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February 22

An earthquake that claimed 181 lives shouldn't be funny.

Yet the 2011 Christchurch disaster, celebrating its 7th anniversary today, did produce some crack ups.

There was the matter of the Israeli named Ofer Mizrahi, found dead with 5 passports when his body was recovered after masonry fell on his van !

 Three other Israelis were in the vehicle but escaped serious injury and rapidly left the country within 12 hours. Described as Mizrahi's fellow " backpackers " !

Reasonably notable  was the Israeli prime minister phoning his NZ equal, John Key, 4 times that day !

When the disaster could have so easily been Astrologically forecast. Like a month beforehand, a Christchurch woman included an Astrological enlightenment in a business trip to Auckland, to check her own personal situation---after reports of 3 psychics seeing massive flooding in the Christchurch region !

All good for Ms Christchurch. My files have several clients who've been forewarned of probable problems and wisely departed their properties before various natural disasters.

All good still for Ms Christchurch when she contacted me on the night of the great disaster close by. And provided me with Christchurch's official registration date, for analytical purposes if I were interested....

Was I ever. Giant expletives after noting the Pluto and Uranus afflictions, progressions and solar arc directions for Christchurch in 2011. With an official birth time for the city, this disaster could have so easily been predicted.

Then we learn about HAARP, based in Alaska and able to make earthquakes with signals connecting to aerial manouvres ! With an unusually large number of American officials in Christchurch shortly before the disaster.....

Then came the clincher. Courtesy of legendary hacker Julian Assange releasing a pile of Hillary Clinton emails---including the famous " On Cue " confirming she knew about the disaster 5-6 hours beforehand !

All too complicated for normal K.I.W.I--- Keen Interest Without Intelligence-- who's been trained to rely on mainstream media bulletins. And be too fearful to think and ask questions.......

Ideally all mortals would be subject to an annual Astrological Warrant of Fitness check, as many long-standing clients do.

Complications involving the 4th House ( home, family, residence ) would be identified, along with matters of the 6th House ( health,work, diet ) and therefore early cancer warnings. etc.

Still too complicated for K.I.W.I---- on average a dopey bastard who thinks " god " and television have all the answers.....


February 20

How awesome would a strong Tongan influence be at Mt Smart Stadium ? As reported:

" A pair of Super Bowl-winning brothers are two of the American football players behind the Tongan-American consortium trying to buy the  NZ Warriors.

The Herald understands Ma'ake and Chris Kemoeatu, who won the NFL championship with the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers respectively, are part of the syndicate headed by Hawaiian politician Richard Fale."

November saw the unmatchable passion of Tongan fans at the Rugby League World Cup.

The Tongan Warriors would naturally change their colours to a red and white strip, and Mt Smart Stadium would be jam-packed for every home game, encircled  by hundreds of flag-bearing bongo vans.

Kristian Woolf, from last year's RLWC, would be an automatic coach with the legendary John Hopoate  in line for the chief executive position.

Some of my Tongan mates in  Otahuhu would be in line for jobs. Lawyer Nalesoni Tupou would handle the legals, with former national weightlifting champ Joe Pomelile for the strength and conditioning job.

And  " The Volcano " for assistant coach ! a.k.a Lesley Vainikolo, possibly the only sportsman in the world to have respresented 3 nations------League for NZ, rugby union for England and rugby sevens for Tonga.

Get Australian-based greats like Jason Taumalolo, Andrew Fifita and Michael Jennings to leave their clubs. Current Warriors Solomone Kata, Ata Hingano and David Fusitu'a stay put and their former teammates Konrad Hurrell, Kevin Locke and Tui Lolohea return to Auckland.

The NZ Warriors are currrently on a losing streak of 9 from last year. Not much improvement, courtesy of all those Pluto and Neptune complications affecting notable names like Watson, Kearney, McFadden, Tuivasa-Sheck, Johnson and Luke etc this year.

It's impossible to imagine any sportsperson  wanting to play their guts out for someone like  major owner Eric Watson, or his CEO Cameron George. But a very different ball game when the proud Tongan culture is concerned.....


February 18

Melbourne racing tongues are wagging over another " dick pic " drama involving a 33 year-old group one winning jockey.

He met a 15 year-old girl at the races. Thinking she were much older, he sent her a pic of his dick. There was no face in the pic, but the girl's father recognized one of his numerous tattoos and got in touch with the stewards !

( Having the depression classic of Mars and Saturn secreted in the 12th  Astrological House causes this kind of dark behaviour. )

Said jockey's had a drama-filled life, with previous messenger experience in another country. When he sent a video clip to the mother of a 15 year-old female apprentice jockey performing mouth-to-south on an older jockey while his mate was the cameraman.

Racing authorities and the police got involved in that country and, as always, the matter got swept under the shagpile.......

Meanwhile NZ thoroughbred racing, so renowned for its cover ups, corruption and cronyism, is trying desperately ( and unsuccessfully ) to keep another biggie hidden.

3 positives to methamphetamine ( P ) at a central meeting in December. Horses returning positives instead of humans !

Each galloper from a different stable in the Waikato regions of Crimbridge and Methametha. One owned by an extremely powerful man in NZ racing. One who definitely preferred any scandalous announcements to wait until after the Karaka yearling sales !

Contamination has been blamed. Quite natural with so many P abusers amongst the stableworkers in the once noble industry, with theories even arising about the cleanliness of barrier attendants and officials involved.........

Like Melbourne Cup day---WATCH THIS SPACE !

February 16

Happy New Year  !

This is the real one, the Chinese New Year courtesy of the great Buddha.

Buddha introduced Chinese Astrology with his 12 animals, that are so related to Astrological magnificence.

12 Sun signs,12 major planets and 12 Houses in the birth chart.

Buddhism is very accepting and forgiving.Peace and love are paramount.

Different with christianity, especially catholicism, as I learned early on from primary school friends.

Mortal sin if you ate meat on Fridays ! Mortal sin if you missed mass on Sunday No sex before marriage and no contraception With paedophile scandals the world over shaking the " tykes " to their roots in the last few decades.......

Then a travelling evangelist show lobbed in our little town and we saw a film of what happened to people who ignored christianity. They were being tossed into a massive bonfire !

My father, with a Presbyterian father and Catholic mother, had long strayed  from anything religious and I followed suit.

While Buddha's Astrology is far more understanding. He accepts that Horse Year people are funloving and restless and often irresponsible; that the Ox is solid, routine and dependable and in contrast, quite boring. Along with the very energetic Tigers, crafty Monkeys and homely Rabbits. Dragons with massive, fragile egos and grizzling, dependent Goats.Etc.

It's goodbye to the Rooster and welcome to the Dog of 2018. With the Rooster Year bringing massive upheavals for Roosters like Winston Peters, Paula Bennett, Ciaron Maher, John O'Shea and Ali Williams etc.

 Dog  Year brings improvement for the Dog and his good friends like the Tiger and the Horse.

A difficult one, though for the super-selfish Dragon ( 1952,1964, 1976 etc )  and those born in the Dragon Hours of 7 to 9 am.


Wish a Chinese person " Happy New Year "  with   "   Xin Nian Hao ! "  and they are impressed.

Then hold your hand out with " Hong Bao ? " and they might be slightly shocked.

For the Hong Bao is a traditional gift, a red envelope containing money, to small children from older relatives........


February 15

There's nothing like an awesome Pluto trine to elevate humans.

Smart people use them to plan their campaigns and conquests with confidence.

A couple of years back, Clayton Douglas was a struggling, Melbourne-based  jumps rider, and it took me a while to decide that he was worthy of inclusion in the Astrological files.

Ultimately an appearance in the November 2017 Annuals:

" Douglas, Clayton:

Australian jumps jockey making great advancement under an awesome Pluto-Ascendant trine. Pleasant surprise on September 8."

Under this Pluto awesomeness C Douglas got his weight down and started riding in flat races during the off-season.

8 wins from his last 50 mounts in flat races and recently  23 year-old C Douglas was deemed capable enough to ride in a $100k race at a metropolitan Saturday  meeting in Melbourne.

Roll on Saturday September 8. If there is a God, someone will bring him over to win the Great Northern Steeplechase at Ellerslie.


February 14

One of NZ's many great crack ups must be  the  comical Kirwan.

As Sir John Kirwan, he gained a knighthood in 2012 " for services to mental health and rugby."  Following  stunning revelations about his mental health issues and " depression."

Rather strangely, depression and suicides have skyrocketed since Kirwan's great elevation !

Quite hilariously, Kirwan's never taken a side in the alcohol v cannabis debate. Researchers have found strong links between alcohol and depression, but nothing concrete with cannabis.

What does Kirwan think ?  Surely in  53 years of life, with extensive travel and living abroad he's puffed the magic flagon during his well-known ups and downs.

Is alcohol more beneficial than cannabis ? A difficult one for Kirwan, from the institutions of catholicism and rugby where alcohol is so important, especially when the " Sagittarius Dragon " and " Cancer Ascendant " factors are considered.

Astrological terms. With Kirwan himself showing commendable perception during my appearance on SPORTSCAFE in mid-1997.

As trained media scabs, hosts Ric Salizzo and Lana Coc-Kroft had absolutely no Astrological inclination, whereas widely-travelled sportsmen Kirwan and Marc Ellis were very fascinated.

Kirwan even reminded me that " my mother said that you told her this was going to be a bad year for Matthew Ridge."

1997 was a shocker for then Auckland Warriors captain Ridge, on and off the field, and at home, with Pluto molesting his Virgo Sun.

Kirwan's got a fascinating birth chart, with an ultra-sensitive Cancer Ascendant that needs much time alone and space, with the need to distance one's self from negative influences in order to minimise idiot contact.

He was born with the mental illness classic, Mars alongside Pluto ( like mentally ill blogger Cameron Slater ! ) and the Venus-anti-Saturn happiness blocker, shared incredibly with another supposed " depression " expert,  " Medication Mikey "  King !

Tracking Kirwan's life should stun him. Examples like powerful Pluto positively trining that ultra-sensitive Cancer Ascendant soon after he became a Rugby World Cup winner at age 22.

With that Ascendant getting hammered by erratic Uranus and deceptive Neptune during his earliest depression years at ages 24 and 26 Etc.

As a Sagittarius from the 1964 Chinese Dragon Year, Kirwan has great similarities to 2 other widely-travelled desperates, rugby league personality Matt Elliott and general failure Brent Todd.

Another " Saggy Draggy, " from 1976, is  Nicky  " plastic tits " Watson-Robinson.

Sagittarius Dragons love centre stage and seemingly do anything to get there.

Kirwan comes over as a cross between  Sad Sack and Herman Munster,  renowned for his mutterings and mumblings on TV every so often about being strong and resilient and " talking " ----without any progress being made.

Maybe his knighthood has conditions that prevent him from manning up to join the alcohol v cannabis debate ?

February 12
Extremely newsworthy is this !

" McLeod's Daughters star Aaron Jeffery has revealed he is the survivor of child sexual abuse.

In an interview with Who magazine Jeffrey said he was taken advantage of by a paedophile ring "for a couple of years" while he was growing up in Auckland. Jeffery moved to Australia at the age of 17 to study acting at NIDA. "

A paedo ring in Auckland ? Yip,as was revealed here several years ago. Judges, judges' husbands, industry heads, prominent broadcasters etc in fact paedo rings are everywhere, all over the world with hot reports from Hollywood, the BBC, the Vatican and Australia etc.

In Auckland the group were very keen on well-built young Polynesian or Maori boys. With " the two Mikes " ( one in broadcasting, the other in real estate ) getting sprung with a 14 year-old Samoan boy. Not so lucky was Ponsonby TV star David McNee, murdered by the bro of one of the Maori boys he'd been abusing......

Paedophile rings have also been uncovered in Wellington, Napier and Nelson, with probably NZ's best-known being  Dunedin's in the 1980s.

As described so well in the biography COVER UPS AND COP OUTS by former detective Tom Lewis.

Frustrated Tom had the organisers of the Dunedin paedo ring on a platter, with the assistance of a young-looking undercover who applied for the dominatrix role that a 14 year-old girl had been offered.

Police force superiors canned the investigation and Tom Lewis got sent elsewhere.Too embarrassing for some notable people......

Frustrated Tom eventually wrote  COVER UPS AND COP OUTS. So popular that the police hierarchy purchased thousands of copies from bookstores, hoping it would just go away.


In June 1984,” writes former Detective Sergeant Tom Lewis in his 1998 book, “I was absent from the office for approximately three weeks. During that time, a number of complaints were received about what appeared to be attempts to recruit young girls for sex shows.

One mother of a 14 year old girl went to the Dunedin CIB office to report that not only had her daughter been approached in the street regarding the sex show, she had also been telephoned at home and propositioned.

“The fourteen year old was able to graphically describe the details of the proposed sex show and describe the young woman she had met in the street who tried to recruit her.

“The mother, Cathy, had also spoken to the woman while she was on the phone. This person, who introduced herself as ‘Audrey’, told Cathy that, for $1,000 a performance, her daughter would be required to dress in a sheer nightie and perform in the private suite of one of the upmarket hotels in the city [The Parkside, now known as The Carisbrook].

“The audience would be mixed, with well-to-do people including members of Parliament, lawyers, doctors, ministers of religion, councillors and businessmen present. She told her that it was essential that confidentiality be maintained at all times even if some of the audience were recognised.

“Audrey then said her daughter would be required to lead a naked man, wearing a dog collar, around a small stage. She would be shown how to whip him and later would masturbate him. If she [the fourteen year old] then had sex with him on stage in front of the audience she could earn a bonus. She would also receive a bonus if she had sex with those members of the audience prepared to pay for the privilege.”

As Detective Sergeant Lewis records in his book, Cathy, although shocked, had sufficient presence of mind to play along with the idea in order to get more information and, if possible, a contact phone number from Audrey [Audrey had rung the 14 year old at home].

Cathy was even more stunned, however, when she took the information to the Dunedin CIB only to be met with a “get lost” attitude. Instead, the CIB clerk suggested Cathy conduct her own inquiries if she was bothered by it."

We know that sexual predators and their victims have all kinds of afflictions in their Astrological charts. ( see Harvey Weinstein articles, October 22,12 last year.) 

We also know that average K.I.W.I----- Keen Interest Without Intelligence----isn't encouraged to read, think and ask questions. But he/she might realise that abused children become eligible for the team that cleaned up last year at the World Suicide Olympics, when NZ gained the Gold medal for youths topping themselves.

COVER UPS AND COP OUTS by Tom Lewis. A great read.

Of course it's reasonable to assume what was fashionable in comparatively backward Dunedin would have been happening in Auckland well before the 1980s.......


February 10

There's nothing like Astrological magnificence to lift people when the going gets tough.

Hundreds of  very intelligent clients have been heartened by the promise of an upcoming, awesome Pluto or Uranus trine. That's after they've learned to trust the world's oldest science from stunning revelations about the past.

Gap years have been recommended for Pluto sufferers, but these aren't much use to horse trainers when things like this happen:

6 February

Million dollar NZ Derby joint favourite Demonetization has gone amiss and will not be starting.

Trainer Nigel Tiley told the Herald last night the highly talented 3-year-old has a fetlock problem and will not race again this season.

''It's not devastating, but it's bad enough."

After things like this happen in the November 2017 Annual Prophesies !

" Tiley, Nigel:

Horse trainer on major slowdown with difficult  Pluto-Venus attack  until late 019. Feb, April, June, Dec 018 very stressful."

Just another day in the Astrological office, with stunning prophesies so far from the November 2017 edition as well for horse trainers Donna Logan and Australians Robert Smerdon and James Cummings. Also jockey Mark Du Plessis, single again after the mother of his 3rd child found a more appealing blacksmith.

And this bloke:

" Innes, Leith:

Leading jockey behaving erratically with crazy Uranus attacking his Mercury,Venus and Mars in autumn. Feb, March, May significant."

Innes is currently under suspension   " from close of racing Saturday 27 January to close of racing Friday 16 February. "

The aforementioned N Tiley gets a lot better after 2019, with some awesome Pluto trines on the horizon and he will be part of an attempt on the world record for a long-range racing certainty.

Hark back to July 4, 2012, when trainer Wayne Hillis was labelled for November 7, 2017 ( Melbourne Cup day ). 5 years, 4 months and 3 days later he lined up one runner,  WATCH THIS SPACE, successful at Ellerslie at $9.80 for the win !

These impeccable days for humans are not confined to just racing winners. There are other forms of happiness, as Takanini training great Colin Jillings once considered.

This master trainer was intelligent enough to have a fascination with the Astrological, but mentioned that he wouldn't have any runners on a " certainty " day I had planned for him once.

