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June 29

Early in life I had my doubts about " christianity " and the  bible story.

My catholic schoolmates spoke of  not being allowed to eat meat on Fridays and  being in " mortal  sin "  if you missed mass on Sundays !

At an anglican church Sunday school we were  shown a film of sinners getting tossed into the fires of hell. Those sinners who’d failed to bring " the Lord " into their lives, but I took my father’s advice and ignored it all.

Dad’s father was a presbyterian, his mother a catholic but he chose to follow neither.

Adolescence brought the realisation that catholics were against contraception and sex before marriage was another mortal sin !

A visit to a world renowned clairaudient proved that  " hell " didn’t exist. The clairaudient described very accurately 2 of the craziest youths of my youth being " up there " in the same place as  my remarkably pleasant catholic grandmother !

Astrological magnificence brought the realisation that all bad behaviour is predetermined, notably  with the 5th House governing matters like sports, games, speculating, creative activities and pre-marital relationships.

Pluto, Uranus and Neptune here can supervise flings, unplanned children, perversion and abortions. Just as their presence in House 8 that rules post-marital activity and death produces  separation and suicide. Etc. I have wondered at the likelihood that most of the ginormous number of paedophile priests who’ve been outed  were born with serious depression aspects---Venus blocks, Scorpio Moons, Mars in House 12 etc---- that drive so many to commit heinous crimes.

On the other hand, Buddha accepts these happenings, knowing full well that his selected 12 animals are capable of committing all sins. From fun-loving, irresponsible HORSES and  super-energetic TIGERS to crafty, timid little RATS and  cunning, scheming MONKEYS…….

Buddha’s 12 Animals  harmonise nicely with 12  Signs, 12 Houses and 12 main Planets of Astrology.

As well as a kind, humble, forgiving person, Buddha’s also a wonderful host and restauranteur.

A Thai girlfriend introduced me to  " Lunch at the Temple " that starts around 11 each morning. Everyday, and all are welcomed, with the mainly Thai guests bringing their  offerings of food. After chanting and prayers, the Monks ( 2 in Otahuhu ) eat first from low tables while the guests make wishes outside and water the plants from goblets.

When the Monks have finished, the low tables are moved across the room and there’s usually more different dishes than guests. We sit on the floor, males heavily outnumbered and when the sumptuous feast is over, snaplock bags are filled with the remaining Nams,  Laabs, Tom Yums or Sweet Black Rice pudding and Taro mousse for all to take home.......

Buddhists aren’t renowned for  waking at  4 am in winter to watch a yacht race on television. They’d be more concerned with NZ’s 41,000 homeless or those in training to defend NZ’s tenure on the World Youth Suicide Cup. ( see below )

Buddha’s  already hundreds of boat lengths in front of Jesus  in their own private war…..


June 27

‘Twas 44 years ago this August I joined the NZ HORRID  as a cadet racing reporter.

It was then known as the NZ HERALD. A leader in its field, with a proud tradition of honest and fair reporting. So strict and staid, with christian names seldom used.

One of my senior colleagues claimed that reading the morning Herald was the highlight of his day. At times horse racing journalism was exciting enough to consider staying there forever, but after 3.8 years I was asked to move on.

Even now, as I contemplate the wonders of each day, I gaze across at the Southern Motorway and think back 40 years. Had I been a well-behaved  Herald youth, I could  still  be in one of those cars crawling slowly into work and in a senior position arranging headlines to inspire  the nation.

Recent pearls on the Herald website that could have been my creation like:    

Haunting images from inside the gutted Grenfell Tower show horror of London fire…….. 'Don't do it, daddy, don't do it!' Traumatised guests share wedding horror stories………. A Kiwi security guard is standing trial for allegedly bashing a man, breaking the man’s jaw and knocking out teeth…… Inside the squalor where 'feral' tenants were living……. Big Read: How tiny Christchurch infant Ihaka Stokes' killer Troy Taylor's litany of lies unravelled……. Young schoolchildren are still haunted by what they survived — and lost — as horror struck a school playground……. Zookeepers pushed a live donkey into the jaws of three hungry tigers with no escape………A motorist who collided with a cyclist, then got out of his car to beat him up, has been labelled a “moronic bogan” by a judge…….London terrorists were lunging to stab another victim before being shot dead by police. WARNING: Graphic content……… The parents of an 18-month-old beaten to death by his babysitter can't get past how they let the “predator” into their home……Horrific details have emerged in court about the final moments of Queenie Karaka as her killer is sent to jail…….The harrowing sound of dying bees haunts a Whanganui beekeeper who has been forced to destroy five of his hives….Two baby girls have died after being left in a hot car to "cry themselves to sleep".

Inspiring  Kiwis each day to  realise what a wonderful world we are in  and why there are so many reasons to continue living ?

As recently reported by the BBC:

Think of New Zealand and what likely comes to mind is beautiful nature - fjords, mountains and magnificent landscapes, vast, empty and endless.

But for years already, the country has been struggling with another form of isolation - depression and suicide.

A new report by Unicef contains a shocking statistic - New Zealand has by far the highest youth suicide rate in the developed world.

A shock but no surprise - it's not the first time the country tops that table.

The Unicef report found New Zealand's youth suicide rate - teenagers between 15 and 19 - to be the highest of a long list of 41 OECD and EU countries.

The rate of 15.6 suicides per 100,000 people is twice as high as the US rate and almost five times that of Britain.

Even if, post-Herald, my Astrological studies have  discovered formulae for depression, suicide and abused children, New Zealand’s latest gold medal “ achievement ” must still be very concerning……


June 25

Recent media:

John Hopkins is an 80-year-old retired MI5 agent and has made a series of controversial claims since being told he has weeks to live.

An article from has said that since being released from a hospital in London on Wednesday, John has claimed to have been involved in 23 assassinations for the British intelligence agency between 1973 and 1999, including Princess Diana.

John worked for MI5 for 38 years as an operative and has claimed that he was used as a hitman to discreetly assassinate individuals considered a threat to the security of the UK.

The 80-year-old has said that during the period of June 1973 and December 1999 when he was involved in the assassinations “the MI5 operated with less external oversight”. John said he was part of a cell of seven operatives who carried out political assassinations on people such as politicians, activists, journalists and union leaders.

John claims to feel “ambivalent” about Princess Diana’s death but according to him she was placing the British crown at risk.

“She knew too many Royal secrets. She had a huge grudge and she was going to go public with all sorts of wild claims."

"I’d never killed a woman before, much less a princess, but I obeyed orders. I did it for Queen and country.”

John has also said that the Palace also took control of the media to square their stories, make sure everybody was on the same page. It was a well run operation.”

“British journalists all answer to editors who answer to oligarchs who all want knighthoods from the crime family at Buckingham Palace. There is no free press in Britain,” said Mr. Hopkins.

“We got away with murder.”

The claims of John have gone viral with Royal fans around the world fearing the conspiracy theory may hold some truth.

From the archives,, August 2013: ( The “ boy wonder ” actually worked under John Hopkins.)

But the murder of Princess Diana in 1997 is almost unsurpassable.

And I wonder, if Prince Harry or Willie or any of the other Royals have done any deep reading on the subject and concluded that there was a high probability that Harry’s grandpa was the fellow who ordered his mother’s death ? In the accident, caused by a “ highly intoxicated chauffeur.”

I  know this boy wonder from NZ  who got into the British army at age 18 courtesy of dad’s heritage. His prowess got him into the  specialists who got sent to various parts of the world  to do certain jobs, but his attitude to authority ( as a Scorpion born in a Firehorse Year ) got him dismissed.

Subsequently scoring a job as a widely-travelled contract killer left him with no regrets, other than a very exciting  job  in Eastern Europe being cancelled at the last minute.

In which a vehicle carrying an extremely  troublesome politician was to  be zapped by a very powerful strobe light from a troublesome motorcycle  and forced to crash in the tunnel ( like the Princess Di scenario ). And my mate was to have been the pillion !

Post-accident his driver would have slowed then returned to the  scene, and pillion would have simply had to syringe the driver full of lethal alcohol. Then they would have sped off into the moonlight.

And, just like  the Princess Diana " accident ," blame on  a drunk driver, even if her driver  had spent the  evening in the company of two  SAS-type bodyguards, one of whom was in the front seat of the fatal vehicle. And didn’t know his driver was " highly intoxicated " ?

Had the " accident " not happened, Prince Harry himself would by now have a  younger  Arabian half-bro or sister . As if the lords of the Royal House of Windsor would wish to have that bestowed upon the noble bloodline, with grandpa Phil known to have described Princess Di’s middle-eastern " Donald " as an  " oily bedhopper ."

Powerful people only have to snap their fingers and major problems get eliminated.

The bottom line being Princess Di’s natal chart, and the condition of  House 8 which includes the description of death. Destructives  like Pluto, Uranus and Mars therein  have more inclination to a planned, dramatic murder than an accidental death.

House 8 also has relevance to sexual  and post marital matters, indicating plenty of unusual, Uranian activity there for Princess Di and also the likelihood that she were pregnant when the life ended.


June 23

When you’ve got  an awesome investment system that’s  returned  102%  interest over the last 6.5 years,  there ain’t too much wrong with NZ horse racing.

99% of professionals  would disagree of course, but they ain’t  subscribers to the CHAMPION RACING SYSTEM ( above ).

It is rather noteworthy, though,  that " RACING "  isn’t easy to find on the NZ Herald website, being ranked number 17 in the list of  " SPORTS. "

There was a time when it was part of the great Kiwi trifecta---" Rugby, Racing and Beer. " A combination of corruption and cronyism, lazy racecourse detectives and Racing Integrity Unit officials along with the cowardly cocksuckers of the media have helped the demise of the once noble industry.

Consider a recent posting on the RACECHAT site by  "  Rays Son "

( Cast: 71 year-old, Trackside Radio  presenter Peter Earley last Saturday with his long-time drinking buddy, 69 year-old Brian Delamore, a retired concrete worker and hospitality officer at his wife’s South Auckland pub.)

" So Earley gets Brian Dallimore [who ???] on to give nz the bully on the pick6..Dalli thinks its at Trentham,
doesnt have scratchings and admits he has had 6 beers today already.He then proceeds to look at Ruakaka feilds
and pick out 4 horses in each as he goes along.
So us the unwashed,dodo audience are expected to take this seriously.
Who is Brian Dallimore ?? oh the publican who is matey with the McKees.
He has been on the drink all morning, and has done no prep on Ruakaka.
And 4 horses in each leg of pick 6 comes to a spend of around $3000:00
Brilliant I will be straight down to the TAB with my 3 grand, cos I couldnt get near it with FOUR picks per leg
best to take advice from the FORM GURU.
. "

Some would call  NZ racing’s only  radio station  the " shop window " ?


June 21

Recent media:

Tony Abbott has rated Bill Shorten favourite to win the next federal election, while blasting his own Liberal Party branch in NSW for trying to freeze out ordinary people as members.

Barely disguising his attitude towards Malcolm Turnbull, Mr Abbott said yesterday the British election result in which the Jeremy Corbyn-led Labour Party performed much better than expected showed how voters punished complacent governments.”

WTF would he know Abbott’s hardly got any credentials as a soothsayer and is not recorded as having forecast his own shortened term as  Prime Minister of Australia,  from September 2013 to September 2015.

While there was an  appearance in the Annual Prophesies,, November 26, 2014 !

Abbott, Tony:

Australian Prime Minister enveloped in chaos May, October and March 016 with Uranus attacking his Jupiter. Worse in 2017 when Pluto takes over.”

Then Shorten made an appearance in the November 2015 Annuals:

Shorten, Bill:

Massive comedown and negative energy  for Australia’s opposition leader while Pluto attacks Mars between Feb and Dec.

No surprise, therefore, that Shorten got hammered in the 2016 general election. So why is Abbott suddenly promoting Shorten for the next edition ?

Obviously Abbott’s employed a hacker and found a preview of the Annual Prophesies, for November 2017 !

Shorten, Bill:

Uranus-Jupiter  career turmoil for Aussie politician ends in April but replaced by awesome, advancing Pluto trines to his Sun and Mercury until late 019.”

“Turnbull, Malcom:

Incredible reversals  for Australian Prime Minister with Uranus attacking his Sun, Jupiter and Mars. April, May, June, Sept, Oct, Nov 2018 chaotic, also Jan, Feb, March 019.


June 19

You can never stress too much the importance of having your captains and coaches under positive Astrology.

With the beauty of such a confused world being that so many haven’t got a clue about the world’s oldest science. My job would be a lot more difficult if every team had their main men under awesome Uranus and Pluto transits, or solar arcs and progressions !

Today’s media:

Unstoppable Pakistan crush India by 180 runs to win Champions Trophy final

A brilliant century from Fakhar Zaman laid the platform for Pakistan’s total and then Mohammad Amir took three wickets as India collapsed to a humiliating defeat.

From the Annual Prophesies,,  November 26, 2016:

Kumble, Anil:

Turmoil continues for Indian cricket coach with Uranus-Sun harassment until late March, with major Neptune stresses around Feb,May, July, Oct, Dec.”

Kohli, Virat:

Indian cricket champ hampered by Saturn-Moon setbacks Jan, June, Oct and Uranus-Mercury attacks in June, Sept. Major close relationship issues around July from a difficult Mars progression. ”


June 17

The mentally ill are invariably a source of great amusement.

They  become very good at  telling lies, especially those who gain a high profile in the media.

Consider mentally-ill blogger Cameron Slater a.k.a Whaleoil, who achieves very little apart from making unnecessary trouble and lining lawyers' pockets with all of his defamation cases.

A media acquaintance was raving about Slater back in November 2009. I was only interested in Slater’s Astrological makeup, so his number was dialled and the phone handed to me.

Slater gave his birthdate and immediately I went to the relevant ephemeris page and scanned his planets, identifying an horrific 2-3 years  phase when destructive Pluto was hammering his Mars and Jupiter positions. Normally a time of depression and major career upheaval, but Slater denied that those years had produced anything untoward.

I moved to another potentially disastrous Uranus-Jupiter phase---“ shit, next year “--- and advised Slater to locate a birthtime from mother and get some serious evaluation !

No further action from Slater. Google search discovered that Slater’s  " horrific 2-3 years  of Pluto destruction " coincided with his first major savaging from the Black Dog. When he sunk into a massive depression after a business partnership went ugly enough to force him to sell the family home.

Other research had discovered that  the Mars-Pluto-Uranus union in Slater’s own planets was one of the classics for depression  and a major mid-life crisis-----similar in the charts of the legendary Sir John Kirwan, fellow New Zealanders Michael Laws, Warwick Roger, Keith Murdoch and horse racing’s infamous methamphetamine addicts Lisa Cropp and Tony Allan. Also foreigners like  George Michael, Hillary Clinton, Robin Williams and Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys……..

In May 2010  I became aware that I had wasted 3 minutes of my precious time trying to warn Slater. News broke about him breaching his  medical  conditions and  an insurance company stopping  payments. Again Slater had to sell the family home, subjecting his poor wife and 2 kids to rental illness !

Call it " great amusement " but I was recently wondering about how one of Astrology’s fellow old timers----Yoga---could help the mentally ill. The beginnings of Yoga were developed by the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India over 5,000 years ago. Simple breathing and stretching exercises that produce a feeling of euphoria and well-being.

Something I’d been into a few years back and resumed a few months ago after some gentle prodding from a  Mexican surgeon working at the awesome Otahuhu recreation centre as a swimming instructor and yoga teacher.

Ms Mexico soon had me hooked. Two or 3 hour-long sessions, included in the $15 weekly we pay for all the gym, boxing, basketball, sauna, spa and swim facilities we want.

Yoga’s not as popular  as drinking beer and watching the All Blacks with males, who are heavily outnumbered by the fairer sex at the Otahuhu classes. But new ground was broken  when I finally managed to persuade a couple of retired,  Polynesian rugby league players to have a crack.

Descriptions like " amazing stuff, bro’ " and  " the next level " followed. Another brilliant way  to stay young and enthusiastic. The 2 league guys returned next session and brought along another mate. And those 3 have persuaded the Otahuhu Leopards’ current half back to have a crack at Yoga next week !

You can only wonder how Yoga might benefit Slater, Sir John Kirwan or " medication Mikey " among many others…….


June 15

Horseyheads are naturally very reluctant to accept the world’s oldest science.

Astrology is for humans, people persons and doesn’t concur with the racing rating system. As I was recently trying to explain to one of the Tongan community’s most respected freedom fighters.

Will Ilolahia, sought out for a special “ thanks brother ” by the anti-apartheid legend Nelson Mandela on  his first trip to NZ. Mandela spoke of the great elation of the prisoners in Robben Island in 1981 after the famous cancelling of the Waikato match during the Springboks tour. A classmate from Mt Albert Grammar, Will had been one of the ringleaders in the great protest movement and heading for a long jail stretch with his comrades but the police case failed.

Whereas older cultures from Polynesia,Asia and black Africa etc gauge success by the amount of love that surrounds you, it’s very different in the horse industry. A person is judged by the number of  “ group one ” successes amassed as either a trainer, jockey, owner or breeder !

The pursuit of group one glory can be very expensive, emotionally and financially, wrecking families and sending many to the poor house. Of course the blind passion a racehorse inspires is not conducive to seeking wisdom from the higher powers, with a recent example:

' Donna Logan and Chris Gibbs' Queensland plans haven't gone according to script, but they remain in the hunt for a group one prize.

The Ruakaka trainers' hopes will rest with Here He Comes in the Queensland Derby with another horror gate highly likely to force the scratching of the precocious youngster Qiji Phoenix from the J.J. Atkins.

"His barrier of 15 makes it virtually impossible," Logan said. "From where they start at Doomben it's just too tough." '

Ms Logan did seek  an Astrological opinion way back in December 1991, interrupting as I was explaining Astrological magnificence to another woman:

“ So you mean to say that it’s in the stars for me to spend the rest of my life married to this xxxx ? ”  Shocked and taken aback, I was, as Ms Logan and nearby husband had become parents just a couple of weeks earlier !

Without my tools of trade, I was unable to answer the question then, but there was some advice in the Annual Prophesies, on November 26 last year:

Logan, Donna:

Horse racing’s  " Mrs Bogan " on  a major slowdown with Pluto and Saturn  complications. Feb, May, June, Nov, Dec temperamental with dramatic Uranus-Sun reversals 018.

3 runs in Queensland for Gibbs and Logan didn’t even produce one place dividend in “ May, June.”

These “ Pluto and Saturn complications ” can also affect holidaymakers, too. With the article on May 14 showing just how “ Pluto and Saturn complications ”  are currently hindering British and Irish Lions coach Warren Gatland and his 2 main coaching staff !


June 13

It’s hardly a surprise that  mental illness " experts " cower away from the amazing Astrological science.

It’s too simple, too logical  as I discovered again with a psychotherapist named Kyle MacDonald, who writes a column in the NZ Herald occasionally.

Of course writing for the modern day NZ Herald is hardly  a recommendation for anything. It’s filthy and pathetic, a dirty, desperate tabloid.

Nothing doing with MacDonald as far as Astrological enlightenment goes, confirming my consideration that he’d be just another  narrow-minded, sad prick like NZ’s great suicide expert "medication Mikey " King.

MacDonald sounded almost tearful, dismissing Astrology because of something  offensive  I’d posted on the internet. Definitely reluctant to  discover the Astrological experience that can often take only half an hour.

Not always, though.  A  budgeted  half an hour recently for a 24 year-old lady turned into 90 minutes. She got talking and poured out her deep secrets. While her driver waited outside, after accepting that Astrological experience is one-on-one and strictly confidential.

Many cases of worried mothers getting troublesome daughters analysed, unaware that the daughter’s already had the Astrological experience. Along with husbands and wives unaware that the other’s already been to get their marriage problems analysed ! In strict confidence, of course.

Here was a 17 year-old girl last week, grinning  then glancing triumphantly  over at her mother during the description of her Cancer Rising sign---- “ ultra-sensitive, moody, changeable, needs a secret cave to retire to….”------- the reason she spends so much time hibernating in her room !

There was a another lady, aged 25, who shared the secret marriage that lasted for 2 months and none of her family knew about. She came to understand her own Venus-Saturn complications and learned when the darkened tunnel would soon be illuminated. An option that " cry baby Kyle " and  " medication Mikey " don’t have………

Astrological magnificence encourages deep thought and old style communication. Which, to be fair, is not easy for average K.I.W.I------ “ Keen Interest Without Intelligence.

K.I.W.I has enough on his plate, worrying about Team NZ and the Black Caps whilst automatically committed to putting the boot into Ben Ainslie, the NZ Warriors, the British Lions and Aussie rugby teams.

This, as reported, might even concern old K.I.W.I------ “ The number of children and teenagers on Prozac-style anti-depressants has soared 98 per cent in the last 10 years to a total of nearly 15,000 young people last year.”

Maybe not. Nah, so much easier to turn on telly and open a beer…….


June 11

Long ago, before the despots and Zionists  tried to destroy Astrology, great emperors would always seek higher assistance before planning a campaign.

Caligula or Nero would summon the court Don to see if Pluto and Uranus were favourable for the generals and captains in question.

