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October 22

Back on October 12 there was a look at the Astrology of Hollywood’s latest sensation, Harvey Weinstein and his  great personal frustrations.

Then I wondered about the Astrological make up of Hollywood’s most famous, known rapist----Roman Polanski:

In 1977, Polanski was arrested and charged with raping a 13-year-old girl named Samantha Geimer. He subsequently pled guilty to the charge of statutory rape.[6] He was released from prison after serving 42 days, and as part of an apparent plea bargain, was to be put on probation. When he learned that the judge changed his mind and planned to reject the plea bargain, he fled to Paris before sentencing.

Like Weinstein, and  Chopper Read, Osama Bin Laden,  Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson,  Matthew Newton, Shane Warne, John McEnroe, Adam Johnson, Gary Freeman,  Richard Loe, Crusher Collins,  Greg Meads, Rachel Hunter, Michael  Boulgaris,  Bronagh Key,  Max Key and Lorde as mentioned, Polanski was also born during a serious clash between Mars and Pluto !

Serious Mars afflictions place a premium on positive energy maintenance. With Polanski hampered even more with his ultra-sensitive Cancer Moon right beside Pluto at birth and messed by Mars as well.

The Moon-Pluto conjunction creates major psychological issues, and massive upheavals in matters of home and family. Also possessed by rebellious Royal Zara Phillips and the mysterious rugby legend Richie McCaw. It explains this part of Roman Polanski’s past:

" A turning point in his life took place in 1969, when his pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, and four friends were brutally murdered by members of the Manson Family."

The Moon-Mars affliction in Polanski’s chart is yet another revelation.

Very common in the charts of nymphomaniacs, liars, compulsive gamblers and epileptics. All about uncontrollable passions, and present in the birth charts of New Zealanders like super weirdo John Banks, riches to rags jockey Shane Dye who blew his  fortune  in casinos and disaster magnet Leo " the poisoned dwarf " Molloy.

We can conclude that nymphomaniacs, liars, compulsive gamblers and epileptics will always be born. Also rapists like Weinstein and Polanski and shortly I will be analyzing the chart of one of Weinstein’s victims and demonstrating why victims will always be born, and nothing will change………


October 20

The year 2016 was a brilliant one for political Astrology.

NZ Prime Minister John Key’s massive residential and employment changes were forecast, as were the major reversals for then British PM David Cameron.

With Donald Trump confidently predicted to whip Hillary Clinton for the 2016 presidency of the USA.

As for NZ in 2017, there was no chance of Labour winning with Andrew Little as leader.( See prediction below ) When he became a late scratching and Jacinda Ardern took over, the political landscape changed dramatically.

What could bring the super ambitious Aries Rooster Paula Bennett down to earth so badly ? ( See prediction below ).

The Annual Prophesies, of November 26, 2016  included 7 candidates  supposed to be featuring in  the September 2017  general election:

" Bennett, Paula:

 Power-crazy  politician  facing unbelievable and difficult upheavals next 2 years while Pluto deals to her Sun, Mercury and Venus with Neptune severely weakening  her Mars."  Demoted to leader of Opposition. 2018 has yet to happen, with further massive upheavals later forecast for December 2017.

" Peters, Winston:

   Politician acting very strangely in  his 72nd year, with Uranus zooming across his Mercury and Venus spots and Neptune doing same to Mars. April, June, Aug, Sept, Nov crucial with massive, difficult change from Pluto anti his Sun 2018.”   Has already confused a lot of people and 2018 is going to be very interesting.

" Little, Andrew:

 Opposition leader with Pluto-Mercury and Neptune-Node afflictions hampering his progress  until Dec 018. ”  Wisely stepped down from leadership to help Labour’s cause.

" Dunne, Peter:

 Politician " Dunny "  in for major downers  with Saturn depressing his Sun in Feb, May and Nov. Even bigger 2019 with Neptune attacking his Mars and Jupiter and Pluto over the North Node !”  Wisely chose to retire and save the embarrassment.

" Brownlee, Gerry:

 Politician-Scorpion Moon possessor extremely  low on energy next 2 years from Neptune-Mars and  Uranus-Mercury issues. April to Aug 017  very challenging.”  Demoted to the Opposition with 2018 still to happen.