" Maybe I'll get a shot away, old son ! " was his appraisal.

Hopefully that won't apply to trainer N Tiley on June 3, 2024. Providing he lines one up on that Queen's Birthday Monday, Tiley is a certainty to win a race. Just over 6 years away.

If you're still a  septic  sceptic, take note and monitor.......


February 8

Last year the mainstream media reported on 2 different factions who were planning to buy the troubled NZ Warriors organisation from Eric Watson.

In the non-mainstream a 3rd faction emerged, as was revealed on Auckland-based Indian radio station Humm Fm last August.

Like a group of female staff members at Humm Fm had ambition, with a fundraiser outside Mt Smart Stadium planned for the night of the Warriors final home game for 2017.

A stall selling renowned Indian dishes like Barfi, Jalebbi, Raspoli, Idli, Pakora and Penda.

" They'll probably make enough to buy the Auckland Blues as well, " noted Humm Fm presenter Vijay Varma.

The idea was eventually canned after the Hummer ladies considered the wise counsel of the station Astrologer. I was able to convince them that 2018 would be far worse than last year for the NZ Warriors, with main men Eric Watson and Steve Kearney getting hammered by Pluto.

With the November 2017 Annual Prophesies here also showing how Uranus and Neptune complications would also be severely hampering star players Shaun Johnson, Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Isaac Luke,and assistant coach Andrew McFadden.

" Johnson, Shaun:

Rugby league star confused and distracted  by Neptune attacking his Sun and Mercury until Feb 019.  March, April, July and Sept 018 very crucial. "

Other notable staff members under Astrological malevolence in 2018 include media liason officer Richard Becht and fitness guru Ruben Wiki ONZM.  I don't possess a television, but some fans  wondered last year why Wiki the legend no longer runs the water during breaks.

The reason: Wiki upset Shaun Johnson in one of his on-field advice sessions. Johnson's manager took a complaint to the hierarchy, who are very protective of the highest-paid " Princess " and the much-respected Ruben's job description was amended. Causing quite a rift in the team........

Yet another long season is looming. Eric Watson's asking price for the franchise will plummet further and the Humm FM ladies will be ready to pounce with their Penda and Pakora and a stall in the twilight of the 2018 season.....


February 6

Suicide is not supposed to be funny.

But when a nation that's top of the world in kids topping themselves is tailing the rest in cannabis reform, it becomes reasonably hilarious.

The new Labour coalition government won heaps of votes on their promise to legalise medicinal cannabis within 100 days, but the bill got soundly defeated last week, with 8 Labour MPs voting against it !

And this sad cunt:

' National MP Nikki Kaye had been given dispensation to vote for it but also ended up opposing it.

"I have been in severe pain, I have had breast cancer, and the thought that I could possibly deny people who have chronic pain and debilitating illnesses access to potentially medicinal cannabis which could help them is abhorrent to me.

"However, on the other side, I have had family members deeply affected by drugs." '

Plenty of fools don't realise that " drugs " are different to cannabis.

Kaye's  " family members deeply affected by drugs " may refer to a  stepbrother, who had attended Auckland Grammar, in custody in the USA following a 2016 bank robbery then charged last year with murdering his cellmate. Wouldn't have anything to do with his upbringing, would it ?

Hark back to October 19 last, here:


What a phenomenal year New Zealand’s having on the international stage !

A Gold Medal at the World Youth Suicide championships, a Bronze for Methamphetamine per capita and further international wins in Homelessness and Child Poverty !

The Domestic Violence and Pupil-Teacher Assault teams are also  punching well above their weights for such a small country. Also those in training for the World Youth Medication Championships:

“ While the number of children and teenagers on Prozac-style anti-depressants has soared 98 per cent in the last 10 years to a total of nearly 15,000 young people last year."

With more recent, stunning revelations:

“ Any doubts about New Zealand's obesity epidemic have been dispelled by a new international study that shows we are the third fattest nation in the world.

An OECD obesity update, released on Thursday, shows that 30.7 percent of adults in this country are classified as obese - up from 26.5 percent in 2007. '

We know that awesome Astrology defines all diseases and depressions.

We also know that God, Buddha, Allah or the apes invented cannabis long before man made alcohol, prozac or methamphetamine !

Seems that something has to change in the nation's social habits ?


February 4

You could be excused for thinking that deputy prime minister Winston Peters is suffering from dementia.

During Auckland's anniversary weekend he announced that there'd be government assistance for the supposedly troubled racing industry badly needing a $10 million all-weather track.

Wrong weekend for the 72 year-old Aries from the Chinese Rooster Year to be cackling. With 2 x $1 million races in the nation's richest raceday for many years then the cork-popping at the record-breaking Karaka yearling sales !

It's well-known that a small number of wealthy breeders do very well from selling yearlings while the rest in racing struggle. The industry is riddled with debt, depression and deceit, with our revelations about slave labour in December concluding that most stableworkers average a 60-hour week and receive less than the minimum wage for their toiling !

Not something you'd imagine a Labour government being happy about ?

Consider Peters'  appearance in the November 2016 Annuals:

" Peters, Winston:

Politician acting very strangely in  his 72nd year, with Uranus zooming across his Mercury and Venus spots and Neptune doing same to Mars. April, June, Aug, Sept, Nov crucial with massive, difficult change from Pluto anti his Sun 2018. "

And strange actings they were ! Holding the country to ransom while he fucked around before deciding to choose Labour. With subsequent revelations that he was never, ever considering National as a coalition partner, then taking legal action against some in the hierarchy about his superannuation issues.

It's very easy for Aries Sun possessors to get nasty and vicious when stuck in a rut. Same old doesn't work too well for the ego sign that needs continual new adventures and fresh challenges in lieu of going to seed.

W Peters first entered parliament nearly 40 years ago. You wouldn't mind a dollar for everytime he's donned a suit and tie in preparation for a day in the chambers.

The November 2017 appearance means he ain't gonna get much better:

" Peters, Winston:

Deputy PM getting hammered from Pluto attacking his Sun, with Feb, March, April, May, June, Dec crucial. Some positives, though, from Pluto aiding his Jupiter spot in Jan, Aug, Nov. "

Consider the positives. " Jan " brought the wonderful news that Ms Ardern has a belly full of arms and legs, due out in June, with " Aug " covering Winston's time as acting prime minister.

Which is probably all the Aries ego ever wanted........


The horse racing industry likes to make its own rules. The corruption, bullying and bashing we've exposed here so often are accepted in their culture. As well as the feudal labour system.

Horseyheads tend to regard themselves as special and that normal society should fund their expensive habits.

Let them pay for their own track.....


February 2

6 years ago the recently-created, Auckland-based Indian radio station Humm Fm decided to have a Weekly Astrology Report.

Hundreds of listeners have subsequently  been inspired to receive personal enlightenments, so many influenced by the sensational cricket prophesies.

There was India's whitewash by NZ here in February 014, the dramas around M S Dhoni, the controversies over Ravi Shastri in 2016 and last year's dumping of coach Anil Kumble etc.

We know that some of the dirtiest, lowest, lying bastards are in the sporting media.

They continually cower away from Astrological truths, with India's defeat in the tests against South Africa yet another example. As reported:

" Indian cricket’s away blues continue.

Lack of preparation, and a horror show by batsmen, cost India the South Africa series—that’s what the team should learn from."

Wrong. They need to learn about selecting important persons under positive Astrology. Consider the appearances in last November's Annual Prophesies,

" Shastri, Ravi:

Indian cricket coach hindered by Uranus-Mars  and Saturn-Venus problems making Jan, April, July, Oct difficult. Extremely challenging  progressions hinder March, Aug, Sept and Oct as well."


" Kohli, Virat:

Another troubled  year for Indian cricket great. Uranus-Mercury opposition hinders Feb and March, then a difficult  Mars progression around Oct 018. Saturn-Venus problems restrict his happiness in Feb, May, Nov. "

These phenomenal forecasts demonstrate the magnificence of the world's oldest science and why it should be used to advantage.

With plenty of others from last November's  Annuals looking reasonably awesome as well.

Just go to and consider the appearances of Paula Bennett, Jayjay Harvey, Leith Innes, Winston Peters, Robert Smerdon, Jason Waddell, Jacinda Ardern, Meghan Markle, Prince Harry, Toni Street, Mark Du Plessis, Clarke Gayford, Benjamin Netanyahu, Tony Veitch, James Cummings, Bill English, Mike Hosking, Donna Logan and Brian Tamaki........


January 31

Amongst the glitz and glamour of yearling thoroughbred sales there are zillions of $$$ wasted annually.

The best-ever flop was Green Monkey, a $16 million ( US ) purchase who was retired as a maiden after 3 races.

NZ 's classic was Saperavi, a $2.2 million David Ellis-purchase who did manage a win and $12k in stake earnings before being retired.

I've noted from the birthdate planets that so many flops are doomed from birth and 2 years ago decided to monitor one born under very negative aspects.

Back on January 28, 2016  the curse was placed on a recently purchased $1.3 million yearling racehorse with


Said the media:

The thoroughbred racing power group who outlaid $1.3 million for the buzz colt of today's Karaka yearling sales was only formed the night before his purchase.

The combination, brought together by agent Adrian Nicoll of BBA Ireland, smashed through the $1 million ceiling to buy the first yearling sold in the Southern Hemisphere by world champion galloper Frankel.

The colt was sold by Sir Peter Vela's Pencarrow Stud, who flew the colt's dam Our Echezeaux to England to be mated with Frankel, who retired from racing three years ago.

He had caused a huge buzz in the build-up to this week's Premier Sale at Karaka and did not disappoint, with some of the heavyweights of racing lining up to buy him.”

Said the Astrologer:

" With a foaling date of September 9, 2014, this Frankel colt is receiving an awesome Pluto-Sun trine this year, like all humans and animals sharing the same birthday. He’s booked to do the big O E and  have residency in a Sydney stable, with the Pluto buzz finishing sometime between November 25 and December 27, when he’s very unlikely to have even been to the races.

Thereafter it’s all downhill. Between April 2017 and November 2019, all  of September 2014 birth shall have destructive Pluto attacking the North Node. Identical Pluto attack was harassing Team NZ skipper Dean Barker during one of history’s greatest chokes in the iconic 2013 America’s Cup. ( Team NZ were leading 8-1 before an 8-9 defeat ! )

All of September 9 birth are to be harassed through 2018 and 2019 by another horrific, the Neptune-Sun negative and by the end of his three year-old season  this  $1.3m purchase will have also endured an incredible four difficult progressions involving Venus and Mercury ! "

Registered as  " Tangmere, " this colt finally got to the races as a 3 year-old last October from the stable of Sydney maestro Chris  Waller.

After a debut 7th from 7, Tangmere improved slightly to run 4th of 6 a few weeks later in his only other race. But he's having another campaign to try and add to his $2495 total earnings, and managed 3rd in a practice trial of 7 runners last month.

Obviously  " some of the heavyweights of racing "  are a bit worried.............

Footnote: For pointers on Astrological racehorse selecting, scroll down to  January 3 and read about the unbeaten ( 25-25 ) BLACK CAVIAR.


January 29

There is a certain type of person  who is never gonna accept the magnificence of the world's oldest science.

Zillions,obviously, have ignored the claims of Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, sometime between

 460 bc and 375 bc.

" A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician. " 

No amount of magnificent prophesy shall sway certain people. Like a struggling horse trainer in an Ellerslie racecourse bar about 20 years ago.The classic, crimson-faced sot who would get bolder with every drink, then launch an attack:

" I would never ever back one of your fucking tips, even if someone gave me the money ! "

Not a real issue. If everybody backed them, the Champion Racing System wouldn't get so many longshots. While some 3 years later the struggling horse trainer was gone, by his own hand, a week before a daughter's wedding. After punting away all the money saved for the reception.......

Those who spend a lifetime doing same old, like horse racing or journalism, are the most unlikely to experience great mental expansion. Whereas widely-travelled sportspersons and coaches are always fascinated.

They who live in foreign lands and take big risks are naturally going to think deeper.Only the Astrological can explain the cruel bounce of the ball and the contentious referee decisions. And the loneliness of defeat.

Among my thousands of clients are 3 females who've been national champions in various nations in the same sport. One of them directed another very successful sportswoman for an enlightenment recently and she too was shocked and stunned as her action-packed life unravelled.

" I'm going to get this done for both of my sons ! " she enthused.

An advantage for a parent to know that one of those sons possesses the Moon-Uranus union, the fine line between lunatic and genius. Also owned by  Andy Warhol, Brad Fittler,Shane Warne, Dean Lonergan, Jay Zed, Michael Phelps, Fred Hollows, Olivia Newton-John, Adele, David Icke and former NZ jockeys Lee Tiley and Craig Thornton etc.

10 minutes after she left I received an email from a widely-travelled Italian.

" Don

Oh fuck again is all I can say.

I wish I knew you years ago!

How many problems I could of avoided!!!


2 hours later an Auckland-based South African sent an email:

" Before I make a booking with you, please tell me something, so that I know this is true and you are really an astrologer."

He was told to ring me, then learned about his  " very difficult changes in 2004, relevant to 4th House matters of  home-family-residence and a very difficult emotional phase from a Pluto-Moon attack "

He muttered and mumbled and was reminded he'd be aged 25 at the time:

" Oh yes, I was in England then and my residency was cancelled and I had to go back to South Africa."

Game, set and match.


January 27

From the Year Dot, politician Paula Bennett was always going to have some major downers in December 2017.

As per the appearance in the Annual Prophesies, in November 2016.

" Bennett, Paula:

Power-crazy  politician  facing unbelievable and difficult upheavals next 2 years while Pluto deals to her Sun, Mercury and Venus with Neptune severely weakening  her Mars."

With an update:

" October 4, 2017

Serious Saturn invariably brings awesomeness when positively trining anything.

Consider deputy prime minister Paula Bennett. From the moment she arrived in April 1969, she would always be receiving awesome Saturn trines to her Sun, Mercury and Venus between December 2 and 26, 2016. These positions sitting between Aries 18,19 and 20,  with Saturn then in Aries-friendly Sagittarius, between 18,19 and 20 degrees.

Consideration would have been given to a short-term contract as a front-row prop in the Don Murray All Stars Tag Football team.

Prime minister John Key resigned on December 5, 2016. Soon after Bennett’s massive Aries ego collected from Saturn when she was named deputy prime minister !

It’s well known how the Bulldozer’s soon to be running out of diesel, with Pluto ( from unfriendly Capricorn ) smashing those 3 Aries planets in December 2017, while Saturn’s turned nasty and will be whacking Bennett’s Virgo 28 Jupiter position in mid-December. "

It were suggested that the gloomy December would be relevant to an election defeat, which did  happen.

All that Pluto smashing must have had severe psychological ramifications and depression. Maybe she was told in no uncertain terms that she needed to lose a lot of weight. Image maintenance ?

As per the recent media:

" National Party deputy leader and former deputy PM Paula Bennett has revealed she has undergone gastric bypass surgery.

Bennett, 48, underwent the weight loss operation at a private hospital before Christmas.

She has gone public with the procedure through the Herald on Sunday, talking candidly about the health reasons for having the operation and saying she hoped talking about it would encourage other New Zealanders in their respective weight battles."

Still heaps of problems, though, after her appearance in last November's Annuals !

" Bennett, Paula:

Politician getting pulverised by Neptune-Mars and Pluto-Sun  attacks until December. Extremely vulnerable late March, mid-Sept and late Jan 019."


January 25

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum obviously isn't  in to " Dieu Diligence " when selecting his horse racing employees.

Last year was full of drama for the Australian arm of his Godolphin racing empire. Stable jockey James McDonald got disqualified while head trainer John O'Shea and racing manager Henry Plumptre got moved on .

Last May the Sheikh appointed James Cummings, grandson of Melbourne Cups legend Bart, as head trainer. Obviously unaware of the 29 year-old's planned debut in the Annual Prophesies, for November 26, 2017 !

" Cummings, James:

Godolphin Racing’s rookie Australian trainer in for major reversals from Pluto attacking his Sun and Jupiter next 2 years. March and  May crucial in 018, Jan, Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov in 2019. "

J Cummings' 2018 hasn't started too well. The red hot from Sydney has James' missus Monica very unhappy about certain aspects of her husband's relationship with racecaller Darren Flindell. Unhappy enough to severely damage his car !

James' assistant trainer Darren Beadman ain't happy either. The oddball who won 2 Melbourne Cups on Bart Cummings' horses and found " God " enough to become a pastor has been stood down by the boss who's 22 years his junior.

Rather notably the Sheikh himself has had Uranus attacking his own Jupiter position since last May, with the final and most crucial hit happening in April. With Pluto trashing his Cancerian Sun in 2019 !

