter. Lots of buzzes April, Nov  and Jan 015.

Saggies born Nov 28,29,30 subject to worry and indecision from bad Neptune but the Dec 4,5,6,7 birthdays get a lot of positive energy and buzzes from a Uranus trine.


Browne, Anne:

Veteran  horse trainer in for a nice buzz on Sept 6.

Cook, Alastair:

English cricket captain receiving Uranus-Node awesomeness with nice peaks early May, early October and Feb 015.

Dobbyn, Dave:

Musical legend in for major directional changes with Uranus and Pluto aspecting Mars 014-015.

Harris, Noel:

Veteran jockey ( turns 59 in January )  slows noticeably with Neptune-Venus harassment until Feb 015. April,June, July crucial.

Lawson, Nigella:

The celebrity chef's  problems continue with Neptune anti Venus, then the Uranus-Pluto destroyer attacking her natal Sun until late 015.

McCaw, Richie:

Two years of Pluto-Uranus frustration end in January, but difficult solar progressions will bring reversals for the All Blacks captain around November, and Feb 015. Positive Uranus-Venus phases still in May, Sept 014.

McDonald, James:

Major  comedowns for the whizz-kid jockey under Neptune-Venus and Uranus-Sun assaults until Feb 015. March, April,Aug,Oct crucial, plus Jan, Feb 015.


Troubled actor with major energy maintenance issues while Uranus attacks Mars. June,  August and March 015 crucial.

Obama, Michelle:

Major and difficult lifestyle/career changes from Pluto attacking Jupiter.

Parker, Joseph:

Boxer  really going  upwards in 2015 under an awesome Pluto-Jupiter trine.

Ralph, Stephen:

Horse  trainer with more improving fortunes from awesome Pluto. For long-range watch on Nov 28, 015.

Woods, Tiger:

Uranus atop Jupiter brings chaos in partnership matters, especially May,Sept and March 015. Pluto-Jupiter attacks 015 bring even more turmoil.

Massive restructuring for Cappies of Jan 2,3,4 birth with Pluto-Sun action. Jan 3,4,5,6  births get attacked by Uranus as well.


Campbell, John:

Broadcaster  on major decline with Uranus chaoticizing his Jupiter until March 015. Winter very notable, with major Saturnine setbacks also in April, Sept and Oct.

Dotcom, Kim:

The great internet reformer gets stronger and more powerful as the Pluto-Mars juggernaut continues.

McClennan, Bluey:

Eccentric rugby league coach needing plenty of rest during Pluto and Uranus attacks on the Moon until late 016.

Rhinehart, Gina:

Many  altercations with the zodiac for Australia's richest sadsack. Personal chaos from Uranus anti the Ascendant, May, September crucial and March 015. Major mental stress from Neptune atop Mercury, May and June, with serious Saturn blocks around May, October and December. Then Pluto attacks the Ascendant in 2015 !


Lots of Saturn-Sun negativity for the trouble magnet-broadcaster around June and August. Major downers to be expected, especially with Pluto and Uranus attacking the North Node until late 015 as well !


Collins, Judith:

Massive problems for the politician known as " Crusher  " with  Pluto and Uranus attacking the Node and Neptune-Mars harassment.

Devlin, Martin:

Controversial  broadcaster under more relationship-related strain with Pluto anti Venus until November. Career  craziness in 2015 with Uranus atop Jupiter.

Laxon, Laurie:

Leading  Singapore horse trainer preparing for retirement with Uranus and Pluto restructuring his Mars next 2 years.

Murdoch, Rupert

Dirty  old man of the media suffering serious Mars-Pluto and Pluto-Jupiter solar arc reversals around June, October.


Will  be more trouble than ever next 2 years, with Pluto and Uranus savaging both the Moon and Venus until Oct 015.

Neptune-Sun  conjunction weakening, softening, enlightening those Pisces born Feb 24,25,26.

Racing winners for Joao Moreira, Douglas Whyte, Frankie Dettori, Ryan Moore, Ruby Walsh, Craig Williams, Gerard Mosse, James McDonald, Damien Oliver in Otahuhu, Auckland, Manukau, Penrose, Otara, Otahuhu, Arch Hill, Auckland Central, Avondale, Balmoral, Belmont, Birkenhead, Browns Bay, Bucklands Beach, Clevedon, Devonport, Drury, Eden Terrace, Ellerslie, Epsom, Glen Eden, Glendene, Glen Innes, Glenfield, Grafton, Greenhithe, Greenlane, Grey Lynn, Henderson, Helensville, Herne Bay, Hibiscus Coast, Hillsborough, Howick, Kaiaua, Kaukapakapa, Kingsland, Kohimaramara, Mairangi Bay, Mangere, Mangere Bridge, Manukau, Manukau City, Manurewa, Massey, Meadowlands, Mercer, Mission Bay, Mt. Albert, Mt Eden, Mt Wellington, New Lynn, Newmarket, Newton, Northcote, Onehunga, Orakei, Otahuhu, Otara, Oweiraka, Pakuranga, Panmure, Papakura, Papatoetoe, Parnell, Point Chevalier, Ponsonby, Remuera, Royal Oak, Silverdale, St Heliers, St Lukes, Takanini.