Particularly crucial for  cricket teams after the incredible prophesies over the last 20 years. Nothing could beat the perfect day selected for super batsman Martin Crowe 10 months in advance that brought 193 not out on that very day.

The 1990s also had amazing prophesies on Glenn Turner, Geoff Howarth and Stephen Fleming  with more recent sensations involving John Wright, Mike Hesson,  Brendon McCullum and Kane Williamson ( March 2017 ! )  from the Black Caps, as well as foreigners like M S Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Michael Clarke etc

Poor old average K.I.W.I---" Keen Interest Without Intelligence "--- hasn’t got a clue about the higher powers and many reacted very badly to yesterday’s awesome news:

Bangladesh turned a batting collapse into a Champions Trophy thriller, chasing a target of 266 to defeat New Zealand by five wickets with 16 balls to spare in Cardiff.

The result ousts the Black Caps from the tournament after their middle to lower order batting again stumbled in the death overs.

Bangladesh had never beaten New Zealand in six previous ODIs at international tournaments.”

Only “ awesome news ” for those who understand the Astrological Experience and those who like lightening the bookmakers, with “ June ” very prominent in some of last November’s Annual Prophesies, !

Williamson, Kane:

Gun cricketer harassed by Neptune-Mercury  and Uranus-Jupiter negativity until March 018. March, June, Sept 017 especially testing.”

Hesson, Mike:

Black Caps coach hampered by Uranus-Mercury turmoil May/June and Oct. Worse in 018 with Uranus-Mars turmoil  in March, May/June and October.”


June 9

Back in April  I was looking into the  20s and 30s of the current century and some of the radical changes around communications.

Last week this appeared in the media:

No more petrol or diesel cars, buses, or trucks will be sold anywhere in the world within eight years. The entire market for land transport will switch to electrification, leading to a collapse of oil prices and the demise of the petroleum industry as we have known it for a century.

This is the futuristic forecast by Stanford University economist Tony Seba. His report, with the deceptively bland title Rethinking Transportation 2020-2030, has gone viral in green circles and is causing spasms of anxiety in the established industries.

Prof Seba's premise is that people will stop driving altogether. They will switch en masse to self-drive electric vehicles (EVs) that are 10 times cheaper to run than fossil-based cars, with a near-zero marginal cost of fuel and an expected lifespan of 1m miles.

How onto it is this guy, considering the  news of April 17 on ?

It’s already been noted that a cashless society will happen before the Year 2026.

Simply because in 2018 erratic and suddenly disruptive Uranus will be starting his tour of  the money sign Taurus for 8 years.

Thereafter the Zodiac’s  mad dog will spend the next 7 years in Gemini, the domain of the mind, communications and short journeys.

Cast your minds back to the year 1885, some 132 years ago. Revolutionary Pluto had just commenced his stay in Gemini, and  would be there for 28 years, until 1913.

Causing, as he does, major revolutions in Gemini matters like “ mind, communications and short journeys.” How ironic that Karl Benz invented the motor  car in 1885 and the aeroplane came along in 1903 !


“  Soon after Pluto’s grand entrance into Aquarius, crazy Uranus moves into Gemini ( 2026, until 2033 ) to cause all kinds of chaos in the the domain of the mind, communications and short journeys.

Relative to the 1885-1903 era and changes that came with motor vehicles and aeroplanes. You have to wonder about the future of the petrol engine, flying robots, mini helicopters and personal drones….

Pluto  moving into Aquarius in 2023 starts the robot age. Soon after electric cars, all connected to a national grid complete with CCTV cameras and trackers ?


June 7

Imagine having banked $1 every time someone has grumbled about the dramatically underperforming NZ Warriors Considering their horrifics again in 2017, I continually urge desolate fans to look on the bright side in their 23rd year.

Like rugby, rugby league provides incredible opportunities for earning and travel for dark-skinned youths, who might otherwise have been fated to careers in the Fisher and Paykel or Carter Holt factories. Very considered when you catch up with widely-travelled professionals from the Otahuhu region like " The Volcano " and  “ Chicken George.

Tongan-born, Mangere-raised Lesley Vainikolo  played rugby league for the Canberra Raiders and represented NZ before heading  to England for more, after  representing Tonga  in Rugby Sevens at the 2002 Commonwealth Games.

After playing league for the Bradford Bulls, the Volcano switched to rugby with Gloucester, applied for a British passport and played rugby for England in 2008. Unique, having represented 3 different nations and afterwards  a time playing rugby in France.

George Carmont  a.k.a Chicken George departed Otahuhu to play league for Newcastle in the Australian comp, then later Wigan in England as well as captaining Western Samoa. A few weeks shy of his 39th birthday, Chicken George is back playing for the Otahuhu Leopards, comp leaders in Auckland’s 2nd division Sharman Cup under the guidance of coaching great John Ackland.

The John Ackland who was assistant coach of the very underperforming NZ Warriors top side in 2009 and strongly recommended as the man to take over the following year, courtesy of awesome Pluto trines in his birthday planets.

Didn’t happen. NZ Warriors don’t subscribe to Astrological magnificence and gave J Ackland the Warriors Juniors job instead. Aided  by those awesome Pluto trines, J Ackland guided the Juniors to the Warriors’ first-ever Grand Final win in 2010 and again the following year.

Rather strangely the Warriors didn’t try to keep the widely-travelled Ackland and he resigned rather unhappily in 2013. Their loss, and I’ve made it very clear that their 2018 is going to be so much worse than this year. When the top side is 12th on the ladder and the Juniors bottom of their 16 with just one win from 13 matches…..

I have noted some Uranian awesomeness for J Ackland in 2019, with similarities to his halcyon 2010. He’d be the man to return to Mt Smart but I’d prefer to say " Fuck the Warriors " and keep him at Otahuhu.

They win the Sharman Cup this year and return to the first division, then  win the Fox Memorial  under the great Ackland in 2019 ?

With an emerging superstar in 19 year-old Geronimo Doyle, grandson of renowned entrepreneur Wayne Doyle.  " Geemo " the fullback kicked 7 goals from 7 shots in last Saturday’s 42-28 win over Ponsonby and scored 3 tries to boot……..


June 5

It’s been 30 or 40 years since the decadent NZ racing industry had any worthwhile cult figures in the mainstream media.

Long gone are the days of Hoss, Little Joe and Adam of Bonanza or Uncle Buck and Mano of High Chaparral. Even Mr Ed. Free advertising when there were Westerns on TV most evenings, educating the masses to the wonders of the noble horse and inspiring them to attend racemeetings.

When, to be fair, you couldn’t bet on anything other than racehorses in NZ until the TAB introduced sports betting in 1996.

No Westerns anymore, and no cult figures in mainstream, as per the rugby and league equivalents of recent times like  Kieran Foran, Dan Carter, Ali Williams, the late Sione Lauaki, Konrad Hurrell, Kevin Locke and many others.

“ Bad boys ” take fan enthusiasm to a new level. Sex scandals, drugs, alcohol, violence and gambling remind the masses that their idols are human. Although the dopies of racing promotion don’t think that way.

They ignore the champion jockey who was once paying $900 weekly in child support for 3 kids to as money different mothers. As he regularly races against 3 of his female jockey exes.

And NZ boasts  the only gay jockey in the world to have won a national premiership  but it’s so sadly underpublicized. Could be a great attraction to the ever increasing numbers of “ turd burglars ”and “ bum bandits,” without forgetting that he did once win a Wellington Cup for one of the nation’s most  famous “ dirt track riders. ”

And now there’s a 50 year-old  jockey, who won the Melbourne Cup at age 21 before succumbing to methamphetamine addiction, on the comeback trail after 12 years away from race riding !

Yep, Tony Allan ( Empire Rose 1988 ) ran from the wife and 2 kids back in 2005, to sort his shit out and find “ God ”  in Japan.

Which could be deemed normal behaviour for one born in the Oriental Firehorse Year of 1966. Chinese parents are very reluctant to reproduce in the Firehorse time which fortunately only recurs every 60 years.

Firehorses don’t like being hitched to a stagecoach or confined to a small yard or stable for too long and parenting ain’t their long suit. With 1966 producing some classics in the decadent NZ racing industry.

Iconic riches to rags, compulsive gambler-jockey Shane Dye.

Alcoholic jumping great Craig Thornton, who like Dye made a comeback at age 46, and currently has a partner 25 years his junior.

Group One trainers Richard Dee, Ross Taylor and Richard Otto tired of the racing routine and moved on. Otto after serving home detention for defrauding the tax department.

Another is  ubiquitous Australian jumps rider Paul Hamblin who won NZ’s Grand National Steeplechase on his 50th birthday last August.


Ironically Tony Allan was deemed to be a serious substance abuser from the moment he arrived in November 1966. His 6th House in the chart, governor of health, diet and work contains the lethal mix of Uranus, Mars and Pluto.

The powerful trio anywhere brings great mental illness issues and a major mid-life crisis .i.e   Sir John Kirwan, blogger Cameron Slater and troubled horse trainer Paul Milich. In the 6th there are serious diet problems and frequently major health upheavals like cancer, meaning that T K Allan will need more regular check ups than most…….


June 3

Knowing when life shall  improve has to be a major advantage.

Any fraudulent scammer “ fortune teller ” can predict a Lotto win and a new house or a new love. But they are only to be taken seriously with an amazing revelation from your past they shouldn’t know about.

As per the educations for thousands of Newstalk ZB/Radiosport listeners every January for 18 years in my Annual Prophesies with Murray Deaker ONZM. The talkback lines were jammed as soon as I entered the studio, with so many keen for an assessment by Deaker’s  “ Astrologer extraordinaire. ”

From each caller’s date of birth I quickly located a revolutionary year in the past of Pluto action from the ephemeris. The masses, including Deaker were stunned at the accuracy of those “ very productive phases ” or  “ major changes ”  or “ downer years.”

Imagine a fellow named Tiger Woods coming for an Astrological enlightenment after another recent setback:

Former world No.1 golfer Tiger Woods has been arrested in South Florida on Monday morning local time on a charge of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, according to media reports.

Woods, who is second on the all-time list with 14 major titles, was taken into custody at about 3am near his Jupiter Island home and released hours later on his own recognizance, NBC affiliate WPTV reported.

The 41-year-old's representatives did not respond immediately to Reuters when asked to confirm the reports.

Woods, who is currently sidelined from competition after having his fourth back surgery in April, said last week that he felt better than he had in years and had no plans to retire from competitive golf.

Woodsy couldn’t doubt the brilliance of the world’s oldest science after his appearances in the Annual Prophesies, every November 26. Including the most recent, in 2016:

Woods, Tiger:

Chaos continues for the comeback golfer, with Uranus attacking his Mercury, and Saturn doing same to his Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven point. Jan, May, June, July, Oct  highlighted.

How interesting that “ May, June ” gets highlighted. Early in Woodsy’s lesson he would have learned of his Sun being officially at Capricorn 8 degrees and 57 minutes, and like all with a  December 30 birthday, same Sun would have been getting hammered in 2012 by revolutionary Pluto ( Capricorn 8 ) and  erratic Uranus ( Aries 8 ) the following year.

Chaos maximus for T Woods, and also legendary All Blacks captain Richie McCaw ( Dec 31 ) dealing with some serious personal issues after recently becoming single.

Next Woodsy would be shown the journey of mad dog Uranus through Aries, which doesn’t harmonise with Capricorn. Then, and a very big " then, " it would move into Taurus officially in May 2018. Taurus does like fellow earth sign Capricorn and would be moving around Taurus 8.57 in June 2020, also October and in 2021, March.

So Woodsy’s going to be getting enhanced, like R McCaw and others of Dec 30-31 by an awesome Uranus-Sun trine during that era.

Hang in there, chap, Uranus trines usher in a time of great positivity so there is reason to continue living…….


June 1

Only an absolute moron could seriously think that Cannabis is more harmful than alcohol.

Most of the anti morons have never even had a toke. They’re the types who dote on broadcasters like Leighton Smith and Mike Hosking and have grown up with legal alcohol, violence, car smashes and hangovers being as commonly accepted as “ christianity.”

There’s the crimson faces, pot bellies and brewer’s droop. And a few years back I started noticing a notable trend amongst contemporaries getting knee and hip replacements, prostrate and kidney stone operations. All were very regular drinkers…….

And, of course, no chance that the cannabis virgins have ever had a “ Donald Duck ” after sharing some primo bud during foreplay. Shame that, when you think of all the problems in close relationships……

Gareth Morgan, the wildcard of this year's election, wants Cannabis legalised if he plays a part in the next government - but he says the policy won't be a deal-breaker.

The Opportunities Party leader on Friday announced he wants to make the Class C drug legal for anyone over 20, under a system regulated by the government.

So it was only natural that I consider the positions in Gareth Morgan’s birthday planets and see how they’ll be coping on election night in September.

Like all with a  February 17 birthday, Morgan’s having his Aquarian Sun helped this year by a Uranus sextile from Aries. Peaks for him in August and early September of 2017 with another awesome helping in April next year but even more significant is a powerful Saturn-Pluto trine on the day after the September 23 election !

Even on election night, Morgan’s receiving an awesome Mercury-Chiron trine, that’s an accepted bringer of good news. Same night has the renowned anti-Cannabis moron Peter Dunne, general sicko and associate health minister, suffering disappointing Mercury aspects to both his Jupiter and Mars !

Dunny’s gonna be very pissed off with the result, Morgy the total opposite.

Could Morgy’s great poll success mean that, maybe, possibly, head-in-the-sand  K.I.W.I----- “  Keen Interest Without Intelligence ”---- is slowly waking up ?


May 30

There’s not too much wrong with horse racing when you’ve got an investment system returning 102% interest over the last 6.5 years.

There’s also plenty of idiots to laugh at, as per some recent mainstream media:

‘  The New Zealand thoroughbred racing industry is facing an employment crisis according to a leading administrator.

Trainers simply cannot find trackwork riders to work in their stables and the situation is getting worse, Wendy Cooper, executive officer for the New Zealand Trainers Association, said.

Cooper helps facilitate industry employment opportunities as part of her role and has been consistently fielding calls from trainers across the country desperate to find staff.

The association has 26 New Zealand stables on its books that are trying to find workers, four of which are in the Otago-Southland region.

"It is an ongoing problem, but it is getting worse," she said.’

Rather ironically one of Cooper’s cronies is a trainer involved in a hideous immigration scam. Something I stumbled upon last year when doing an Astrological enlightenment and the Indian recipient  mentioned her luckless cousin from Chandigarh, idle in Auckland, without his passport and owing an immigration lawyer $20k !

Desperate for work anywhere, the Chandigarh cousin had got sucked into a stablehand’s job with a horse trainer in NZ. 6.5 days a week for a pittance and the large debt to be serviced as he tried to send money back to India for his wife and child.

Over the years I’ve known many stablehands who frequently earn around half the minimum wage. As I recall  another slave in a northern stable who got severely bashed then sacked for refusing to work on his half-day off. Along with 4 fellow employees who didn’t want to stay up to midnight on a Guy Fawkes night calming horses for no extra pay !

That poor little slave had already done 7 hours work in the morning and was so looking forward to his weekly half-day off for dinner with the girlfriend and a movie.

He took his  complaint to the racecourse inspector, who was a fishing and golfing buddy of the basher. End of story. Ironically same racecourse inspector—John McKenzie—had been quoted in TRUTH 2 years previously about " the need to protect our rising stars, " after turning a blind eye to other bashings of wives and girlfriends by licenceholders !

( Rather ironically, again, McKenzie was a guest at the wedding of " the basher "  7 years later ! )

Ms Cooper’s  public grizzle was pointless and there is no way wages will ever improve. Or working conditions, so what about some incentive for the slaves ?

Over in Australia, Racing New South Wales is leading the way in most aspects and early in 2015 decided to break new ground and allocate 1.5% of all prize money to the licenced staff of trainers.

Meaning that, for example, champion Winx’s last win in a $4 million race earned some $35k for her trainer Chris Waller’s staff.

Even a 1%  for  Kiwis and NZ’s rock bottom  $10k races would have a $62 bonus for the  slaves. There’d be $6k plus  for the slaves of the Karaka Million winner every January.

Recently the NZ Racing Board  promised a further $6 mill for stake monies per season.  Apparently an average of $2500 extra per race. The trainers ( 10% ) and jockeys ( 5% )  automatically  get their cut and the jockeys even expect/demand  a further present ( sling ) as well.

Just imagine if  Cooper and cronies did something original and stepped a toe outside the square. And pushed for a stableslave’s percentage from the stake money ?

It wouldn’t stop the 6.5 day weeks and 12-hour days, the violence  or the serious alcohol and P addictions rampant in horse racing.

But dangling carrots always provide someone with hope……


May 28

Having your favourite sports team’s coach or captain out of form can be an extremely traumatic experience.

Coach seems to cop it more than anybody, with  NZ Warriors’ Steve Kearney currently centrestage in the stocks getting pelted with rotten fruit and tomatoes.

Just like All Blacks coaches L Mains, J Hart, J Mitchell and even the later knighted G Henry after horrific Rugby World Cup failures.

All, of course, had involved Astrological forewarning. Just like Indian cricket’s current villain Virat Kohli, subject of last Thursday’s weekly Astrology Report on the Auckland-based Indian radio station Humm Fm:

Vijay: and this week Don’s going to unravel all the problems around the Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli.

Don: Lots of problems, Vijay, I noted where Virat’s team got booted out of the premier league recently after a 5-match losing streak.

Pooja: No doubt you have a reason for this Don ?

Don: More the planets than me, Pooja, but Virat did make an appearance in last November’s Annual Prophesies   Quote  Kohli, Virat: Indian cricket champ hampered by Saturn-Moon setbacks Jan, June, Oct and Uranus-Mercury attacks in June, Sept. Major close relationship issues around July from a difficult Mars progression  Unquote.

Vijay: You’ve mentioned June and July quite noticeably. It’s May at the moment, so he’s unlikely to be improving in the near future.

Don: Yes Vijay, and knowing how passionate Pooja is about cricket, I had a special look at Virat Kohli for next year. Does Pooja want the bad news or the bad news ?

Pooja: Major decision that. I’ll settle for the bad news.

Don: For November 2017 quote    Kohli, Virat: Another troubled  year for Indian cricket great. Uranus-Mercury opposition hinders Feb and March, then a  difficult  Mars progression around Oct 018. Saturn-Venus problems restrict his happiness in    Feb, May, Nov. unquote.

Vijay: Oh dear. Time to start scanning your files, Don, to find an new captain for the Indian cricket team.

Pooja: That becomes top priority.

Next week’s chore.


May 26

Recent media:

Billionaire turned bankrupt Nathan Tinkler has been banned by ASIC from managing companies for three years and nine months.

Tinkler, along with fellow directors Donna Dennis and Troy Palmer, received the bans on Wednesday due to information in reports provided by liquidators working on Tinkler's failed companies.

The corporate regulator cited "multiple serious failures" in their duty as directors of companies that included his racing empire Patinack Farm.

From the Annual Prophesies,, November 26, 2015:

Tinkler, Nathan:

Total turmoil with Uranus attacking the ex-zillionaire’s  Jupiter till March, then Mercury to increase mental chaos in June, Sept, March 017. The Pluto-Jupiter major wipeout comes between March 017 and Nov 018.


May 24

Media persons have a tradition of being unsuccessful parents.

Understandable, with the importance of being a 24-7 know all, pushing barrows and climbing social ladders.

Heaven is drinking with famous people and/or colleagues who can understand the orgasmic rush that comes with breaking news like a terrorist attack or earthquake.

Hell is reality and unspectacular time with the family, often merely acquired to say they could do it and weren’t gay.

So imagine the shock for  veteran “ award-winning ” journos Barry Lichter ( racing ) and Donna Chisholm when they  learned from NZ Herald in August 015 that their 18 year-old son Jay Lichter had been charged with possessing cannabis for supply etc !

He had yet to share his dilemma with the 2 parents, who are heavily involved in harness racing breeding and ownership. The dream of owning a “ champion ”  can ease the tedium of being a New World Order robot. Soon after that, the Fairfax empire decided to finish with Lichter and he seized the chance to become his own boss after more than 30 years as servant !

B Lichter began the “ Tiger Multi ” race tipping site and tried desperately to attract subscribers. Performance  wasn’t as colourful as the photos. Every day Lichter gave Doubting Thomas a free sample of his wares----the Eye of the Tiger bet of the day---- that was generally around $1.80 on fixed odds. About 20% of them managed to win !

No surprise that after just 11 months of struggling, Lichter called it quits on Tiger Multi last month. Blaming “ lack of industry support ” and a fruitless 5 months of trying for financial assistance from the TAB !

( " You're only a failure when you start blaming other people "---  Wayne Bennett, rugby league coaching legend. )

Whereas I’m not even allowed to give financial assistance to the TAB !~ Yep, some years back they banned me from placing a $20 advertisement in the Best Bets publication. The racing officials had tried warning me about writing dirty, scandalous stories on the sunset industry, although 30k hits a month is ample compensation for

I am using a system which identifies pleasant surprises for horse trainers and jockeys on certain dates. If they line up, there's frequently an unexpected success and a nice dividend. And  I don't make anything unless we get a winner.

For example, Astrology can look way ahead and note a winning day for Waverley trainer-jockey Isaac Lupton on Thursday July 2, 2020. If he lines up----CERTAINTY—remembering I Lupton’s best for us was riding  Norville Prince  at $19.70 to win for us 10 years ago this month.