Just like Melbourne Cup day--WATCH THIS SPACE !


January 23

From the 2017 archives,

" November 14

Last Thursday  listeners of the Auckland-based Indian radio station Humm Fm  got the name of my plunge trainer for Melbourne Cup day next year.

That was after bragging rights over last week’s Melbourne Cup day winner for trainer Wayne Hillis, Watch This Space, at $9.80.

Trainer W Hillis had been declared here for Melbourne Cup day 2017 as far back  as July 2012. Then on July 27  last on the radio station, so the Hummers have much more time  to save their rupees up for the big plunge on Tuesday November 6, 2018.

This Thursday, the Weekly Astrology Report, will have a topic of far less importance---massive turmoil for leading parliamentarians Jacinda Ardern, Winston Peters and Bill English next Autumn !

Also the new " San Francisco Pete " equivalent----Jacinda’s  partner Clarke Gayford ! "

Latest news has Jacinda pregnant and expecting her first " billy lid " in June. Consider her appearance in last November's Annual Prophesies:

" Ardern, Jacinda:

Much strain and frustration for the Prime Minister with Saturn attacking her Mars in March, April and May. "

And her " bull " !

" Gayford, Clarke:

High-profile partner facing major and difficult changes from Uranus attacking his Sun and Mars. April, May, Oct, Dec crucial and Feb, March 019."

April and May ? Also the bloke who'll be acting prime minister at age 73 when the boss lady's on maternity leave !

" Peters, Winston:

Deputy PM getting hammered from Pluto attacking his Sun, with Feb, March, April, May, June, Dec crucial. Some positives, though, from Pluto aiding his Jupiter spot in Jan, Aug, Nov. "


Back on September 17 last year, beneath  " SMART GIRL JACINDA "  it was noted:

" Considerable Dieu Diligence would be required before committing those from Horse, Dragon, Tiger or Monkey Years to holy matrimony or parenting, with obvious reasons for the preference of NZ’s rising political star Jacinda Ardern to remain childless.

Ms  Ardern arrived in July of the1980 Monkey Year, when Venus was in dual, versatile Gemini somewhere between 21.48 and 22.22 degrees. In difficult aspect to Saturn ( Virgo 23 ) and Neptune ( Sagittarius 20 ).

These Venus complications bring roadblocks in the pursuit of simple happiness, and a lot of problems from close relationships. Noting that Jacinda  is just a day older than a NZ horse racing icon dubbed “ Opie-Cock-for-Brains, ” and therefore with the same Venus situation.

A.k.a  champion jockey Opie Bosson, who  has at times been paying $900 weekly in child support for 3 kids to as many different mothers ! "

Maybe Jacinda's not as smart as I thought............


January 21

22 years ago  racecourse inspector John McKenzie produced an epic quote during a TRUTH newspaper investigation into violence in the Takanini area.

High profile trainers had gone unpunished after a spate of vicious attacks on wives and partners, and staff ( male and female ).

McKenzie's explanation was that " we need to protect our rising stars."

Obviously trying to paint a pretty picture of an honest, squeaky clean industry in order to get people to the tracks.

History confirms it ain't working.NZ Racing's got an all-time low rating with the public, and you gotta wonder if the Gods of Karma had a hand in supervising an incredible 8 abandoned racemeetings in New Zealand within the first 13 days of this year !

While over in Melbourne the racing authorities are hell bent on cleaning up and don't mind if the high-profilers are involved. With names like D Oliver, P Moody, D O'Brien, M Kavanagh and C Maher matted, and more recently R Smerdon, A Vasil and S Webb dragged in.

With other terms like " T Mokbel, the late L Samba, G Ryan, D Nikolic, batteries, cobalt " and " raceday tubing " retaining the massive interest in Melbourne racing.

The criminal element have long been heavily involved there and bring dirty big dollars into the industry to be washed. The Melbourne racketeers don't mind turning, for example, $100k of soiled into $80k of laundered and legit.

If only the dumb Kiwis ( like McKenzie ) weren't so dumb. Incredible amounts of drug money have been washed through lawyers in Auckland. I recall spending an afternoon with a noted  East Auckland gangster 18 years back as he was boxing up trifectas hoping for a big hit in order to get a deposit for a massage parlour.

Gangster's like the East Aucklander are fascinated by the tales of corruption in racing---racefixing, boat races, non-triers etc--- and consequently very keen to be involved if an earn can be made.

Much easier if you back each horse in the race to win, for example $83. It would cost around $100, for a certain result similar to the laundromats in Melbourne and other places. Every $1 bet on the NZ TAB is reduced to around 83 cents, with the other 17 or so cents for taxes and commissions that provide the stake money so badly needed in this 3rd world racing nation.

It's much easier to get a massage parlour ( where plenty of money can be laundered ) with a TAB cheque for $83k than $100k of P money.......


Racecourse inspector McKenzie's inefficiency created plenty of headlines on this website before he was finally moved on. He was a guest at the wedding of a licenced trainer in March 2005 and just 2 months later had to charge his host with misconduct, which involved making violent threats to a jockey before and after a race !

Fair dinkum. Even funnier that said case was going to be swept under the Bremworth before it was exposed on this website !

Conclusion: Horse racing is not only awesome for the profits of the Champion Racing System ( above ) but highly amusing as well.


January 19

We decided ages ago that ISIS was a creation of the USA with Hillary Clinton heavily involved.

Confirmed recently:

WIKILEAKS founder Julian Assange today said the CIA and Mossad were responsible for paving the way for ISIS as the whistle blowing organisation released more than half a million formerly confidential US diplomatic cables dating back to 1979.

On the sixth anniversary of the first infamous “Cablegate” by WikiLeaks, when it releases its first batch of sensitive US files, on November 28 2010, it has expanded its Public Library of US Diplomacy (PLUSD) with 531,525 new diplomatic cables from 1979.

In a statement to coincide with the release of the cables, known as “Carter Cables III”, Mr Assange explained how events which unfolded in 1979, had begun a series of events that led to the rise of ISIS.

He said: “If any year could be said to be the “year zero” of our modern era, 1979 is it.”

1979 was in the early years of the New World Order. How coincidental, that  in countries full of natural resources like oil, gold, cocaine or heroin there would happen to be rebellious insurgents ( like ISIS ), whence the need for USA intervention ! Just like Syria, where the Rothschilds discovered a lot of oil in the Golan Heights....

The same Rothschilds who organized a $100k per head fundraising dinner for H Clinton’s unsuccessful 2016 election campaign. The same H Clinton who’s friends with Sir John Key and gladly accepted the  NZ Prime Minister’s $13 mill  donation to the Clinton Foundation for the disaster in Haiti.

The same Clinton Foundation that sent most of the Haiti money elsewhere, but did create orphanages in the devastated Carribbean  nation. Orphanages are very useful for people traffickers and paedophiles…….


I've analysed thousands of birth charts and don't think there's been one with so much criminal inclination and nastiness as Ms H Clinton.

4 of the 12 main planets in suspicious Scorpio in the secretive 12th House that rules behind the scenes and criminal activity, also depression and horses.

With badly-aspected, tight complications involving Mercury and Saturn. and Venus against the destructive Mars-Pluto union.

You couldn't imagine her lying straight in bed !


January 17

One of   racing's worst kept secrets is the " ticket clipping."

When horse sales allow trainers and bloodstock agents to blindly rip off unsuspecting owners.

Consider breeder A and horse trainer B discussing prices before the multi-million dollar yearling sales.

A values his colt at, say $800k. B agrees then they agree to agree that anything over $800K is split between them on a handshake.

If trainer B can get his owners to part with a million for the colt, he gets a bonus of $100k. Trainers like B can also qualify for presents from certain breeders/vendors by purchasing their product, something alluded to by  Australian mining magnate Nathan Tinkler when making public accusations against trainer Anthony Cummings.

The son of Melbourne Cups legend Bart Cummings, Anthony was supposedly up to mischief with all kinds of deals and secret commissions. There are frequently phantom bidders pushing up the prices,too.

Naive, innocent syndicate members are frequently ripped off, with the notable case involving New Zealanders  " Mark, Stu and Diminutive Dick Dave."

Information received from sources in Hong Kong, Queensland, Methametha and Crimbridge had a 2 year-old colt from the Waikato sold to Singapore interests for $1.4 million, with the syndicate members understanding that it was only $800K !

An email had listed syndicate members and how much they would be receiving. Including an elderly lady who had owned a very good galloper during my mid-1970s racing journalism days.

I phoned her, small-talked about the halcyon 1970s then mentioned the " underpayment."

" Ooooooh, " she giggled. " I'm not supposed to say anything. You'll have to talk to my lawyer ! "

A racing owner himself, with " no comment, " but somehow the matter got swept away, after revelations on and Serious Fraud Office interest. The initial $600k that Mark,Stu and Diminutive Dick Dave were planning to split was attributed to an " accounting error " in the office and ultimately divided amongst its rightful owners

Very common is ticket clipping, as Australian media mouth Richard Callender claimed before he got disqualified, along with the racing manager for Chris " Winx " Waller. Plenty of minnows over there have been disqualified after getting busted for " clipping the ticket."

There are, naturally, Astrological formulae for criminal activity. As often noted, the horse itself is governed by the 12th Astrological House, that also relevant to criminal inclinations, behind-the-scenes activity and depression.

Mercury afflictions at birth can weaken mortals and bring dishonest behaviour. Notables include Hanover Finance villain Eric Watson and former Prime Minister Sir John Key. Also Hillary Clinton and NZ politicians Nick Smith and Gerry Brownlee, as well as controversial entrepreneur Kim Dotcom.

Another is Matamata horse trainer Andrew Scott, who's got quite a history with serious racing offences and a disqualification. And the aforementioned Diminutive Dick Dave, born with a difficult Mercury-Pluto affliction.

Some of my onto it clients have used the Astrological very successfully on their business partners, clients and rivals.

Like an Auckland-based Chinese entrepreneur interrupting his personal enlightenment to phone his manager in Malaysia with orders to " ring your mother and find out what time you were born."

Always important to know if you are dealing with a potential crook. Or ticket clipper.


January 15

There was a time when the mainstream media had a wonderful fascination with Astrological magnificence.

When television channels were regularly sending camera crews to my  place. When Newstalk ZB had a long-running predictions show with Murray Deaker ONZM every January for 18years.

No more. Media interest came to a halt about 4-5 years ago, even if the prophesies at continue with the normal, high rate of accuracy.

The New World Order, which controls the media, has no time for wisdom and deep thought.The Rothschilds-Rockefeller-Zionist dream has the many-headed monster of the pit employed and paying rent, and in their spare time either commuting, watching telly or playing with their cellphones. And eating junk food and drinking alcohol. ( Dopes are a lot easier to control.)

Rather coincidental is the escalation of social problems in the interim. With NZ being the World Champions in youth suicide and bronze medalists for child poverty in developed countries !

Add incredible increases in children's anti-depressant dependency and pupil-teacher assaults. Also the dangerously high depression and domestic violence stats.

Sad. 2018's only a couple of weeks old and already the November 2017 prophesies have produced some sensational indications.

Consider the phenomenals up here

 on media persons like Mike Hosking, Toni Street, Tony Veitch, Hilary Barry and Jack Tame. Also Bishop Brian Tamaki and horse racing professionals Donna Logan, Robert Smerdon and Mark Du Plessis !

The departure of sports broadcasting tragic Veitch brought unbridled elation amongst  his fellow hate people in the media, as they tweeted about planning major celebrations.

Media scabs despise the accuracy of the great Astrological science. Consequently they get special attention in the Annual Prophesies, in order that their narrow minds get unwanted expansion. With some  awesome prophesies in recent years on high-profile scabs like  Paul Holmes, Susan Wood, John Campbell, Hilary Barry, Paul Henry, Doug Golightly, Martin Devlin and Donna Chisholm etc.

Earlier this month the scabby old Herald did try to revive the ancient art of " fortune telling " with this crack up:

" By: Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson is a motorsport writer for NZME

Those who have persevered with reading my various missives over the past decade or so will know I'm not one to sit on the fence, hedge my bets or take the soft, safe option. Staying in character, I'm going to make a few predictions about what we might see for the Kiwis racing internationally in 2018."

"   we might see "-------- we might not, as well.

There was no need to read any further......


January 13

One of life's worst events is a Pluto attack.

As we know, revolutionary Pluto's in Capricorn ( from 2008 until 2025 ) and laying waste to positions in Aries, Cancer and Libra. As well as doing considerable restructuring in the Capricorn sign.

No one escapes the wrath of Pluto, not even a fine promoter of the world's oldest science like myself.

I foresaw an 18 months-era of Pluto-Sun harassment in my own chart and decided it was a good time to just fuck around and not get too serious. You ain't gonna set the world on fire or break any records under Plutonian nastiness, plus it was a good time to party a lot and work as a movie extra.

Pluto malevolence weakens. A bad time to start new business ventures or holy matrimony. Or even start playing indoor mixed netball at age 55 ?

One lazy Sunday afternoon I decided to watch my mates from the Onehunga gym play. The team called VIVA LA BEAVER was a man short due to Rugby League injury and I got dragged in to play.

We won, I played next week and won again, in a team generally 20 and 30 years younger. So, with the Plutonian harassment of myself not quite finished, I decided to announce my retirement at the gym on Monday morning.

" You what ? " asked the crashtackling king second-rower of Otahuhu Rugby League.

I explained that I wanted to bow out in a blaze of glory, as possibly the only unbeaten mixed netballer in history.

" Nah, brother, one more game, You and me be the defence ! "

Pure theatre ?  55 y o White and 25 y o Black marking possibly 2 female goal shooters ? 

The deal was sealed with a handshake but never happened. King crashtackler got heavily concussed in a Rugby League Grand Final and couldn't play. Viva La Beaver won again, and my retirement speech half an hour later was interrupted by a hobble. Pain near the ankle.

Later diagnosed by the physio as a bruised achilles with instructions to " take it easy for 3 months. Only walk if you really have to. "

Sad, with the Don Murray All Stars Tag Football team shortly to debut  AFTER my Pluto badness had finished. And I was denied permission to have just one game of Tag, to run off  our double-international winger and score a try !

Could have been worse, when you hear of torn achilles', casts and moon boots. 3 months of not playing Tag Football, all because of that bastard Pluto  !

So  I can sympathise with this Pluto victim, who made his debut in the Annual Prophesies, last November 26 !

" Smerdon, Robert:

Leading Melbourne trainer in for major reversals with Pluto attacking his Sun and Jupiter. Jan, March, May, July, Dec notable."

With a recent media appearance as well ( in " Jan " ) :

" Stewards have laid more than 250 charges, including 115 against trainer Robert Smerdon, relating to the alleged administration of alkalising agents to horses over a seven-year period.

The inquiry began with the alleged raceday treatment of the Smerdon-trained Lovani at Flemington in October last year and spread to other Aquanita Racing trainers.

Smerdon has been charged with being “a party to the administration of alkalinising agents and/or medications to a horse or horses on a race day” on 115 occasions between June 2010 and October 2017."


January 11

Part of appreciating life is gazing over at the Southern Motorway each morning and being thankful for not being part of the elongated, motorised caterpillar,crawling into the city workplace.

And thinking of the late Edward Poulter " Eb " Leary, a legendary criminal barrister of the 1970s and 80s. I had the good fortune to meet Eb a few times, courtesy of a friendship with NZ's champion safecracker, who was his best client in 1980, when I was a SUNDAY NEWS reporter.

E P Leary's behaving badly got him struck off in 1987 and 3 years later I encountered him. With a natural inquiry into how Eb was enjoying life after law:

" Being a lawyer is like a trotting horse going through life wearing blinkers. And you can quote me on that ! "

Like Mr Leary, I'd been behaving badly enough to be struck off from journalism long before his drama, but I would use the great quote later.

With the New World Order supervising massive recent increases in  " trotting horses going through life wearing blinkers." The Southern Motorway proves it.

There was an American psychiatrist, but no relation to Eb, a Timothy Leary giving consideration to the " trotting horse " theory in the early 1960s.Timothy Leary contemplated the existence of Monday-to-Friday robots and their dependence on alcohol and  was best known for advocating the exploration of the therapeutic potential of psychedelic drugs under controlled conditions. Leary conducted experiments under the Harvard Psilocybin Project during American legality of LSD and psilocybin,

Leary believed that LSD showed potential for therapeutic use in psychiatry. He used LSD himself and developed a philosophy of mind expansion and personal truth through LSD. He popularized catchphrases that promoted his philosophy, such as "turn on, tune in, drop out", "set and setting", and "think for yourself and question authority".