Don Murray Astrologist weighs in on Kiwi sport in 2013
 Read more click on link below: 
26 NOV 2012
Barker, Dean:
Major losses and reversals for Team NZ skipper while Pluto and Uranus pummel the North Node.
Barnes, Wayne:
Infamous rugby ref facing major, difficult changes with Pluto and Uranus anti his Mars.
Christchurch City
Two more torrid years with Uranus and Pluto attacking Jupiter until late 014.:
Clarke, Michael:
Unbelievably horrific next 2 years for the Australian cricket captain while Pluto and Uranus both attack the Sun, Venus and Mars. Will anything go right ?
Cooper, Quade:
Aussie rugby's clown prince gets a new lease on life with awesome Sun-Neptune progressions around May.
Crowe Russell:
Mid-year sorrows from a difficult  Sun progression in July.
Currie, Shayne:
NZ Herald editor facing unbelievable amendments  next 2 years, with  Uranus and Pluto attacking both the Sun and Mars. Some very difficult  changes with Neptune-Jupiter worryment not helping.
Dawson, Charlotte:
Major downtime around July with a difficult progression to vulnerable Mars. More from November  as serious Saturn squashes the lethal Scorpio Moon until late 014.  Crucial Uranus and Pluto anti Mars and Sun action 015 to 017 will supervise disastrous  upheavals.
Lawless, Lucy:
12 months of unusual, rebellious Uranus-Sun behaviour ends mid-March.
Lynch, Arron:
Melbourne jumps jockey with Pluto enhancement next 2 years. Autumn 013 very memorable.
Westenra, Hayley:
Songbird facing some massive personal amendments as the Uranus-Pluto combination attack both Jupiter and the North Node.
 Aries persons born March 29 to April 1 can expect major disruptions with Uranus atop the Sun. Even tougher those March 31-April 1, with Pluto attacking the Sun as well.
Elizabeth, Queen of England:
Negative, progressed Jupiter-Midheaven transit late 2014 supervises major career amendments
Hansen, Steve:
All Blacks coach in for some major reversals 2014 courtesy of Pluto and Uranus attacking Mars and the North Node.  
Jones, Stacey:
Rugby league legend receiving awesome positivity from Pluto-Jupiter and Uranus-Moon trines. Going places, with 015-016 awesome,too.
Murray, Andy:
Lots of setbacks while Neptune whacks Mercury between March and January 014. An especially difficult progression September, October.
Nicodemou, Ada:
Very destructive Pluto and Uranus anti Venus-Mars action next 2 years. Very testing  for partnerships.
Phillips, Zara:
Another Royal with partnership problems, while Neptune mucks Venus around until December 014. Thereafter positive movement  for 015 ( and probably a new " Donald ")  from an awesome Pluto-Mars trine.
Purdon, Mark:
Big comedown for the gun harness racing trainer with deceptive  Neptune negativity hampering the Moon and Saturn. February, September and December crucial.
Tendulkar, Sachin:
Cricketing legend in for massive career changes while Uranus and Pluto assault Mercury until Feb 014.
Vili, Tanner:
Rugby  player-coach under awesome Pluto positives to Mercury, Jupiter and the North Node next two years. A must employ.
Taurus persons born April 29-May 1 will be enhanced by the Pluto-Sun trine.
Bingle, Lara:
Horrific Mars-Pluto progressions indicate a major comedown for the Aussie reality TV face.
Depp, Johnny:
Getting bored and lazy while Neptune attacks Mars from April to January 014, before major personal explosions next 2 years. Moon and Jupiter getting hammered by both Pluto and Uranus in 014-015.
Hurley, Liz:
Major emotional negative around June from a difficult Sun-Moon progression. Personal chaos 014 while Pluto and Uranus attack the Ascendant.
Jolie, Angelina:
Due for some horrific spin outs while Uranus and Pluto molest Mars. May, June, Sept, Dec and Feb 014 crucial, with 014 also including the destructive Pluto-Uranus attack on her Moon. Wide berth needed.
Murdoch, Sarah:
 Australian TV face has two years of serious disappointments and reversals with Neptune-Mercury harassments and the destructive Pluto-Uranus combination attacking Mars. Time out needed.
Trump, Donald:
Negative energy to the max around March through  difficult  Mars-Neptune progression. Mental instability late in year with Uranus-Mercury chaos.
Gemini persons born May 23-26 will have indecision and confusion from Neptune-Sun negativity.
Assange, Julian:
Toughest year for ages with Uranus and Pluto attacking the Sun, before drastic changes around March 014.
Cruise, Tom:
Many reversals and setbacks while Pluto and Uranus harass his natal Sun until late 014.
Dalton, Grant:
Team NZ boss in for significant reversals with Uranus anti the Sun.
Dixon, Scott:
In for an awesome Pluto-Jupiter trine with July and October very prosperous months.
Laws, Michael:
Maximum anger and possible breakdown March, with further, emotionally destructive Neptune-Moon harassment  through to January 014.
Merkel Angela:
Major horrifics for the German premier with Mercury getting hammered by Pluto and Uranus. 014 has same harassment to Jupiter, and Neptune stressing Venus badly until February 015.
Parker-Bowles, Camilla:
Incredibly difficult emotional phase until late 014 with Pluto and Uranus both negative to Venus and the Moon. Close relationships and family matters highlighted.
Spithill, James:
Recent Uranus-Sun and Neptune-Mars negativity ends late January, to be replaced by awesome Uranus-Jupiter and Pluto-Saturn trines. Big highs from Sept to Feb 014.
Tyson, Mike:
Former boxing champ ends some Uranus-Sun reversalism in late March but shall have the torridness of Pluto and Uranus assaulting his Jupiter. through 2014. Massive career changes with foreign lands involved.
William, Prince of England:
Many frustrations and setbacks with Pluto and Uranus whacking Mars ( in the 9th house of foreign lands and travel ). October and November crucial, with March 2014 and mid-2014 having even greater upheavals.
Zahra, Mark:
Controversial Melbourne jockey meeting serious roadblocks with Uranus and Pluto restructuring his Mars.
Neptune assistance and good luck for those born June 24-27.
Uranus-Sun negativity for  those born June 30-July 4 with July 1-3 borns having the destructive Pluto-Sun opposition as well.
Breslin, Mike:
 Horse trainer under awesome Pluto and Uranus trines next 2 years. Nice buzz on Feb 16.
Gatto, Mick:
Melbourne underworld icon in for two bulletproof years. Awesome trines from Uranus to the Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars until early 2015.
Key, John:
Chaos maximus for the NZ prime minister from Uranus-Venus negativity around February. Thereafter Uranus trines to the Sun and Mercury, and Neptune enhancing Venus next 2 years promise a much happier and less stressful existence.
Murphy, Greg:
Still far from full throttle while Neptune hampers Mars ( energy ) until Dec 014. Thereafter significant changes.
Obama, Barack:
His most stressful year since becoming president  with Neptune attacking the Moon, situated in House 4 of home and family. Feb, Sept and Dec crucial.
Ridge, Jaime:
Year of  Uranian energy mismanagement for NZ's Next Top Drama Queen ends in January . 2014 will be a classic for life and career chaos with Pluto and Uranus attacking her Jupiter.
Ritchie, Julia:
Cambridge horse trainer in for two more awesome years with Pluto enhancement.
Williams, Sonny Bill:
Another great year for the sporting legend with Uranus advancement for the Sun and Jupiter.
Those with August 1-5 birthdays will have exciting assistance from Uranus.
Deans, Robbie:
Best year for the Aussie coach to crack it under a positive Pluto-Sun trine.
Harry, Prince of England:
More personal disruptions than ever with Uranus and Pluto whacking the Ascendant. Nebulous Neptune anti Mercury creates mental turmoil as well. Behaviour improves from 2015.
Hunter, Rachel
Mental strain and communication problems while Pluto and Uranus rearrange her Jupiter until February 014. October a very important month.
Johnson, Shaun:
Warriors' playmaker hampered by Neptune-Mars negativity in March and August. Will move on, and experience the awesome Pluto trines to Mercury and the Sun bringing great new achievements in 015 and 016.
Lonergan, Dean:
Entrepreneur-broadcaster with major upheavals from Pluto and Uranus anti Venus.  Neptune confuses the Sun,too.
Rudd, Kevin:
Aussie poli still hampered by Uranus-Jupiter negativity until January 014, before Pluto-Mercury and Neptune-Venus enhancement make a very positive year.
Sheens, Charlie:
Makes a lot of personal improvement, with Pluto assisting Mars until Oct and the awesome Pluto-Sun trine until Oct 014.
Warne, Shane:
Massive, difficult changes for the cricketing icon while Pluto and Uranus restructure his Jupiter.
Waterhouse, Gai:
A Pluto-Sun trine brings some great happiness, especially the spring. Pluto and Uranus aspecting the midheaven in 2014 will supervise a massive  change of ,lifestyle.
Neptune harassment and indecisiveness for those born August 25-28 but  Sept 2 to 4 celebrants will have positive Pluto-Sun assistance.
Adams, Valerie:
Many headaches and worry  from Uranus-Mercury negativity before the major reversals from Pluto and Uranus anti her Sun in 014.
Ang, Michelle:
Actress in for  plenty of progress with Pluto-Mars and Uranus-Jupiter enhancement
Ellis, Marc:
The multi-talented entrepreneur is getting restless, with Neptune harassing Jupiter until February 014.Partnership matters highlighted before major disruption in matters of home and family while Pluto and Uranus whack the Sun and Mercury through 014 and 015.
Incredibly difficult year with the Sun and Mercury both getting attacked by Pluto and Uranus
Gillard, Julia:
Major late-year comedown preceeding the difficult progressed Sun-Uranus clash in May 014.
Hayes, David
Still doldrums for the Aussie horse trainer while Pluto and Uranus attack his Mercury until early 014.
Lawson, Gary:
One of the former bowling champ's best. Power from Uranus trining Venus and Mars and Pluto assisting Mercury.
Waldegrave, D'arcy:
Veteran broadcaster getting severely restructured from Uranus and Pluto attacking Mercury.
Libra persons born Oct 1-5 shall be hampered by Uranus-Sun negativity, with Oct 2,3,4 borns having Pluto harassment as well
Abbott, Tony:
Aussie poli making lots of progress with Pluto assisting his Sun  and North Node.
Charles, Prince of Wales:
Heading for massive career amendments in 2014 while Uranus and Pluto rearrange his midheaven point. Saturn's transit of the Sun between  January and October 2014 will supervise some family departures.
Hesson, Mike:
Black Caps coach with more positivity than his predecessor. Awesome Uranus-Node buzzes early May, September and Feb 014.
Key, Bronagh:
Massive rearrangements for Mrs Prime Minister of NZ while Uranus and Pluto pressure her Jupiter until late 014. Niceities from Uranus to Venus and Mars bring an improved lifestyle.
Singleton, John:
Aussie icon in for some real setbacks and low energy while Pluto and Uranus antagonize Mars until March 014. Feb, May, Sept, Dec crucial.
Very avoidable nation with Uranus and Pluto pulverising the Moon before they ditto Venus in 2014.
Whyte, Douglas:
Many exciting new adventures for Hong Kong's gun jockey with Uranus enhancing Mercury, Venus and Jupiter. Early June, August and March 014 highlighted.
Scorpios celebrating Oct 25-28 will receive blissful assistance from Neptune.
Cronk, Cooper:
Big off-year for the rugby league great while Pluto and Uranus attack his Mars.
Dettori, Frankie:
Champion jockey starts to slow down, with difficult progressions from Mercury and Mars in March, July, October. 2014 for retirement with Pluto and Uranus attacking his Mercury.
Eliott, Matthew:
New Warriors coach to be retained because of  some awesome trines and progressions in 2014 and 2015 and after.
Ellis, David:
Prominent horse purchaser facing major  close relationship dilemmas while seductive Neptune torments Venus until February 014.
Henry, Ben:
One of the Warriors' stars of the future with Uranus trines to Mercury and Mars, but looking even better in 2014-15.
Kirwan,  Sir John:
Little joy for the new Auckland Blues coach with Pluto and Uranus hampering his Ascendant. 2017-18 much more productive.
Pitt, Brad:
Horrific year with Pluto and Uranus attacking Mars and Jupiter. Major downers from difficult Sun-Neptune and Mars-Saturn progressions June,July.
Sagittarians of Nov 24-27 birth prone to laziness and lack of direction with Neptune-Sun harassment but those born between Nov 30 and Dec 4
shall be enhanced by Uranus-Sun brilliance.
Bennett, Wayne:
Considerable upheavals for the great rugby league coach with Uranus and Pluto attacking his Sun until January 014. October crucial..
Fergusson, Sir Alex:
Massive changes for the soccer legend while Pluto and Uranus molest the Sun until December.
Hotchin, Mark:
Two diffcult and rare Mars-Pluto negative progressions will make for two very frustrating years. Much negative energy.
McCaw, Richie:
Incredible 5 difficult Pluto/Uranus phases will bring many reversals. March and April crucial with the spring time even tougher before the phases finish in February 014.
McDonald, James:
Major fade for the whizz-kid jockey begins with Pluto and Uranus anti the North Node, with June especially difficult. 2014 has more upheavals.
Middleton, Kate:
Pluto and Uranus go heavy on Mars until Feb 014, blocking progress and causing partnership difficulties. Thereafter Neptune assistance makes life a lot smoother.
Ralph, Stephen:
Horse trainer continuing his rise with awesome Pluto and Uranus advancement until late 014.
Woods, Tiger:
Major reversals while Uranus attacks the natal Sun. March, November and January  014 crucial.
Uranus-Sun negativity brings reversals for Dec 30-Jan 3 birthdays, with Pluto problems as well  for those between Dec 31 and Jan 2.
Campbell, John:
Leading broadcaster getting severely restructured while Uranus and Pluto  harass the North Node until February 014.
Cassidy, Jim:
Aussie horse racing's Underbelly jockey getting severely demoralized by Neptune-Moon harassment, with February, October and November crucial. Less stressful in 014 with Pluto and Uranus enhancement to Jupiter and Venus.
Coppins, Des:
Veteran racing media person facing major restructuring with Pluto and Uranus attacking Mars and Neptune despairing the Moon .November and December crucial.
Dillon, Mike:
Veteran of nearly 50 years in racing journalism heading for the dump with Pluto and Uranus saddening his Venus.
Dotcom, Kim:
The internet rebel gets stronger and more powerful under an awesome Pluto-Mars trine.
Glenn, Owen:
Major career/lifestyle  amendments  while Pluto and Uranus attack his Jupiter.
Guildford, Zac:
Former All Black of drinking problem infamy coming good next 2 years with the awesome Pluto-Mars trine.
Houston, Shelley:
Jumps jockey-trainer in for an awesome year with Pluto and Uranus positives. Pleasant surprise on July 15.
Sarkozy, Nicholas:
Horrific downers for the ex-French premier with Uranus and Pluto crunching Mars until Feb 014.
Slipper, Peter
Troubled Australian poli around a lot of negative energy while Uranus and Pluto harass Mars until March 014. Feb, May, Sept, Dec crucial months.
Clark, Helen:
Heaps of negative energy for the ex-PM until February 014 while Pluto and Uranus anti Mars supervise major career amendments.
Coutts, Russell:
Yachting legend in for a top year, with Neptune-Moon and Pluto-Sun sextiles. Oct and Nov highlighted.
Devlin, Martin:
Broadcaster with a Venus in adventurous Aries that's getting severely weakened by Pluto next 2 yrs. Major drama around December.
Murdoch, Rupert:
Massive  problems as Uranus and Pluto pummel Jupiter until Feb 014.Close relationship matters highlighted. May, August particularly stressful.
Taylor, Ross
Cricketer still not right as Uranus harasses Jupiter. March, Nov and Jan 014 crucial.
Vince, Tim
 Novice harness racing trainer making great progress under an awesome Pluto-Mars trine.
Pisceans born Feb 20-23 receive enlightenment and enthusiasm  from Neptune moving atop the Sun