THE AWESOME BANK ( that Mr Rothschild can’t fuck with )

Starting deposit $200 into TAB account

current season balance     $1430

final balance 2015-16         $100

final balance 2014-15         $590

final balance 2013-14         $2370

final balance 2012-13         $340

final balance 2011-12         $4090

From a horse racing investment system that kicked off in November 1985. With balances obtained by placing $100 a win on selections from the Don Murray Racing System.

Email: for more details.


The figure in brackets is the return for every $1 if the same amount is invested for a win on each selection.  
 Since 2011:  103  investments, 27 wins 
Average win div $7.56  on a 26% winning strike rate ( Investment $1=$2.02 )


May 22

One of the greatest songs of the 1970s was Deep Purple’s  SMOKE ON THE WATER.

So after Team NZ’s unbelievable defeat in the 2013 America’s Cup by Oracle, I adapted the lyrics:


Frank Zappa and the Mothers
Were at the best place around
But some stupid with a flare gun
Burned the place to the ground

Smoke on the water, a fire in the sky


" James Spithill and his brothers

had the best boat around

they came from 1-8 behind

and ran Team New Zealand into the ground. 

Choke on the water….  "

The then  had forecast the Team NZ defeat as soon as dates were confirmed 3 years earlier. Only courtesy of Pluto and Uranus baddings for Team NZ’s 2 principals, with TV3 management refusing to air  “ the year’s best prophesy ” on the January 1, 2013  session.

It was investment heaven at a new level, though. After every Team NZ win, bookies lengthened Oracle’s odds and one of my clients kept loading..….

Officially, the November 26, 2012 Prophesies were:

“ Barker, Dean:

Major losses and reversals for Team NZ skipper while Pluto and Uranus pummel the North Node.”

“ Dalton, Grant:

Team NZ boss in for significant reversals with Uranus anti the Sun ”

“ Spithill, James:

Recent Uranus-Sun and Neptune-Mars negativity ends late January, to be replaced by awesome Uranus-Jupiter and Pluto-Saturn trines. Big highs from Sept to Feb 014. ”

The 2017 edition kicks off next week. A quick scan of the main men says it’s ominous for Dalton again, with Saturn in Sagittarius hampering his Virgo Jupiter until June 17.

Very less productive for helmsman Peter Burling with Saturn squashing his Mercury position until mid-June as well, and also the Choker Barker formula--- “ Uranus pummelling his North Node ” until June 30 and again in late August……

The original  SMOKE ON THE WATER


May 20

The ink was hardly dry on the recent Kirwan revelations ( May 16 ) when another failure from the depression industry made the headlines:

Mike King has stepped down from his post on New Zealand's suicide prevention panel claiming the government's recently released draft plan to prevent suicide is "deeply flawed" and self serving.

King, a comedian, television presenter and crusader against suicide, has been a member of the New Zealand Suicide Prevention External Advisory Panel since 2015, which was established to help shape a strategy to reduce suicide over the next 10 years.

King’s hatred of Astrology has been well documented, but he was honoured with an appearance in the Annual Prophesies, last November !

King, Mike:

King of the Topper Stoppers preparing for massive and difficult upheavals  018-019 with Pluto attacking his Sun. Major depressions 017 with Saturn suffocating his Mars  Jan, June, Oct. ”

Back in December 2013 I contacted King with a suggestion. Firstly King wanted to know if Astrology had “ made you into a millionaire, bro ? ” Strange question from an alleged  anti-suicide campaigner. When he realised it was a serious matter, and was offered assistance,  King got extremely vicious:

 "  What a dickhead thing to say Don. You don't know me mate, what makes u think I'm depressed ? "

Depression and drug addiction feature heavily in any google for King, who’s on medication. We must remember that telling lies is normal for the mentally ill, and King possesses an ultra-sensitive Cancer Moon along with a severe happiness block in the form of a very tight Venus-Saturn negative.

With Medication Mikey’s Aries Sun providing a massive ego that craves centre stage. Many like that in the media who despise Astrology because it kneecaps so many of their weird theories.

Some humans do have open minds, though, as I considered a recent request from a  lady for an enlightenment for her 14 year-old daughter. It’s quite common for onto it parents to get problem children analysed.

This one definitely wasn’t a problem child, more like a highly talented genius with plenty of positive trines in the chart.

I explained to the slender girl that having a positively-aspected  Mars, Jupiter and Venus in the 5th House, the domain of sports, games, speculating and creative activities would guarantee her success and a career in such, with many similarities to the rugby great Richie McCaw.

While the recording of the character analysis was being processed I asked if she had  an ambition. She was " studying sports science " at college. Definitely heading in the right direction. With more to come.

Following the accurate past-life analysis, I moved into her future and explained  amazing late year trines from energetic and enthusiastic Uranus. Mother suggested this could be a good omen for their trip to Ireland ?

Ireland ? Yep, mother’s accompanying daughter  to represent NZ in the World Youth Taekwondo Championships in October !

I asked if could swap identities with the 14 year-old for a year. Uranus trines are awesome. A major bonus for a “ depression ” sufferer and I’ll even try and find one for Medication Mikey if he’s interested. After 2019, of course…….


May 18

I made it clear as far back as last September that the 2017 NZ Warriors were “ Donalded.”

When previews for the  November 2016 Annual Prophesies,  included coaching staff Kearney, Jones and McFadden and also players Johnson, Foran and Vatuvei and major owner Eric Watson.

Last month’s big news:

" Shaun Johnson has committed his future with the Warriors until the end of the 2019 NRL season after signing a new two-year contract. "

The November 2017 prophesy !

" Johnson, Shaun:

Rugby league great confused and distracted  by Neptune attacking his Sun and Mercury until Feb 019.  March,  April, July and Sept 018 very crucial. "

With star players Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Isaac Luke similarly unfavourable for 2018, along with Kearney and Watson !

Last weekend the NZ Warriors notched another sad milestone with their greatest-ever collapse. Leading Penrith 28-6 at halftime, they capitulated to a 36-28 loss. Following another, less publicised disaster the week previously when  a  Cameron George was appointed to a management position.

" Boy George " is a renowned job hopper from Australia. He was a member of NZ’s Racing Integrity Unit during the dark days of a culture full of cronyism, bullying and sexual harassment. When public trust in horse racing plummeted to an all-time low before another major  Boy George fail, as CEO  at the Auckland Racing Club for 5 years.

Which included 2 chronic NZ Derby day failures. When the Auckland Racing Club’s iconic raceday failed miserably by competing with major one-day international cricket matches at Eden Park. There were horrific decreases in attendance and betting turnover.

The NZ Warriors are currently in 12th place. I’ve always felt that 2018 would be even worse, with the Johnson, Luke, Tuivasa-Sheck, Kearney and Watson factors.

Boy George has a history of major fails. He’ll fit in perfectly at the Warriors……


May 16

There’s nothing like a Pluto trine or three to give hope to a struggler.

Even when the struggler is a renowned depression sufferer named Sir John Kirwan !

Normal, humble humans are totally fascinated by the character and past-life analysis in the Astrological enlightenment, while mental illness “ experts ” cower away from the great wisdom.

Sad, when you consider the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates ( 460 BC—370 BC ) claimed that  " a physician without Astrology is a fool not a physician. "

If he ever was smart enough for an enlightenment, Kirwan would learn about  his ultra-sensitive Ascendant of Cancer 10 and his need for much me time and space and the relevant difficulties coping with pressure and routine. And the major amendments to same Ascendant, like when it was receiving an awesome, advancing trine from Pluto at Scorpio 10 in 1988.

When  23 year-old  " J.K " was The Man after his Rugby World Cup triumph the year before. Until 2 of his earliest years of depression ( 1989 and 1991 ) when Neptune and Uranus respectively were hitting Capricorn 10 and causing great strain to that Ascendant.

With that poor old Ascendant getting hammered again, courtesy of an appearance in the  Annual Prophesies, in November 2012:

Kirwan,  Sir John:

Little joy for the new Auckland Blues coach with Pluto and Uranus hampering his Ascendant. 2017-18 much more productive.

2013 was the first of Kirwan’s horrific 3 years guiding the Blues. No need for razor blades or  rope, for soon after his resignation came another appearance in the November 2015 Annuals:

Kirwan, Sir John:

Failed rugby coach-depression specialist  with a whole new lease on life. Uranus-Sun and Pluto-Moon-Mars-Jupiter trines until late 017.

Recent media:

 Sir John Kirwan has a new role: Ambassador for Auckland.

Auckland Tourism Events and Economic Development has enlisted the All Black great to spread the word about the city.

Kirwan is already involved in promoting the British and Irish Lions matches in the city and in his ambassador role will be part of a new domestic marketing campaign which will focus on inspiring Aucklanders to get out and explore the region in spring.

He said it was a dream job.

''We get beaten up a bit as a city sometimes; there are growing pains. I want to be part of the positive part of this, I'm Auckland born and bred and I love this city,'' he said.

Kirwan’s renowned for his short-term jobs, courtesy of that ultra-sensitive Cancer Ascendant and the Mars-Pluto-Uranus mix that hampers positive energy. With  further career dilemmas. His Mars that’s getting enhanced by Pluto in 2017 will be getting trashed by deceptive Neptune through 2019 and 2020.

When an onto it, open-minded human would seek further enlightenment……….


May 14

Devoted Kiwi sports fans always get deservedly rewarded for their undying dedication.

They rise at ungodly hours, even in the middle of winter, to watch rugby, cricket, yacht racing and Olympic sports. They reap the rewards after every World Cup win, when house prices are returned to affordable levels and gridlock becomes non-existent on the motorways.

All Blacks successes traditionally inspire the depressed to stay alive and others to give up smoking P. Crime decreases.

Only joking. There’ll still be plenty of venting and emotional action, when all and sundry shall be kicking the shit out of the British Lions touring New Zealand next month. As per an extract from the Weekly Astrology Report on Radio Humm Fm last Thursday:

Don: Yep, the British Lions coach Warren Gatland, actually a lad from the Waikato, has got Pluto attacking his Node in late June and also his Jupiter position in July and August. Also a serious Saturn problem in late June and early July.

Vijay: And when are the test matches ?

Don: The first provincial match is on June 3, then the 3 tests are happening on June 24, July 1 and July 8.

Pooja: That sounds like  it’ll be a whitewash, all because of one man ?

Don: Not only Warren Gatland but  also his 2 assistant coaches. Steve Borthwick’s got Pluto whacking his Sun through June and Andy Farrell’s got Saturn whacking his Mercury in late June as well.

Vijay:  Have you checked out the All Blacks coach, Steve Hansen ?

Don: I did Vijay and I realised just how stupid the British rugby people people are.

Pooja: And there is obviously a reason for that ?

Don: Well Hansen’s got serious Saturn hampering his Venus in May, finishing early June long before the tests, so it would have been better for the Brits to have their tour and test series in May instead of June.........


May 12

The wonders of Astrology never cease to amaze me.

Came an email yesterday from a widely-travelled entrepreneur who satisfied his Astrological curiosities with a full enlightenment a year ago:

 Client: “ the chart you gave me is becoming my favorite companion …only just starting to understand it better now….many thanks

A few clicks and I was contemplating that 12-months old chart:

Astrologer:  " Uranus on your Moon this month, residential chaotics "

Client:     “ hard case - i just gave notice on my flat today

Chaotics and notice giving caused me to consider the birthday planets of NZ’s  unflavour of the week, Kiwi league coach David Kidwell. His team got thumped 30-12  by the Australians last Friday and a few hours later his captain Jesse Bromwich and teammate Kelvin Proctor were busted for  cocaine.

A very avoidable drama if Marijuana were legalised, as I recall 32 years ago next month the great experience of smoking  Murrayjuana regularly with 10 members of the World Champion Australian league team while working at Auckland’s Royal International Hotel.

How else could you see a future Chief Executive at Wakefield Trinity and then Managing Director at Hull FC  strolling down Victoria St  then prancing around the Queen St intersection stark naked except for a pair of underpants on his head ?  Giant prop Peter Tunks, around 3 a.m in June 1985….

Or a fellow,  awarded the Australian Sports Medal for his contribution to Australia's international standing in rugby league, another giant prop Greg Dowling, demolishing ginormous puddings made specially by the night porter after they’d shared a joint.

The “ gateway drug ” led centre Chris Close to be manager of the Queensland State of Origin team for a decade. When rather ironically, 2 of his coaches were Wally Lewis and  Mark “ Muppet ” Murray, also on the 1985 tour of NZ but extremely anti Marijuana. Muppet even tried to throw a joint out the window !

Another very intelligent stoner from 1985, Michael O’Connor, had a time as Australian Rugby Sevens coach.

That was long before drug testing was invented. Marijuana takes several weeks, apparently, to depart a system, cocaine about 48 hours, whence its popularity amongst high pressure professionals.

While it must be noted that  David Kidwell’s own pressure of the now is purely because he was born with Mars somewhere between Pisces 26.0 and 26.47. Restrictive, wet blanket Saturn’s in Sagittarius, which doesn’t like Pisces and from the year dot deemed to be frustrating Kidwell’s Mars to peak somewhere between May 12 and 25, 2017.

More notably, D Kidwell cops the Saturn-Mars attack again this year, somewhere between November 16 and 22. Right in the middle of the Rugby League World Cup, with a start on October 27 and the Grand Final on December 2………


May 10

Nothing beats the awesome horse racing system when it comes to proving the worth of Astrology.

Like $2.02 back for every $1 invested  since 2011 began or the $200 bank from last August that’s swelled to $1530 from just 8 investments in the current racing season…….

An average win dividend of $7.56 means there’s plenty of outsiders.

You don’t get the same longshots in sports matches, although there’s nothing wrong with some of the sensational prophesies on NZ’s national game, about people like Sir Graham Henry, John Hart, Laurie Mains, John Mitchell, Jonah Lomu, Sir John Kirwan, Dan Carter and Tana Umaga etc  going back some 25 years.

Ditto  Rugby League, with Astrology’s great laboratory rats including Ivan Cleary, Wayne Bennett, Matthew Ridge, Jarrod McCracken, John Ackland, Stacey Jones, Steven Kearney and Gary Freeman etc.

Lest we not forget the great prophesies on cricketers like Martin Crowe, Glenn Turner, Steve Fleming, John Wright, Mike Hesson, Michael Clarke, Brendon McCullum and, so recently, Kane Williamson.

In fact the great sporting prophesies already in 2017---including Umaga, Williamson and the NZ Warriors—prompted a request last week from the Auckland-based Indian radio station Humm Fm’s main man Vijay Varma:

“ How are the Lions going to get on in New Zealand this winter ? ”

5 minutes work brought several expletives ( not on air, of course) .

One of the 2 head coaches  has got  Pluto attacking his Node in late June and also his Jupiter position in July and August. Also a serious Saturn problem in late June and early July !

The 3 tests are happening on June 24, July 1 and July 8.

Already it’s series over, with further revelations in the Weekly Astrology Report, Thursday morning on Humm Fm.

Thursdays 8.30 am, 106.2 fm ( NZ ) or via the website


May 8

The major news in Australian horse racing last week was that former champion jockey Darren Beadman will take charge of the Godolphin team on an interim basis as the racing and breeding operation continues to search for John O'Shea's replacement.

Godolphin is the global racing empire owned by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, prime minister of the United Arab Emirates and ruler of Dubai. And a follower of  Islam !

Which could mean a major conflict of interest looming.

For back in 1997  Darren Beadman, then aged 31, shocked the  racing world when he announced that he had been directed by “ God ” to retire from racing and  become a  pastor.

The media had already been saturated with Beadman’s religious ravings but his time as a man of the cloth lasted less than 4 years. In 2000 he came out of retirement and returned to racing, before a final quit after he got badly smashed up in Hong Kong in February 2012.

Which prompted a natural question: If Beadman’s " God " was a good bastard , why the fuck didn’t he take Australian racing’s wonder boy aside for a chat, as he had done before, and warn him ?

Something an Astrologer could have foreseen, with various Pluto and Uranus complications in Beadman’s birthday planets around 2012. Although  I recall, back in 1986, when residing in Sydney, attempting to locate an actual time of birth but mother Beadman wouldn’t have a bar of the great science.

Therefore it’s pointless trying to work out how long D Beadman will last in his new position after the sudden, dramatic departure of O’Shea. Although it must be noted that Sheik Mohammed, like all with a July 15 birthdate, will be having his Cancerian Sun getting hammered by destructive Pluto in 2019 and therefore earning a debut in the Annual Prophesies, of November 2018.

An aspect  Beadman experienced during a time of disqualification in the early 1990s from which he emerged with his new found passion for “ God.”

Horse racing enthusiasts are renowned for their  " praying  " for certain types of track conditions as raceday looms.

" Your mosque, or my church ? "  Beadman asks the boss man………


May 6

Long ago, the emperor Buddha summoned all of the animals to his court.

Only a dozen arrived and they were rewarded with a year in their honour, with the Rat narrowly beating the Ox to the winning post.

Ox was definitely not the fastest, considering his trailers included the Tiger ( 3rd ) Horse ( 7th ) and Dog (11th ). Tiger, Horse and  Dog are renowned for their adventures and being easily distracted from the job at hand.

Ox is a reliable old plodder who sticks to the game plan. Cunning Rat realised this and hitched a ride until he jumped off just before the finish and came first. Whence the Chinese Astrology was born with so many parallels to the Western Astrology.

12 Chinese animals---12 Houses in the Astrological chart----12 signs and 12 main planets…….With each Chinese animal having his own 2-hours period in the 24-hour day  as well.

As most know, 2017 is the Rooster Year, and always one of dramatic change for those born in fellow Rooster Years of 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993. Or Rooster Hours of 5 pm to 7.

The most unlikely to fare well in a Rooster Year is his opposite, the Rabbit, from years like 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987 etc. Just as difficult for those born in the Rabbit Hours of 5 am to 7.

Two notable Roosters who’ve already experienced massive upheaval in their own Year are " Chemical Ali " Williams ( 1981 ), the ex-All Black in a French cocaine scandal and Sydney horse trainer John O’Shea ( 1969 ), making a dramatic, sudden departure from the global racing empire Godolphin, owned by one of those Sheiks from Dubai.

Also HRH Prince Phillip of Britain, from the 1921 Rooster Year, who yesterday announced his retirement from public engagements.

Plenty more to come, with some notable Rooster appearances in last November’s Annual Prophesies,

Middleton, Kate:

3 turbulent years coming  up. Major Pluto-Sun restructuring in home and family matters  from April 017 until Nov 018, with the emotionally destructive Pluto-Moon attack between April 018 and Nov 019. 2020 has Uranus bringing major close relationship issues with her Venus and Jupiter.

“  Bennett, Paula:

Power-crazy  politician  facing unbelievable and difficult upheavals next 2 years while Pluto deals to her Sun, Mercury and Venus with Neptune severely weakening  her Mars.

“  Peters, Winston:

Politician acting very strangely in  his 72nd year, with Uranus zooming across his Mercury and Venus spots and Neptune doing same to Mars. April, June, Aug, Sept, Nov crucial with massive, difficult change from Pluto anti his Sun 2018.”

“  Daley, Laurie:

Major off-year for the rugby league great with Pluto attacking both  Mars and Jupiter and Uranus anti his Sun. Feb, May, June, Oct, Dec extremely challenging.”

“   Waldegrave, Darcy:

Anti-Astrological sports boredcaster to experience massive and difficult life changes with Pluto dealing to Mars and Jupiter while Uranus chaoticizes his Sun. Feb, March, April, May, June, Sept, Dec crucial, also Jan+March 018.

Other notable Rooster people include the former prime minister’s daughter Stephie Key ( 1993 ). From 1981 there are cricketers  Michael Clarke and Brendon McCullum, tennis players  Serena Williams and  Anna Kournikova, also  Beyonce and Auckland’s infamous mayoralty mistress, Bevan Chuang as  well as relocating horse trainer Mark Brooks.

The class of 1969 includes Shane Warne, Rachel Hunter, Irish horse trainer Aidan O’Brien and Beyonce’s husband Jay Zed.

The 1957 Roosters include weirdo  Michael Laws, yachtsman Grant Dalton, horse racing personalities  Bruce Wallace and Tony Lee. Also Australian politicians Tony Abbott and Kevin Rudd.

With 1945 boasting the  Filipino premier Rodrigo Duterte.  etc 


May 4

From the British non-mainstream media:

Cannabis is a 'wonder drug' capable of radically transforming the lives of very sick people, according to the results of the first clinical trials of the drug.

Tests sanctioned by the Government are proving far more successful than doctors, patients and cannabis campaigners ever dared hope. Some of the patients are simply calling it a 'miracle'.

Taking the drug - which it is still illegal for doctors to prescribe - has allowed a man previously so crippled with pain that he was impotent to become a father; a woman paralysed by multiple sclerosis to ride a horse for the first time in years; and a man who couldn't sit up in a chair on his own to live without a carer.

Until now claims of the benefits of the drug for certain conditions have been anecdotal. But the preliminary results of the UK government trial, started last year, suggest that 80 per cent of those taking part have derived more benefit from cannabis than from any other drug, with many describing it as 'miraculous'.