During the 1960s and 1970s, he was arrested often enough to see the inside of 36 different prisons worldwide. President Richard Nixon once described Leary as "the most dangerous man in America".

And rightly so. A dangerous man is one who encourages the masses to read, think and ask questions, be peaceful and unwilling to go to war !

Many decades after the Tim Leary era, trials began with psilocybin for treating " depression " and " mental illness:"

' According to recent research, taking psilocybin,a psychedelic compound which occurs naturally in “magic mushrooms,” can safely improve the moods of patients with advanced-stage cancer and anxiety. Now researchers have shown it reduces symptoms of depression weeks after treatment following a ‘reset’ of brain activity.

Psilocybin mushrooms are one of many powerful psychedelics that can treat mental disorders and enhance human consciousness. They have long been studied for their spiritual effects. In 2006, Johns Hopkins University studied psilocybin in particular and found that one-third of all participants reported that the experience was the single most spiritually significant moment of their lives and more than two-thirds reported it was among the top five most spiritually significant experiences. Two months after the study, 79% of the participants reported increased well-being or satisfaction; friends, relatives, and associates confirmed this.'

As I recall galloping across the war memorial park in Broome, North-Western Australia one evening in March 1979, with an imaginary  rifle in hand, sidestepping exploding bombs and dodging bullets to warn my flatmates about World War 3 outside.

" Did Matt give you some mushrooms ? " asked the gangly black girl.

Yes ! That's what must have stirred my imagination as I had walked past a  cannon and the wreck of a Japanese Zero fighter plane  in the war memorial park.

An incredible experience and highly recommended for those " trotting horses " on the Southern Motorway and elsewhere.

Nothing else is working, with NZ's horrific stats on suicide, depression, domestic violence and children dependant on anti-depressants !


January 9

Yesterday's media:

' High profile trainer Donna Logan will be told this morning if she requires metal plates inserted into her badly injured face.

The Ruakaka horsewoman has been hospitalised since smashing her face into the side of a Matakana swimming pool.

She has fractured eye sockets, fractures to her skull and jaw and what she describes as a tiny brain bleed.

"I'm a bit of a mess," she told the Herald through clenched teeth from her Auckland Hospital bed yesterday. Logan was originally admitted to North Shore Hospital then transferred to Auckland when the extent of her injuries became apparent.

The accident could not have come at a worse time. Logan was meant to marry partner Peter Woods last Friday, be celebrated at the local Ruakaka races on Saturday and in a week or so fly to Singapore to take up a high profile training career in one of the world's most significant racing venues. The first two didn't happen and the third, it appears, will not be happening at least in the short term. "I'll know more tomorrow when they tell me whether I need the metal inserted." '

Recently reviewed was Mrs Logan's 2017 annus horribilis, when most of her good horses either broke down, failed to fire or got transferred to foreign stables. Then the recent methamphetamine drama that had 2 of her long-term employees disqualified.

Predicted in the Annual Prophesies,, November 26, 2016:

" Logan, Donna:

Horse racing’s  " Mrs Bogan " on  a major slowdown with Pluto and Saturn  complications. Feb, May, June, Nov, Dec temperamental with dramatic Uranus-Sun reversals 018."

The tragics of horse racing have come to hate " the stars " with a passion. They despise the Astrologically-calculated " certainties " and aren't human enough to understand the personal assistance factor. And when the darkened tunnels shall be filled with light......

The November 2017 prophesy:

" Logan, Donna:

 The major reversals continue for horse training’s “ Bogan ” with Uranus attacking her Sun. May, Oct and March  019 crucial. "

Hardly the perfect scenario for a 56 year-old to be starting a new career in a foreign land, but the darkened tunnel shall be filled with light from Pluto and Uranus awesomeness in 2020 and 2021.


January 7

Many retards think that death and taxes are the only certainties in life.

While the retards of the horse racing industry would add " bills and disappointments."

Wrong for all retards, with the amazing Astrological system proving there are all kinds of certainties, with horse racing itself the jewel in the Prophet's crown.

No arguments possible after the certainty last Melbourne Cup day, labelled exactly 5 years, 4 months and 3 days in advance, that paid $9.80 for the win !

With another certainty emerging last week----that thousands of holidaymakers don't check their Astrologicals before heading into the floods and storms and raging rivers and evacuated camping grounds and delayed departure lounges at the airports !

Consider the pearl from the Annual Prophesies, of November 26, 2009:

" Watson, Eric:

Zillionaire in for some losses with Uranus attacking Mars and Mercury. April and July spotlighted."

Watson had to be hospitalised after suffering a broken back during a skiing holiday in Switzerland, in " April 2010 ! "

On the other hand a very Astrological couple went abroad one July. So blissful was their vacation that they wondered if they should extend it into August. They were reminded that initially August had been selected, Astrologically, as the preferred month for the halcyon holiday.

Just last week a pair of sisters ( aged 24 and 20 ) came for enlightenments following the wonderful experience of their older sister.

One learned of a massive, exciting adventure time in July 2018. The other was told about an exciting time overseas this year, with July spotlighted:

" We're actually all planning to take our niece to Disneyland in July."

Brilliant idea, with July being awesome. They confirmed that their mother was part of the Disneyland game plan. She'd gained her enlightenment before the oldest daughter, so her chart was consulted as well and there was the temptation to unleash a ginormous expletive.

Mother's got an awesome Pluto-Midheaven trine in July 2018 !

A brilliant era when everything you touch literally turns to gold, You're in the right place at the right time, with prior knowledge of same trine encouraging a Northern Hemisphere lawyer to come out of retirement and assist in pulling off  a major class action triumph.

With identical ruling for the Astrologer in the month ( November 2017 ) that he set the world, long-range record for tipping a horse racing certainty !

Enjoy your " holidays. "


January 5

Rehabakaka is threatening Crimbridge or Methametha as the drugs capital of NZ thoroughbred racing.

Last month we reported on 2 long-term employees of the Logan-Gibbs stable at " Ruakaka " who had tested positive to methamphetamine and earned 10 months disqualifications.

Last week yet another Logan-Gibbs employee, ex-jockey Patrick Ormsby, pleaded guilty after testing positive to cannabis. He'd been penalised twice previously for same by NZ racing authorities. From the official transcript:

" When spoken to Mr Ormsby stated that he knew he was going to fail the test. He is a regular Cannabis smoker and smokes two Cannabis joints a day. He further stated that he has no excuses and that he likes smoking it."

Like the 2 meth villains of the Logan-Gibbs stable, Ormsby has  been committed to a Salvation Army rehabilitation programme in Whangarei !

Just over 30 years ago NZ racing started threatening all kinds of punishment for licenseholders using Cannabis. Fucking stupid, I thought, and in the August 1987 editorial of the PLANET KINGDOM magazine I advised the authorities to turn a blind eye, because so many jockeys were using Cannabis, and many very successfully.

Like around 50% of northern jockeys, I estimated, having personally " puffed the magic flagon " with about 60 jockeys before and after races.

" Did you say before the races, Don ? "  asked Paul Holmes during prime time on a 1ZB Breakfast show one Monday morning. " You mean to say that....."

Yes, Paul and he heard the tale of  a Sydney-based jockey flatmate the previous December  who'd shared a couple of joints on the way to a Hawkesbury meeting--- and won the first race !

For supposedly bringing the racing industry into disrepute, I earned a vague disqualification from racetracks that was lifted 8 months later.

Random testing wasn't introduced to NZ racing until mid-1995, with a sensation a year later. In August 1996, a  9 year-old steeplechaser named Clean Cut caused a massive boilover when winning a weight-for-age  sprint race at Te Rapa.

That day, Clean Cut's jockey Johnny Hayes was tested, his system was found to contain enough Cannabis to " impair judgement " and J D Hayes was disqualified for 4 months.

Subsequent random testing has seen hundreds of jockeys and trackriders suspended or disqualified for illegal " drugs" . Selective, of course, with chief racecourse inspector John McKenzie being advised in no uncertain terms to turn a blind eye in the twilight of the Takanini training facility:

" Don't test our riders,old son, " a training legend warned McKenzie, " otherwise there won't be any left ! " With agreement from 2 others who'd trained champions.

Back in 1995, NZ horse racing tried to get trendy with random drug testing, just like every sport in the world. Even if sports bodies were targeting performance enhancers like steroids.

Cannabis is supposed to impair judgement, in spite of the J D Hayes example. Legends like Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Willie Nelson and Tommy Chong might disagree, with earthspeed and waterspeed greats like Usain Bolt and Michael Phelps also known Cannabis users.

Had Cannabis not impaired my judgement, the Annual Prophesies on each November  might be getting 100% correct instead of the normal 90%.......

And the Champion Racing System would have done better than 40%  Firsts in 2017 with an average win dividend of $8.37.........


January 3

Like humans, horses have birth charts. In fact all creations do.

The Champion Racing System ( above ) never bothers with the horse's Astrological chart. We thrive on oversize dividends, which come from surprise, buzz aspects in the charts of trainers, jockeys and other humans connected.

Plus you could waste a lot of time on horses who may never get to the races, let alone win.

I did, though consider the foaling date planets of NZ's most expensive flop, Saperavi, purchased by David Ellis for $2.2 million but floppy enough to return just $12k in prize money from a solitary win !

The planets involved included a bad mix of Saturn and Neptune deception, often found in the charts of humans who are fated for unfortunate or unspectacular lives.......

 The biography of the unbeaten ( 25-25 )  Australian Black Caviar included her time of foaling. Automatically into the computer system, and some interesting definitions in the texts designed for humans:

Sun harmonizing with Pluto
You are very confident and have great faith and trust in your own abilities. You believe that you can survive anything that life throws your way. You expect to conquer any obstacle, problem or bad habit that you may have. Your willpower is very strong and you have the necessary self-control and self-discipline to go with it that practically guarantees success in life. You have tremendous inner resources, strength and stamina.

Mercury blending with Saturn
Your mind is scientific, serious, deep and capable of great concentration. You are a relatively slow thinker, but you are very thorough. You enjoy studying or thinking in solitude and you rarely offer an opinion on any matter until you have thoroughly considered it.

Moon discordant to Uranus
You are emotionally unstable and erratic and your moods can change at the drop of a hat. You are fiercely independent and you hate being restrained in any way.

Mars discordant to Uranus
You are dynamic, inventive, original, mechanically inclined, quick, alert, nervous, high-strung, reckless at times, impatient, energetic, independent and unique. You have a temper that can explode from out of the blue and lay waste to anything or anyone in its path.

Jupiter harmonizing with Uranus
Unusual opportunities come to you in life, normally quite out of the blue. You have lofty goals and ideals and you are a bit of an eccentric. Others may see you as being slightly ahead of your time. You are optimistic with a pleasing personality and a warm sense of humor. You possess an ingenious, inventive and original mind along with a broad, humane, tolerant and benevolent disposition.

Mars harmonizing with Jupiter
You have a lot of self-confidence, enthusiasm and vitality. You believe that you can accomplish just about anything you set your mind to. Your sense of timing is good and you have the ability to foresee what will work and what won't. You enjoy competition and you have a mostly playful, good-humored attitude about it. You mostly compete with yourself to see how far you can go or how much you can accomplish. You don't hold onto grudges and you don't resort to mean acts to get even with people for real or imagined slights.

Mars harmonizing with Ascendant
You tend to be independent, courageous, strong-willed and self-assertive. You do not really care what others think about you — you are your own person. You like and have active, energetic friends. You have integrity and loyalty and will defend your beliefs and ideals. This aspect benefits the physical body, increasing vitality and giving better than average recuperative powers."

A fair description of a horse who led from start to finish in most of her 25 races.

And, like humans, these horses are also governed by the Pluto and Uranus phases of the future.

Consider a year like 2020, when all with a birthday between August 30 and September 3 shall be getting enhanced by an awesome Uranus trine. A great percentage of foals in the southern hemisphere are born in September, with 2020 also bringing Pluto-Sun advancement for September 15,16 and 17 birthdays.

Similarly foals ( and humans ) arriving in any September 3 to 7 will be getting the Uranus buzz in 2021, and same year will have Pluto enhancing all who arrive on September 17,18 or 19.

Remembering that Pluto ( in Capricorn ) and Uranus ( in Aries then Taurus ) shall be severely hampering downunder spring dates in Libra time around mid-October in the next few years and also Scorpio births of early November.

Another " Saperavi " could emerge from Libra or Scorpio time !


January 1

I've often wondered about polling cops to get their opinion on the cannabis v alcohol issue.

Who is more dangerous, the drunk or the stoner ?

Who would you rather arrest ?

Some recent media has unearthed yet another police candidate for the DHOTY award:

' Operation Tri-City included checkpoints across Rotorua, with 7,986 cars stopped across Friday and Saturday evening.

While the authorities were working hard to remind road users to stay sober, alert, and safe, police said many people still haven’t got the message.

Across the two days, 42 people stopped were over the legal breath alcohol limit, with a number of these more than double the limit.

“This is extremely disappointing, and frankly quite shocking,” says Inspector Anaru Pewhairangi, Area Commander Rotorua.

"These people are putting themselves and others at serious risk." '

What a bold and original statement in the last line ! This has never ever been considered before ?

And it should not be " extremely disappointing, and frankly quite shocking " because alcohol's been heavily promoted on television for the last 33 years !

DHOTY =  Dick Head Of The Year.

This Inspector Pewhairangi is definitely not the arresting officer who told me way back in April 1976 that " if alcohol was discovered tomorrow, pal, it would be illegal as well ( as cannabis )."

Remembering that in many parts of the nation now, it's much easier to score methamphetamine than cannabis.

With legal alcohol the easiest of all.

Footnote: At the temple lunch on Saturday, one of the Buddhist Monks invited me to their January 1 celebrations.

I was going anyway, after some of the ladies had told me all about the sumptuous lunch on  Buddha Day  that recurs each month.

"  Our way of celebrating the New Year, " the junior Monk told me.

" Very different to Kiwi celebration, " I replied, flexing an arm. " Kiwi just drink, drink, drink and next day have sore head. "

The junior Monk nodded his head. And smiled.


December 30

Consider NZ's amazing parliamentary trifecta as the 2017 Chinese Rooster Year  " peters " out.

Always massive directional changes for those born in Rooster Years like 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981 and 1993 etc when the Rooster recurs.

1945-born Winston Peters returned to being the deputy prime minister, at the expense of 1969-born Paula Bennett, with Iranian refugee Golriz Ghahraman ( 1981 )  making her parliamentary debut.

Notable Roosters who had the big downer included ex-All Black Ali Williams, rugby league coach Laurie Daley, USA television host Matt Lauer and NZ criminal legend Peter Atkinson.

Big uppers for yachtie Grant Dalton, rugby league star Jason Taumalolo, tennis player Roger Federer and Meghan Markle.

Also 1993-born Irishman Joseph O'Brien, who trained the Melbourne Cup winner by nosing out his father and fellow Rooster Aidan O'Brien ( 1969 ). Not too disappointing,though, for the latter who saddled a world record 26 Group One winners in 2017.

Plenty of other racing people had drastic change. Consider Australians John O' Shea and Ciaron Maher, and the hiccups for NZ  trainers Mark Brooks and Missy Browne, also Darrel Lang and jockeys Kate Cowan and Danielle Hirini.

One of Chinese Astrology's golden rules emphasises the dangers of having 2 Roosters in the same yard. The Rooster covets his little kingdom, where he/she can crow and cackle and is resentful of a rival.

Note how Joseph O' Brien has quickly become independent of his famous father. But consider a pair of notable 1981 arrivals who celebrated their Rooster return by both having twins---tennis player Anna Kournikova and entertainer Beyonce.

Now 3 Roosters in the Kournikova chookyard. And 4 in Beyonce's coop, with her husband Jay Zed being a 1969-arrival !

The Rooster's great rival, the Rabbit also experiences unwanted restructuring in the Cock Year. Rabbit Years being 1951, 1963, 1975 etc and mortals born during the Rabbit Hours of 5  and 7 am are also affected.

The Rooster ends on February 15, 2018, to be replaced by the Dog, who has a special dislike of Dragons and those born between 7 and 9 am.........


December 28

 Horse racing in Auckland hit yet another rock bottom on September 30 last.

A Saturday racemeeting at once regal Ellerslie, with just 6 races and 48 horses competing. So many rock bottoms in the decadent industry, so I decided to break my 10.5 year fast of Ellerslie  meetings and drop in to watch one race.

I wanted to experience culture shock to the max. It meant departing the same day’s  Annual Otahuhu Food Festival. With a main street totally closed to accommodate over 100 food stalls. In the multi-cultural, suburban capital of the world, which includes temples for Laotians, Sri Lankans, Vietnamese and Sikhs.And a Maori hangi shop and a Samoan lunch bar.