2012 PREDICTIONS 27 Nov 2011

100.......nations, heads of state, world champions, celebrities etc


Bagust, Petra:
Much Uranus-Mercury turmoil around March before Pluto and Uranus attack Jupiter for a year of massive life change.

Butterworth, Brad:
Former gun yachtie with major Neptune-Jupiter dilemmas i.e career worries. March, September and January 013 crucial.

Christchurch City:
Uranus replaces Pluto to attack the Sun for more chaos, with further Pluto, Uranus and Neptune problems around 2013-14.

Cooper, Quade:
Big off-year for the Australian rugby villain with Neptune-Venus harassment in winter. Romantic confusions too.

Crow Steve:
More headches for the porn king with Pluto anti Mercury. Very bad for business.

Crowe, Russell:
Not a happy dude at all, with Neptune-Venus harassment and negative energy from Uranus anti Mars. April, and February 2013 crucial.

Currie, Shayne:
Uranus trine Jupiter brings promotion and advancement for the NZ HERALD editor,and a new love interest from Neptune over Venus.Then an incredible comedown with Pluto and Uranus attacking both the Sun and Mars in 2013.

Dawson Charlotte:
Blissful love situations with Neptune over Venus in February, September and December.

Dymock, Jim:
Major off-year for the Canterbury Bulldogs assistant coach. Severe Pluto and Uranus attacks on Jupiter and Mercury ensure plenty of bads.

Feeney Jayjay:
Many reversals for this radio presenter with Uranus and Pluto anti the Sun.

Lawless, Lucy:
Massive and difficult changes for the TV star, possibly suffering from the bored-Aries syndrome.Highs from a progression in April and May, thereafter Pluto and Uranus attacking the Sun until March 013.

Myers, Kevin:
The Dummymeister of horse training has some very difficult changes with Pluto and Uranus anti the Sun. February, June, July, December and March 013 are significant.

Watson, Eric:
Many dilemmas as deceptive Neptune attacks his Jupiter. March, September and January 013 are crucial.

Westenra, Hayley:
Songbird with some serious career/lifestyle adjustments next 2 years from Pluto and Uranus anti Jupiter. Neptune-Mars harassment creates directional uncertainty.

( Aries persons born March 28-30 will be hampered by difficult Pluto. March 25-29 have chaotic Uranus atop their natal Sun.)


Bidlake, Aaron:
Pluto-Mars trine brings big improvement for battling horse trainer. Nice surprise Aug 8.

Bridgman, Jason:
Horse trainer with plenty of worries while Neptune harasses Jupiter. May, June and Feb 013 crucial.