" Barry, Maggie:

MP-Scorpio Moon possessor acting very erratically in March from Uranus-Mercury attack, before extreme Pluto-Mars restructuring brings massive and difficult change until late 018. ”  Demoted to the Opposition with 2018 still to happen.

" Harawira, Hone:

  Unpopular politician very exasperated with Uranus-Jupiter and Saturn-Mars complications. Jan, May, June and Oct particularly stressful.  ”  Who ?


October 19

What a phenomenal year New Zealand’s having on the international stage !

A Gold Medal at the World Youth Suicide championships, a Bronze for Methamphetamine per capita and further international wins in Homelessness and Child Poverty.

The Domestic Violence and Pupil-Teacher Assault teams are also  punching well above their weights for such a small country. Also those in training for the World Youth Medication Championships:

While the number of children and teenagers on Prozac-style anti-depressants has soared 98 per cent in the last 10 years to a total of nearly 15,000 young people last year."

With more recent, stunning revelations:

Any doubts about New Zealand's obesity epidemic have been dispelled by a new international study that shows we are the third fattest nation in the world.

An OECD obesity update, released on Thursday, shows that 30.7 percent of adults in this country are classified as obese - up from 26.5 percent in 2007.

The USA is ranked first with a 38.2 percent adult obesity rate and Mexico is second at 32.4 percent.”

Shock news to many Otahuhu residents who only know one Mexican---a very popular  Yoga teacher and swimming instructor.

It’s regarded as inappropriate to ask a woman’s weight, but I had no fears for one who’s only  45 kg I warned her that Mexico is in grave danger of forfeiting their Silver medal, with the amount of Puaka-on-the-spit the Tongan’s will be demolishing during the Rugby League World Cup celebrations in the next month or so.

Big it is going to be, with a Tongan youth telling me how some of his mates are spraypainting their cars Tongan Red especially for the unauthorized street parades ! My preparation included purchasing a Tongan car flag for $2 and the investment returned interest just 20 minutes later.

Driving home, there’s a dark-skinned gentleman with a stall near Mt Richmond selling oranges, and 6 avocados for $5 ! My hunch that he was Tongan was confirmed, so I asked him about a special discount for a palagi supporting the Tongan Rugby League team:

“ How do I know that ? ” he replied.

I showed him the Tongan flag and earned an extra avocado….


October 17

More  of history’s greatest prophesies appeared here on January 30, 2008 beneath


Whenever the zodiac's revolution bringer, Pluto, changes signs there will always be some major social amendments.

In March this year Pluto commences his 16-year residence in the sign of CAPRICORN. He shall therefore effect a massive restructuring in Capricornian regions like tradition and authority, business and government, the father and his role.


 “ Old traditions like newspapers, real estate and car sales will be changing drastically courtesy of the internet generation. It's easy to see a further weakening of governments because Pluto's destruction here will root out a lot more corruption and inefficiency.

But the scary piece relates to the massively changing role of the father figure, as the family unit slowly disappears and  marriage becomes just another episode in life's great soap opera for many.
Naturally there will be a massive increase in the numbers of rudderless young men lacking direction, with no-one to guide and teach them in time-honoured Kiwi male tradition how to drink beer properly and the correct way to watch a rugby game

The self-destruction of  “ newspapers ”  has been reasonably hilarious, but how amazing are the changes  in  “ real estate, ” when you consider the worldwide housing problems !  Also relevant to  “ the massively changing role of the father figure. ”

Once upon a time “ dad ”  in New Zealand was his own boss with a business, or a staunch, strong trade union member, and took pride in buying a home for his family. Nowadays more likely to be a wimpy wage-earner, too poor to be more than a rent-payer and  spending 2-4 hours daily in gridlock and having a severely diminished quality of life.

As the Chinese invade New Zealand, and have a particular passion for purchasing farms. Where there is plenty of “ Nu ”----the Chinese word for  “ ox/bull/cow. ” And locals paying incredibly high prices for milk and butter.

You’re onto it ! The Chinese want to  have total control ---- with  an obvious rename----  “  NU ZEALAND ”


October 16

Recent media:

' Breast cancer is New Zealand’s third most common cancer and accounts for more than 600 deaths every year.

The risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer increases with age.