The results make it almost inevitable that the Government will bow to public pressure and legalise the cultivation of cannabis for medical purposes by 2020. Scientists now predict that cannabis - first used for medicinal reasons 5,000 years ago - will follow aspirin and penicillin and become a 'wonder drug' prescribed for a wide range of conditions. ”


In 1989 a large Pakuranga house included a variety of renters, one a retired  Irishman, who had no assets and mainly hung out for pension day and drinking whisky in the White Horse Inn with his mates from paddyland.

One day he wanted a cigarette and could only scrounge one from a non-tobacco user, who conned him with a joint of cannabis. Irish was glowing in his praise of the new found pain easer and next day raved about his “ best sleep ever ” and how the new tobacco was very good for all his aches and pains.

He wanted more, and was instructed to go to a dairy or supermarket and ask for tobacco branded “ Green Drum.”

3 hours of trudging around the locality searching for “ Green Drum ” proved fruitless. When Irish finally learned the truth he was filthy. Even if the  wonder " tobacco " had eased his pains considerably, it was still illegal !


Since as early as 1974, researchers have known that THC, the active chemical in cannabis, shrinks or destroys tumors in rodents. Researchers at the Medical College of Virginia found that THC slowed the growth of three kinds of cancer in mice: lung and breast cancer, as well as virus-induced leukemia. Without any mention in the mainstream media, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) quickly shut down the study and destroyed its results.

Cannabinoids in marijuana proven to inhibit tumor growth and kill cancer cells

Years later, researchers in Madrid confirmed these early results after successfully destroying incurable brain tumors in rats by injecting them with cannabinoids. They found that THC inhibits the growth of blood vessels that supply glucose to tumors, thereby halting tumor growth and prompting cancer cells to die-off.

To test for harmful biochemical or neurological effects, the Spanish researchers, led by Dr. Manuel Guzman of Complutense University, also administered large doses of THC to healthy rats. They found no adverse health effects. Again, no major U.S. newspapers ran this groundbreaking news.


May 2

Here I was, yesterday, mocking the ignorance of former NZ Herald editor Gavin Ellis.

And how the once trustworthy old Herald thrives on “ Minions lose Millions ” articles, instead of promoting the wonders of the world’s oldest science that could have saved so many.

Today this makes the headlines !

A building company has collapsed owing almost $2 million to 130 creditors including 30 homeowners who have been left in the lurch, some of them for the second time.

Point To Point Holdings went into liquidation in January leaving 30 houses at various stages of construction between Tuakau and Whangarei.

For some of the homeowners it's the second time in as many years they have been stung by a building company, with homeowners in the Pukekohe and Tuakau areas also losing money when NZ Home Builders went into voluntary administration in 2015.

And Stephen Foley, the director of Point To Point Holdings, now renamed HPTP 2014 Ltd, once headed up another building company that collapsed, was previously made bankrupt, and was a banned director for almost three years, though not at the time Point To Point Holdings was set up.

There are, though, born losers who will never accept logic. The New World Order loves them.

Like a heavy-drinking, horse training failure who got brave in a bar at Ellerslie racecourse and announced with expletives that he would never, ever bet on one of my Astrologically calculated racing tips, even if someone else gave him the money.....

3 years later this failure was dead, by his own hand, a week before a daughter’s wedding. After he had gambled away the money set aside for the reception !


May 1

‘Twas 40 years ago last month that my lifetime dream was shattered.

After 3.8 years as a racing journalist with the NZ Herald, I was asked to resign. Just a week earlier, at a mate’s wedding, I had explained to a widely-travelled bridesmaid that I had no reason to wander and expand my horizons. “ Working ” 2 days a week at racemeetings was awesome and getting your byline in the nation’s main newspaper every day was being “ famous.”

Some 21 years afterwards I was lobbying the NZ Herald’s editor for a job. Not a full-time journo’s position, for I was making a wonderful living from horse racing and personal Astrology that I’d started learning in London in 1981 while expanding my horizons.

I wanted the Herald to cease publishing the “ sun sign ” paragraphs crap and  run a column on real Astrology. Predictions columns had been running in the racing publication Friday Flash and the sports section of Truth, with an hour-long session with Murray Deaker on Newstalk ZB every January that would run for 18 years.

The NZ Herald editor in 1998 was Gavin Ellis, a career Heraldian who’d been there during my time in the mid-1970s. Six years my senior, Gav had been a victim of the “ Shakes ”---as per the nearby Shakespeare Tavern renowned for wrecking marriages and making alcoholics.

Gav was forced to become an abstainer, a weakened man who couldn’t handle his piss. I didn’t hold much hope for this kind of human opening up to Astrological magnificence but gave it a crack. As I recalled the Herald of the 1970s running weekly columns on bridge, wine and “ Life and Faith ” that was devoted to “ christianity.”

Gav wasn’t enthusiastic, explaining that he was quite happy with his team of “ experts.” Which included, as I explained, a veteran racing writer who’d made 30 selections for 10 Ellerslie races on the recent Melbourne Cup day and produced just one winner !

Nor was Gav moved by the tale of “ certainties ” in a race like the Great Northern Steeplechase nor the incredible Astrology of the 1995 Rugby World Cup.  Nor the incredible character analysis available from the world’s oldest science that identifies substance abuse problems at birth, and assistance for humans in buying, selling and making major migration moves. Etc.

Consequently “ try NZ Herald ” was crossed off my bucket list. The following decade saw “ mum and dad ” investors, dedicated Herald subscribers, lose zillions from bad investing and dodgy finance companies like  “ Handover Finance ” and “ Blew Chip. ”

People that could have been warned. To be fair, though, enlightened simpletons don’t make headlines and  NZ Herald has thrived on “ minions lose millions ” stories.

Like this one that was a lead story on April 23:

Here's a challenge.

We have done well over our working life and 40 years of work. We consider ourselves entrepreneurs and have always been self-employed - buying and selling houses, businesses, adding value then flicking them on.

In 2007, we sold a large portfolio of about $700,000 including our house. We were renting while looking at what to do next. Then we promptly lost it in the downturn through a bad investment.

Time has gone on and we've had some money, but we are very stupid and got conned.

So, here we are. I'm 67 and my husband is 60. We are totally broke and embarrassed. We are like deer in the headlights. This is the first time in six months I can even write to someone about it.

I am on the pension and my husband has good work as a builder. But we have run out of time and at the rate we are going we won't have a chance at getting back on the property ladder. We are renting at $400 a week and fear that this is now our lot, right through until the end of our lives.

Do you have any suggestions as to what we could possibly do to advance our situation?

Such a shame that Gav, long gone as editor and now Dr Gavin Ellis ONZM ( for services to journalism ! ) had such an institutionalised mind. The natural answer would be to get an Astrological enlightenment, although it may be far too late !


April 29

He was being promoted as the great non-white hope by NZ’s mainstream media.

Before one of his major playoffs, NZ Herald readers were even  being reminded to wear their black moustaches in  honour of the Steven Adams trademark....

Not any more…..

Steven Adams' season is over after the Oklahoma City Thunder were knocked out of the first round of the NBA playoffs.

The Houston Rockets this afternoon completed a 4-1 series victory over the Thunder, winning game five 105-99 at home.”

No surprise, though, after his appearance in the Annual Prophesies,, November 26, 2016 !

 Adams, Steven:

NBA star slowing heaps next 2 years with major Uranus, Pluto and Neptune complications to his Sun, Mercury, Venus or  Mars. Feb, May-June and Sept crucial, right through to Dec  018.  ”

You think of all the money clubs could save by doing proper Dieu diligence. And laugh at yesterday’s big news !

Shaun Johnson has committed his future with the Warriors until the end of the 2019 NRL season after signing a new two-year contract.

The 26-year-old Kiwis international said he was thrilled to settle his future with the club in what he regards as the most important contract of his career so far.

For the Annual Prophesies,, November 26, 2017:

"Johnson, Shaun:
Rugby league great confused and distracted by Neptune attacking his Sun and Mercury until Feb 019. March, April, July and Sept 018 very crucial


April 27

When it comes to planning an attack, " weakness Astrology " has no peers.

As per  knowing when your rivals are receiving negative aspects from the big boys like Pluto or Uranus. When your rivals shall be weakened…….

A tactic used very successfully by a  British client in his legal battles. And demonstrated often in TRUTH’s sport section during the early years of the then Auckland Warriors Rugby League team.

When  inauspicious days or nights were selected for certain key players. Two " will get angry " predictions for volatile halfback Gary Freeman resulted in 10 minutes in the sinbin in a test match then being marched totally when playing for Parramatta at Mt Smart Stadium.

An “ unhappy ”  night for Matthew Ridge had him being assisted off the field with injury after 30 minutes. A " bummer " night for giant Manly prop Ian Roberts produced nothing extraordinary during the game but the following day news that a leg injury would have him out for 8 weeks.

I haven’t had much experience in " war Astrology " but did correctly select the late Saddam Hussein’s " surrender weekend " in FRIDAY FLASH for the 1991 Gulf War. But there was a very successful bombing prediction.

Enter North Korea’s loony leader, who made an appearance in the November 2015 Annual Prophesies,

Jong-Un, Kim:

Massive and difficult career changes next 2 years with Pluto crushing his Sun.

Officially the big crush don’t finish until November 2017. We don’t have a birth time for Kim Jong Un and I can’t find his mother’s phone number in the North Korean phone directory.

But we also know that his Mars position, around Libra 28-something, will be getting a double hammering from erratic Uranus from Aries in July and again in August this year. Rendering him very prone to personal chaos, misappropriating energy and making bad decisions…….


Fast reverse to an evening in August, 1996, as I was entering Mt Smart Stadium for an Auckland Warriors home game.

I encountered Warriors teammates Gene Ngamu ( stand off ) and winger Sean Hoppe, and got hit with the frequent question: “ How’s our stars tonight ?

I was not confident of a home success so  switched the topic: “ Rod Silva ( Bulldogs fullback )  is bad  in the first half, so bomb the shit out of him.”

R Silva was suffering a difficult Mercury aspect to peak around half-time. Thereafter he’d be feeling a lot better……

The Warriors struggled until 5 minutes before half-time, when Ngamu hoisted a bomb on the Bulldogs’ goal line. Contested by Hoppe, but spilled by Silva, allowing Warriors centre Richie Blackmore to get a four-pointer.

“ Until half-time.” 10 minutes after the break, I was marvelling at the Astrological magnificence but feeling for the Warriors, when Rod Silva grabbed an intercept and galloped 70 metres for a try that gave the Bulldogs a comfortable lead.

If Donald Trump rings up and wants to know “ how’s Kim Jong Un’s stars ? ”  I’ll just imagine he’s Gene Ngamu and suggest that he bombs the shit out of  Kim Jong Un in July or August……


April 25

Investment 5 for the year 2017, win number 2.

Valour today at Awapuni, romping home for $12 a win on the fixed odds.

For 2017 if you had invested $1 a win on each of the 5, you would have spent $5. And returned $19.50 with the other winner ( in January ) paying $7.50.

My loyal and long-standing clients, one who began in April 1987, invest more than $1 a win, though. In fact I recall a client in the 0900 number days ringing to commiserate with me one Saturday evening after 4 consecutive losers.

He wasn’t that fussed, still way in front, reassuring me that the $1000 each-way he was investing was with an illegal bookmaker and therefore not affecting our tote prices.

One of the few remaining items on my bucket list is to finish a 12 months period with a 50% winning strike rate. Big chance at 2-5 for the year and 3-8 for the season which began last August.

Once that’s been ticked, I’ve just got 3 left----playing a pokie machine, smoking P and having a threesome with Crusher Collins and Paula Bennett…….


Starting deposit $200 into TAB account

current season balance     $1530

final balance 2015-16         $100

final balance 2014-15         $590

final balance 2013-14         $2370

final balance 2012-13         $340

final balance 2011-12         $4090

From a horse racing investment system that kicked off in November 1985. With balances obtained by placing $100 a win on selections from the Don Murray Racing System.

Email: for more details.


The figure in brackets is the return for every $1 if the same amount is invested for a win on each selection.  
 Since 2011:  102  investments, 27 wins 
Average win div $7.56  on a 26% winning strike rate ( Investment $1=$2.02 )

Since 2000:  726 investments, 243  wins.

 Average win $3.81  on a 33 % winning strike rate  ( Investment $1=$1.27 )

The horse from the inside barrier with a red cap and yellow sleeves    ……


April 24

As the world edges closer to cannabis legalisation, spare a thought for the poor bastards trapped in pill world.

I hear stories of 70 and 80 year-olds taking as many as 32 pills daily for everything from back pains to Parkinson’s disease.

My 97 year-old father don’t take any pills and I see no reason to change the heritage. In fact the only one in the list below I’ve heard of is Prozac, from a couple of former victims who reckon it made them more depressed than before prescription time……


1. Adderall depletes: Vitamin B12, vitamin C, and potassium.
Prozac depletes: Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, sodium, zinc, and glutathione.
Paxil (prescribed as Paroxetine in NZ) depletes: Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, sodium, zinc, and glutathione.
Zoloft (prescribed as Sertraline in NZ) depletes: Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, sodium, zinc, and glutathione.
Celexa (prescribed as Citralopram in NZ) depletes: Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, sodium, zinc, and glutathione.
Wellbutrin/Zyban depletes: Vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10, and sodium.
Remeron (prescribed as Prednislone in NZ) depletes: Vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10, and sodium.
Effexor (prescribed as Venlaxafine in NZ) depletes: Vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, folic acid, vitamin C, vitamin D, coenzyme Q10, calcium, magnesium, manganese, selenium, sodium, zinc, and glutathione.
Risperdal (prescribed as Risperidone in NZ) depletes: Vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, biotin, folic acid, carnitine, inositol, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, and calcium.
Zyprexa (prescribed as Olanzapine in NZ) depletes: Vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, biotin, folic acid, carnitine, inositol, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, and calcium.
Seroquel (prescribed as Quetiapine in NZ) depletes: Vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, biotin, folic acid, carnitine, inositol, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, and calcium.
Depakote (prescribed as Epilim in NZ) depletes: Vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B12, biotin, folic acid, carnitine, inositol, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin K, calcium, magnesium, and Essential Fatty Acids."

From the book; Antidepressants, Antipsychotics and Stimulants by Dr. David W. Tanton, Ph.D


April 22

Powerful Pluto positively trining anything is awesome.

Consider an appearance in the Annual Prophesies,, November 26, 2014:

Williams, Sonny Bill:

More big ups for the sporting legend with Pluto trining the North Node. July and November special.

The great man’s November 2015 was very special. He won a 2nd Rugby World Cup, to go with his 2 Grand Final wins in the NRL with different clubs.’ Twas also the month when Sonny Bill stunned the world when he gifted his RWC medal to the enthusiastic little boy who’d been crash tackled by an over zealous security guard.

During an election-related scan of NZ politicians, I noticed that health minister Jonathan Coleman’s 2017 includes not only  a Pluto-North Node trine until December but also a Pluto-Venus trine ! So he has no reason to bother with the bleatings of the village idiot in recent media:

Suicide prevention campaigner Mike King says if Health Minister Jonathan Coleman thinks he's doing a great job on mental health services, he needs to stand down.

Mr King from the Key To Life Trust was speaking on Seven Sharp last night after latest figures showed 579 New Zealanders committed suicide last year.” 

The village idiot’s  got better credentials to “ stand down ” after his appearance in the Annual Prophesies, last November:

King, Mike:

King of the Topper Stoppers preparing for massive and difficult upheavals  018-019 with Pluto attacking his Sun. Major depressions 017 with Saturn suffocating his Mars  Jan, June, Oct. ”

As we know, the village idiot got unbelievably vicious when it were politely suggested once  that an Astrological enlightenment would help him understand. Especially his serious Venus-Saturn happiness/marriage  blocker, with King even being used as an example during an enlightenment last week !

A prospective client phones me Monday and is keen to come over during an extended lunch break on Tuesday. After the character and past-life analyses he’s stunned enough and understands the problems the Venus-Saturn block is causing in his marriage. ( Former cocaine addict and over-the-hill comedian King had an horrific marriage break up that supposedly lost him everything.)

Client had told his missus he was going to the Astrologer for some wisdom and now wants to send her over. He left a lot wiser and about 90 minutes later I get a call from a young lady also seeking  wisdom. Who had recommended her, I asked ?

“ That guy who was at your place about 2 hours ago. I work with him. Oh, and another girl here, she wants to come over as well.”

Footnote: Neither of the 3 latest clients, aged between 22 and 32,  are “ suicide prevention campaigners ” or  “ mental health experts.”  They have open minds.


April 20

Sonny Bill Williams pisses plenty of people off with his anti-establishment attitude, even if he is the greatest sportsman ever produced by NZ.

The great man  has incredibly won 2 NRL Grand Finals with different clubs and with 2-2 is unbeaten in All Black Rugby World Cup campaigns.

Even the establishment’s  favourite golden boy, " Bitchy McWhore " is only 2-4 after his failures in the 2003 and 2007 editions.

Sonny Bill’s a kind and humble human who gauges success by the amount of love that surrounds him, and his actions cracked me up a few years back at the Onehunga swimming pool. In the changing rooms one day his Uncle Billy, a mate of mine, was struggling to pull a  blue and white footy jersey over his head.

Samoan-born Uncle Billy was in his mid-70s and requested assistance with his undressing. A Canterbury Bulldogs jersey, with " to Uncle Billy from Sonny Bill " inscribed on the front. I had a brainwave:

" Hey mate, we could get millions for this on Trade Me. Say it’s the jersey he wore when the Bulldogs won the Grand Final ? "

Uncle Billy told me to turn it over. On the back: " Only Uncle Billy can wear this "

A different SBW jersey made last week’s scab media headlines after the deep thinking man of Muslim belief chose to cover the Bank of New Zealand logo on his Auckland Blues jersey. All hell broke loose amongst the mainstream media scabs and former All Black Murray Mexted told Radio Sport's Martin Devlin that Williams' stand was “ contrary to everything that constitutes a healthy team culture, which he believes is lacking at the Blues.”

Sonny Bill’s  anti-alcohol, reasonably good-looking and  big on family. If he weren’t married he might be regarded as the country’s most eligible bachelor. Maybe the BONK OF NEW ZEALAND ?

A few days later the Devlin scab had a crack at being an Astrologer:

The Devlin Radio Show – DRS  April 18   “ Neither the Blues or the Warriors are making the playoffs this year..”

Old news ! Nearly 6 months old, in fact, after  appearances in the Annual Prophesies of November 26, 2016:

Kearney, Steve:

Rugby league coach with progress  blocked from Pluto-Mars frustrations until late 018. December 017 has serious Saturn restrictions, but 019 much more productive with awesome Uranus-Jupiter trine.

Umaga, Tana:

Auckland Blues coach under major strain March, April, May from Neptune whacking his Mars and Mercury positions.

“ Healthy team culture, ” tight fives and kicking games mean nothing if the Astrology’s not favourable. Period.


April 18

When you’ve got a racing investment system ( some call it " betting " ) returning  92% interest on your investment there ain’t too much wrong with NZ horse racing.

Although about 99% of NZ Racing’s dedicated loyalists would disagree. But to be fair, there’s been an  incredible decline in professional standards, from the lazy, bent racing police to the cowardly cocksuckers of the media and general administration and management.

Yesterday produced an absolute  pearler from the NZ TAB.

Around 9.45 am yesterday I noticed a Taranaki  jumper Wheeler Fortune  still running in a race at Oakbank, South Australia. Same horse  had been reportedly euthanized after falling  in a jumping race there on Saturday.

I wondered about the Easter fable and remembered something from early religious learnings:

“ And on the third day he rose again from the dead, as the scriptures have foretold.”

Was this the long-awaited second coming ?  Would Wheeler Fortune race at Oakbank, then walk back home across the Tasman Sea ?

A mate reported that Wheeler Fortune was still listed in his local TAB on the sheets at 3.30 pm,  just 90 minutes before the start !

“ So I got a red marker pen and put it through his name. Words fail me.”

Winter is close and, as always, I’m hopeful that the conditions which produce chaos for serious form students will break our drought with double-figure dividends.

A June at Canterbury in Australia produced the Astrological System’s best-ever longshot, at $100, with Hawera  in a July returning our NZ best,a $57.20 shot.

In the interim God’s become a proper cunt, possibly because I mock his only begotten son so much. And hasn’t given us a double-figure dividend since our $28.50 winner on Boxing Day 2013 !


Legendary All Black Michael Jones was once asked how his well-known christian beliefs aligned with his punishing crash tackles on the field.

" It’s better to give than receive, " replied Jones.

In such a decadent industry as racing, I think it’s best to practice the dead opposite:


The figure in brackets is the return for every $1 if the same amount is invested for a win on each selection.  
 Since 2011:  101  investments, 26 wins 
Average win div $7.39  on a 26% winning strike rate ( Investment $1=$1.92 )

Just like christianity, anyone’s welcome to join the team. As long as you can read, write and count…..


April 17

It’s already been noted that a cashless society will happen before the Year 2026.

Simply because in 2018 erratic and suddenly disruptive Uranus will be starting his tour of  the money sign Taurus for 8 years.

Thereafter the Zodiac’s  mad dog will spend the next 7 years in Gemini, the domain of the mind, communications and short journeys.