Golightly, Doug:
Broadcaster still with emotional problems and domestic disruptions while Uranus and Pluto assault the Moon. Chaos around February.

Leitch, Sir Peter:
Awesome Pluto-Mercury elevation indicates some newfound enthusiasm and success, following the Pluto-Venus ditto which earned him a knighthood in 2010.

Lomu, Jonah:
Neptune and Uranus harassment end in February to diminish major stress before the Neptune-Venus trine indicates a new and exciting love interest until Feb 013.

Purdon, Mark:
Harness racing trainer in for a good year with the awesome Pluto-Sun trine.February, June and December highlighted before a major comedown in 2013.

Queen Elizabeth of Britain:
Major communication and thought problems with Uranus zooming across the Mercury position. March, November, December highlighted.

Strauss-Kahn, Dominique:
Embattled IMF director with Uranus-Moon inner turmoil until late February. Thereafter an awesome Pluto-Venus trine until November.

( Taurus persons born April 27-29 will be assisted by the powerful Pluto-Sun trine.)


Bollard, Alan:
Reserve Bank boss having many career-related problems with Pluto anti-Jupiter. February, June and December the most stressful.

Jolie Angelina:
Saturn negativity brings lots of pressure in January, March and September before the serious emotional destruction involving Uranus and Pluto in 2013.

Kearney Steve:
Another off-year for the rugby league coach with Uranus anti Jupiter. Late March, October very testing.

Laxon, Sheila:
Melbourne Cup-winning horse trainer in for further, major directional changes, with Pluto and Uranus versus Mars and Venus.

Mallard, Trevor:
One MP who has to be careful with both word and deed, with Uranus attacking Mars and Jupiter. March, November and January 013 crucial.

Nadal, Rafael:
Many career worries for the tennis ace with Neptune harassing the mid-heaven point. March, August, and Jan 013 are crucial.

Walker, Mark:
Singapore-based NZ horse trainer in for many reversals with Uranus anti Jupiter. March, October and December significant.

( Indecision/worry/confusion courtesy of Neptune-Sun negativity for Gemini persons born May 22-23.)


Goff, Phil:
A major comedown around February when the Neptune-Sun bliss ends before 2 Uranus attacks. Much less stressful thereafter under a Pluto-Jupiter positive till October.

Laws, Michael:
Uranus negativity brings bad turmoils February, early March for the media oddity-motormouth.Thereafter unhappy Saturn patches peaking March 17, May 12, June 18, July 5, Aug 7, Sept 20 !

Oliver, Damien:
Ex-champion Melbourne jockey under major personal reconstruction in latter months with progressed Jupiter at war with natal Pluto. Real big changes.

Parker-Bowles, Camilla:
Early-year reversals nothing to the destruction of 2012 when Pluto and Uranus will BOTH be attacking the Moon and Venus for major domestic and family problems.

Phelps, Michael:
Many reversals for the swimming champ with Pluto and Uranus attacking the Sun.

United States of America:
Three bad Plutos and same from Uranus until 2015 indicate major problems.

William, Prince ( England ):
Heaps of negative energy and anger for the newly-wed future king, with Pluto-Mars destruction ruling until late 2013.

Wright, John:
NZ cricket coach with Pluto badding his Jupiter until December. March and April especially difficult.

( Cancer persons born June 28-30 will be hampered by Pluto.Uranus-Sun negativity affects June 26-30, but June 22-24 receive halcyon assistance from Neptune. )


Ackland, John:
Champion rugby league coach with yet another Pluto trine ( Mars ) promising great advancement. October awesome.

Bosson, Opie:
Gun jockey renowned for his romantic instability due to have another walkabout. Pluto and Uranus anti Mars creating a stack of negative energy.

Glucina, Rachel:
The gossip columnist a.k.a " Pork Chop " subject to Pluto and Uranus anti the north node. Often aligned with massive, unplanned career change.

Henry, Paul:
Broadcaster getting bored and negative while Neptune attacks Mars. February, September significant, and January before an energetic Uranus-Sun trine for 2013.

Key, John:
Prime Minister still stressing to the max under Uranus-Venus mayhem. April, October crucial, and February 013.

Obama, Barack:
USA president facing an incredible four difficult progressions between April and June. Massive problems but even more with Neptune-Moon horrors in 2013.

Ritchie, Julia:
Horse trainer on a major up with awesome Pluto and Uranus trines for the next 2 years.March and Xmas period very productive.

Williams, Sonny Bill:
The sporting world's icon of instability gets very positive with an awesome Uranus-Mars phase and an even better one in 2013.

( Leo persons born July 27-31 get advanced by the Uranus-Sun trine.)


Blackadder, Todd:
Crusaders rugby coach with worries aplenty from Neptune versus Jupiter. March, September and December spotlighted.

Griffin, Anthony:
Brisbane Broncos coach with many mid-winter worries as Neptune harasses the Sun in July and August.

Sheens, Charlie:
The troubled actor gets better after March with Pluto-Mars positive until October 013, with next year also bringing major improvement from the Pluto-Sun trine.

( Virgo persons born Aug 30-Sept 1 get advanced by the Pluto-Sun trine. Aug 24-25 birthdays worry and get confused by a Neptune difficulty.)


Ang, Michelle:
Actress in for major elevation and happiness with Pluto trining Venus. 2013 even better.

Bellamy, Craig:
Off-year for the Melbourne Storm coach with Pluto and Uranus anti the Sun and Neptune worrying Venus.

Brown, Len:
Little joy for Auckland's Super City mayor until the Pluto and Uranus attacks to his Sun ease in March 013.

Cameron, David:
British PM has Pluto and Uranus attacking Venus until March 2013. A very torrid winter late this year.

Davis, Miles:
Versatile broadcaster with Neptune-Mars worries autumn and winter, thereafter great advancement and promotion for a year under Sun-Uranus progressions.

Ellis, Marc:
Major amendments for the multi-talented entrepreneur with a stressful autumn and Pluto and Uranus both attacking the midheaven point until Feb 013.

Very avoidable nation full of negative energy with Neptune harassing Mars until Feb 013. Thereafter the horrors of the Sun and Mercury both getting molested by Uranus and Pluto until February 2014.