( That is reasonably titillating. You can be diagnosed with breast cancer at birth, if the 6th House ( health, food, diet etc ) has serious Uranus, Pluto or Neptune afflictions. Apparently, earliest detection is recommended, and you can’t get much earlier than arrival time ! )

  • Breast cancer isn’t common in women under the age of 50.
  • About 70% of women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and about 80% of women who die from it are 50 years or older.

Some women are at greater risk of breast cancer because there is a history of close family members having the disease. However, most women who develop breast cancer have no relatives with the disease. Even among women who do have relatives with breast cancer, most will never develop it. '

A female client was once advised of the need to have regular cancer check-ups, considering the Pluto badness in her 6th House.

“ I had that, brain cancer. That was the Neptune thing you were talking about for last year. ”

I once tried to interest a veteran journo of the NZ Herald, Ms Jane Phare, who’d started there way back  in 1976.  A lifelong resident of Auckland, Phare did provide her birthdate upon request and a quick scan of the ephemeris allowed me to warn her of a  " massive and difficult life change in 2 or 3 years’ time " courtesy of  a serious Pluto-Venus invasion……

A time of birth would have defined the “ massive and difficult life change ” better, but  Phare wasn’t interested.  " Oh, " was all she could offer. As you might expect from the classic, narrow-minded media scab who always gave the impression that her faeces produced no odour.

With that  Pluto-Venus invasion  " in 2 or 3 years’ time " supervising Phare getting  breast cancer and one tit  removed !

 Nothing will change. Phare’s still at NZ  Herald, probably secretly despising the disgusting culture that’s so different from the strict days of 1976. Getting paid now by the same foreigners who make zillions from cancer, and institutionalised enough to know that you can’t bite the hand that feeds you.

Perfect hindsight would have had Phare being enlightened, warned earlier and ultimately still possessing the unfortunate tit. And her readers realising that Astrology is more than “ sun signs ” and that Bill English, Tiger Woods, Richie McCaw and Kim Jong Un don’t all have to read the same Capricorn paragraph…….


October 14

The rapidly decaying and unpopular racing industry has a notable dearth of cult figures, heroes and villains.

Heaps in rugby and league, jokers who have a stray “ Donald, ” do some drugs or get drunk and into a brawl.

Guys like Aaron Smith, Jerome Kaino, Mitchell Pearce, Jesse Bromwich, Kevin Proctor and Konrad Hurrell etc have maintained great interest in their  very popular sports in recent years.

NZ horse racing sweeps most of their dirt under the bremworth. Occasionally they find a minnow to punish, like this bloke, who’s never been higher than 17th  on the premiership in the last 5 years:

A prominent Manawatu horse trainer who placed his hand on the inner thigh of an 18-year-old in a Christchurch bar has escaped disqualification or suspension by a racing appeals tribunal.

Mike Breslin, who was 54 at the time of the incident nearly a year ago, has instead been fined $14,000 in a decision released by the racing industry's Judicial Control Authority on Wednesday. His name and details of the case had been suppressed until the release of the decision.

The cowardice of racing officials is legendary. As a Methametha mother discovered when she received a video text of her 15 year-old apprentice jockey daughter  performing mouth to south on an older fellow. She hit the roof but the high-profilers involved meant it got hushed up.

“ We have to protect our rising stars ! ” was the quote from chief racecourse inspector John McKenzie some 21 years ago in a TRUTH investigation. Over a reluctance to prosecute certain high-profilers in the Takanini region for bashing female partners and employees.

Another female Methametha apprentice took a complaint about her boss to the authorities. She’d been offered the “ ride for a root ” contingency. Authorities acted--- and interviewed the wrong girl, probably on purpose to protect a  “ rising star !

Another 15 year-old girl  demanded $30k hush money in lieu of a police complaint after she was seduced by yet another high-profile racing man ( 40 year-old  father of her schoolmate ! ) after an A and P show in the Ngaruawahia region. Some 10 years later I would meet that girl and hear the hilarious tale of his incredibly small penis. Confirmed by 2 other victims.

I had visions of  Astrological formulae for paedophilia and genital complications in the same birth chart. But unfortunately the mother of  “ Diminutive Dick Dave ” couldn’t remember his arrival time…….

