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ASTROLOGY is not the sun sign rubbish you read in newspapers and magazines. It is the oldest science in the world that was used to predict the arrival 2000 years ago of an oddity known as " Jesus Christ."

Thousands were converted and had their philosophies realigned during my annual State of the Astrological Nation show on Newstalk ZB every January between 1994 and 2011. Many very accurate predictions were also made on TV3 and in  prophesy columns I wrote for FRIDAY FLASH and TRUTH between 1990 and 2005.

The great science also allowed me to give 4 years warning of the biggest failure in New Zealand rugby history ( 2007 Rugby World Cup ) because of " difficult Uranus and Pluto phases " hampering the All Blacks coach.

My great accuracy in prophesy now has the mainstream media cowering away from the great science, although I speak on Auckland-based Indian radio station Humm Fm every Thursday morning around 8.30.

It's the science that has enabled me to predict certainties in horse races as far as 3 years  in advance and label the month of separation in celebrity/royal marriages. And also discover formulae for serious addictions and depression etc.

* For information on personal readings, click here: Personal AstrologyNote; fees are between $50 and $120.

* For the horse racing system with the best strike rate in the world (26 % wins since 2011  began, average dividend $7.56 ) click here: The Champion Racing System.

Check out some of the greatest prophesies ever made in predictions and also what the future holds for famous sports persons and personalities all over the world. Annual prophesies there also.


The News section contains articles on various icons currently being affected by the planets,and some of the dirty revelations from the horse racing industry that never surface elsewhere.


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