Gillard Julia:
Luckier leader than most but Uranus-Sun reversals April, October and Feb 013. Great happiness from Pluto-Venus trine until October and Neptune-Mercury till Jan 013. Advancement in heart matters very probable.

Herlihy, Tony:
Leading light in harness racing facing two destructive years with bads from Pluto, Uranus and Neptune.

Lowe, Graham:
Real tough year for the former rugby league great as Uranus and Pluto both attack his Sun.

Tindall, Mike:
English rugby outcast doing things right with Uranus-Jupiter advancement in career. April, September and February 013 prosperous.

Veitch Tony:
Broadcaster-legendary suicide-threatener still subject to Pluto/Uranus turmoil until Feb 2013. Still much positive energy and improvement with Pluto-Mars assistance.

( Libra persons born Sept 30-Oct 2 get majorly disrupted by a bad Pluto, while Uranus oppositions create chaos for Sept 27 to Oct 1 birthdates.)


Bary, John:
Horse racing's Jimmy Choux trainer with the Neptune-Venus bliss of 2011 replaced by Neptune seriously stressing the Moon. Major problems, especially September,December.

Ieremia, April:
Tough times for the ex-TV presenter via Neptune-Jupiter and Uranus-Mars negatives. Time out needed.

Starr, Anthony:
More inspiration than ever for the iconic actor with Neptune enhancing both his Sun and Mars positions.

( Scorpions born Oct 24,25+26 get a lot of luck and benefits from the Neptune-Sun trine. Pluto also helps those of Oct 31-Nov 2 birth.)


Lupton, Isaac:
Jumps jockey-trainer in for very memorable year with awesome Uranus trines. Early May productive.

Monk, Sophie:
Multi-talented performer allowed to be very indecisive and confused while Neptune harasses Mercury, before awesome Pluto positives to Mars and Jupiter promise great achievement in 2013.

O'Sullivan, Paul:
Neptune anti the Moon and Mars create major dilemmas for the Hong Kong-based horse trainer. March, August and January 2013 crucial.

Stiassny, Michael:
Uranian bliss for the corporate undertaker ends in February to be superseded by two very stressful years with Neptune anti the Sun,Moon and Saturn.

Tua, David:
Neptune worries the Sun until February, then a major turning point in career with Pluto and Uranus seriously aspecting the Jupiter position. Change of job certain.

Wallace, Bruce:
Wealthy builder-horse trainer with many business and personal disruptions through Pluto and Uranus attacks on Mercury and the Moon.

( Sagittarius persons born Nov 26-30 advance and get positive from a Uranus trine but Neptune worries and confuses Nov 23-24-25 people.)


Bennett Wayne:
Some career positives under Uranus-Jupiter goods before the Uranus-Pluto attack on the Sun which indicates major career upheaval in 013.

English Bill:
Deputy PM under major personal reconstruction with Pluto and Uranus attacking the Sun until March 013.Meanwhile much turmoil from a Uranus-Mars attack around March 012.

Ferguson, Sir Alex:
Football legend subject to massive amendments next 2 years courtesy of Pluto and Uranus difficulties.

Hotchin, Mark:
A very difficult Mars-Pluto progression around 2013 creates severe restrictions on positive energy for the Hanover Finance scapegoat.

Kavanagh, Mark:
One of Melbourne's gun horse trainers with two difficult years ahead, courtesy of Uranus and Pluto savaging his Mars.

Marshall, Jonathan:
Journalism's nasty boy facing many changes. Major emotional problems from Pluto and Uranus both attacking the Sun and Moon.

McCaw, Ritchie:
Rugby legend facing two very difficult years with 5 negative Plutos and a pair of Uranus bads.

McDonald, James:
An awesome Uranus-Venus trines brings a lot of happiness to the champion jockey in April, October through to January 2013.

Middleton, Kate:
Not too many problems but 2013 will have plenty via Uranus and Pluto anti her Mars.

Ralph, Stephen:
Horse trainer to follow over the next few years with major positives from Pluto( 5) and Uranus (4 ). Worth a punt May 2.

Ridge, Sally:
Socialite in for major personal amendments with Uranus and Pluto negativing her Sun.

Sargent, John:
Matamata horse trainer in reverse with Pluto and Uranus attacks on the Sun this year.

Williams, Steve:
More chaos for the loudmouth golf caddie with Uranus-Sun turmoil and even bigger reversals in 2013 from Pluto and Uranus crushing his Jupiter.

Woods, Tiger:
Pluto and Uranus attacks on the Sun make drastic alterations in the career next 2 years. Retirement very possible.

( Major personal reconstruction for Capricorns born Dec 29-31 with Uranian chaos for Dec 26-30 borns. )


Aniston, Jennifer:
Screen star with major love life dramas from Pluto and Uranus attacking Venus.

Cassidy, Jim:
A big off-year for Sydney's veteran Underbelly jockey with Neptune-Moon harassment, especially April, July and Feb 013.

Delzangles, Mikel:
Melbourne Cup-winning French horse trainer while under awesome Uranus trines to Mars and Jupiter. Major comedown in 2012 with deceptive Neptune harassing both Mars and Jupiter until December.

Guildford, Zac:
All Black with serious drinking problem facing difficult Saturn-Mercury peaks early April, early September and plenty of mental stress. But 2013 has the awesomely positive Pluto-Mars trine.

Houston, Shelley:
Jumps jockey with incredible Uranus and Pluto promising great elevation.Nice surprise August 2.

Not a happy nation at all with Pluto and Uranus attacks on the Venus planet.

McCully, Murray:
National politician with major and difficult changes while Pluto and Uranus attack Mars.

McClennan, Brian:
Awesome year for this rugby league coach, with a Neptune-Venus transit filling him with enthusiasm, especially March and September. Uranus-Mercury sextiles make May and August exciting,too.

Parore, Adam:
Chaotic year for the former cricketer with Pluto and Uranus attacks on Mercury creating large headaches. Neptune anti-Jupiter provides career problems around March, August and December.