Methametha ( formerly Matamata ) also has another predator with the nickname  “ Montgomery Burns ” The father of the oral sexpert at age 15 above, this Montgomery is infamous for offering stablegirls money for sex, but, like the tight-fisted character from THE SIMPSONS, rarely opens “ the wallet.”

There’s plenty of irony around the Breslin case. Police had investigated a complaint of indecent assault, but decided against prosecuting while giving Breslin a warning.

He had originally been fined $8000 by a JCA judicial committee on a charge of committing an act detrimental to the interests of racing. Breslin contested the charge. But the Racing Integrity Unit, which investigates and prosecutes breaches of racing's rules, appealed, seeking a disqualification of nine to 12 months, which would have seen him barred from stables and anything to do with the racing industry. It said the $8000 fine was "manifestly inadequate".

A notable member of that RIU  once made inappropriate suggestions to a Christchurch-based female jockey. Boyfriend complained to NZ Thoroughbred Racing but no action was taken. Same notable then  made similar suggestions to a Trackside presenter with the matter settled out of  court.

By George, this is a fascinating industry ! Where human goodness is gauged  by the number of  “ group one ” wins you’ve amassed, as either a trainer, owner, jockey or breeder !

The bottom line, though, is the Astrological 12th House, the domain that governs horses and large animals, also behind the scenes and criminal activity, institutions and depression.

Criminals, racehorses and depression in the same place. And nothing’s ever gonna change because there’ll  be a 12th House, as long as children arrive between 6 a.m and 9.

There will always be crims, perverts, predators, deep-rooted psychological issues and the despised Black Dog. With horse racing getting more than it's share.....


October 12

I didn’t have a clue who Harvey Weinstein was until I perused some recent media:

" Harvey Weinstein's wife Georgina Chapman has announced she is leaving her husband, following allegations he sexually harassed dozens of women. "

Washington (CNN)Hillary Clinton condemned disgraced Hollywood executive Harvey Weinstein on Tuesday, marking her first public comments on the matter since reports of his alleged predatory behavior broke five days ago.”

"I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein," Clinton said in a statement through her spokesman Nick Merrill. "The behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. Their courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior."

Angelina Jolie and Gwyneth Paltrow have both separately come forward as victims of Harvey Weinstein.

The two stars spoke separately with the New York Times about Harvey‘s sexual harassment allegations, as well as his new rape allegations which came to light today.

Sounds like a bit of an evil bastard. Click, click, click in the international Astrological network to find the reasons within 27 seconds.

Harvey the Harasser arrived when Mars ( Scorpio 18 ) was being heavily frustrated by Pluto ( Leo 19 ) !

This frustration at birth creates major physical obsessions, like anger management and serious substance abuse. The kind of obsession that could  even impair Harvey the Harasser’s ability to achieve orgasm.

With some crackers born under serious Pluto-Mars afflictions. Angry chaps like Chopper Read, Osama Bin Laden,  Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, actor Matthew Newton, Shane Warne, John McEnroe and paedophile footballer Adam Johnson.

Also in the charts of two of  sports  most infamous eye gougers, league’s Gary Freeman and rugby’s Richard Loe. Other New Zealanders with the Mars-Pluto obsessions include politician Crusher Collins, convicted murderer Greg Meads, Rachel Hunter, Michael  Boulgaris, ex-prime minister’s wife Bronagh Key and their son Max Key.

Also 20 year-old musical sensation Lorde, who’s had a dangerously rapid rise to the top.

Plenty with the methamphetamine addiction,too. And a heavy-drinking acquaintance of mine, who got severe warnings from a doc about giving up the booze and cigarettes. Half an hour after being discharged from hospital, he was back in his favourite place, the pub….


October 11

Back on October 5  consideration  was being given to a first-ever Tongan victory over New Zealand in Rugby League.

A time, too, when one must not be influenced by an appreciation of the fine Tongan culture based on family, respect and wisdom. As well as being possibly the first-ever Palagi to invent a Tongan joke.

When I asked Mr Salome Vainikolo, father of the international  superstar  Lesley Vainikolo, what was the Tongans’ favourite insurance company ?

There was a mutter and a mumble and a head shake, then a burst of laughter when Mr Vainikolo learned that " FAI " was the correct answer.