Cast your minds back to the year 1885, some 132 years ago. Revolutionary Pluto had just commenced his stay in Gemini, and  would be there for 28 years, until 1913.

Causing, as he does, major revolutions in Gemini matters like “ mind, communications and short journeys.” How ironic that Karl Benz invented the motor  car in 1885 and the aeroplane came along in 1903 !

With  Uranus having a hand in  the aeroplane invention as well. The disruptive, but brilliant-at-times Uranus was  in Sagittarius at century turn until 1904. Causing sudden change in Sagittarian matters like travel and foreign lands---- so it  became much faster for a person or parcel  to fly overseas than take a boat.

Pluto’s time in Sagittarius some 90 years later caused major international revolutions as well. From 1995 to 2008, with incredible, mass  migrations and the internet brought internationals so much closer.

Pluto’s major amendments already in conservative Capricorn have been well documented ( see April 13  enlightenment ), so how about the great revolutionary leaving Capricorn for Aquarius in 2025 ?  Starting a massive revolution in all things Aquarian. Consider some of the Aquarian traits….

Aquarians tend to be friendly, original, intuitive, broadminded, nonconforming, different, independent, freedom-loving, scientific, unusual, and helpful. They can also be impersonal, unpredictable, tactless, rebellious, unconventional, stubborn, rigid, radical, bohemian and eccentric.

Radical changes in the above, a long, slow process with Pluto having one of his longer vacations in a sign, and not leaving Aquarius until 2044. Almost 20 years to change the masses to being unfriendly, unoriginal, narrow-minded and conforming.

Resulting in more inhibited robots than just the current generation Z for Zombies plugged in permanently to the I-phone.

Aquarius also governs science, including Astrology, and electronics. Shall everything be done on the internet ?

You click up a Domino’s Pizza and it’s in your inbox 20 seconds later and edible 10 seconds later courtesy of the app. to a high-powered microwave ?

  Soon after Pluto’s grand entrance into Aquarius, crazy Uranus moves into Gemini ( 2026, until 2033 ) to cause all kinds of chaos in the the domain of the mind, communications and short journeys.

Relative to the 1885-1903 era and changes that came with motor vehicles and aeroplanes. You have to wonder about the future of the petrol engine, flying robots, mini helicopters and personal drones….


April 15

Recent media:

Suggestions there could be more misconduct among Crown companies are being shut down by the Minister Supporting Greater Christchurch Recovery.

This comes after a report found the actions of Gerard Gallagher and Simon Nikoloff breached public service standards after they set up a business on the side while employed by Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (CERA).

The private company, PIML, would see investors pay them a fee on private property deals, with buyers thinking they were dealing with CERA.

Minister Gerry Brownlee said this country doesn't tolerate corruption.

Pollies like  Brownlee are famed for their lies. Not only  is his Moon in dark, gloomy Scorpio but there’s also a serious Mercury affliction putting him in a similar dinghy to ex-prime minister John Key !

The black Scorpion Moon supervises depression and resultant bad behaviour with sexual deviancy and hard drug use common.

Add Brownlee’s communication problems and truth issues from the tightness of his Mercury ( Capricorn 29 ) afflicted by mad dog Uranus ( Cancer 29 ) and deceptive Neptune ( Scorpio 0 ) when he was born.

Key, another with truth issues, arrived during a Mercury-Neptune complication as well.

Brownlee’s life don’t get any easier, after an appearance in last November’s Annual Prophesies,

Brownlee, Gerry:

Politician-Scorpion Moon possessor extremely  low on energy next 2 years from Neptune-Mars and  Uranus-Mercury issues. April to Aug 017  very challenging.

For a case history on Neptune-Mars issues, hark back to the Annuals of November 2013:

Collins, Judith:

Massive problems for the politician known as " Crusher  " with  Pluto and Uranus attacking the Node and Neptune-Mars harassment.”

In mid-2014 Crusher had to resign her cabinet position after a big scandal involving Chinese business connections.

Under Brownlee’s watch, as earthquake minister, there are depressed residents still waiting for their homes to be repaired from the big one just over 6 years ago.

Brownlee’s  Neptune and Uranus attacks are not due to finish until February 2019………..


April 13

Revolutionary Pluto’s time in conservative Capricorn is all about wrecking traditions.

When Pluto  entered conservative, authoritative Capricorn early in 2008 I made some predictions here:

Old traditions like newspapers, real estate and car sales will be changing drastically courtesy of the internet generation. It's easy to see a further weakening of governments because Pluto's destruction here will root out a lot more corruption and inefficiency.

But the scary piece relates to the massively changing role of the father figure, as the family unit slowly disappears and  marriage becomes just another episode in life's great soap opera for many. ”

Newspapers are on death row and won’t exist when Pluto exits Cappy in 2025. Never in history has it  been so hard for Mr Average to buy a house, commensurate with the incredible marriage break ups, and once respected fathers becoming mere slaves to the establishment.

Courtesy of greats like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange and co, so much “ corruption and inefficiency ” have been rooted out  of governments. My personal favourite being Assange demonstrating how Hillary Clinton knew about February 2011’s  iconic Christchurch earthquake 6 hours beforehand !

Good Friday 2017 sees another time-honoured tradition getting smashed—there will be horse racing in Perth.

Never before in NZ or Australia, and such disrespect to the bloke that allegedly died on the cross to save our sins !


I scanned through the fields for the meeting at  Ascot Racecourse tomorrow to see if there were any omen bets. No horses with names including “ God, Cross or Nails,” though.

Maybe a race named the Il Panini Bakery Maiden, in honour of the fishes and loaves story, but the Western Australian Turf Club have certainly missed a golden opportunity for promotion by not inviting the leading Filipino jockey Jesse Guce  to walk across the Indian Ocean for a guest appearance.

Jesse is the son of one of the greatest-ever Filipino jockeys, Jesus Guce, who actually won a major race at Ellerslie on a brief visit to New Zealand in November 1973.


April  11

Some recent blogging from a Christchurch-based media scab, Newstalk ZB’s Chris Lynch:

When I saw incredible images of Cyclone Debbie packing a sad across the North Island, I felt a bit guilty for thanking Mother Nature for spreading her anger across the country, and for once leaving Christchurch out - touch wood.

I know it's not a competition, but our region's been slapped around by Mother Nature more times than I care to remember. The 2010 and 2011 quakes, the repeated flooding episodes of 2014 and 2015, the 2016 North Canterbury quakes, and this year's Port Hills fires.

As residents, we've all become amateur seismologists, geologists, flood mitigation experts and council complainers, but with good reason.

What I've come to learn through these terrible events, is that in many cases it's the human response to these disasters which can be worse than the actual event itself.

If disaster strikes we can't and shouldn't rely on agencies that market themselves as human saviours.”

That’s what Astrology is for, dickhead !

We warn people, we let them know and prepare them. Governments and other  “ agencies that market themselves as human saviours ” can’t do that. Nor can “ God.” !

There are many like Lynch, wondering about the system they have trusted, while there are some pearls in the enlightenment files of clients who sold property before the devastation of a cyclone/earthquake.

Dopey Lynch needs to chat with a Newstalk ZB predecessor, Murray Deaker ONZM, and ask why he raved about “ the Astrologer extraordinaire ” every January for 18 years.

And gave me a quote for promotional purposes: “ No one gets the talkback lines ringing like Don Murray. His New Year predictions have become legendary.”

Last week a widely-travelled Asian university lecturer was totally gobsmacked after I’d traced her dramatic  life through  numerous countries.

“ So nobody’s really to blame for anything ? ” she concluded.

Correct. Unfortunately there is a time in people’s lives when they enter the  higher  learning zone. Many never get there.

“ If only I’d known about this a couple of years ago, ” is a common lament of clients having their recent Pluto and Uranus troubles identified.

Then again, if all the onto it people sold their properties before a devastation, some poor bastards would have to  be the purchasers !


April 9

‘Twas 41 years ago this month when a  policeman told me that if alcohol were discovered tomorrow it would be illegal like cannabis.

I wonder about this fellow, and how long he lasted in the police with an attitude like that.

In  fact it was around 1976 that the New World Order idea began, with  plans for institutionalisation and  wrecking  families. For authority had recently been shaken by the peace loving potsmokers of the Woodstock generation, they who’d rather listen to the Beatles Beach Boys and Rolling Stones instead of going to war.

There would be a War on Drugs and the promotion of alcohol, with saturated advertising which came to NZ in 1984.

Reasonably hilarious, when you consider not only the generations of binge drinkers who’ve emerged, but also the old fuckers with their crimson faces and pot bellies. They with erectile dysfunctions and closed minds.

In recent years I’ve noted an alarming number of  acquaintances, who  drink seriously and regularly,  having major medical events involving kidney stones, knee and hip jobs, heart attacks and prostrate issues etc. And being suddenly told to give up the grog.

These serious health afflictions, of course, are prescribed from strong planets like Pluto, Uranus or Neptune in Astrological House 6 that governs health and diet. Same applies to methamphetamine or heroin addicts.

Mr Rothschild don’t mind these people, though. The unhealthy are gold mines, with cancer a zillion dollar business. He’d prefer them to be totally engrossed in  TV, drinking beer and eating rubbish food instead of reading, thinking and asking the questions that mental expansion encourages.

I hear tales of ailing veterans popping between 20 and 30 pills daily. Mr Rothschild loves them, too, remembering that once upon a time there were no pills.

 The first recorded use of marijuana as a medicinal drug occurred in 2737 B.C. by Chinese emperor Shen Nung. The emperor documented the drug’s effectiveness in treating the pains of rheumatism and gout.

Cannabis seeds were used as a food source in China as early as 6000 B.C.

 From 1850 to 1942, marijuana was listed in the United States Pharmacopoeia as a useful medicine for nausea, rheumatism, and labour pains and was easily obtained at the local general store or pharmacy.

During the temperance movement of the 1890s, marijuana was commonly recommended as a substitute for alcohol. The reason for this was that use of marijuana did not lead to domestic violence while alcohol abuse did.

New Zealand is lagging behind the world in attitudes to marijuana, as we hark back to February 1999, when Prime Minister Jenny Shipley was at odds with Police Minister Clem Simich over decriminalisation.        

 Mr Simich  supported decriminalisation because present cannabis laws were not  working and were draining massive amounts of police resources. 

Time for an honest poll in the police: Who’s more dangerous, the violent drunk or the peaceful pot smoker eating pizza and listening to Pink Floyd ?           


April 7

It’s regarded as unacceptable to laugh at people who lose their jobs. Not in this case, though:

A merger of New Zealand's two dominant news publishers would mean the companies would no longer have to compete for shrinking advertising income while cutting costs.

The and websites may be merged into one, which would either start charging readers for news or hike the price of advertising to an enlarged audience. It's also possible one website would be free and funded with ads while the other put premium content behind a paywall.

Some newspapers would almost certainly close, and hundreds of journalists and back room people would lose their jobs as two sets of staff became one.

For the last line, it’s  GOOD FUCKING JOB. Part of becoming a media veteran is the dehumanisation process, when the average human is only regarded as either a drooling fan or a possible storyline.

Media scabs  therefore do not believe that success is gauged by the amount of love that surrounds you. Nor having a positive influence on those around either, with some horrific stories  of the neglected and rejected children of famous, “ award-winning ” media stars.

Media scabs hate Astrology, too. It’s the science of people and doesn’t appeal to the dehumanised. Ironically it’s been a very fascinating subject to many very successful professional sportspersons, who can relate to the  many factors beyond their control--- brain explosions, ref’s decisions and the bounce of the ball.

Media scabs don’t find it easy to assimilate into normal society. For only a fellow scab can understand the orgasmic sensation that comes with “ breaking news ” like a terrorist attack, an earthquake or a destructive Debbie cyclone.

And the last thing a media scab wants to be reminded of is the Pluto or Uranus negativity forecast for the coach in the stocks getting splattered with rotten fruit……

In spite of their talentlessness and personality deficiencies, media scabs do make it into the prophesy arena and has fielded some very successful predictions on the personal restructuring of  media scabs. Like  the late Paul Holmes, Susan Wood, Paul Henry, John Campbell, Hilary Barry, Petra Bagust, Doug Golightly, Michael Donaldson, Michael Laws, Donna Chisholm, Stephen Cook and even the paymaster of many, media mogul Rupert Murdoch !

They’ve provided humour, too. Like  a television editor almost in tears once, with “ we can’t say that the All Blacks won’t win the Rugby World Cup !

There was Doug Golightly on Radiosport in October 2007, spitting razor blades, faeces and vomit while almost inciting a nation to violence after the Rugby World Cup wipeout. Even if he had approved HENRY’S NOT THE MAN FOR THE JOB (  coach  Graham Henry, 2007 RWC ) as editor of Truthsport  way back in December 2003 !

Sunday Star-Times sports editor Michael Donaldson once  tried to scrounge a free reading from me, while reluctant to share his Astrological inclinations with a weekly column. Later lamenting that “ my hands are tied.”

There’s major career turmoil in coming years for  Golightly and Donaldson, along with fellow media scabs like Susan Wood, Toni Street, Jayjay Harvey, Jacquie Brown, Tony Veitch, D’arcy Waldegrave, Pippa Wetzell, Samantha Hayes, Donna Chisholm, Stephen Stuart and Mike Hosking among obviously many.

Deep thinkers and planners have used Astrological enlightenment successfully. Whereas  media scabs can’t think further than tomorrow’s deadline, and try desperately to believe that the world’s oldest science doesn’t work.  It does, as per the Annual Prophesies each November that produce around 90% successfuls.

With quite an impressive list already from last November’s 100, including the greats on Dan Carter, Roger Federer, Donald Trump, Andy Murray, Damien Oliver, Tiger Woods, Michelle Payne, Manu Vatuvei, David Walsh and Kane Williamson. Also L Molloy, N Djokovic, M Moroney,  T Umaga, C Williams,  S Adams,  C Wozniaki,  M Guptill, S Marsh, T Veitch, V Kohli, A McFadden, D Logan.

Just 3 wrongs so far-- E Jones, O Bosson, A Kumble. Brief relief for the media scabs and other sceptics….. 



April 5

Last year the Melbourne Storm took their first minor premiership for 5 years but got nutted in the Grand Final  by the Cronulla Sharks.

A disappointment relative to an appearance in the November 2015 Annual Prophesies:

Bellamy, Craig:

Difficult, frustrating changes for Melbourne Storm coach  from Pluto-Mars disharmony between March 016 and Nov 017. Uranus-Mercury issues will hamper  March, April 016 as well.

Plutonian frustration often brings the narrowest of defeats, with no better example than the 1995  Rugby World Cup. The All Blacks had, 8 months earlier in Truthsport, been given “ as much chance of winning as there was  of finding a cream napoleon in a Bosnian P.O.W camp.”

All because coach Laurie Mains had his Venus and Mercury positions getting monstered by destructive Pluto !

Plagued with food poisoning, the 1995 All Blacks made the Grand Final before losing to hosts South Africa in the final minutes.

Already in 2017 the Melbourne Storm are cruising along on top again at  5-5. Even after the coach’s appearance in last November’s Annual Prophesies:

Bellamy, Craig:

NRL Coaching great with 2 of his toughest years ever. Pluto attacks Mars until November then Mercury until Dec 018.

You’d have a similar prediction for all born on October 3, 1959, like Bellamy and NZ jockey David Walsh, who also made the cut last November:

Walsh, David:

Retirement the best option for veteran, record-holding jockey while Pluto savages Mars until December.”

Walshy showed commendable respect for Astrological wisdom and announced his retirement in January.

In the same boat is the captain of last year’s NRL champs, Cronulla:

Gallen, Paul:

Massive off-year for NRL star with Pluto smashing his Mars. Jan, July, Nov crucial.


April 3

The Astrological files contain an impressive list of musicians and actors with depression aspects. As per the list below on April 1  which includes Prince Harry’s latest girlfriend, Meghan Markle.

The latest news has Hazza renovating his bachelor pad at Buckingham Palace for Meghan to move in. Not the brightest idea, considering his appearance in the Annual Prophesies, last November:

“  Harry, Prince:

Royal having major relationship roadblocks while Pluto whacks his Venus in Jan, July, Nov. Much more reproductive in 018-019 with Pluto-Moon and Uranus (2 ) positives.”

Very interesting when you consider Meghan’s chart includes that Mars in the 12th, also an ultra-sensitive Cancer rising sign and a seriously afflicted Moon that causes extreme problems in reproduction. Not to forget erratic Uranus and Neptune in House 5, a classic for short-lived and disastrous pre-marital affairs…….

Ms Markle’s also got deceptive Neptune antagonising her love planet Venus this year, and being of August 1981 birth is yet another problem. Personal and Astrological experiences have these Leo Sun possessors of the Chinese Rooster Year among the most partial to a dart down the blind side.

Great cheaters, which era includes one of Auckland’s most infamous mistresses, the weird and rapidly deteriorating Bevan Chuang, so notable for her secret affair with the married mayor of Auckland, Len Brown.

So many questions, with further discussion on the weekly Astrology Report on the Auckland-based Indian radio station Humm Fm on Thursday.

With presenter Vijay Varma wondering last week, during the discussions on the upcoming Will and Kate disasters, why doesn’t The Queen employ an Astrologer to give all the prospective suitors an Astrological Warrant of Marital Fitness check ?

When does Meghan’s Neptune-Venus problem end ? Is she the one for Harry’s  2019 marriage ? How do they stack up in the impeccable Astrological  compatibility ratings ?

Thursday mornings, 8.30, 106.2 fm ( NZ ) or via the website


April 1

Recent media:

Her husband is Australia's leading proponent of natural, chemical-free living – so it probably shouldn't be a surprise that Nicola Robinson Evans wishes she'd never had breast augmentation surgery.

The New Zealand-born former model revealed to Sunday Night that in her younger years, her very different lifestyle saw her make a decision she badly regrets now.

"I wasn't leading a natural life, which is why I have two toxic silicone implants attached to my chest," Nicola told reporter Alex Cullen.

"Deepest regret of my life."

"You know, I dabbled in fillers, Botox, all sorts of things that were driven by my fear – to try and make myself feel better," she admitted.

That’s all part of having the depression classic, energetic Mars, secreted away in the restrictive 12th House. And being one of Auckland’s “ Tit Job Twins ” about a dozen years ago, the other being her flatmate Charlotte Dawson, yet another with numerous breast enlargements and also Mars in House 12 !

In fact it was a phenomenal enlightenment for Dawson back in January 2007 that alerted me to this great depression significator. That possessed by so many in showbiz and broadcasting, with an impressive list of Mars in the 12th owners:

Dame Kiri Te Kanawa,  David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Larry King,  Nicole Kidman, Victoria Beckham,  Beyonce, Paris Jackson, Mariah Carey, Yoko Ono, Adele and Prince Harry’s latest, Meghan Markle. Also renowned NZ depression sufferers  Murray Deaker, Bluey McLennan, Jayjay Feeney and embattled jockey Michael Walker .

The black moods created by Mars in the 12th drives its possessors to extremes of bad behaviour and low self-esteem. Explaining the paedophile addiction of USA politician Joe Biden. Also iconic  Australian  " disappearing act " Harold Holt, who eased his many burdens by going  for a swim and was never seen again……

Experts on " depression " despise Astrological magnificence, in spite of all the amazing prophesies. Here’s another one for the watch list, already for the Annual Prophesies, in November 2017:

" Robinson, Nicky:

Celebrity blow-up doll plunges into one of her renowned meltdowns  with Neptune-Mars harassment. April,  Aug, and Feb 019 crucial. Major close relationship issues before the Pluto-Jupiter trine supervises a positive new life 019-020. "


Back around 2003 I received a call from Nicky’s mother about an error in the birthdays column I was producing in the weekly racing publication FRIDAY FLASH.

Nicky ( then Watson ) was upset that I’d listed her as being a 1975 born, when in fact, according to mother, Nicky had arrived in December 1977. I apologised for my bad and promised to make amends.

Come the enlightenment for Charlotte Dawson in January 2007 and my casual mention that “ Nicky turns 30 this year.”

" 30 last month ! " corrected Dawson.

“ But her mother told me….”

Dawson gave an opinion of Mrs Robinson, then explained how some of Nicky’s exes had been teasing her about hitting 30 at the party  in December 2006……


March 30

It was made clear long ago, here and on radio station Humm Fm, that the Proteas of Sore Thefrika would beat the Black Caps of NZ.

The South Africans took the One Day series, and after a draw in the first Test, slaughtered  NZ in the second.

Black Caps fans were gutted. They know only too well the effect of major NZ sporting triumphs---everyone gets a pay rise, houses become cheaper and easier to obtain. Bashing, bullying, robberies and methamphetamine use diminish rapidly.

Captain Kane Williamson started getting the blame, after amassing just 5 runs in 2 innings of the second Test. But Williamson returned bravely in the third, to score a brilliant 176 from 285 balls. Ultimately NZ had Sore Thefrika needing  95 runs with only 5 wickets remaining on the final day and a drawn test series became a distinct possibility.

And I would be shamed into shouting Humm Fm presenter Ms Pooja Kumar morning tea !

Then along came the rain, and much pain for Kane. Game abandoned, and another series win to Sore Thefrika.