Where success is gauged by the amount of love that surrounds you. A major emotional challenge, therefore, attending the racetrack where the human’s goodness is judged upon the number of  " group one " winners they have either owned, trained, bred or ridden !

Like a wasteland at Ellerslie on September 30, with almost more white-coateds  than spectators. Depressed looking "  professionals, " including veteran trainer Peter Williams hobbling along with a keg of beer smuggled in his underpants. A cheaper option than paying $8 for a stubby of Stella Artois ?

 Or $3.50 for the same tart or cup cake that was retailing for $2 at the  Otahuhu Food Festival. I didn’t spend a penny, watched one race and left.

Wondering… the fuck could any commoner get excited about going to the races ?

When Ellerslie Racecourse could have become a Mecca for the " gambling " industry if they'd used their brains. Devotees the world over could have been lured to THE HOME OF THE HORSE RACING CERTAINTY.

Dedicated horseyheads like to remind themselves that " there's no such thing as a certainty " whenever a hot favourite gets surprisingly rolled. A theory first smashed to pieces nearly 23 years ago and thereafter with publicly labelled certainties, all at Ellerslie Racecourse:

February 1995  Parihaka  $2.10 ( Trackside Channel on raceday )

June 1996   Classic Heights  $7.85 ( Trackside Channel 3.5 weeks in advance )

January 2000   True Colours $21.50. ( Newstalk ZB 2 days earlier )

December  2013   Hera  $16.50  ( This site 3 years and one month in advance )

November 2017   Watch This Space  $9.80 ( This site 5 years, 4 months and 3 days in advance )

The long-range and Melbourne Cup Day factors highlighted Watch This Space's triumph. ( His trainer, Wayne Hillis, was intially labelled for November 7, 2017 here on July 4, 2012, all because of awesome Pluto and Uranus trines and a Jupiter quintile on that day ! )

Bringing the year to an end with 4 winners from just 10 investments for our clients in 2017. Others being Thien Ly  $7.50 ( January )
Valour  $12.00 ( April ) and Sweepstake $4.20 ( December ).

$1 to win on each meant a $10 spend and return of $33.50.

Or $100 to win on each for a $1000 spend and return of $3350.

As in $3.35 back for every $1 invested !

Who needs to go to Ellerslie ?


December 26

Not everybody thinks that Christmas Day is awesome, for catching up, remembering the ghosts of Christmas past and challenging the laws of gout.

This heading popped up on Facebook !

‘Pure Heroine’ Lorde turns out to be dirty gutless snowflake

by Cameron Slater on December 25, 2017 at 10:48am

It appears Lorde ruined his Christmas by cancelling a concert  in Israel to support the big boycott !

There are Astrological reasons for everything. Consider the appearance in the Annual Prophesies exactly a month ago:

" Slater, Cameron:

Mentally-ill blogger with more depression problems from Pluto attacking his Mercury until Nov 019. Major troubles in close relationship matters from Neptune confusing his Venus until Dec 018. "

And this bloke's nation ain't very popular at the moment !

" Netanyahu, Benjamin:

Massive downers for the evil Israeli with Pluto attacking his Moon. Jan, March, Aug, Nov crucial. "


December 25

 Success can be gauged in terms of property owned, salary or bank balances.

 By World Cups and gold medals in sport, or by the number of group winners you’ve owned, trained, bred or ridden in horse racing.

 Media personnel consider the importance of television appearances and front page bylines, while Astrological achievement is governed by the high percentage of correct prophesies.

 Or you can   measure  success by the love that surrounds you.

 May your festive season be  safe and happy and  your 2017 full of awesome Pluto and Uranus trines.


December 24

From the official debriefing:

“ [15] At 6.30 am he took up what he described as “a forward observation point on the roadside near 881 Glassford Rd Omakau”. He marked his position on a Google map of the area that had been printed and was produced as an exhibit.

[16] Mr Irving said he had use of his binoculars and his cell phone voice recorder. He recorded the following information:

7.19am A white ute arrives with a rear right hand side tail light out and drives up the driveway and into the front paddock.

The driver gets out and erects a fence break along the southern end of the front paddock. [The witness identified this person as the first respondent.]

7.31am The white ute drives to the stable area.

7.35am The subject leads four horses from the front yard to the tie-up area. The subject was wearing a white baseball cap, dark coloured top/jersey and dark trousers.

7.44am Grey / dark SUV type vehicle leaves address south on Glassford Rd.

7.49am Subject saddles horse in tie-up area visible between implement shed and concrete stables.

7.53am Subject applies a blue hood to the horse.

7.55am Silver station wagon drives into driveway from the northern end of Glassford Road.

7.59am A rider on top of horse emerges from tie-ups and horse walks onto track. Subject drives quad bike toward track halfway before returning to stables area. Horse ridden around track 4-5 laps jogging, cantering clockwise. Rider wearing black skull cap, brown sleeveless vest, blue pants, riding boots, brown long hair.

8.12am Horse walked off track, back to stable area. Subject unsaddles horse in same location as was saddled.

8.17am Second horse goes out, red saddle cloth, blue hood. Subject continues to unsaddle first horse and puts cover on it.

8.22am Second horse worked on track similar to first.

8.27am Second horse returns to stables and out of view behind tie-up /stables.

8.31am Third horse emerges and walked onto track green / khaki saddle cloth and worked similar to others.

8.44am Third horse walked back to stables.

8.47am Fourth horse emerges from stables walked to track, red saddle cloth, blue hood and worked similar to others.

8.58am Fourth horse returns to stables out of view.

9.05am White ute driven onto track through gates followed by two horses being led by track-rider, purple canvas covers on both, put into paddock area inside where break had been erected earlier. Subject driving ute. Track rider wearing blue hooded sweatshirt with white emblem on front.

9.12am Ute driven back to stables by subject.

9.30am Both subject and track-rider tending / grooming / checking feet of two horses – one with green cover, one with grey cover.

9.53am Silver station wagon leaves property, heading north out of driveway.

10.10am Subject feeds out four horses in front yard.

10.35am White ute towing large white horse float leaves address, heading south.

10.50am Extraction completed.


 a  The sergeant-at-arms for Isis ?

 The president of the Headhunters ?

 c  The chief accountant for Boko Haram ?

  The ghost of  Dick Turpin ?

None of the above--- instead, a 69 year-old, disqualified, small-time racehorse trainer in the outbacks of Otago, Murray Hamilton, alleged to have been operating unlawfully, and a solo mother who rides his horses !

The decadent racing industry is riddled with debt, depression and dwindling devotees.

Whence the importance of the Racing Integrity Unit flying an investigator from Auckland all the way down to supervise such a serious operation in rural Otago………..


December 22

Pluto attacking anybody's Moon always supervises a time of disaster.

Few more notable  than Pluto's widely-known, predicted attack on the Moon of All Blacks coach Graham Henry in 2007.

Nobodys also. Same  for the CEO of Loser City, " Poisoned Dwarf " Leo Molloy, when he was lightened by $400k in settling a defamation case and became separated from his 3rd wife and their 5 kids.

Consider  Brad Fittler, recently named as the next coach to try and end the horror run  of the NSW Blues in State of Origin.

Fittler is still  the youngest-ever State of Origin player, at 18 years and 114 days old when he debuted for NSW in 1990. Generally described as a " lunatic-genius, " something I discovered way back in 1995 when doing an enlightenment for one of probably thousands of girls who had him in their long-term plans.

" He's a crazy bastard, with the Moon-Uranus conjunction, the fine line between lunatic and genius. Does he ride a motorbike ? "

She wasn't sure then, but inquired, and learned of a big motorbike craze in B Fittler's past. Moon-Uranus conjunction possessors usually have a passion for madness and speed to match their natural brilliance. Notables with the aspect include

Andy Warhol,Germaine Greer, Chris Harder, Shane Warne,Dean Lonergan, Jay Zed, Michael Phelps, Fred Hollows,Olivia Newton-John and Adele.

The passion for madness and speed includes horse racing. Numerous NZ jockeys possess the Moon-Uranus conjunction, and very chequered careers including

Kim Burke, Kim Walker-Allan, Nerilee Robinson,Lisa McGregor, Tineke Balcombe and Catherine Treymane.

Chaos and career turmoil were forecast for Brad Fittler in 2009, when he was coaching the Sydney Roosters. All because of the Uranus planet chaoticizing his Venus, placed in House 10 of career and status.

In June 2009 Fittler owned the headlines after getting very drunk and entering the hotel room of a female in Townsville wearing only a pair of shorts around 3 a.m.

Fittler consequently fined himself $10,000 and apologised for his behaviour at a televised press conference. On 18 July 2009, following an ongoing season of unrelenting disappointment at the Roosters, the media was informed that in 2010 Brad Fittler would not be part of the coaching staff at the Sydney Roosters.

And 2018 ? Consider the appearance in the Annual Prophesies, last month:

" Fittler Brad:

Rugby league legend with many emotional problems from Pluto attacking his Moon. Feb, June, Dec crucial."

Hardly a boost for NSW, with Queensland having won 11 of the last 12 series.

The 2018 State of Origin games are on June 6, 24 and July 11........

Footnote: Some benevolent bookmakers had Queensland at $2.30 a fortnight ago to win the series. Even after a few slappings, the Canetoads are still at $2.00 and the NSW Cockroaches favourites at $1.75 !


December 20

There ain't too much wrong with horse racing in New Zealand with the awesome profits from the unusual Astrological system.

Like 103% interest in your investments over the last 8 years. Very helpful to have that extra cash. Tax free too.

But I wonder about the exploited slaves in the industry, highlighted again in the recent JCA decision in respect of the methamphetamine issues at the Logan-Gibbs racing stables:

" Mr Burton is currently employed as a Manager for the Donna Logan and Chris Gibbs Stables. He has been employed by Donna Logan and Chris Gibbs for 14 years. He derives his income solely from the racing industry and earns $650 per week. He is a licensed Class A Stable Hand Rider. He has not previously appeared on any rule breaches."

The adult minimum wage rate for employees aged 16 years or older is $15.75 an hour before tax. That is $630.00 before tax for a 40 hour week.

Mr Burton is 43 years of age and has quite a responsibility in a managerial position with thoroughbreds and staff.  He receives slightly above the minimum, $16.25 an hour----like an improvement of 40 cents an hour after 14 years service--- if his week is 40 hours !

How often does a stableworker do 40 hours ?---------Every 4 days, although some can smash it in just 3 days !

60 and 70 hours weeks are the norm for stablehands, with some getting just half a day off per week ! With the horror story exactly 20 years ago last month when a Nigel Tiley-employee was bashed for refusing to work on his half-day off !

Poor slave, he'd already done 6-7 hours labour in the morning and was looking forward to dinner and movies with his girlfriend. 4 witnesses to his bashing, all sacked as well and ultimately racecourse inspector John McKenzie decided that no action was warranted........

A couple of years back, a personal Astrological consultation for an Indian lady led to incredible revelations about her cousin from Chandigarh. Victim of an immigration scam involving a trainer and her lawyer, then idling unemployed in Auckland, without his passport and a debt of around $20k........

As we know, thoroughbred racing in NZ finds a new, all-time low every few months and has developed a crybaby mentality that sees Winston Peters as its only saviour.

The regurgitated racing minister, as he did once before, is hopefully going to throw them another pile of cash to squander ? In order to increase prize money, and help those wealthy enough to own racehorses which cost around $100 a day to keep !

That wouldn't exactly be high priority with Jacinda Ardern's coalition government specifically focusing on the poor and underpriviledged. More chance of her Labour investigators getting stuck into thoroughbred racing and discovering unbelievable numbers of serfs and peasants working far more than 40 hours for their minimum wages............

While legendary Sydney punter-racketeer Perce Galea once claimed that “ only fools and horses work, and the horses work for me.”

Anybody’s welcome to join us…….


December 18

Getting a deposit for a piece of dirt is, allegedly, quite difficult these days.

Such a shame that so many stupids muck it up by investing at the wrong time. When their planets are unfavourable !

' A Tauranga building company is being wound up after work stopped on about 30 houses at The Lakes in October.

Bella Vista Homes went into voluntary liquidation this week, leaving one young family worried about the prospect of incurring extra costs to complete their home.

Liquidator and Hamilton accountant Kim Thompson said that everyone who still had a building contract with Bella Vista would get a letter as a matter of priority. About 30 people were involved although some had already cancelled their contracts.

''This affects a lot of people's lives. We have got to get on and deal with this as quickly as we can.''

Large numbers of building subcontractors and trade suppliers were impacted by the liquidation. '

Not something that should be laughed at. But why not ?

Real Astrology was operating as long as 7000 years ago. But discarded in the Dark Ages when religion and tyrants took over, and  the world's oldest science was reduced to mere " sun signs " by the dirty media scabs.

Fortunately for many New Zealanders the renaissance of learning in the 1990s included Astrological prediction columns in the  weeklies FRIDAY FLASH and TRUTH and the long-running State of the Astrological Nation address with Murray Deaker ONZM every January on NEWSTALK ZB for 18 years.

When thousands were enlightened by personal consultations and given the confidence to make the right decisions and invest at the right time.

In spite of the lies and ignorance elsewhere of noted media scabs like Susan Wood, Jayjay Harvey,  Leighton Smith, Paul Holmes, Stephen Stuart, Tony Wright, Michael Donaldson, Doug Golightly etc and even Deaker himself when in the throes of his well-known " depressions."

Unfortunately NEWSTALK ZB management had no desire to make the high rating show more than an annual event, so I told them to stick it following the January 2011 edition.It appears that protecting the egos of their entertainers above is far more important.

Rather coincidental that the interim has seen a massive rise in homelessness, bankruptcies and psychological problems with NZ now topping the world in people topping themselves........

No more guidance for the deeper-thinking Kiwi. But part of the  New World Order's master plan, that has no place for wisdom and respect and needs to wreck traditions, tribes and families. Their Utopia is everyone employed and paying rent, watching television and eating junk food.........


December 16

There was more horrific, pre-Christmas trauma for the droolies with this recent announcement:

Viewers were left stunned by Mike Hosking and Toni Street's surprise news last night that tonight's episode of Seven Sharp will be their last.

The announcement follows months of industry rumour and speculation about changes to TVNZ's prime time line up, including ongoing reports that Hilary Barry will move on from Breakfast.

TVNZ has strenuously denied such claims, with news boss John Gillespie labeling a Herald report "blatant lies".'

All planned, of course, with appearances in the latest edition of the Annual Prophesies at on November 26:

" Hosking, Mike:

Career-threatening, explosive Sun-Mars progression before March 019, followed by  Uranus-Sun chaos May, Nov and Feb 020."


" Street, Toni:

 Teletubby Toni ” subject to much confusion and uncertainty with Neptune smashing her Sun. Health must be watched, especially in March, Aug and Jan 019."

And  Barry ?  Her dramatic departure from TV3 mid-2016 was supervised by  the same, predicted " Neptune-Sun complications " that T T T is about to experience, and she was honoured with another appearance in the November 2016 Annuals !

" Barry, Hilary:

Life chaos continues for the television face with Uranus-Jupiter issues in June, September and March 2018, then two very destructive Mars-Pluto progressions creating major psychological issues."

And what about channel-hopper Hilary's partner on the breakfast  screen ? He made his debut appearance in last month's Annuals !

" Tame, Jack:

Television face with major and difficult lifestyle change next 2 years from Jupiter-Neptune progressions. Uranus-Venus love life confusion also, May, June, Oct and March 019 crucial. "

Be strong, droolies These sudden, dramatic changes are sent to test your emotions. Who knows, someone better than " Dark Secrets " Hosking, T T T, Hilary or Jack may emerge ?


December 14

The horse racing industry is tops for providing Don The Cockroach and his followers with healthy profits from the awesome Astrological system.

And plenty of laughs,too, from the Waikato town so highly regarded in the Methamphetamine industry. Consider some promotion a few months back:

" The release of the 2017-18 race dates schedule has been welcomed by the Matamata Racing Club in its recognition of the Matamata track’s value for summer racing.

For more years than the club cares to remember there has been a heavy emphasis in the Matamata dates schedule on what could be described as the less desirable times of the season.

Every New Zealand racing club must carry its share of the annual burden of close to 300 race meetings, but in Matamata’s case there was a feeling – at least locally – that the dates schedule was out of balance, with more ‘‘wet track’’ days than those more favourable.

While that may to some degree have been acceptable in years past, the scenario changed when the Matamata Racing Club installed its track irrigation system in late 2014.

The $500,000 investment took little time to prove its worth and the Matamata track is now recognised as providing one of the kindest and most reliable summer racing surfaces

" Summer racing " in  Methametha kicked off on Friday December 8, a rainless day and an allegedly near perfect track surface with a " Good 3 " rating.