( Mild Uranian sextile advances Aquarian people born Jan 24-28.)


Clark, Helen:
Former Prime Minister preparing for massive and difficult directional changes when Pluto and Uranus attack Mars in 2013.

Cleary, Ivan:
Positive year for the Penrith rugby league coach.There is the Pluto-Moon trine,especially in July and November and ditto Uranus-Jupiter in April and October. 2013 is also very prosperous.

Devlin, Martin:
Incredible worry and stress for the oddball broadcaster with heavy Neptune versus the Sun, Mars and Moon. Massive changes in 2013.

George, Cameron:

Chief racing stipe with a rare Mars-Pluto negative progression in 2013 that will bring some serious time out.

Miller, David:
Astute horse trainer on a Uranus-Mars roll and very puntable on Aug 1.

Ritchie Shaune:
Major and difficult changes for the volatile, talented horse trainer. Close relationship problems from Pluto anti Venus.

Slaimankhel, Omar:
Junior Warrior from 2011 with the brilliant Pluto-Jupiter trine until October 2013. Great for career success.

Waller, Chris:
Some serious winter dilemmas for the rising star of Sydney horse trainers. Neptune harassment in April, June, July.

( Deceptive Neptune illuminates/weakens characters born Feb 20,21,22. but Feb 26,27,28 people get positive assistance from Pluto.)





PLANET KINGDOM (tip sheet) November edition 1986: Selecting trainer Bart "Cups King" Cummings to win on Tuesday,November 4, Melbourne Cup day. Bart would average a win from every four Melbourne Cups over a 40-year period, but not today.His cup runner failed, but his only other runner for the day, Cropley Road, won the very next race in Melbourne at 55 to one.

PLANET KINGDOM June edition 1988: Selecting New South Wales trainer Neville McBurney to win on June 29.McBurney's only runner that day, Dixieland Jazz, won in Sydney, with as much as 100-1 bet against him.

 FLASH, July 18,1991:

" I'm not optimistic about the Kiwis winning the next league test against Australia, but I hope like Donald I'm wrong.Next Wednesday's a special for Mal Meninga and a bummer for Jarrod McCracken.

" I'll be relaying this prognosis to coach Bob Bailey so don't be surprised if the wonder centre is subbed early in the game."

After 26 minutes Jarrod McCracken was sent from the field after making an innocent attempt to stop a brawl.

FLASH, June 25,1992:

Re the marriage of Prince Charles and Princess Diana:

 " I said in this column last August that "Chas" would finally initiate divorce proceedings against "Di" in 1992 after "spinning out over another chick" which he seems to be doing.That will be happening within the next four months."

 In October,1992, It was finally announced that the fairytale marriage was over.

 FLASH, October 30, 1992:

" I'll be surprised if punters don't make a fortune backing runners from Stephen Autridge's stable on February 6, July 23 and November 28 next year."

 Autridge did not have runners on the first two dates but his only starter on November 28,1993, Matsqui, won and returned a $22.65 win dividend.

 TRUTH, April 29, 1994: In predicting a return to form for controversial cricketer Martin Crowe:

 " In fact if Crowe were a jockey I'd be backing his mounts on Tuesday, February 14,1995.

That's the sort of day that the administration jokers should mark down for a one-day international against the Aussies."

 On February 14, 1995, Crowe played in a Shell Trophy match for Wellington and made 193 not out.

 TRUTH, August 19, 1994:

" Michael Jackson's marriage will last around two years."

 Michael Jackson's marriage to Lisa Marie Presley lasted 20 months.

TRUTH, November 18, 1994:

" Grant Cooksley, the former Kiwi jock now based in Sydney, comes under impeccable stars on Tuesday, November 7,1995, with a surprise success.

"You''ve got a few weeks to save up a stake to punt his every mount on November 7, next, doubling the ante after each loss and stopping at the first collect."

 On November 7, 1995, Melbourne Cup day, Cooksley rode in Sydney and gained two winners and three placings from six rides.One of the winners paid $14.

 TRUTH,November 25,1994:

" I've made it clear that difficult Pluto aspects for Mains ( coach, Laurie Mains) will make 1995 just as unproductive so the chances of the All Blacks coming home with the World Cup are similar to those of finding a cream Napoleon in a Bosnian POW camp."

 A South African dropped goal in the dying minutes of the 1995 Rugby World Cup grand final brought grief to the All Blacks and their many fans.

 TRUTH, March 24, 1995:

" Former champion jockey Jim Cassidy is enduring two difficult Sun-Uranus progressions in the near future.A similar thing happened to jockey Gary Stewart when he suddenly dropped out of the limelight following a highly successful partnership with the legendary Bonecrusher.

" So I'm tipping a sudden an dramatic turn in Jim Cassidy's career....possibly retirement."

 In April 1995 Cassidy received a five-years term of disqualification after an inquiry into race fixing in Sydney.

TRUTH, July 7, 1995:

" Pity the poor lass who tries to tie Jonah Lomu down.

" For a start Lomu was born during the Oriental "hours of the horse" ( 11 am-1 pm), a time zone which produces the most highly spirited and notoriously fickle romantics."

In August 2003, 28-year-old Lomu confirmed his sixth serious relationship with a second marriage.



TRUTH, November 3, 1995:

" New Zealand cricket fans have got a pretty miserable couple of years in front of them.

" Recently appointed coach Glen Turner is not the man for the job.

" For a start 1996 and 1997 have Turner coming under the very difficult Pluto-Sun square which is all about losing it."


In July 1996, Glen Turner was replaced as coach by the Kiwi cricket bosses.




TRUTH, April 26,1996:

" I'm labelling the Warriors to beat Illawarra on Sunday as one of the investments of all time."


After being 6-20 down at halftime, the Auckland Warriors beat Illawarra, 30-20.




Telling presenter George Simon that veteran owner-trainer Tim Douglas was a certainty to win a race on June 3.

" So if Tim just puts Classic Heights in, it means he's a certainty in the Great Northern Steeples."