King Pluto up above had twisted God’s arm with an order: " Send buckets of rain down over Hamilton so my favourite earthling Astrologer doesn’t get Kane Williamson’s  March  wrong ! "

As per an appearance in last November’s Annual Prophesies on

Williamson, Kane:

Gun cricketer harassed by Neptune-Mercury  and Uranus-Jupiter negativity until March 018. March, June, Sept 017 especially testing.”

With a further warning, in the style of the legendary Roman soothsayer, to " Beware the Kanes  of March ! ( again )  "

As per next year, with his appearance for November 017 already set in stone:

Williamson, Kane:

Gun cricketer over the Neptune-Mercury issues of 2017. Chaos in March with Uranus attacking his Jupiter.


March 29

Some of my favourite predictions have  involved babies.

Not public ones, but for  parents desperately trying for their first child. Consider an Indian couple, and the wife’s year plagued by job change and health problems which entailed a fortnight in hospital, with reassurances that  “ next year ” was the  time for motherhood. An awesome Pluto-Ascendant trine......

In May “ next year ” Indian couple check that I like butter chicken, then bring me a large feed and  news that they got their permanent residence and are expecting twins ! 8 months later the newly-born girls are brought over to learn about their futures and probable careers in the health industry.

One of Astrology’s many advantages is the fertility method. Similar to the catholic rhythm method but far more accurate. A woman is at her most fertile when the angle between the Sun and Moon at  birth recurs each month. It’s great for contraception, too.

Remembering that fertility isn’t for everyone. Breakfast radio presenter Jayjay Feeney ( Harvey ) came for an enlightenment and was told specifically she would never have children, courtesy of various Uranus and Pluto complications and the depression classic, Mars in House 12.

Feeney breached her confidentiality terms by publicly bagging Astrologers and psychics in a newspaper column soon afterwards---then with partner Dom Harvey wasted some $15k on fertility treatments before abandoning their parental plan 7 years later !

A different story for Black Cap Martin Guptill, plagued by hamstring troubles and erratic form so far in 2017. Explained, with light at the end of the tunnel next year, in the Annual Prophesies,, of November 2016:

Guptill, Martin:

Cricketer in  for major form slump with Uranus attacking Mercury through March, then Mars until Feb 018 with April+Nov 017 particularly stressful. A new love in  018 with Neptune-Venus awesomeness.

With the final sentence explained in some recent media:

Black Caps star Martin Guptill will soon be swapping his bat for nappy duty, as he anticipates the birth of his first child with his partner, TV and radio host Laura McGoldrick.

The couple told Woman's Day their baby is due in September, which also marks three years since they tied the knot.

McGoldrick​, who presents on radio and Sky Sport, is 14 weeks pregnant.”


March 27

Legendary USA psychiatrist Timothy Leary ( 1920--1996  ) was among the great thinkers who concluded that the average human uses less than 10% of their brain.

Much less for Muslim women smothered by the black hoodie, or the deeply religious in traditional cultures who live with the in-laws.

Similar to the Monday-to-Friday people, the inhabitants of the long caterpillar on the motorways in rush hour. After 8 hours of work and 3-4 hours of commute they’re lusting for a drink and some television. Or the products of Generation Z ( for Zombie ) who spend every waking moment possible attached to their I-phones……..

Tim Leary ultimately got into snapping rat race victims out of it. Trips on mescal, Psilocybin or LSD opened  minds, as they did for great musicians like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Beach Boys, Neil Young, Bob Marley, Donovan Leitch, Lou Reed and David Bowie etc.

Ditto for many of the great writers long before them, like Lewis Carrol, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Charles Dickens, Arthur Conan Doyle and  Robert Louis Stevenson. There were other great creators, too, who benefitted from this kind of mental expansion, like Vincent Van Gogh, Thomas Edison and Sigmund Freud.

Psilocybin’s the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. Consider some recent non-mainstream media:

Magic mushrooms have lifted severe depression in a dozen volunteers in a clinical trial, raising scientists’ hopes that the psychedelic experiences beloved of the Aztecs and the hippy counter-culture of the 1970s could one day become mainstream medicine.

A clinical trial, which took years and significant money to complete due to the stringent regulatory restrictions imposed around the class 1 drug, has found that two doses of psilocybin, the active substance in the mushrooms, was sufficient to lift resistant depression in all 12 volunteers for three weeks, and to keep it away in five of them for three months.

The size of the trial and the absence of any placebo means the research, funded by the Medical Research Council and published in the Lancet Psychiatry journal (pdf), is a proof of principle only.

The scientists, from Imperial College London, said they hoped the results would encourage the MRC or other funders to put up the money needed for a full trial. However, the use of a placebo control, comparing those who use the drug with those who do not, will always be difficult, because it will be obvious who is having a psychedelic experience.

I had several psychedelic experiences in the 1970s and 80s. Poplar trees on a Mangere golf course became horses galloping  towards us. A wrecked Japanese fighter plane and a cannon in a war memorial park in North-Western Australia put my imagination into overdrive and I was running through the trenches with an imaginary rifle sidestepping exploding bombs and shells.

A flatmate in Remuera was surrounded by broken glass in the lounge and wanted to protect his feet with gumboots. There was no broken glass. Another imagination stirred by just an empty glass, while I was gulping imaginary spoons of imaginary marmalade that was of similar colour to the firewood logs beside me……

It’s easy to see how John Lennon and Paul McCartney got their lyrics for Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds:

Picture yourself in a boat on a river
With tangerine trees and marmalade skies
Somebody calls you, you answer quite slowly
A girl with kaleidoscope eyes

Cellophane flowers of yellow and green
Towering over your head
Look for the girl with the sun in her eyes
And she's gone


Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain
Where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies
Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers
That grow so incredibly high

That chap often referred to as “ God ” didn’t  make  Valium, Prozac and even alcohol. He must have had a reason for  creating Magic Mushrooms……


March 25

As we know, there are lots of unfortunates  who go for holidays at the wrong time.

There are buzzy months, and unbuzzy months. Times for launching an overseas campaign, and times for staying put.

Consider recent media:

' Stephen Marsh has cut short Sofia Rosa’s Sydney campaign.

“ She arrived back home yesterday and she’s in the paddock,” the Cambridge trainer said.

Last year's Gr. 1 Australian Oaks winner was unplaced in last Saturday’s Gr. 1 Ranvet Stakes at Rosehill with an effort that halted plans for a crack at the A$4 million Gr. 1 Queen Elizabeth Stakes.

Marsh said he would talk to connections in the coming days regarding Sofia Rosa’s immediate future. '

You could  ask WTF would “ connections ” know ?  Horse trainers aren’t renowned for their worldly wisdom  and mental expansion, but there was a clue in the Annual Prophesies of last November, !

Marsh, Stephen:

Major off-years for leading horse trainer with  Pluto attacking his Sun until Nov 018. Saturn-Jupiter clash, too, with Feb, March, April, May and Nov 017 crucial. ”


The veteran NZ Warriors winger turned 31 a few weeks ago and made a late start to the NRL season.

Injury meant “ The Beast ” didn’t take the field until Round 3. And didn’t last long before being forced off with knee trouble. Resting in Round 4, too.

Hardly a surprise when you consider his appearance in last November’s Annuals !

Vatuvei, Manu:

Rugby league icon slows down appreciably with Neptune weakening his Sun until Feb 018. March, April, Aug challenging with Saturn hampering his Venus June, Oct.”


March 23

 As far back as September 16, last year, the NZ Warriors of 2017 were written off as a “ disaster.”

With personnel like Watson, Kearney, McFadden, Jones, Johnson, Foran and Vatuvei listed in the Annual Prophesies,, last November.

Already  Watson, Kearney, Johnson, Foran, Tuivasa-Sheck and Luke have cemented spots in the November 2017 Annuals as well.

I have the greatest respect for coach Steve Kearney and his sense of justice. Like back in Townsville on a Saturday morning in July 1996, the legendary Mad Butcher, now Sir Peter Leitch, was trying to wriggle out of settling a wager----a beer for me if I managed to hitch hike down from Cairns ( 345 km without getting murdered.

Auckland Warriors player Kearney put Mad into a headlock while reserve coach Frank Endacott beat Mad with a rolled up newspaper until he produced a counter offer.

Unfortunately  Kearney’s suffering Pluto-Mars unproductiveness until late 2018. Still with awesome Neptune-Mars and Uranus-Jupiter trines in 2019, which produced a brilliant idea from Humm Fm presenter Ms Pooja Kumar recently…..

Owner Eric Watson could lease the Warriors out for the next 2 unproductive years and regain them in 2019 ?

No chance of that, as we fast reverse to the greatest years, when the NZ Warriors’ juniors won their premierships for a club first in 2010 and 2011. Predicted, of course, courtesy of awesome Pluto-Mercury and Pluto-Mars trines assisting then coach John Ackland.

“ The Acks ” was strangely overlooked for a higher position and finally resigned from the NZ Warriors  in 2013, over dissatisfaction with head coach Matt Elliott, who got the boot early in the 2014 season !

Where is the great J Ackland now ?----------- Coaching in Auckland Rugby League’s  second division, the Sharman Cup !

But I ain’t complaining. Instead of taking a position with his lifelong Mt Albert club, J Ackland is guiding the former mighty Otahuhu Leopards, who, after 105 years in the top grade, have been demoted to the second division.

Very significant, considering Otahuhu Rugby League is a world leader. Highly unlikely that any smalltown club in any sport anywhere has produced 5 captains of a National side in the last 50 years. Like  Roy Christian, Mark Graham, Hugh McGahan, Richie Barnett and Ruben Wiki, for a team that’s perennially in the top 2 in the world.

You have to accept these extreme setbacks. Some cities and towns get decimated by flooding, cyclones and earthquakes or mass redundancies. Otahuhu gets demoted from the Fox Memorial comp to the Sharman Cup.

But we are thankful NZ Warriors’ owner Eric Watson is too dumb to utilise the great talent of John Ackland……


Watson showed the renowned enthusiasm of an Aries Sun possessor in a new venture, with the NZ Warriors making their first-ever Grand Final in only Watsom’s 2nd season ( 2002 ) as majority owner. Then the renowned Aries staleness kicked in and since they’ve only made a Grand Final in 2011. When E Watson was under an awesome, exciting Uranus-Jupiter buzz.

Watson knew nothing about rugby league when he purchased them in 2000. Perhaps only that his future wife Nicky Robinson’s father had represented Canterbury in the same pack as the immortal Mel Cooke in the 1960s ?

Some Indian women still have to come up with a dowry to get married. Potential husbands are valued by their occupation, like a trolley boy at Pak’n' Save might command a few dollars, with 5-figure sums required to marry doctors or lawyers.

Did Don Robinson say “ buy a rugby league team, then you can marry my daughter ” or did Eric Watson do it to be the impresario ?


March 21

There’s no shortage of humour when “ mental illness ” and   “ the black dog ” are concerned.

We accept that the great anti-suicide campaigners hate Astrology. It’s too real for the centre stage wannabes who love the sound of their own voices.

Like " medication Mikey " King, who claims " it’s cool to Korero ( talk ). "

Legendary suicide attempter/woman basher/broadcaster Tony Veitch agrees. So many things on his mind !

Veitchy on Sport

Big call, is it time to hit the panic button three rounds in? You tell me ? Vodafone Warriors

Veitchy on Sport

Warriors go down again.. now I'm starting to worry . Dogs 24-12. Vodafone Warriors NRL - National Rugby League

Veitchy on Sport

The Crusaders are becoming the masters of the come back . Every week they are dead and buried .. and then, comeback time 33-24. Investec Super Rugby Vent away Blues fans.

Veitchy on Sport

Can I put this to you. I get that losing in three days is unacceptable.. but is this test side just not that at present? No Taylor or Boult. A middle order that inspires no real confidence. An opener terribly out of form and clearly no better replacements in the domestic scene. Thoughts?

Veitchy on Sport

Were these comments from Laxman really that shocking about Phil Hughes? You read the story and context, it's just another example of how this series has got out of hand. Australian Cricket Team Indian cricket

A possessor of the dark, ultra-sensitive Scorpio Moon, Veitchy is best remembered for the domestic violence conviction he earned some 7-8 years back for repeatedly booting a fiancée as she writhed on the floor. ( He was living out his Dan Carter fantasy ? ) Then texting certain friends about plans to top himself.

Around that time I was urging a mutual acquaintance to get Veitch to locate his birth time and have the Astrological experience. For there was definitely reason to stay alive---Veitch was to be enhanced by an awesome Pluto-Mars trine in 2012 !  ( When he got promoted to the top job in Radiosport. )

Medication Mikey’s great rival in the battle to be King of the Topper Stoppers is Sir John Kirwan, the former All Black and failed rugby coach who earned his knighthood for “ services to mental illness.”

Like Medication Mikey, Kirwan was also born under a very tight Venus-Saturn block that seriously and continually restricts personal happiness. Kirwan was also the subject of thousands of serious questions from Veitchy on Sport during his awful years in charge of the Auckland Blues !   ( Vent away Blues fans. )

As readers of know, the Auckland Blues, NZ Warriors and Black Caps’ chances in 2017 were seriously restricted from the Annual Prophesies of November 26 last year  ( See " PREDICTIONS "  above )

Consider the appearances of Warriors personnel like Watson, Kearney, McFadden, Jones, Johnson, Foran and Vatuvei. Blues coach Umaga made the cut, along with prominent Black Caps Hesson, Williamson and Guptill. Heaps of Pluto, Uranus and Saturn badness involved !

Ironically Venter Veitchy’s predecessor on Newstalk ZB/Radiosport, Murray Deaker ONZM, unwittingly introduced thousands to Astrology. For one hour per year, on Newstalk ZB’s  annual January show for 18 years, he raved and ranted about the great prophesies from " the Astrologer extraordinaire. "

Only for one hour a year, though. For M Deaker, yet another supposed “ depression ” sufferer, also had “ broadcaster’s ego. ” And believed that success was about premierships and grand final wins and not the love with which you are surrounded.

The broadcaster’s brief is to pick holes, create mayhem and make people angry. Just ask  Venter Veitchy……..


March 19

Recent media:

Stunned British tourists have told how they filmed Prince William cavorting on a club dance floor with two beauties.

Wills, 34, is seen gyrating with a blonde, believed to be Aussie model Sophie Taylor, and flirtatiously grabbing her cowboy hat and plonking it on his head in a Swiss club.

Royal expert Katie Nicholl said: "It's safe to assume that Kate will be far from happy about this."

This is no surprise, considering the appearance in the Annual Prophesies, last November !

Middleton, Kate:

3 turbulent years coming  up. Major Pluto-Sun restructuring in home and family matters  from April 017 until Nov 018, with the emotionally destructive Pluto-Moon attack between April 018 and Nov 019. 2020 has Uranus bringing major close relationship issues with her Venus and Jupiter. ”

April 017 isn’t far away, either. The other half appeared last November as well:

William, Prince of England:

Preparing for major lifestyle  restructuring 018 with Uranus anti Jupiter and the midheaven point. Dec 017 notable, then Jan, May, July, Aug, Oct 018 very stressful.”


Many an unfortunate has started a new venture, like business or marriage, during a difficult Pluto transition.

Invariably these ventures fail, for Pluto difficulties supervise desperation and the making of bad decisions.

As I noted for Prince Willy during his 2011 marriage year, when Pluto was attacking his Moon !

Ironically the  “ major Pluto-Sun restructuring in home and family matters ” for Kate is identical to what her father-in-law, Prince Charles was experiencing in 1992.

When, as predicted a year earlier, Chas and Princess Di decided to separate in October 1992………


March 17

He’s already shaping as one of the superstars from the November 2016 Annual Prophesies at

Carter, Dan:

The rugby champion slows appreciably with Pluto attacking his Mars. Feb, June, Dec notable, with more Pluto and Uranus issues in 2018.”

Recent media:

In the wake of his side's 38-15 loss to La Rochelle in Paris over the weekend, Racing 92 president Jacky Lorenzetti has accused star playmaker Dan Carter of partying too much, a predicament which has left the reigning French champions lagging in the Top 14 standings.

Racing's home defeat has left them in eighth place after 20 games, with the Parisian club seven points off of the sixth-placed qualifying spot, currently occupied by Pau. They have just six remaining fixtures in the regular season to close the gap and qualify for the Top 14 play-offs.

Lorenzetti, a 69-year-old real estate billionaire, expressed his concern for Carter's partying habits, saying that his below par performances since his alleged drink driving incident have been central to Racing's underwhelming run to the play-offs.

"I have long said that man was perfect, that he knew only one fault: it was not to know precisely," Lorenzetti told Le Parisien.

"Finally it was discovered that he knew how to party. Perhaps today he is too much solicited from right and left by too many public relations operations.’

A further investigation into Dan’s  “ Pluto and Uranus issues in 2018 ” was obviously warranted, earning him a spot already for the November 2017 edition !

" Carter, Dan:

Massive troubles for the rugby great with Neptune weakening his Sun until Jan 019 and the Pluto-Node attack until  Nov 019. Also chaotic behaviour and close relationship issues with Uranus-Venus activity in  March, May, June, Sept 018. "

The  " close relationship issues "  warranted further investigation as well, in respect of Dan’s missus. Resulting in her  earning a debut performance in the Annuals next November !

" Carter, Honor:

Famous wife experiencing massive personal restructuring until Oct 019 with Pluto attacking her Mars and Sun. Lifestyle chaos, too, with Uranus-Jupiter negativity May, Oct 018 and March 019. "


March 15

 Today brings the 2062nd anniversary of one of history’s greatest prophesies.

 Not a long-range horse racing certainty, a cricketing sensation or a stunning reversal for the All Blacks, but the death of Roman emperor Julius Caesar.

 A week beforehand, a soothsayer had approached J C with a warning to " Beware the Ides of March ! "   On this day,  March  15  in 44 BC, Julius Caesar was stabbed to death by his friends Brutus and Cassius with his famous last words of " Et Tu, Brute ? "------ " and you, Brutus ? "

 Just imagine how valuable a soothsayer with the ability to forecast death would be today. He could have the insurance companies eating out of his hand !

 Client A: “  Death by car accident, definitely  1.5 or 2  years  time. Send him to State or Tower and let them handle the large payout.”

 Client B: “  A finely aspected 8th House ( of death ) and he won’t expire until he’s in his late 80s. Worth signing and collecting all those premiums.”

 Gifted psychics are a rare commodity in a world drowned in information but starved for wisdom. The New World Order prefers that as many people as possible are stressed, rattled and angry and unable to collect the great hunches and visions.

 I’ve encountered some brilliant psychics. There was one in London who picked up on a serious foot injury hounding a relative back in NZ. Another in Auckland who described  “ a tall dark man, there’s a crown, a representative of the law, probably a policeman.” Two hours later a Maori cop stopped me with serious concerns over the ownership of my vehicle that later proved to be unfounded.

 In spite of the high percentage of successful prophesies, some persons will never change their opinion. With one even greater than the Roman soothsayer’s pearl:

TRUTH, April 29, 1994, in predicting a return to form for controversial cricketer Martin Crowe:

 " In fact if Crowe were a jockey I'd be backing his mounts on Tuesday, February 14,1995.

That's the sort of day that the administration jokers should mark down for a one-day international against the Aussies."

A quick scan of Crowe’s natal chart had selected that impeccable February 14 when he’d be getting all the breaks. With Venus-Neptune, Mars-Mercury, Saturn-Venus, Uranus-Sun and Jupiter-Mars positives. The kind of combination I locate for horse trainers who may not have too many starters on those impeccable days.

On February 14, 1995, Crowe played in a Shell Trophy match for Wellington and made 193 not out.

Astrological study is not encouraged by a New World Order that thrives on wars, creating homelessness and refugees, and poisoning bodies and minds. Having the great unwashed wasting brainpower with needless verbal brawling over  sports matches is one of their trump cards.

But the New World order has got no chance of controlling the world’s oldest science. Unless some of us get the Julius Caesar treatment…….



March 13

The best thing about the Auckland Blues is the highly-paid employment opportunities they provide for Polynesian youths.

In days gone by they were in the freezing works, Carter Holt or Fisher and Paykel factories for life. Now it’s a lot easier for them to buy houses. Without forgetting the springboard to employment opportunities in France, Japan, England, Italy…….

The New World Order loves the Blues, too. They play their part in keeping the great unwashed dumb and distracted. Even in the year’s  hottest months, Blues fans have a Friday or Saturday night locked in for television, or even a Sunday morning when they play in Sore Thefrika.

Of course the Auckland Blues have also made their contribution to Astrological excellence, with the predicted unsuccessful years for current coach Tana Umaga and his predecessor Sir John Kirwan. As per the November 2016 Prophesy:

Umaga, Tana:

Auckland Blues coach under major strain March, April, May from Neptune whacking his Mars and Mercury positions.”

The Blues had a win in February but are supposedly back to normal, according to “ experts, ” with 2 losses in “ March.”

Some could argue that “ it’s only a game. ”   Wrong. A stepping stone for many, like Tongan-born, former Te Papapa chap and Blues forward Sammy Vahafilau, who played rugby for  6 years in France.

A similar story with  “ The Volcano ” a.k.a Tongan-born, Mangere-raised Lesley Vainikolo, who was never a  “ Blue ” but spent 12 years playing rugby or league in England and France.