In the first race a horse stumbled and fell,free of interference and brought down another.

A subsequent track inspection deemed that   " one of the kindest and most reliable summer racing surfaces "  was  too slippery for racing and the meeting was abandoned !


December 12

Early in educational life I had extreme doubts about " christianity " and " the lord."

Catholic schoolmates told me about " mortal sin " if they missed holy mass on Sundays or ate meat on Fridays. Doomed to the fires of " hell, " so thoughts were spared for those unfortunate pre-schoolers who'd been killed in wars without the chance of admitting that " lord  " into their lives.

With an amazing clairaudient some 37 years ago identifying 2 of the maddest bastards of my youth, " up there "  ( after a suicide and a fatal motorbike accident ) in the same heaven as my deeply religious grandmother !

The conclusion being that everybody finishes " up there " and that  " church " is the biggest con in history. Consider this recent appearance in the media:

" Brian and Hannah Tamaki's church could now face a substantial tax bill as a result of the deregistration.

Destiny Church has slammed the Charities Registration Board as "incompetent" after receiving notice two of its charities would be stripped of their tax-exempt status.

The board announced the move, which would come into effect on December 20, on Wednesday.

The two charities are Destiny International Trust and Te Hahi o Nga Matamua Holdings Limited."

How coincidental that this bloke made his debut in the Annual Prophesies,, on November 26 last !

" Tamaki, Brian:

Destiny church leader subject to major personal restructuring next 2 years with Uranus anti his Jupiter and Venus, with Pluto crushing his Mercury. June, Sept 018 crucial, also March 019."


December 10

I was recently marvelling at the number of high-profile sexual harassers born under the destructive Mars-Pluto block.

That significator of anger management, serious substance abuse and continual frustration.

Harvey Weinstein, Roman Polanski, Woody Allen, Kevin Spacey and  Patrick Swayze are some recent headliners.

Then I notice that the Mars-Pluto block features in the chart of this person !

" A 22-year-old billionaire has been fined 250,000 kroner (NZ$44,600) for drink-driving while on her way to her family's ski resort chalet in Hafjell, Norway.

Katharina Andresen is estimated to be the country's richest woman, with Forbes putting her fortune at NZ$1.80 billion.

But the second-youngest billionaire in the world could have been fined up to 40 million kroner (NZ$7.12 million) in Norway, where penalties are based on offenders' assets, the Daily Mail reports."

Being born on May 21,1995 sets off alarm bells. She's 4 days older than one of NZ's most notable weirdos, former prime minister's son, Max Key, whose planets also include the destructive Mars-Pluto block !

And subject to the same factors that earned Key jun a debut appearance in the Annual Prophesies, in November last year !

" Key, Max:

Lifestyle/career confusion  continues for the troubled, angry youth with 4 disastrous progressions and  Neptune molesting his Jupiter until December. Feb, Oct, Nov crucial, with some improvement when  Uranus-Mars positivity breaks him from a rut in 018."

I'm currently compiling a list of dates when possessors of this destructive Mars-Pluto block have arrived in the world.

To be released soon, making it easier for potential perverts, heavy substance abusers and the excessively violent to be identified.

Just like Melbourne Cup day----WATCH THIS SPACE !


December 8

There ain't much better than horse racing when it comes to demonstrating Astrological magnificence.

We've got the awesomely profitable investment system which thrives on long-range certainties and oversized dividends.

And plenty of horse racing personnel contributing to the great success of the Annual Prophesies every November 26.

Like this one from November last year:

" Logan, Donna:

Horse racing’s  " Mrs Bogan " on  a major slowdown with Pluto and Saturn  complications. Feb, May, June, Nov, Dec temperamental with dramatic Uranus-Sun reversals 018."

Everything's gone wrong for Logan racing this year, with good horses breaking down or failing to find form and promising gallopers being transferred to Australian stables for the better prize money.

Mrs Bogan's currently moving to set up another stable in Singapore. With news last week that 2 of her long-term employees both got disqualified for 10 months after returning positive tests to methamphetamine. A couple, male and female.

Strangely it's the first time any random testing's been done in Ruakaka since racing authorities introduced it 22 years ago. With the Logan stable housing more than it's share of serious substance abusers.

10 years back I heard of a former, previously-jailed P cook with gang connections working there and more recently a fellow who was paying his staff in bags of P when operating elsewhere.

The industry is riddled with debt and depression and P is just a natural progression for those in the dark tunnel of NZ racing.

Not that it really worries  the followers of Don The Cockroach ( see article below ). Don't matter if they're on E, or P, or running like a flea, we win and, as anyone will tell you, that's the most important part of horse racing......


December 6

Hardened, embittered  Kiwi racehorse tragics don’t like “ professional  tipsters.”

Come to think about it, they don't like most things---the government, the Racing Board, the track surfaces, the infrastructure, the pathetic stake money, the TAB  takeouts  and  the jockey who didn’t ride their horse properly.

Sometimes a dullard presenter on Trackside Channel is the root of all their problems, or the trainer currently on a roll who must be using some new drug……

After 14 years of operating a  0900 service, I canned it in 2009. Time for rest  before the email service was reintroduced for carefully selected plunges in 2010.

Normally averaging 10-12 investments a year, with the impeccable results on

It goes like this.

Clients have a commission account of $150 with Don Murray Racing. When a plunge is happening, they are emailed the meeting, race and horse numbers and name, with the advice of  “ management fee $20 a win.”

Meaning they can stick as much as they like on for themselves, with $20 a win for the manager.

When there is a winner, $20 worth of the win dividend is deducted from the commission account. Clients are then advised to top up their account back to $150.

I like the challenge. If the client doesn't win, I don't get anything.


There shouldn't be any sceptics, but the decadent old racing industry has many bitter and twisted losers.

For the novices there's a trial. $50  in the commission account and $10 a win for the management fee. Then  they can decide if they want to go to the next level.


Further information down on December 3.

In NZ horse racing ownership speak, that $50 would cover half a day's training fees, with on average 6 or 7% of gallopers actually managing to pay their way !

More evidence there is no God. There are the very depressed trainers struggling 24-7, and their slave labourers receiving far below minimum wage. Getting trumped by opportunists with the attitude of Monty Python's iconic Don the Cockroach, contributing nothing and picking up the peaches and plums. Like 103% interest on their investments over the last 8 years !

The least we can do is say " thank you " to the toilers......


December 4

I've often wondered why anyone with " mental health " issues should be in any position of influence.

It's been well documented how noted " depression " suffering-broadcasters  Jayjay Harvey and the late Charlotte Dawson told blatant, public lies about Astrology, after both had received phenomenal enlightenments.

Unfortunate, with all the depression and skyrocketing suicide stats in NZ. Had either been totally honest, a whole new light would have been shed on the allegedly horrific illness.

There was Murray Deaker ONZM, a fine promoter of Astrological magnificence during my 18 years of the annual January show on Newstalk ZB. Unfortunately Deaker's own mental illness issues started surfacing towards the end with his unnecessary nastiness.

On November 29, here, it was written:

" Causing one to wonder if  arsehole- of the- moment  Matt " cheatin’ " Cecchin may be suffering something like the predicted Saturn complications that have made November 2017 so messy for Kiwis David Kidwell and Adam Blair.

Refs are usually on a hiding to nothing. No match bonuses, no bear hugs, high fives  or getting sprayed with champagne. Same old, same old  and always the chance of getting slammed for their bad decisions.

The kind of job that could bring depression and the temptation to  fix matches "

Leading referee Cecchin's got a history of debatable decisions and, after his effort in the Tonga-England match on November 25, I wondered about his Astrological situation. No luck in locating a birthdate from google, but heaps of information about his mental health issues.

Even more reason to locate an arrival date. And for Cecchin to find out an arrival time from his mother and come to understand it all with a complete, in-depth Astrological enlightenment. He may possess a Scorpio Moon, or the depression classic, Mars in House 12, like Harvey, Dawson and Deaker, Mariah Carey, Meghan Markle,Nicky Watson, Nicole Kidman, Beyonce or Victoria Beckham....

In his six page submission to RLIF, Otahuhu-based lawyer Nalesoni Tupou asked if Cecchin was "fit and proper" to participate in the tournament.

"My question to you – knowing that the referee has had mental health issues in the past – should there not be a medical certificate to confirm the referee was fit and proper to participate as a referee in this tournament," said Tupou, in his statement to the RLIF.

"If this issue was not addressed by your organization before he officiated this game, then I say again that I want to express my concern for lack or not addressing this mental health issue before the game."


December 3

It's generally regarded as unacceptable to kick a dying creature when he's down, depressed and riddled with debt and disease.

When the creature is the desperate, dysfunctional and decadent NZ racing industry it's a case of " Good fucking job !  Kick the bastard a bit harder ! "

With the Champion Racing System above continuing its awesome plunder yesterday with SWEEPSTAKE winning at Wanganui and returning a $4.20 win dividend.

Bit of a downer that, well below 2017's awesome win dividends of $7.50, $12 and $9.80 from our other 9 investments this year.

Meaning it's 2 wins from 3 investments this season and since 2011 began, 29 wins from 107 with an average win dividend of $7.52 on the 26% winning strike rate.

Meaning also that every $1 invested in the last 8 years has come back as  $2.03. Like 103% interest.

I like the piggy bank-christmas club principle, below.


Starting deposit $200 into TAB account

current season                   $1300

final balance 2016-17        $1330

final balance 2015-16         $100

final balance 2014-15         $590

final balance 2013-14        $2370

final balance 2012-13         $340

final balance 2011-12        $4090

From a horse racing investment system that kicked off in November 1985. With balances obtained by placing $100 a win on selections from the Don Murray Racing System.

Anyone can join this awesome system, and beat the system. With a debutant yesterday being a fellow in the mould of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange who's got very offside with the authorities in certain countries for revealing highly-secretive information and embarrassing some Israeli bankers. Aged 40-something and having his first-ever bet on a racehorse.

I finally persuaded him to " start your own bank, mate, one that Mr Rothschild can't fuck with."

Email: for more details.

The horse in green, white cap, yellow sleeves that scoots across from the outside.


December 1

Prince Harry’s marriage years were first selected here on February 17, 2015 beneath


When  he was involved with actress Emma Watson.

" Not yet " and " Not Emma " were the Astrological verdicts, with the February 2015 script including:

All the omens are for Hazza to be falling head over heels this year. He’ll be full of testosterone with Uranus powerfully enhancing his Mars through April, November until February next year. At the same time, though, the mad planet’s also harassing his Libra 17 Venus, causing all sorts of turbulence in his personal life.

But alas ! The Libra 17 Venus shall be getting pummelled by destructive Pluto through 2016 and 2017. As if Hazza shall be licking his wounds over yet another  relationship disaster.

But rebounding soon after !  With 2018-19 bringing the awesomeness of  Pluto trining his Taurus 21 Moon !  Said Moon is placed in the 4th house that governs home and family matters, and ruling the 7th that supervises marriage and partnerships.

Probably the best omen for holy matrimony but it won’t be with Emms. She’s an Aries of the Horse Year and there couldn’t be anything worse to be suffocated into the tedium of Royalty.”

Further recent confirmation in the Annual Prophesies here on November 26

Harry, Prince of England:

“ 2 of his most awesome  years, and marriage with Pluto trining both his Moon and Sun between April 018 and Nov 020. Uranus trining Jupiter and Mercury as well in 019. ”

A day later American actress Meghan Markle publicly accepted his proposal, with a wedding planned for May 2018.

Full credit to  Hazza  for waiting. Plenty of fools get hitched under negative Pluto transits and their marriages inevitably fail.


November 29

Referees have Astrology charts and are subjected to the same malevolence from Pluto, Uranus and company as the laboratory rats who appear in the great predictions on

Coaches, players, jockeys and mere mortals all make bad decisions when they’re getting sodomised by the powerful orbiters.

Causing one to wonder if  arsehole- of the- moment  Matt " cheatin’ " Cecchin may be suffering something like the predicted Saturn complications that have made November 2017 so messy for Kiwis David Kidwell and Adam Blair.

Refs are usually on a hiding to nothing. No match bonuses, no bear hugs, high fives  or getting sprayed with champagne. Same old, same old  and always the chance of getting slammed for their bad decisions.

The kind of job that could bring depression and the temptation to  fix matches, as iconic NZ broadcaster Paul Holmes alluded to during a major Trans-Tasman try scandal in 1997. As Wikipedia says:

The New Zealand v NSW game was marred with controversy. New Zealand appeared to score a fair try in the dying seconds but Sean Hoppe was ruled off-side. Replays indicated that he was indeed onside, but Bill Harrigan refused to use the video referee, which was a blunder for Super League.

 “ Holmo ” was at his probing best on the HOLMES show when interviewing an Australian official, even suggesting that a NSW win would have set up a promoters’ dream, all-Australia Grand Final against Queensland. And that referee Harrigan might have even been under orders to deny a Kiwi win…….

Even back then, anything with a whiff of controversy got sent upstairs to the video ref. Very strange again that it didn’t  happen with the Andrew Fifita  case  below…….


November 28

An English-born contemporary answered his phone last Friday  with “ Go Tonga !

Not supporting his country of origin ?  “   No  way, never, never, never, ever ” then proceeded to tell me about the absolute legend that was training at his inner city gym 2 days  previously----John Hopoate.

Then I told him about the absolute legend I’d been chatting with a few hours earlier at the Tongan Rugby League team’s training at Mt Smart----John Hopoate.

Tongan-born 43 year-old Hoppa was one of Australian league’s bad boys, best-known for the “ wedgies ” but a member of Grand Final and World Cup winning teams as well as being a former Australian heavyweight boxing champ.

And the driving force behind Tonga’s incredible rise in the 2017 Rugby League World Cup. Hoppa  was the motivator who persuaded big guns Andrew Fifita, Jason Taumalolo and David Fusitu’a to take major pay cuts and represent their culture instead of Australia or New Zealand.

Hoppa owns a large security company in Sydney, is a father of 10 and has a lot of respect in the Tongan community. Not  much with the  authorities, though.

I couldn’t really go to my grave without meeting Hoppa, could I ?  “ No ” said a learned Tongan friend. It happened, with priviledged information and lies to 3 sets of security guards at Mt Smart Stadium.

 Hoppa cracked up at the Palagi who’s  “ been  driving my car round Otahuhu with a Tongan flag on top for the last month.”

Laughter’s a great medicine. The Polynesians make it a lot easier than the Palagi, so many of whom have been inspired by the great humbleness and love of   “ coconuts ” in recent decades. Like my English mate.

Making the  Astrological  prophesy on Tonga beating the Kiwis a month beforehand was a major high for me. As was being an honorary Tongan for a month, which included getting roped in to assist with the security at the official team welcome.

Just  helping to keep the kids in line at the Otahuhu Rugby League Club event, as they queued for their selfies with Fifita, Taumalolo and company.

With a serious meeting on Sunday at the Otahuhu Recreation Centre, the morning after Tonga came so close to beating England, with much evidence that they were robbed by a lazy ref.

Replays and still shots clearly show Fifita did not loose carry or knock on. An English hand managed a legal one-on-one strip before Fifita regathered and scored the disallowed try.

A female cousin of A Fifita, a male relly of J Taumalolo and myself, as founder  of the TPPA—Tongan Palagi Pretenders Association. We decreed that there was no reason for the Tongans to remove the thousands of dollars  worth of flags from their cars.

Just because of a blind Palagi referee ? No way, we keep them flying……


November 26

They're ready.

Any half-baked moron can make a prediction and plenty in the media do such.

None, of course get anywhere near the accuracy of The Annual Prophesies at  that average a 90%-plus success rate.

They focus on the notables of the world who'll be experiencing significant reversals. No point in having a doomed coach in charge of your team or a doomed trainer preparing your racehorse is there ?

No point, either, in having a dirty media scab kicking the shit out of someone who's reversals have already been programmed is there ?

10 of these media scabs are featured, including a " Hosking " and a " Veitch."

21 Horse racing personalities,including James Cummings, Robert Smerdon, Opie Bosson, Lance O'Sullivan and Jason Waddell.

A dozen each from Rugby League, politics and Cricket, including the coach-captain combinations of India, Australia and the Black Caps !

Also Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and her partner make debut appearances. With her Australian counterpart Mal Turnbull already favourite to be the superloser of 2018 !

Also 3 members of the clergy, including a debut appearance for pastor Brian Tamaki.

" Forewarned is forearmed."

" PREDICTIONS " above or


November 25

The average K.I.W.I is renowned for wasting emotional energy and brain power.

That’s old Keen Interest Without Intelligence, who allows the weekend to be governed by a sports team. Often at the expense of his loved ones.