Tim Douglas' only starter on June 3, Classic Heights, won the 6400-metres Great Northern Steeplechase at $7.85 for the win.

TRUTH, November 15,1996:

" Maybe the bet of the century tag could be placed on whoever is playing the Brisbane Broncos on May 30 or 31 next year.Those days have coach Wayne Bennett suffering the painful Saturn-Neptune square that harassed Auckland coach Graham Henry when his team got knocked off by Counties."

On May 31, 1997 the lowly Hunter Mariners upset the Broncos 24-6, with a head-to-head bet returning $4.20 on the New Zealand TAB.

TRUTH, March 28, 1997:

" On Saturday night Ridge ( Matthew Ridge, Auckland Warriors' captain) has planet Mercury passing over his natal Saturn, an aspect synonomous with a melancholy mind and depression, peaking around 10 pm."

Around 8.30 pm on Saturday night ( March 29) Ridge was assisted from the playing field with a serious shoulder injury.

TRUTH,June 13,1997:

" Meanwhile I'm looking forward to next year's Great Northern when the planets have a major high for 19-year-old Raymond Connors.."

Jockey Raymond Connors was successful in the Great Northern Steeplechase in June 1998.

0900 400 90, September 19,1997:

" There's been heavy support for Vialli in the Cox Plate but I wouldn't touch him with stolen money.In fact if you know someone who wants to back Vialli on October 25, hold their money, because it's a horror day for Lance."

Vialli didn't win the Cox Plate on October 25 and champion jockey Lance O'Sullivan didn't even ride him.O'Sullivan, with the destructive Pluto-Sun square peaking that day, broke a leg in a fall earlier in the day and didn't race ride for 15 months.

TRUTH, October 29, 1999:

" I'd rather be winning at Ellerslie next Tuesday on Te Kauwhata trainer Tony Cole.

" It's simply a case of backing the couple of runners that Cole is likely to have and hoping that another Celmo or Royal Ways gets up."

Celmo at $22.25 and Royal Ways $37.05 were previous winners for Cole on the star system and on Tuesday, November 2, Cole lined up three horses with Furnish winning at $19.85.

TRUTH, December 24,1999 ( in Millenium predictions re Eric Watson)

" In 2001 he can expect romantic problems with one of the biggest upheavals ever coming the following year."

In 2001, billionaire Watson's two-year-old marriage began to crumble and in 2002 he left New Zealand to reside in England.

NEWSTALK ZB, January 1,2000:

Telling talkback host Murray Deaker and the inquiring Peter " Mad Butcher" Leitch that " I can't see a winner ( for Ellerslie races) today, but one of Jim Campin's horses will win on Monday."

Trainer Jim Campin started two on Monday, January 3, Hero finishing fourth and True Colours winning at $21.50.

TRUTH, January 19,2001:

" For November 6,2001, it's a lot simpler.

Ubiquitous Kiwi jumps jockey Nathan Hanley is looking terrific for the fabulous first Tuesday and he could only ride in either the hurdles race at Melbourne or Wellington."

Hanley's ride in the Melbourne Cup day hurdles race on November 6,2001, Lesvos Ruler, was beaten into second in the closing stages, returning $3.95 for a $1 place dividend with the New Zealand TAB.

TRUTH, May 25,2001:

" There's nearly a year to save up and punt jumps rider Chris Allen, who's a certainty to win one of his maximum two rides on May 11,2002."

The first of Chris Allen's rides on May 11,2002, Deluge, won a hurdle race by nine lengths at $4.55 to win.

TRUTH, July 19,2002:

" In fact John Mitchell will become the most unpopular man in New Zealand by late November next year.

" His chances of coaching the All Blacks to World Cup success ?

" About as good as a Golden Oldies team from Shanghai against the current Wallabies."

In November 2003,Mitchell's All Blacks got eliminated in a world cup semi-final.

TRUTH,December 27,2002:

" With Kersley ( trainer Fred) and his family looking awesome on April 12,2003, Northerly has only got to line up to be another certainty.

" That's the day of the $2million BMW Stakes at Randwick."

Northerly was beaten a nose in the BMW.But the Kersley family did have a success, with daughter Kellie saddling their other runner on April 12, Shirazamatazz, who returned an $8 win dividend over in Perth.



From the annual prophesies,, November 26,2009:

" Laws, Michael:
Wanganui know-all in for massive downers, especially January, July, November while Pluto attacks his Sun."

Laughter aplenty at " especially January ", last October described as " not a blissful holiday month for Laws." For 'twas in January the Wanganui Woofter/Wanker had to call the police to remove his partner, Leone Brookhammer,and take her to an alternative residence.( The second separation for the couple in 6 months.)

On February 11, 2008, carried a headline


and towards the end:

“ So I checked out some of the Melbournians planetary situations and I instantly thought:
" 2007 ALL BLACKS ! " there are so many dysfunctions.

“ Difficult Plutoes for: Coach Craig Bellamy,Steve Kearney, Mick Crocker, Jeremy Smith and Cooper Cronk.
Difficult Uranus phases for: Crocker, Cronk, Inglis, Billy Slater and Cameron Smith.
Seriously difficult Saturn phases for: Israel Folau, Matt Geyer, Slater and Cameron Smith.

Overall, a very bad year for the Melbourne Storm.”

After cruising through to a third consective minor premiership, it all started going wrong and the mighty Storm even suffered a loss in the finals series before meeting the Manly Sea Eagles in the big one.

Manly posted a record-breaking grand final score when they massacred Melbourne by 40 to zero.



From the files of, 5 October,2008:

" And I don't even want to think about the first difficult Saturn phase peaking for G Henry on June 26.

" The All Blacks have a home double against France on June 13 and 20. The depressing Saturn-Sun phase afflicting G Henry can last for several weeks.

" France whitewashing the All Blacks on New Zealand soil ?????? "


That was long before the All Blacks' two standout players, Dan Carter and Ritchie McCaw got injured.

France won the first test 27-22, but lost the other 10-14.

Which meant a series win, 37-36, on points differential, on New Zealand soil for France.

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