When they ain’t winning, stop wailing and think of the wage-earners……



March 11

 There’s nothing like a Pluto trine or 2 to help you advance.

 As a lawyer client in the northern hemisphere keeps reminding me. Last year he was persuaded by a colleague to return to the arena for a massive class action involving banks.

 Naturally he was aware of 2017 having Pluto trining his Sun and midheaven point, along with Uranus and Saturn similarly enhancing his Moon and Ascendant. Naturally he’s been planning his moves to harmonise with Astrological magnificence and was recently speaking in legal terms about  “ 56 notary judgements worth 100,000,000 UK pounds each. ”  

 Closer to home, during the filming of rugby movie SKIN AND BONE one freezing July night in 2003, there was a prediction made to a fellow extra. From his August birthdate, there was an upcoming awesome Pluto-Sun trine that should guarantee him “ some good movie parts  next year.”

 Wrong. The fellow extra, named Nick Evans, became an All Black in 2004.

 In March 2009 I met NZ Warriors coach Ivan Cleary at training and asked for a time of arrival, adding that if it were " late in the evening " he’d be awesome in 2011. Stunned Cleary gave me “ 11 pm.”

 The NZ Warriors came 14th in 2009. In 2011, under the supervision of an awesome Pluto-Moon trine,  Cleary guided the team to only their 2nd NRL Grand Final in now 22 years of stumbling……

 Also  there’s a struggling South Auckland-based horse trainer, Karen Zimmerman, who’s got a lot of similarities to my  northern hemisphere lawyer client in the next 2 years.

 Last month  58 year-old Mrs Zimmo and husband departed 13 years of Otaki for more opportunities and a better life at a training complex near Karaka. They’ve only managed 6 wins from 96 starters in the current racing season but the record is definitely in for improvement.

 Pluto is  trining Mrs Zimmo’s Venus this year and Mercury in 2018 ! Also Neptune trining her Ascendant in 2017 and already I’ve got " trainer K Zimmerman " slotted in for a pleasant surprise on one of the next 3 Melbourne Cup days !

 Ideally she’ll be over at Flemington but I’ll be happy with a dividend in anything at the local Ellerslie meeting. With a slightly different story for  35 year-old Cambridge  trainer Mark  Brooks, who’s joining the trans-Tasman  exodus in a few months time.

 We must remember that many business ventures and forays into a foreign land fail, courtesy of being commenced when a subject is suffering from negative Pluto desperation. Diminutive South Auckland trainer Nigel Tiley left NZ for Macau and never to return, in 1998 under Pluto-Moon disillusionment but was back home within 3 years…..

 M Brooks, on the other hand, will be enhanced by a Pluto-Sun trine ( like Nick Evans ) through 2018 and 2019 and is already labelled for several buzz dates including a first Tuesday in November at Flemington !

 Ideally he’ll be winning at the Melbourne Cup, too,  but his success could also be at a bush meeting like Hanging Cock or Warracknabeal.

 Hopefully there’ll be a price. Something we come to expect, when the Don Murray Racing System has an average win dividend of $7.39 on a 26% winning strike rate since the longshot method was introduced just over 6 years ago.......


March 9

 New  challenges are an absolute necessity for any Aries Sun sign possessor.

 Aries Sun charges passionately into a new life/occupation/pastime and usually attains recognition very quickly. Enter the iconic Aries swollen head and a complacency that easily supervises going off the rails.

 Very dangerous when Aries Sun is famous, but not in control of his/her destiny. Aries wants to be the boss. Difficult especially in the fickle and false worlds of media and broadcasting, with  an  awesome quadrella of Aries Sun sign possessors and long-time media servants  who've been renowned for their supposed battles with “ depression.”

 Murray Deaker ONZM, Mike King, Jayjay Feeney and the late Charlotte Dawson !

 In their fickle industries there’s always a station manager-producer-editor-Jewish owner calling the shots. One of the smarter Aries Sun sign possessors was MP Winston Peters, who didn’t fit into the political party system and started his own band. Turning 72 next month and still getting a good quota of media time to polish the ego.

 Fellow Maori King was the classic who abandoned his own culture to become a honky puppet in television. A disastrous marriage break up resulted, then an alleged cocaine addiction that left him broke. King, too, created his own band and became an expert on " depression, " and is presently fighting Sir Herman Munster ( see  Feb 25  article ) to be  King of the Topper Stoppers. But is failing miserably.

 Enter horse racing commentator Tony Lee, who turns 60 on April 10  and is making a comeback. He was the gun racecaller in the central districts but finally pulled pin in a strange and controversial exit in 2012. After 30 years with NZ Racing !

 The classic Aries seeking a fresh challenge. T Lee did some work in Malaysia and returned to NZ last year. Then regained his central districts job, when 26 year-old Tom Wood vacated the position to head overseas, and started back at Hastings last week.

 Some diehards saw the return of T Lee as positive step for the decaying NZ racing industry. More like changing the colour of the toilet paper on the Titanic……

 It won’t be " same old " for Lee, because everything about central racing is rapidly deteriorating. Very easy to see T Lee getting bored with 7-8 hours round trips in the winter to piss weak midweekers at New Plymouth or Hastings.

 You get to 60 years old and should be taking it a lot easier. As T Lee will realise, with Neptune hammering his Mars position until early 2019, with May and June of 2017 very crucial.

 Also he’s got Pluto attacking his Aries Mercury this year and his Aries Sun in 2018. Consider this part of last November’s Annual Prophesies:

 Sudden, Uranian chaos for April 14-18  borns and major, difficult Pluto restructuring for April 7-9 people.”

 And some recent media:

 “ Jockey Nick Hall ( born April 8, 1987 ) faces a year on the sidelines with a recurring hip injury which needs further surgery.

After receiving the news this week, Hall was forced to relinquish the ride on his Caulfield Cup-winning mount Jameka  at Caulfield.

Big chance that T Lee ain’t gonna stay too long in his “ new job, ”  especially with 2018’s “ Pluto restructuring ” including April 10 people……….


March 7

Christianity and  The Bible are the biggest cons the world has ever known.

Something confirmed way back in 1980 when my journalism duties included interviewing a world famous clairaudient, Doris Stokes.

My curiosities were more important than the journalism and I was totally blown away. Mrs Stokes was able to contact people in the afterworld, and identified my wonderfully peaceful, religious grandmother “ up there.”

Then described very accurately 2 of the wildest youths from my youth. In the same place as grandma ! One had departed earth at age 20 ( motorbike), the other at 22 ( suicide ).

The moral of the story being there ain’t a heaven or a hell, as christianity preaches. Everyone goes to the same place. Next clairaudience session I’ll get confirmation that gang members and terrorists are  “ up there ” as well……

With awesome Astrology demonstrating that our futures are predetermined and that birth chart aspects define the saints and sinners.

Something acknowledged by Buddha, when he invented the Oriental Astrology and a Year for each of the animals. The Horse is allowed to be fickle, irresponsible and easily bored. Unlike the Snake, slow-moving, security conscious and possessive. Then there’s the self-centred, drama queen Dragon with the grand ego. Etc

I always marvelled at the strange rules under which my catholic schoolmates used to labour. Mortal sin if you ate meat on Fridays or missed holy mass on Sunday. And the rules about pre-marital sex and contraception ? Whereas abortions, sexual perversion and unplanned children come under the supervision of Astrological 5th House complications involving Pluto, Uranus and Neptune…….

 Officially on February 28, at 3.34 a.m Israel time, the Lord Jesus celebrated his 2024rd birthday. He must be still alive, because every so often one of his followers assures me the Lord is returning " next year " to solve the world’s problems.

I have my doubts. Whether this mail comes from legendary hackers like Edward Snowden or Julian Assange, I’m not sure.

But word is that Jesus is so worried about  many of his followers who have taken quite a dislike to non-English speaking, Middle Eastern immigrants that he’s opted not to return and risk being crucified again…..



March 5

 Way back in December, Humm Fm station manager Vijay Varma requested an Astrological analysis of the cricketing summer for the Black Caps.

 Firstly I considered the coach, and his appearance in last November’s Annual Prophesies,

Hesson, Mike:

Black Caps coach hampered by Uranus-Mercury turmoil May/June and Oct. Worse in 018 with Uranus-Mars turmoil  in March, May/June and October.

Also his captain:

Williamson, Kane:

Gun cricketer harassed by Neptune-Mercury  and Uranus-Jupiter negativity until March 018. March, June, Sept 017 especially testing.”

And another main man:

Guptill, Martin:

Cricketer in  for major form slump with Uranus attacking Mercury through March, then Mars until Feb 018 with April+Nov 017 particularly stressful. A new love in  018 with Neptune-Venus awesomeness.

Obviously much drama around the South African series of February and March, so the next step was an analysis of the South African team’s birthday planets. We find D Steyn, A B De Villiers, D Miller and Q de Kock receiving awesome Uranus trines ! And J P Duminy relishing a Saturn trine !

With captain A B De Villiers benefitting as well from an awesome Pluto trine and coach Russell Domingo receiving two of them !

In fact Domingo’s got awesome Pluto trines in 2018 and 2019 as well, so the Sore Thefrikan dominance will continue.

And they slaughtered the Black Caps in the One Day International decider at Eden Park yesterday. Humm FM presenter Ms Pooja Kumar decided she would have a bet on South Africa and that I would refund her stake if the Black Caps won.

On Thursday morning, 8.30, the weekly Astrological Report on Humm Fm will reveal when Indian cricket’s current superstar Virat Kohli gets married. Then Ms Kumar will shout morning tea and I’ll be ordering Idli, Barfi, Penda, Raspoli, Jalebbi and Gulub Jamons for starters…….



March 3

There’s nothing like an awesome Pluto trine to advance anyone.

 Thousands on record, notably and recently one of the appearances in last November’s Annual Prophesies.

Federer, Roger:

Major Improvement for tennis champ with Pluto-Venus and Neptune-Mars  trines. Jan, May, July,Nov and Feb  018 positive before Uranus-Node downers in June, Sept 018.”

Consider current headline maker and prominent " snortsman " Ali Williams. Born with 4 key planets in Taurus--- Mars at 3 degrees, the Sun 9, Mercury 11 and Venus 14.

 All receiving awesome trines from Pluto in Capricorn between 2009 and 2014. Taurus and Capricorn are very compatible, so the era of Pluto magnificence for Williams supervised his winning a Rugby World Cup, marriage, fatherhood and advancement overseas.

 Come 2019 it’s all changing drastically after the zodiac’s mad dog Uranus enters Taurus, in May of next year. As previously noted, Taurus is the money sign and Uranus’ presence herein until 2026 will supervise the change to a cashless society.

 With the crazy planet  zooming over  A Williams’  Mars, Sun, Mercury and Venus planets in 2019, 2020 and 2021 !  Meaning an incredible comedown for the once " Comical Ali "  who’s suddenly become “ Chemical Ali ” after the cocaine drama in France.

 4 planets in stubborn Taurus aren’t conducive to making personal amendments or changing the game plan. Think former leading criminal barrister Barry Hart, owner of 5 Taurus positions, who dramatically lost his fortune and licence to practice in his early 70s  about 3-4 years ago.

 You have to wonder about the priorities of Chemical Ali. Father of a 3 year-old daughter, but preferring to go drinking and snorting with an idiot like James O’Connor.

 There is no reason, however, for Chemical Ali to completely cut ties with O’Connor. To prepare for his Uranus-Mars attack in 2019, Chemical Ali can get O’Connor to review his own 12 months of identical  turmoil when it’s over in March of next year. As well as  O’Connor’s   3-4 years of  recent, predicted Uranian negativity  in the article below !


March 1

Last Thursday’s weekly Astrological Report on the Auckland-based Indian radio station Humm Fm discussed the dangers of being born in July 1990.

Noting the trouble magnets with Cancer Sun signs from that volatile Oriental “ Horse Year ”------ rugby league star Kieran Foran, Indian actor Suraj Pancholi and Australian rugby’s problem child, James O’Connor !

3 days later O’Connor and former All Black Ali Williams owned the front pages  after they were arrested when rotten drunk and charged with possessing cocaine in France last weekend.

As was reported:

O'Connor has not played for Australia since 2013 when he was stood down by the ARU after a drunken row that saw him escorted out of Perth Airport.

Hours after Australia's Rugby Championship win over Argentina in September 2013 O'Connor was refused entry to a flight to Bali with his girlfriend after a row with airline staff. The Australian Federal Police later confirmed they had removed O'Connor from the airport.

Shortly after, the talented back moved to London Irish. O'Connor returned to Super Rugby in 2015 with Reds but moved back to Europe to join Toulon, where he has been a regular this season.

Consider the appearance in the Annual Prophesies,, November 26, 2013 !

O'Connor, James:

3-4 unsettled years for Australian rugby's naughty boy while Uranus and Pluto attack his Sun, Mercury and Jupiter.”

Had O’Connor been notable enough for a place in the November 2016 Annuals, this would have been his prophesy:

Australian rugby’s naughty boy losing his way with Neptune-Venus problems and mad-dog Uranus over his Mars position. April, Nov and Feb 018 crucial before Pluto attacks his career-planet Jupiter until Dec 018.




February 27

Apparently it’s not easy to beat the Indian cricket team on their home soil.

Ailments like “ Delhi belly ” indicate it’s easy to get “ the runs ” but not so easy on the scoreboard.

A different story, though, if the Indian cricket team’s coach is getting savaged by Uranus and Neptune. So it was hardly a surprise that the Australians demolished the Indians in the first test at Pune over the weekend by 333 runs.

As per an appearance in last November’s Annual Prophesies on

Kumble, Anil:

Turmoil continues for Indian cricket coach with Uranus-Sun harassment until late March, with major Neptune stresses around Feb, May, July, Oct, Dec.

Upcoming problems for his captain also:

Kohli, Virat:

Indian cricket champ hampered by Saturn-Moon setbacks Jan, June, Oct and Uranus-Mercury attacks in June, Sept. Major close relationship issues around July from a difficult Mars progression.

Kumble has, of course, been added to the formidable list of corrects so far from the 100 in the November 2016 Annuals:

L Molloy, A Murray, N Djokovic, D Trump, S Adams, C Wozniaki, R Federer, S Johnson,  A Kumble, D Walsh, T Woods,  D Carter.

 The Annuals which produce around 90% success every year. Down to a possible 99% for 2017, however, with one  wrong  courtesy of England’s rugby coach Eddie Jones….



February 25

For some reason, ex-All Black and rugby coach Sir John Kirwan was awarded a knighthood in 2012 for his services to mental illness.

 Why ? Some National Party supporter reckoned it was because Kirwan’s revelations about his great depressions had inspired more people to ring up the suicide helplines. Weird ? Especially when NZ’s suicide statistics have been steadily rising, with NZ youths up near the top of the world !

 Mental illness " experts " cower away from Astrological truths. Bad for the egos of those who love the limelight, remembering that the key to most depression sufferers is the placement of Mars, ruler of the ego sign Aries.

 Mars secreted away in restrictive House 12 is the most common denominator of " depression, " closely followed by Mars being suffocated by destructives like Pluto or Uranus at birth time. Kirwan’s birthchart possesses the latter and I often wonder about explaining it all to the odd fellow in a full personal enlightenment.

 Kirwan would have to be fascinated when learning about his Ascendant-rising sign being CANCER. The significator of very sensitive, changeable and moody humans, who are easily offended and don’t handle pressure too well. They need plenty of me time or a secret cave and are renowned for many changes of residence.

 Kirwan’s successor on the All Blacks wing, the late Jonah Lomu, had Cancer rising, also swim champ Michael Phelps, Angelina Jolie and widely-travelled horse racing personalities Sheila Laxon, Rodney Heaslip and Nigel Landers. Mel Gibson and Delta Goodrem as well.

 Kirwan would also have to be impressed by the past-life analysis, especially the effects of strong planets on his Cancer rising at 10 degrees.

 Two of Kirwan’s most difficult years, depression wise, were 1989 and 1991. Here we had deceptive Neptune ( from Cancer’s enemy Capricorn at 10 )  stressing and worrying the Cancer 10 position in 1989 and 2 years later, erratic, unusual Uranus was in the Capricorn 10 spot, causing more havoc.

 Fast forward to the Annual Prophesies,, November 26, 2012:

  Kirwan,  Sir John:

 Little joy for the new Auckland Blues coach with Pluto and Uranus hampering his Ascendant. 2017-18 much more productive.

 Kirwan’s rank failures in 2013 and 2014 are well-known, courtesy of Pluto ( at Capricorn 10 ) and Uranus ( at Aries 10 ) damaging that ultra-sensitive Cancer 10 Ascendant.

 The Astrological advantage is knowing when the goods and bads are happening and being able to prepare accordingly. As per showing, for example, Kirwan a wonderful phase that would give him a new lease on life---when Pluto ( from Pisces ) shall be advancing that ultra-sensitive Cancer Ascendant in 2050.

 Pisces likes Cancer, as does Scorpio and Kirwan would be reminded of a period of awesomeness in his past when Pluto ( in Scorpio ) was enhancing that Ascendant—1988, the year following his being a 22 year-old member of the All Black team that won the first-ever Rugby World Cup.

 When J Kirwan was the man and life was full of opportunity.

 To his credit, Kirwan showed commendable perception when we were on a SPORTSCAFE show mid-1997 and he recalled  “  my mother telling me that you said  this was going to be a bad year for Matthew Ridge. ”

 An horrific year for then Auckland Warriors captain Ridge, with many on and off-field reversals, courtesy of Pluto ( at Sagittarius 4 ) attacking his Virgo 4 Sun…..

 Such a shame Kirwan didn’t  click then to the wonders of Astrology and delve a little deeper, but on the other hand his Astrological inclinations wouldn’t make him the depression icon he is today.

 The mainstream media’s gloom maintenance program ensures that the modern-day Herman Munster, with his wrinkles, crows feet and squinty eyes, is a must interview.

 Does he wonder, though, if the soaring suicide stats indicate that a change of game plan is sorely needed ?



February 23

Some of history’s greatest prophesies have been made purely because a subject shall be getting enhanced by an awesome “ PLUTO-MARS TRINE ”.

Like five years ago Kim Dotcom was on remand in Mt Eden prison, following a commando-style raid with guns and choppers on his sprawling Coatesville mansion. All about his alleged money-laundering and copyright crimes in the USA.

 A google of his birthdate preceded consideration of his planetary situation, resulting in a “ no fucking way !

For the next 2-3 years had Dotcom receiving the awesome Pluto-Mars trine. It’s simple. Revolution planet assisting energy planet means a new lease on life, great bursts of positive energy and heaps of good fortune.

 An aspect considered in November 2009 when I  forecast the release of legendary Myanmar political prisoner Aung San Suu Kyi “ before 2011 is finished.” I had also considered same aspect  bringing great success to NZ rugby coach John Hart  with the All Blacks in South Africa, 1996.

 Pluto-Mars awesomeness for rugby league coach  John Ackland  supervised the NZ Warriors’ first-ever NRL premiership with the juniors in September 2010 and 2 months later  Aung San Suu Kyi  became a free woman after 20 years of house arrest !

 Dotcom was granted bail,  following a prediction here on January 22, 2012,  and enjoyed a couple of brilliant, successful years, with plenty of courtroom battles and appeals.

 But  it’s all over for the large kraut, courtesy of mad dog Uranus shifting residence into Taurus in May next year. Taurus don’t like Aquarius, where Dotcom has 3 of his most notable positions.

 Meaning that Dotcom will have Uranus chaoticizing his Sun ( Aquarius 0 )  Venus ( 5 ) and Mercury ( 8 )  positions through 2018, 2019 and 2020. With 2021 having Uranus hovering unproductively over his Taurus 11 Mars……..

 Earlier this week an Auckland judge finally ruled that Dotcom can be extradited to the USA to face the original charges of 2012.

 Considering the “ Uranus chaoticizing ” examples in the article below, Dotcom’s best hope would be to keep appealing  and get his case adjourned for another 5 years……

 Footnote: For the undereducated, “ Donalded ” is an accessory of cockney rhyme’s “ Donald Duck.”




February 21

The awesome Astrological system creates so many amazing prophesies that it’s hard to keep up with them all.

An Australian client reminded me recently of another, with “ you nailed bloody Alan Jones all right ! ” As per a media report back on November 9 2016:

Outspoken broadcaster Alan Jones will be forced off-air indefinitely for major back surgery, sparking concerns by colleagues over his recent run of ill health.

The top-rating breakfast presenter and TV host, who is reliant on a walking stick, told staff at Sydney station 2GB that he will take indefinite leave from November 21 to be "sliced and diced" by doctors. "I have had all sorts of problems for a lot of years and it's just got hopeless at the moment," he said.

Hardly a surprise considering his appearance in the Annual Prophesies, onNovember 26, 2015:

Jones, Alan:  

Australian broadcaster under plenty of strain from Uranus chaoticizing his Sun. May, Oct and March 017 crucial.

With this  media report adding to the “ strain.”

Fairfax Media’s 2GB radio host Alan Jones is under investigation by the NSW Police for the statutory rape of underage boys in the 1980’s.