Broadcaster Murray Deaker ONZM used to sum it up with his promotions for the Annual State of the Nation Astrological address on Newstalk ZB every January from 1994 to 2011:

“ You won’t need to go to any games this year, you’ll know the results beforehand. Because Don Murray’s coming in to the studio at 2 pm…..”

Not all results, but a remarkably high percentage----or “ dangerously high percentage ”  to “ experts ” with fragile egos.

Even if the media scabs have dropped their guts and cower away from Astrological truths, the prophesies are still here for all to see.

NZ might be “ topping ” the  world in youth suicide, and up with the best in methamphetamine addiction, child poverty, homelessness, domestic violence and anti-depressant dependency.

Leaders in Astrological magnificence as well, with Tonga's sensational, first-ever defeat of the Kiwi league team predicted a month beforehand.

And the $9.80 Melbourne Cup day winner, forecast 5 years, 4 months and 3 days in advance.

Plenty of  brilliants, as always, from the Annual Prophesies,, November 26, 2016:

Williamson, Kane:

“ Gun cricketer harassed by Neptune-Mercury  and Uranus-Jupiter negativity until March 018. March, June, Sept 017 especially testing.”

Williamson’s Black Caps lost the One Day series to Sore Thefrika but had a big chance of drawing the Test series in March. NZ had Sore Thefrika needing 95 runs with only 5 wickets remaining on the final day and a Black Caps win became a distinct possibility.

An Astrological error was looming ?

Then along came the rain, and much pain for Kane. Game abandoned, another series triumph to Sore Thefrika and another prophesy for the win bin.

Others in the Top 10:

Bennett, Paula:

“ Power-crazy  politician  facing unbelievable and difficult upheavals next 2 years while Pluto deals to her Sun, Mercury and Venus with Neptune severely weakening  her Mars.”

Peters, Winston:

“ Politician acting very strangely in  his 72nd year, with Uranus zooming across his Mercury and Venus spots and Neptune doing same to Mars. April, June, Aug, Sept, Nov crucial with massive, difficult change from Pluto anti his Sun 2018. ”

Federer, Roger:

“ Major Improvement for tennis champ with Pluto-Venus and Neptune-Mars  trines. Jan, May, July, Nov and Feb  018 positive before Uranus-Node downers in June, Sept 018.”

Daley, Laurie:

“ Major off-year for the rugby league great with Pluto attacking both  Mars and Jupiter and Uranus anti his Sun. Feb, May, June, Oct, Dec extremely challenging.”

Kumble, Anil:

“ Turmoil continues for Indian cricket coach with Uranus-Sun harassment until late March, with major Neptune stresses around Feb,May, July, Oct, Dec.”

Woods, Tiger:

“ Chaos continues for the comeback golfer, with Uranus attacking his Mercury, and Saturn doing same to his Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven point. Jan, May, June, July, Oct  highlighted.”

Kearney, Steve:

“ Rugby league coach with progress  blocked from Pluto-Mars frustrations until late 018. December 017 has serious Saturn restrictions, but 019 much more productive with awesome Uranus-Jupiter trine.”

Carter, Dan:

“ The rugby champion slows appreciably with Pluto attacking his Mars. Feb, June, Dec notable, with more Pluto and Uranus issues in 2018.”

 Logan, Donna:

" Horse racing’s  " Mrs Bogan " on  a major slowdown with Pluto and Saturn  complications. Feb, May, June, Nov, Dec temperamental with dramatic Uranus-Sun reversals 018. "

 So far, 55 rights and 4 wrongs from 100 in the November 2016 edition.

With the pearls for 2018 to be released tomorrow !


November 23

A group of Auckland entrepreneurs met secretly last weekend with plans to cash in on NZ  Rugby League’s  rock bottom.

The Kiwis suffered  their  2 most humiliating defeats in history on November 11 ( Tonga ) and November 18 ( Fiji ).

Add the NZ Warriors’ losing their last 9 games, and there’s a business opportunity.

A  package for depressed  fans planning to jump off  Sky Tower !

Splatterproof body bags, in  team colours, with name tags for easy identification.  And especially for Kiwi Rugby League fans, an audio containing some of the greatest  moments in history.

Memes of the  whitewashes of Australia by Graham Lowe and Bluey McClennan-coached Kiwi teams, Des White commentaries and iconic try-scoring moments of Tommy Baxter, Phil Orchard, Jarrod McCracken and Manu Vatuvei  as the black and white body bag plunges down to Federal St......

No amount of Astrological magnificence can enlighten  sporting tragics, and help them to realize that you cannot change the past.

When you see the incredible hatred directed at guys like David Kidwell, Adam Blair and Shaun Johnson in recent days, you could not be surprised at the horrific stats around suicide, meth use and domestic violence in seriously deterioratingt NZ

(  “ God grant me the serenity
to accept the things I cannot change;
courage to change the things I can;
and wisdom to know the difference.”

Consider  the phenomenal prophesy here on May 12, 2017:

" More notably, D Kidwell cops the Saturn-Mars attack again this year, somewhere between November 16 and 22. Right in the middle of the Rugby League World Cup, with a start on October 27 and the Grand Final on December 2……… "

Or the revelations on October 11 that Kiwis captain Adam Blair would be seriously hampered by Saturn negatives in mid-November and early December !

With the  sewing machines and zipmakers to be working overtime to meet the demand for NZ Warriors-coloured  Jump suits  next year ( see November 19 article )  with  poster boy Shaun Johnson preparing  to finally depart the very troubled organization.

In the near future there will be a major revelation about Princess  Johnson’s falling out with a legend at the Warriors that’s caused most of the bad blood at Mt Smart.

Also--- The story of a former NZ Warriors high-profiler, smoking P with a notorious crim while his house was encircled by the Armed Offenders Squad……

Just like Melbourne Cup day---WATCH THIS SPACE !

November 21
The  horse racing industry has always produced some of the worst-ever when it comes to parenting.

Natural, really, when there are so many temptations to weaken slaves of the 24-7 lifestyle. Especially during revolutionary Pluto's Tour de Capricorn, between 2008 and 2024, as indicated here back in January 2008. Including:

" But the scary piece relates to the massively changing role of the father figure, as the family unit slowly disappears and  marriage becomes just another episode in life's great soap opera for many.
Naturally there will be a massive increase in the numbers of rudderless young men lacking direction, with no-one to guide and teach them in time-honoured Kiwi male tradition how to drink beer properly and the correct way to watch a rugby game.

The decadent industry is riddled with debt and depression, and the desperates who seek fame in the racing chat sites.Like an infamous failure using the name of

" poundforpound"

Posted 7 hours ago

" Matt Cross just said Carnival will win The Stewards today !!!!!!

Now I have low expectations Matt, in fact I have no expectations other than that I prefer you to use English, stand upright, and to be able to tie your own shoe laces ( you seem to be meeting those standards ).....but think selecting Carnival to win The Stewards is rational, sensible and an informed comment. Get help mate, you’ve got no idea if you believe that.

It shouldn’t even be in the race FFS, it’s a low grade horse with a poor action who needs dead to soft ground isn’t it ?

It’ll get lapped and should be facing a charge of “loitering” post race because the only thing it’ll do is get in the way of the decent horses in the race.

FYI Matt Carnival is ratings wise 7kg worse off than Riding Shotgun and 9.5kg worse off than Passing Shot, and they’re both G1 performers. That translates to being about 15-18m inferior over this trip, or about 1.5-2 seconds I’m saying Carnival will be behind the two mentioned by about 10 lengths if they all run to their ratings ( yes I know it’s never that simple but that’s a pure interpretation ).

Lift your game Matt. You’re in danger of making yourself look a bit stupid."

CARNIVAL won the Stewards Handicap, on November 15 !

So much thought into such a meaningless matter.  The unusually angry“ Poundforpound ” is a 3-times divorcee with 5 estranged, mostly  teenage children. Hardly a contender for " Father of the Year."

He  made an appearance in the Annual Prophesies, last November !

" Molloy, Leo:

Auckland-based CEO of Loser City in for massive and difficult energy restructuring while Pluto crunches his Mars. Jan, July, Nov crucial.  Saturn-Mercury attack  brings mental issues Feb, May, Nov. "

Unfortunately  there are always members of the undereducated who do silly things like go on holiday when they're getting hammered by Saturn and his cronies.....


November 19

One of 2017's many Astrological highlights was forecasting a horror year for the NZ Warriors.

Courtesy of extreme negativity for major owner E Watson, coaching staff S Kearney, A McFadden and S Jones, and players K Foran and M Vatuvei.Just another reminder of the magnificence of the world's oldest science.

While long ago it were noted that 2018 was going to be even worse. With recent months having 2 prospective purchasers who eventually canned the idea.

The  Warriors have lost their last 9 games and I was considering the ultimate challenge-----try and find when they will have their first win in 2018 ?

Already Watson and  Kearney are slotted in for repeat performances in the next Annual Prophesies to be released on November 26, along with player Isaac Luke.

With these 3 NZ Warriors personnel  indicating that a further 9 losses in a row in the Autumn are very possible !

" Johnson, Shaun:

Rugby league star confused and distracted  by Neptune attacking his Sun and Mercury until Feb 019.  March, April, July and Sept 018 very crucial."

" McFadden, Andrew:

Another horrific year for NZ Warriors’ assistant coach with Uranus attacking  his Sun, Venus and Mars and Neptune anti his Moon. March, April, May, July, Sept crucial."

" Tuivasa-Sheck, Roger:

Extremely complicated time for rugby league star from Neptune-Sun and  Uranus-Venus difficulties in March, April, May, Aug, Sept, Nov and Feb 019. Saturn-Jupiter setbacks  in July, Oct as well. "

" March, April and May " appear frequently. With a major crack up when this was on the Warriors' facebook page a few days ago. So funny there was no need to even read it !

"I 100% know this club is going to turn around."

Extended Shaun Johnson interview #WarriorNation #BeTheTribe

Laughter is one of the best medicines of all......


For being  a fine, upstanding citizen and a regular contributor to their communal lunches, I was blessed by the Monks at the Buddhist temple in Otahuhu recently.

I was showing the 3 Monks how to deal to a grapefruit by slicing, squeezing and slurping. One of them touched my shoulder and decreed that I will have a long and prosperous life with no money problems.

Part of being a fine, upstanding citizen involves voluntary lawn and tree cleaning at certain properties in the Otahuhu region. Those of people with flourishing grapefruit trees who aren't so fussed about eating them.

The amazing fruit with little-known body cleansing and detoxification properties are distributed in the community, basketloads making their way to the Buddhist Temple.

With horse racing's methamphetamine legend Lisa Cropp allegedly using them to thwart the random testing procedures !  Reports from the decadent industry had Cropp beating her first 27 tests with a concoction of " grapefruit and something else."

The " blessing "  gave me an inspiration. I reported my experience to a prominent member of the Otahuhu Leopards premier league team and wondered about taking some of the brothers up to the Temple and getting them blessed for the Fox Memorial comp next year:

" You, Johnny Acks ( the coach ), Connor ( the captain ), Geemo and Brodie ( the playmakers ) for starters."

A fitting touch of irony that my Otahuhu league mate made his appearance at the Temple when the multitude of amazing dishes included an extreme rarity that has to be ordered from Thailand---Blue-coloured sticky rice, in the same tone as the Otahuhu Rugby League jersey !

Then we wondered about the ultimate challenge for a Monk.

Taking Watson, Kearney, Johnson and co to the Temple and getting the NZ Warriors blessed............


November 17

In recent years it's become very fashionable to suffer from " mental illness " or " depression. "

A trend started by Sir John Kirwan in 2012 when he gained the knighthood  " for services to mental health and rugby."

With the " fashion " now uncontrollable and NZ at the top of the world in people topping themselves. A " Kiwi " commits sideways approximately every 15 hours !

We'll accept that Kirwan's fragile ego doesn't want  to understand Astrological factors like Mars and Pluto effluences, the secretive 12th House or Moon in Scorpio. Or the Venus-Saturn happiness blocker he shares, appropriately enough, with the depressed nation's other great limelight-hogger, " medication Mikey " King !

But Kirwan's  decided to finally  take action. He’s going to grab the editor of the once trustworthy NZ Herald by his throat and ask WTF is the point of all those depressing headlines everyday Like these page leaders recently:

A woman has been killed by her pet dog after trying to stop it from attacking a male friend.

A year on from Dreamworld’s horrific disaster, the park is still haunted by a nightmare.

A world-renowned musician has finally come forward over the rape and appalling abuse she allegedly suffered at the hands of her band mate. etc

Kirwan's next act, though, will be a big one. He understands the need for people to communicate, to talk with each other, but unfortunately television is the major obstacle. Sir John Kirwan is going to insist that humans have compulsory sport-free weekends next year !

Kirwan's master plan is for players, coaching staff and other wage earners to continue working. Without fans, at the game, on TV, radio or live streaming. He ran the idea past renowned sporting tragic, broadcaster Tony Veitch.

44 year-old Veitch, a veteran of 3 short marriages and a couple of suicide attempts, wouldn't have a bar of it: " I think we'd have more depression than ever. Some people just live for their weekends in front of Sky Sport with a box of beer."

Former Prime Minister Sir John Key got wind of the master plan and contacted Kirwan:

" You ungrateful bastard ! If I'd known you’d turn like that, I never would have made you a Sir John, long before even I became a Sir John.  Rugby has made you a decent living, a World Cup winner and taken you to many distant lands. I'm glad I'm not Prime Minister anymore, I'd have a hell of a job trying to explain this to Rupert ! "

" Who's Rupert ? " Kirwan asked.

Rupert Murdoch, the man who controls most of the western media, idiot !  He also insists that horror, death and misery headlines are important, to keep people living in fear. You’ve obviously never heard of the divide, distract and dominate principle ?  ”

“ I’m sorry, Sir John. “

Key continued: " You are the face of depression, not the mouthpiece, okay ? " Key thought better than to explain that Kirwan’s creases and wrinkles, his crows feet and squinty eyes also have the fear and misery factor. To keep people  gloomy.

“ Sorry again, Sir John, I’ll  try and remember all that.”


November 15

Recent media:

" United Future party members have decided unanimously to disband the party, according to a leaked email.

The email, purporting to be from fledgling leader Damian Light and circulating among party faithful, says members made the unanimous decision at the annual general meeting over the weekend.

The Herald has been unable to reach Light this evening and former United Future leader Peter Dunne declined to comment to NZME."

Hardly a surprise.This evil cunt, who was heavily involved in introducing the killer synthetic drugs to NZ,  is depressed !

As per an appearance in the November 2016 Annual Prophesies,

" Dunne, Peter:

Politician " Dunny "  in for major downers  with Saturn depressing his Sun in Feb, May and Nov. Even bigger 2019 with Neptune attacking his Mars and Jupiter and Pluto over the North Node !  "


November 14

Last Thursday  listeners of the Auckland-based Indian radio station Humm Fm  got the name of my plunge trainer for Melbourne Cup day next year.

That was after bragging rights over last week’s Melbourne Cup day winner for trainer Wayne Hillis, Watch This Space, at $9.80.

Trainer W Hillis had been declared here for Melbourne Cup day 2017 as far back  as July 2012. Then on July 27  last on the radio station, so the Hummers have much more time  to save their rupees up for the big plunge on Tuesday November 6, 2018.

This Thursday, the Weekly Astrology Report, will have a topic of far less importance---massive turmoil for leading parliamentarians Jacinda Ardern, Winston Peters and Bill English next Autumn !

Also the new " San Francisco Pete " equivalent----Jacinda’s  partner Clarke Gayford !

With  logical reasons why Winston may have to retire around his 73rd birthday. After his appearance in the November 2016 Annual Prophesies:

Peters, Winston:

Politician acting very strangely in  his 72nd year, with Uranus zooming across his Mercury and Venus spots and Neptune doing same to Mars. April, June, Aug, Sept, Nov crucial with massive, difficult change from Pluto anti his Sun 2018.

Humm Fm, 106.2 fm ( NZ ) or via the website between 8.30 and 8.40 on Thursday mornings.


November 12

It was predicted here a month in advance beneath


October 11

Back on October 5  consideration  was being given to a first-ever Tongan victory over New Zealand in Rugby League.


It was noted back in May that Kiwis’ coach David Kidwell has Saturn whacking his Mars position mid-November.  Then I discover that his captain Adam Blair’s got serious Saturn-Sun restrictions in early December and Saturn squashing his Mars too,  somewhere between November 10 and 15 !