One specific complaint to the police is by a man (Victim A) who says when he was an underage boy in the 1980’s he was picked up by Alan Jones at a place known as The Wall in Sydney and Mr Jones paid him for sex. The Wall is in Darlinghurst Road Sydney and has been a known pick-up place for male prostitutes “rentboys” (many of them underage) since the 1960’s. The allegation by Victim A is similar with the fact that Alan Jones was arrested in a UK toilet in 1988 for “outraging public decency” and ‘committing an indecent act’ with another man.

The “ Uranus-chaoticizing the Sun ” period supervises all kinds of reversals. Notables suffering identical in 2016 included rugby league stars Kieran Foran, Greg Inglis and Mitch Pearce, also Bill Cosby and NZ politician Paula Bennett.

One of 2013’s most notable Uranus-Sun sufferers was Team NZ boss Grant Dalton during their incredible choke in the America’s Cup. Without forgetting All Blacks’ coach Graham Henry during NZ rugby’s annus horribilis of  2007……….

You can, of course, be prepared for these reversals that can bring sudden job redundancies for lesser mortals, as well as major residential amendments involving fires and earthquakes.

With plenty of warning to NZ’s  many-headed monster of the pit about major reversals for one of their great heroes. Like Jonesy, a possessor of the dark and mysterious Scorpio Moon.

For in 2019, broadcaster Mike “ dark secrets ” Hosking, maybe the NZ equivalent of Alan Jones, will be having Uranus chaoticizing his Aquarian Sun  too !

Plenty of warning for stocking up on tissues and giving serious consideration to a replacement for their idol……..



February 19

 Departing horse trainer Allan Sharrock took the renowned racing game whinge to a new level recently:

 "My patience has run dry," said Allan Sharrock when talking of his proposed Victorian move..." trainers are eating the paint off the walls " he told the NZ Racing Desk.

 Enter the Taubmanns or Dulux paint companies, a lucrative sponsorship deal and fresh advertising campaign.

 Scene, a run-down racing stable in New Plymouth, red-headed Sharrock and the Taranaki racing legend John Wheeler chewing away.

 " I actually prefer wallpaper, " notes Wheeler, with scraper in hand . “ It’s got more vitamins.”

 " Nah mate, " replies Sharrock. “ Taubmanns acrylic hi gloss Redwood is the go. Does wonders for my carrot top.”

 Ironically, A Sharrock was on a list released here back on February 6 of   so many of NZ’s major trainers who’ll be experiencing seriously challenging Pluto negativity over the next 2-3 years !

Some of my favourites, too, including one involved in the world record for a long-range certainty, 37 months in advance.

G and D Rogerson, M Baker, A Forsman, R James, L Noble, S Ritchie, S Marsh, S McKee, N Tiley, D Logan, L O’Sullivan and A Sharrock. Also NZ-born, foreign-based  M Moroney and  P O’Sullivan, as well as  horse  traders P Moroney and D Ellis.

2017 and 2018 will have A Sharrock’s Aquarian Sun and Mars positions getting attacked by mad dog Uranus. Not exactly the most productive phase for a 53 year-old deciding to relocate to a foreign land.

We must remember that the intensity of 24-7  horse racing thought dulls the brain extremely. Horse trainers aren’t renowned for their worldliness or reading, thinking, and considering the evidence of Astrological magnificence.

At least Sharrock will be able to cross “ train horses in Australia ” from his bucket list.

Footnote: Last week I received a call from a client in South America, thanking me in her broken English for the voicemailed enlightenments.

“ All ze dates of ze past were so true. I am confident now for moving into ze future. ”  The “ so true ”  past analysis referred to horrifics in the married state and the future includes purchasing a farm for her granddaughter.

We discussed difficult times, and how clients have been able to prepare for unproductive phases and minimise their risk taking.

“ Read a book, ” Mrs Brazil agreed. “ Stay at home and be boring.”

Not what a horse trainer could do, though. You’d need a straightjacket to stop the programmed body clock waking at 4 every morning and going down to the stables to start collecting horse dung……


February 17

From the latest media:

Former All Black star Dan Carter has reportedly been caught by police drink-driving in France.

Closer magazine reported the news, which was then "confirmed" by L'Equipe.

L'Equipe reported that the two-time Rugby World Cup winner was caught drink-driving late on Wednesday night, near the Champs-Elysees in central Paris. Carter reportedly did not have his driver's licence with him and  had a blood alcohol level of 0.98g per litre, above the limit of 0.5g.

From the Annual Prophesies,, November 26, 2016:

Carter, Dan:

The rugby champion slows appreciably with Pluto attacking his Mars. Feb, June, Dec notable, with more Pluto and Uranus issues in 2018.


February 16

As indicated, Humm Fm’s weekly Astrology Report this morning detailed the major downers for associate health minister Peter Dunne on the night of the next general election.

As I explained to presenters Vijay Varma and Ms Pooja Kumar, Dunny’s got identical late on September 23 to what supervised one of history’s greatest:

FLASH, July 18,1991:

" I'm not optimistic about the Kiwis winning the next league test against Australia, but I hope like Donald I'm wrong. Next Wednesday's a special for Mal Meninga and a bummer for Jarrod McCracken.

" I'll be relaying this prognosis to coach Bob Bailey so don't be surprised if the wonder centre is subbed early in the game."

Classic. Around the 20 minutes mark, some niggle erupted, Aussie Peter Jackson charged in and shoved a Kiwi player to the ground. Jarrod moved in to censure Jacko and a massive brawl  began. Ultimately Jackson and McCracken were both marched by the referee.

Dunny’s got a similar disappointment on September 23, when the Mercury planet’s at Virgo 18.02 at 10 pm. Virgo don’t like Sagittarius or Gemini positions, so how notable is Dunny having Jupiter and Mars in his birth chart around Gemini  18 and Sagittarius 18 respectively ?

There’s no guarantee that  Dunny will be rushing over to headbutt  rival  Winston Peters or smashing Andrew Little to the ground, but the dirty bastard will be very pissed off leading up to midnight on general election day !

Dunny’s  attitude to cannabis decriminalisation, pain and suffering shows what an arsehole he really is. Maybe he’s got a secret motto:

 “ It’s cool to be cruel

There’s also a big chance of dirty Dunny discovering some major pain in the years of 2019 and 2020. He’s got deceptive Neptune ( from Pisces 18 )  smashing both those Mars and Jupiter positions.

May and July of 2019 are crucial, also March, November and December of 2020.


February 14

Dubai (AFP) - Tiger Woods has admitted the combined toll of multiple operations on his battered body means he doesn't think he "will ever feel great" again.

The 14-time major-winner returned from a 16-month injury lay-off in December and has slumped to 674 in the world rankings.

Woods made an ill-fated attempt to play in the European Tour's Dubai Desert Classic last week, pulling out with back spasms after a birdie-free first-round 77 left him 13 shots off the lead.

Woods had missed the cut a few weeks earlier at his first US PGA tour event of the year at Torrey Pines.

Hardly a surprise, considering the appearance in the Annual Prophesies, last November:

Woods, Tiger:

Chaos continues for the comeback golfer, with Uranus attacking his Mercury, and Saturn doing same to his Moon, Ascendant and Midheaven point. Jan, May, June, July, Oct  highlighted.”

With last year’s “ injury lay-off ” defined by an appearance in November 2015 !

Woods, Tiger:

Golfer’s horror run don’t improve much with Pluto whacking his Jupiter, with Jan, July, Nov crucial. Some  positives in May and October from Uranus-Moon trine.




February 12

 On this day 22 years ago, one of horse racing’s greatest misconceptions was smashed to pieces.

 As per there being “ no such thing as a certainty in horse racing.”  A line frequently trotted out by stunned media analysts after a red-hot favourite has been rolled.

 Not that these cowards and cocksuckers are ever brave enough to declare a certainty.

 Some 10 years ago, Melbourne trainer Ross McDonald did publicly and correctly declare his short-priced sprinter Weekend Hussler a certainty on a couple of occasions: " Put two houses on it, " big Ross once  told a TV interviewer " and  just over a minute later you’ll have 3 houses "  of the $1.50 shot.

 Preceded, of course, by a pearl on the Trackside Channel at Ellerslie racecourse on February 12, 1995.

 After a debut performance making successful prophesies with commentator George Simon  at Ellerslie on New Year’s Day, I was recalled for a recap. I decided to add galloper Parihaka as a "certainty " to win the day’s major sprint race. Simply because of awesome Astrological aspects that day for Parihaka’s trainer Roger Hinton and jockey Linda Ballantyne, with negative aspects for connections of the 7 rivals.

 " Don Murray reckons Parihaka is a certainty, " Simon reminded watchers  just before the start. " Let’s see how good he is."

 Good enough for Parihaka to cruise home by 3 lengths. And George went ballistic and couldn’t stop raving about the certainty hoodoo that had finally been broken !

 No he didn’t. George is the old school, racing tragic, deeply ingrained into breeding and owning where supposedly the only certainties in racing are “ the bills and the disappointments.”

 While the once noble racing industry of NZ is in rapid decline, but G Simon was party to an even more significant certainty on the Trackside Channel at Avondale on May 8, 1996. When he was told about brilliant aspects for legendary trainer Tim Douglas on Monday, June 3, with the verdict that Tim only had to put the one horse in and Classic Heights would be a certainty in the 6400-metres Great Northern Steeplechase, with 25 fences and 3 climbs over the famous Ellerslie hill.

 Certainties in that kind of race ?  Simply  because Tim Douglas was under the identical Uranus sextile that had supervised a $22 winner for him on April 13 !

 Tim was shocked by the prediction, telling me a fortnight later that Classic Heights didn’t like wet tracks that often occurred at Ellerslie in June. And even more shocked when Classic Heights bolted in on the heavy track of June 3  and returned $7.85 for the win !

 Again G Simon said nothing and soon after my irregular appearances on Trackside Channel stopped for no particular reason. It was fate and another chapter in life’s wonderful comic book, but an opportunity lost for the declining industry to attract a wider audience.

 Decades spent collecting horse shit, studying " form " and studbooks creates a siege mentality about being special and having sole rights to horse judgement. But the industry will still get its tax if the Astrological team  punt whatever Clayton Douglas rides in the hurdle race in South Australia on ???  because he’s under an awesome Chiron trine……

 Even if all the trainers threatening to shift across the Tasman do so, their  Astrologicals will still apply in the unique method that’s returned $1.94 for every $1 invested since the system was modified  in 2011.

 Even if they’re competing  for a  bag of kumaras here in NZ,  there’ll still be winners. And certainties.


February 10

 One of Astrology’s many greats is " Saturn in the 12th House."

 As per the placement of restrictive Saturn in the 12th House of secrecy, depression, behind-the-scenes ( including criminal ) activity and institutions. Possessors of Saturn in the 12th are renowned for keeping dirty, dark secrets hidden and have we got some beauties !

 Among them Helen Clark, Vladimir Putin, George W Bush, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Angelina Jolie, Freddy Mercury and Mariah Carey.

 From NZ horse racing there are Lance O’Sullivan, Opie Bosson, Jim Cassidy and " Stingray Michael " Walker. Also veteran broadcaster Leighton Smith, but my favourite is recently-departed USA president Barack Obama.

 A client and former classmate of Obama’s once told me how the suave, articulate brown boy attracted the attention of banker Robert Rubin at college. “ He’s the man ! “ said Rubin and soon after the wealthy Jews decided that Obama was to be groomed and promoted all the way to the top job, where he would do as he was told.

 Any trouble from Obama and one of his many dark secrets would be exposed…..

 " Obama’s real biological father was a man named Frank Marshall Davis.  He lived in Hawaii and was a well known communist writer of his era.  In his book, “Dreams Of My Father” Obama mentions the fact that he spent a great deal of time during his youth with a " guy named Frank, who was a close friend of my grandfather."  This Frank was Frank Marshall Davis. 

He was Obama’s mentor.  If it were common knowledge that Davis, a communist activist and writer, was Obama’s real father, his political career would have been stunted.  The Obama from Kenya who purported to be Barack Obama’s father was just a marriage of convenience, a deal with Obama’s mother in order to allow him to stay in the United States.  In fact, the US State Department expelled Obama senior from America because they were convinced that he WAS NOT Barack Obama’s father even back then. "



February 8

 Horses born during the Hours of the Dragon are the most difficult to control.

 We’re talking Chinese Astrology here, as per those born in the Year of the Horse ( 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990 etc ) and in the Dragon Hours of 7 to 9 a.m. As strange as it might seem, one of the major problems for the continually underachieving NZ Warriors.

 They lost 3 from 3 at the Auckland Nines last weekend, with star playmaker Shaun Johnson being too injured to play in any of the games. Hardly surprising, considering " Feb 017 " in his appearance in the Annual Prophesies, in November 2015:

Johnson, Shaun:

Major off-year for the rugby league champ with Uranus and Saturn complications. Feb, April, May, Sept, Oct, Nov have downers  before a significant  upheaval around Feb 017.”

Even more notable will be the total confusion from Neptune harassing both his Sun and Mercury positions between  March 2018 and November 2019.

 Consider the description from a Chinese manual of those born in a Horse Year and Hours of the Dragon, like S Johnson:

 “ A race horse who can’t help winning or stop running for that matter. Too powerful for inexperienced hands to handle. Also has the tendency to overreact.”

Few can match the Horse-Dragon combination for scaling great heights then plummeting into darkness. Like horse racing greats Sheila Laxon and Shane Dye. Also the late Charlotte Dawson and approximately one in every 144 humans.

Johnson has indicated a desire to spend his entire career with the woeful Warriors. A stupid idea that will change under the Neptune harassment of 2018 and 2019.

In a way, I was the Shaun Johnson of racing journalism 40 years ago, planning to spend my entire career with the NZ Herald at age 22. The year before I had won a national racing writer’s competition and was awarded a trip to the Sydney Easter racing carnival with 10 days in the ritzy Boulevard Hotel

In April 1977  NZ Herald terminated my employment and 4.5 years and some 14 jobs later I discovered the real reasons from an Astrologeress in London. Complications in the birth chart define wanderlust and the inability to follow rules, especially with “ Pluto in the First House ” that demands the need to experience life. Like going from the penthouse to the shithouse and sometimes returning to the penthouse.

S Johnson’s birth chart also includes “ Pluto in the First House, ” as does the Astrological of disgraced jockey James McDonald.

Cambridge-raised 25 year-old  J Mac looked set to be the champion jockey in Sydney for life until last December. He’d continually ignored warnings about mixing with a dodgy, large punter and finally copped an 18-months disqualification after his involvement in a large bet.

McDonald’s sure gone from the penthouse to the shithouse.

Shaun Johnson ( aged 26 )  will have to get away from the Warriors and experience life as well. 


February 6

The Don Murray Astrological System isn’t the only icon in NZ thoroughbred racing that’s made a flying start to 2017.

The grizzlers have sped from the starting gates, with a “ crisis meeting ” on the last Sunday in January, some hours before the country’s richest race.

Normally they don’t start their whingeing until early winter with the depression around boggy tracks and the dearth of  important races.

Representatives from various sectors requested this “ crisis meeting ” with Racing Board bosses on Karaka Million day at Ellerslie racecourse. With threats to “ take further action ” if their demands were not met......

Of course the only “ further action ” these fools could feasibly take would be to go on strike. Something briefly considered some 12 years back during the Fair Tax campaign, the plan being to gain attention by boycotting a minor midweek racemeeting at  Avondale or Te Awamutu.

Any kind of strike would be risky, with owners paying around $100 daily in training fees for each horse or heading to Australia quite easily for better options. In the case of any strike, the TAB would merely replace the NZ meeting with an Aussie substitute from Kununurra or Hanging Rock to keep the pathologicals happy and nothing would change.

The Karaka Million day meeting was a big fizzer, the protesters’ “ Plan B ” didn’t exist, as were threats  to “ drain the swamp.” The parties involved merely agreed to work in unison for the betterment of racing !

With the following week bringing further, great grief to the grizzlers, following the horrific pass-in rate at the Karaka yearling sales reminding them how little interest there is in retaining horses to race in New Zealand.

It’s a sunset industry that’s thrived for too long on a culture of lies and cover ups, bullying and slave labour.

Even more significant, though, was my discovering so many of NZ’s major trainers who’ll be experiencing seriously challenging Pluto negativity over the next 2-3 years !

Some of my favourites, too, including one involved in the world record for a long-range certainty, 37 months in advance.

G and D Rogerson, M Baker, A Forsman, R James, L Noble, S Ritchie, S Marsh, S McKee, N Tiley, D Logan,  L O’Sullivan and A Sharrock. Also NZ-born, foreign-based  M Moroney and  P O’Sullivan, as well as  horse  traders P Moroney and D Ellis.


I can’t really knock the waning industry, considering all the great people I’ve met and the many therefrom who’ve become personal enlightenment clients.

And what an awesome way of proving the brilliance of Astrology !  In fact when I eventually get to heaven, I intend to find Hippocrates, the Greek philosopher and  father of modern medicine who arrived long before Jesus Christ, Prozac and Valium and came to the conclusion that “ A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.

I’m gonna ask Hippocrates if there’s ever been better proof of Astrology than labelling a horse trainer 37 months in advance for a day upon which he was a certainty to win a race ?

But in the meantime I’m giving away a free certainty ( within the next 37 days ) from the Champion Racing System ( above ) that’s produced a 94% profit margin from investments since 2011 began.

First person to email, with the name of the trainer ( from that list above ) correctly labelled for the certainty 37 months beforehand, gets the gold……

Update: The winning answer was Roger James, from the Annual Prophesies of November 26, 2010.



February 4

 What a shame the mainstream media is so full of egotistical, narrow-minded scabs.

 Those who cower away from the great Astrological truths, most recently  Scabby Leighton a.k.a Newstalk ZB veteran Leighton Smith.

 Back in December Scabby Leighton was desperately backpedalling while refusing to concede over my sensational prophesy on the Donald Trump triumph. Scabby Leighton then  claimed that he’d received a letter from a listener who reckoned  that hardly any of my predictions with Murray Deaker on Newstalk ZB ever came true.

 Scabby Leighton obviously didn’t check with Deaker to find out why the high rating, Annual State of the Astrological Nation address for an hour every January was allowed to continue for 18 consecutive years !

 Courtesy of Deaker’s ramblings about " the Astrologer extraordinaire, "  thousands of Newstalk ZB listeners became clients and just last week I was analysing a  fellow who’d been introduced to the world’s oldest science  by the Deaker show before it’s end in 2011.

 And how blown away was he, as I described his unhappy, restricted  childhood ?  Courtesy of 5 Pluto attacks on his Aquarian positions between ages 5 and 13 before " a massive life change at age 16 when Pluto was sitting on the point of midheaven ? "

 " Yeah, pretty big, " he explained. " That’s when I ran away from home ! "

 And now, convinced he’s making the right decision in divorcing the wife he never should have married in the first place. ( Marriages are doomed if commenced under Plutonian negativity.)

 Yet another gentleman was told about a major illness he experienced  in his first 2 years of life.

 " Fuck I don’t believe this ! " he laughed. Then told me how he was a year old  and went to a city some 8 hours away by plane for a special operation.

 There was an Indian girl who learned of a  " fearful experience " in her first year of life, that was relevant to “ home and family ? ”  Not a drastic residential upheaval, just an embittered grandma in Fiji who tried to throw her from a 3 storey building at 7 months old. All because the Indian girl’s father had shunned an arranged marriage and opted for an outsider as his wife.

 Unfortunately there are too many, like Scabby Leighton, who can’t face the facts of phenomenal prophesy. One of his fans actually emailed me and was obviously unhappy with the Astrological interference. The message was loud and clear: Leighton Smith is a god, do not challenge him !

 Of course the world’s oldest science has no peers when it comes to planning awesome holidays, buying and selling at the right time and understanding the complexities of the human mind and major health problems.

 NZ’s seriously high suicide and depression rates show there’s definitely something wrong with Scabby Leighton’s education system !



February 2

One of the greatest contributors to the dictionary of Cockney Rhyme died last week at the age of 103.

Edgar Britt, one of Australia's most celebrated jockeys, rode all around the world winning major races in America, India and England, where he was the royal jockey for King George V1.

In cockney rhyme, visiting the toilet might involve “ having an Edgar Britt .” Or just " an Edgar."

In the now deceased horse racing weekly  FRIDAY FLASH some 25 years back I referred to nervous jockeys as those “ getting the Edgars.”

There is always the chance that Mr Britt could be replaced in the dictionary by the latest president of the USA, whose surname rhymes with “ dump. ”

Although in my books, “ having a Donald ” should be reserved for the duck made famous by Walt Disney. Plus a “ Donald Duck ”  is more enjoyable than a dump.

January 2017 has ended, with some sensational prophesies already from the November 2016 edition on There was the retirement of record-holding jockey David Walsh, the disastrous form of tennis players Caroline Wozniaki and Andy Murray then the triumphant return of Roger Federer.

And this beauty:

Trump, Donald:

Mr President’s debut full of turmoil from Pluto-Jupiter and  Uranus-Venus blocks, with restrictive Saturn  severely hampering his Sun and Moon. Jan, May, July, Aug, Oct, Nov and Feb 2018 the most difficult.

It’s reasonable to assume, from media reports, that  already Donald’s giving plenty of people “ the Edgars.”


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