The Kiwis play Tonga in Hamilton on November 11. Over a bowl of top quality Tongan white Kava, matured after 5 years, a Tongan neighbour and I were contemplating Tongan giants like Andrew Fifita and Jason Taumalolo  wrecking the Kiwi defence, with backs like our former neighbour  Konrad Hurrell,  Michael Jennings, David Fusitu’a and Manu Vatuvei running in the tries….

And also contemplating the expected bedlam in Otahuhu. The last 3 Rugby World Cups have seen unauthorized Tongan street parades gridlocking the multicultural suburb. With the main street totally closed  one Monday afternoon and 8 stationary police cars  required to seal the feeder roads.”

Yesterday Tonga gained that first-ever win over the Kiwis in Hamilton, 28-22, after being 2-16 down at half-time.

Ironically on the day when that  TPPA  Pacific trade thing allegedly hit another brick wall at the talks  in Vietnam. There’s a new one:

TPPA= Tongan Palagi Pretenders Association------Palagi who dress in red and act like Tongans and drive their car round Otahuhu with a Tongan flag on top tooting at all the other Tongan cars and laughing their heads off.

As I did  again last night, along with hundreds of other cars and thousands of red and white flags. More than ever before...

Long ago, a joke was invented:

Q: What’s the difference between Otahuhu and the Holy Bible ?

A: In the Bible there are 3 wise men. In Otahuhu there are 3 white men.

One of them expressed his emotions on a live feed  of the celebrations on facebook last night:

" Get the army in I'm over this as a business owner "


November 10

The wonderful " uncertainty " of horse racing allows anybody to zoom in and get the spotlight.

As I was explaining to some senior Auckland gang members around the turn of the century, when Takanini’s  SUNLINE was the trans-Tasman champion.

Sunline was purchased for $35k but won 32  races from 48 starts and around $12 million in prize money !  A cheap way for some owners to become  very famous that got the gangsters thinking…….

Come 2017 and Sunline’s junior co-trainer Stephen McKee is on zero wins from 53 starters this season.

While Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum isn’t very happy either, as reported after his latest Melbourne Cup failure:

And because his racing operation, Godolphin, is kind enough to lodge its financial accounts with our corporate regulator, we know that last year – when the Sheikh managed to get five runners in the race – it reported a loss of more than A$91 million (NZ$100.7m). Up from a loss of A$55.7m (NZ$66.7m) the prior year. 

Accumulated losses have now topped A$614m (NZ$680m), but the accounts assure us that "the company is a for-profit entity and primarily involved in thoroughbred horse breeding and racing". 

The Champion Racing System ( above ) celebrates its 32nd birthday this month and I’ve been reflecting on some of the awesome clients who’ve been creaming it for years, with some of them  semi-literate and possibly unaware which end the bridle goes on.

Like a Tongan lady from Otahuhu, N, who contacted me upon recommendation, after getting stung by one of history’s biggest scams---“ Psychic Sister Rose.”

Psychic Sister Rose advertised her/his  prowess for selecting Lotto numbers in SUNDAY NEWS for around 20 years.  Strangely without a street  address that was required by law. This disgusting scam was the brainchild of a disgraced former lawyer named Derek Russell, who ultimately drank himself to death.

I pledged to help Tongan N get revenge on the sick media system , but she  had no knowledge of the internet, email, 0900 numbers or Trackside Channel.

So, for a reasonable fee, Tongan N was allowed to phone me on race mornings and get the oil for a large place punt.

She’d write the meeting name, horse name and numbers etc  on a piece of paper and hand it to the man in the TAB with her $100 for a place bet. Once I even had to spell out a steeplechaser named KEEN for her.

I’ve often promoted the brilliant racing investment method as a personal ATM, but Tongan N took it to a new level.  Unaware of the results, she’d just waddle up to the TAB next day and hand her ticket to the operator.

Her first 7 investments brought collects, averaging around  $160 for her $100 place investment. Then disaster, when the operator informed her that investment 8’s ticket was worthless, after only finishing 4th.

She phoned me, stressing that she wasn’t angry, just “ very surprised.” Her winning run resumed next time.

There was a Samoan taxi driver, whose son would later gain All Black honours, ringing me to express  his fears after a debut win bet from a  hurdler that led all the way at Te Rapa one April.

" You didn’t tell me it was a hurdle race ! I only knew that when the race began and I was shitting myself everytime it came to a fence ! "

I told Mr S  to harden up and get used to it. We’d be having  probably another dozen or more bets in jumping races before the winter was over.

Those were the days when we had weekly commitments and  a  0900 number, and between 70 and 90 investments a year.

Nowadays the service is only email, maybe 10-12 investments a year, with much bigger dividends. A brilliant form of compulsory saving, with those awesome returns ( see below  ) from a $200 start.

A  banking system that Mr Rothschild can’t fuck with…….


November 8

The Astrological system’s plundering continued yesterday with the Wayne Hillis-trained  WATCH THIS SPACE romping home at Ellerslie.

The $9.80 win dividend, in only our 2nd investment for the season, puts us way in front. Again.

With a new World Record set for a long-range horse racing certainty !

Google search “ Wayne Hillis Don Murray Melbourne ” and you’ll get the following:


 04 Jul 2012

And towards the end:

As always I am looking ahead and noticed some very amazing years for Wayne Hillis. Heaps of awesome Pluto and Uranusism through 2013 and 2014. With that amazing PLUTO-MARS trine in 2017 !

And the final leg in November. Especially 7, the first Tuesday, Melbourne Cup day to  racegoers. Don’t matter whether W P Hillis is at Flemington, Hanging Rock or back home somewhere, he will be buzzing.

Hopefully he lines up, to get us a nice win on November 7, 2017. And set a new world record for long-range racetipping…”

5 years, 4 months and 3 days is reasonably “ long range.”

Extremely awesome to be plundering such a corruption-laden industry that still fails to recognize the great science. Anyone seeking “ utu ” is welcome to join us.


Starting deposit $200 into TAB account

current season                   $980

final balance 2016-17        $1330

final balance 2015-16         $100

final balance 2014-15         $590

final balance 2013-14         $2370

final balance 2012-13         $340

final balance 2011-12         $4090

From a horse racing investment system that kicked off in November 1985. With balances obtained by placing $100 a win on selections from the Don Murray Racing System.

Email: for more details.


The figure in brackets is the return for every $1 if the same amount is invested for a win on each selection.  
 Since 2011:  106  investments, 28 wins 
Average win div $7.64  on a 26% winning strike rate ( Investment $1=$2.01 )

Since 2000:  730  investments, 244  wins.

 Average win $3.81  on a 33 % winning strike rate  ( Investment $1=$1.27 )  ( Yellow, black sash, Number 1, settles 5th )

Footnote: The previous World Record, also held by, labelled trainer Roger James on November 26, 2010, as a  “ certainty ” to win on December 26, 2013.

On December 26, 2013, R A James started 5 and managed a $16.50 winner. Ironically we didn’t back any, preferring an equally as well-aspected trainer Ralph Manning, who only lined up one----CIVICS ROCK winning the listed sprint at $28.50 !


November 7

I've only ever been to one Melbourne Cup and have had absolutely no desire to return.

Not because of a bad experience. Because of a brilliant day that would be very hard to beat. 40 years ago today, when Kiwi influences on the great race were  strong.

After I'd quit my menial job in Brisbane to hitch down, scoring work in a Mordialloc racing stable through a Kiwi mate from  recent NZ racing journalism days.

 An awesome day of partying with heaps of Kiwi acquaintances at Flemington on the first Tuesday in November 1977 and only one bet---Gold and Black, the Cup winner at $5.50. When the 24 starters in the Cup itself included 15 NZ-bred  horses and 8 NZ-bred jockeys, 3 of whom were  based in Melbourne.

5 of those 24 horses were actually trained in NZ. With the 1960s and 70s having 6 Kiwi-trained winners of the great race, but no success since 2001.

Today there is not one single NZ-based trainer or jockey involved. Only 2 in the field were bred in NZ.

Some “ Kiwi pride ” though, with 3 former NZ jockeys involved and former Foxton youth Chris Waller having a runner in the Cup today.

Melbourne Cup day has been very lucrative for Astrological race fans, including a  $55 winner for J Bart Cummings in the supporting race after the 1986 Cup.

On January 19, 2001, battling NZ jumps jockey Nathan Hanley was publicly labelled for the Cup Day Hurdles in November. Next month he shifted to Melbourne, ultimately landing the ride on $16 shot Lesvos Ruler on Cup day. Unfortunately 2nd was Hanley’s lot, but a $3.95 place dividend……..

We haven’t had a Melbourne Cup day investment since 2014, winning with Cambridge trainer Shaune Ritchie’s Atacama at $6 on the Flemington track. ( Ritchie’s wife had been forewarned of this buzz some 53 weeks beforehand.)

All racing has been good to us, with every $1 invested on the freaky Astrological method since the year 2000 began returning $1.27.

A new investment method was introduced 7 years ago, with every $1 since then returning $1.99.

Today we’re having a crack at a world record…….


November 5

Astrology proves that lucky bastards are born.

Unlucky ones, too, but few more fortunate than champion horse trainer Chris Waller having TWO GRAND TRINES in his natal chart.

One Grand Trine is very rare, but two ?

The Grand Trine occurs when 3 planets from separate signs are in harmony. i.e like Sagittarius, Leo and Aries. This harmony brings ease of opportunity and being in the right places at the right times.

In C Waller's case, Aquarius, Libra and Gemini, the Air signs, with the closeness of the numbers providing greater impact.

There's the wonderful control of the love planet Venus at Aquarius 2, in perfect harmony with energetic Mars ( Gemini 2 ) and powerful Pluto ( Libra 6 ). For the lover, very good for marriage, children and dealing with animals. ( C. Waller and his sweetheart from schooldays are still together with 2 children.)

Then consider communicator Mercury and fortunate Jupiter, locked together at Aquarius 28 and 29 respectively. Great for optimism and decision-making, notably strengthened by brilliant Uranus ( Libra 27 ) and controlling Saturn ( Gemini 27 ).

Strength in the natal chart brings the self-control to ward off the temptations of, so vital in racing, the punt, the piss, pussy and P.

43 year-old Waller hit a pinnacle last month with Winx winning the W.S Cox Plate at Moonee Valley for the third consecutive time.

The same C Waller who was " a dreamer " to many when he arrived in Sydney with 2 horses back in 1998 at age 24. Nowadays he’s the King of Sydney, with 38 of his charges scheduled to race in 3 states this Tuesday.

Many dreamers fail in an industry often described as the " boulevard of broken dreams."

Less chance if you were born to get all the breaks from possessing a pair of awesome Grand Trines....


November 3

Tomorrow's Tonga-Samoa Rugby League clash in Hamilton takes me back 25 years to a very memorable day........

Saturday October 31  1992:

 The day of the Pacific Cup rugby league Grand Final at Carlaw Park, Auckland:  Western Samoa v Tonga.

 Of special interest to me, with one of my earns being a fresh shellfish delivery business in the very colourful Otara region, where every family seemed to have a relly playing in the Pacific Cup. The majority of my customers were Samoans and I had 2 mates playing for Western Samoa, whom I would naturally be supporting.

 Saturday begins with a trip to  Otara  to collect monies from a few customers. And a brilliant omen in running into Samoan Joe Kaiser when I dropped into the Otara fleamarket. Joe was a contemporary and mate from Mt Albert Grammar I hadn’t seen for 22 years. The school’s chief larrikin then, now assisting his brother Steve, the coach of Western Samoa !

 Next stop is to collect some coin from a Tongan, Mr M. Who many months earlier had been shocked out of his brain when opening the door to a palagi greeting him with “ Malo’e lei lei, Sianna masalo, paaka, tukumisi.”

 Very happy to have a white fella delivering fresh mussels, crabs or kina to his doorstep. Today, 2 youths in his backyard who’d been up all night supervising the spit roasting of several pigs. Only natural to suggest to Mr M that “ it’ll be good to have a big feast after your team gets beaten today.”

 The earth rumbled as Mr M flew into a mock rage. Peace was restored when we agreed to a wager----- a spit-roasted pig on the result.

 A memorable occasion, with large chunks of Tongan Red and Samoan Blue in the grandstand. Worried I was, though, as Western Samoa trailed until the last minutes of the game and drew level with a converted try. Into extra time, a set amount unlike  “ golden point ” and still looking bad after Tonga kicked a penalty goal.

 A minute from defeat, Western Samoa pinned on their own line. Paddy Tuimavave broke and passed to Logan Campbell, an appropriately-named  centre. Only the Tongan fullback to beat,  Franklin Fonua, whose uncle John Fonua had been a renowned streetfighter and Mt Albert Grammar contemporary as well.

 Logan Campbell centre chips over Fonua and regathers. In pass to Paddy's bro' Paki Tuimavave and 40 metres later he’s  beneath the black dot with a powerful fist pump !

Polynesian cultures accept what happens. They don't grizzle and moan and blame the ref or the bloke that missed a vital tackle or goal kick.

They move on, for the camaraderie is more important. And the giant feast afterwards.

I waived my winning pig and in lieu accepted a large plate  at Mr M's feast that evening........


November 1

It's easy for an Astrologer to become a waka jumper.

To run with the hares then hunt with the hounds, or change your allegiance like Jason Taumalolo.

Consider the Black Caps. There was that phenomenal prophesy on TV3, January 1, 2013 that charted coach Mike Hesson for major improvement on his predecessor, John Wright, whose demise had been confidently forecast 2 years previously. Notable was a “ Uranus-Node buzz ” to be assisting Hesson as far ahead as February 2014, when his Black Caps would absolutely whitewash India.

A different story in the November 2016 Prophesies on

" Hesson, Mike:

Black Caps coach hampered by Uranus-Mercury turmoil May/June and Oct. Worse in 018 with Uranus-Mars turmoil  in March, May/June and October."

The media of October 30 reported that the Black Caps have fallen just short of securing the maiden ODI series win on Indian soil to continue Hesson's very disappointing year.

The hosts have won the third ODI by six runs after defending 337 with New Zealand making 331 for six in their 50 overs.

Often the narrowest defeats have the most dramatic consequences in Astrological terms.

No point in grumbling, remembering that the Annual Prophesies of November 2016 have a reasonably phenomenal hit rate of 53 rights and 3 wrongs so far.

But there shall always be grizzlers about the touch judge who made a bad call or the prop that should have been red carded.The terribly inhibited who shall feel the need to seek approval for their theories from a media scab like legendary woman basher Tony Veitch.

Remembering one of many great wisdoms of coaching legend Wayne Bennett:

" You're only a failure when you start blaming other people."

Far more logical to blame the planets.........


October 30

“  Champion jockey Damien Oliver will miss the Melbourne Cup ride on last year’s winner Almandin after being found guilty of improper riding and given a hefty suspension at Moonee Valley on Saturday.

Oliver fronted stewards over the tactics he adopted down the straight the first time in the Cox Plate on Happy Clapper.

Stewards issued a 20 meeting penalty noting it’s a “serious charge” and they are “mindful of the upcoming meetings”.

Oliver’s ban starts after Sunday’s Sale Cup day and he will miss the entire four-day Melbourne Cup carnival before he can return to the saddle at the Pakenham night meeting on November 16.

Hardly surprising, considering an appearance in the Annual Prophesies,, last  November 26:

" Oliver, Damien:

Former champion jockey hindered by Pluto-Mercury and Uranus-Mars issues until Feb 018. March, April, May, Nov crucial."

D Oliver's chaotic 2017 also included the cancelling of  his contract to spend the winter away from cold Melbourne riding in much warmer Mauritius.

While Winx's third consecutive  Cox Plate win was decreed just a few hours after last year's effort, here on October 24, 2016:

" So I had a look at the progressions to October 28, 2017 for Chris Waller and soon after produced a ginormous expletive ! Sensationally brilliant Mercury-Neptune and Moon-Uranus progressions for this Foxton-born genius on W S Cox Plate day next year ! "

Ironically, D Oliver was our hero when the very profitable Champion Racing System ( above ) had its last investment in a Cox Plate---2001.

When NZ mare Sunline was going for a threepeat, too, but had her chances extinguished 6 months earlier in TRUTH newspaper courtesy of Astrological complications affecting the McKee partnership which trained her.

Conqueror Northerly got the “ certainty ” label 3 months before the great race when D Oliver was booked. Northerly beat Sunline and returned $3.70 for the win. Much better than the $1.16 for Winx on Saturday !

While Sunline’s junior co-trainer, Stephen McKee, not firing without father Trev, sits on 0 wins from 41 runners this season.

Of course he, too, made an appearance last November, in the “ Cancer ” section like D Oliver:

McKee, Stephen:

Horse trainer with progress  seriously  hampered by Uranus-Moon and Neptune-Venus complications in domestic matters. March, July, Aug very troublesome.”


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