For in Tongan " fai " is the word for " making love ! "

I then told Mr Vainikolo of the time when FAI sponsored the Manly Sea Eagles Rugby League team; when the colourful  Tongan player John Hopoate ( now a father of 10 ) was running round with  FAI  on his back !

It was noted back in May that Kiwis’ coach David Kidwell has Saturn whacking his Mars position mid-November. Then I discover that his captain Adam Blair’s got serious Saturn-Sun restrictions in early December and Saturn squashing his Mars too, somewhere between November 10 and 15 !

The Kiwis play Tonga in Hamilton on November 11. Over a bowl of top quality Tongan white Kava, matured after 5 years, a Tongan neighbour and I were contemplating Tongan giants like Andrew Fifita and Jason Taumalolo  wrecking the Kiwi defence, with backs like our former neighbour  Konrad HurrellMichael Jennings, David Fusitu’a and Manu Vatuvei running in the tries….

And also contemplating the expected bedlam in Otahuhu. The last 3 Rugby World Cups have seen unauthorized Tongan street parades gridlocking the multicultural suburb. With the main street totally closed  one Monday afternoon and 8 stationary police cars  required to seal the feeder roads.

One Saturday night during  the 2011 RWC, after Tonga beat France in Wellington, brought apartheid and a touch of Sore Thefrika. Yet again the main street of Otahuhu was jammed, with the police deciding that Tongans could have the footpath on one side, and the road, with  non-Tongans banished to the other footpath…….

Lest we not forget the Tongan team of the 1995 Rugby League World Cup, containing nothing like the superstars of 2017, running the  Kiwis so close. Tonga actually  led 24-12  before a  great Kiwi comeback and  Matthew Ridge goal that enabled a 25-24  win.

Having coach Kristian Woolf receiving awesome Saturn-Venus and Neptune-Sun trines in November and December of 2017  is a major assist for Tonga as well……


October 9

NZ’s high ranking in the world’s of Youth Suicide, Domestic Violence, Methamphetamine use and Child Poverty etc  is not funny.

It’s fucking hilarious. When the nation allows so many manic depressants, liars and cowards into positions of influence. Like the media, who generally despise the wonderful science of Astrology that has no peers when it comes to in-depth character analysis and personal understanding.

The archives of contain some phenomenal prophesies made on dirty media scabs. Yet another pearl, from the November 2016 Annuals:

Harvey, Jayjay:

Broadcaster-depressionist under extreme  personal restrictions with Saturn-Ascendant complications Jan, June, Oct. Then a massively frustrating Neptune-Mars depression era between May 018 and Dec 019.

How coincidental that Harvey’s been off air in “ Oct ”  following an incident that happened  when she was allegedly sexually assaulted by a taxi driver on her way home from the pub !

Allegedly, of course. Harvey’s renowned for her mental illness. And also for viciously bagging  psychics, fortune tellers and Astrologers in a newspaper column, strangely, not long after she had received a very educational Astrological enlightenment. When her dysfunctional family, childhood abuse and depressions were accurately diagnosed, and other major life amendments, before Harvey was told that she wouldn’t become a mother.

This pathetic scab showed no interest in the depth and personal understanding. I got the impression Harvey was just looking for any fortune teller who’d give her the green light for motherhood…….and packed a big sad when she couldn’t find one !

Then she and the partner spent some $14k in the next 7 years on treatments trying desperately to have their billy lid Finally they gave up, followed by Harvey’s wailing about all the fertility drugs that made her fatter than normal which brought another bout of depression !

Harvey’s  " Saturn-Ascendant complications "  of 2017 have also included getting separated from her long-term husband-partner Who also appeared in the Annual Prophesies, of November 2016:

Harvey, Dominic:

Broadcaster with major close relationship  turmoil from Uranus whacking his Venus and Jupiter. April, June, Sept, Nov and in 2018 Feb, March  crucial.”

It’s unfortunate that media scabs are so nasty and hateful, when there can be so much personal satisfaction from helping your fellow human. Astrology is very popular with the family-orientated and deep-thinking, and I’ve been impressed at the amount of interest the world’s oldest science generates among widely-travelled and successful sportspersons and coaches.

Last week there was a 22 year-old divorcee, who came for the great enlightenment after a recommendation from her mother. While nearby her 20 months-old daughter was giving an occasional opinion, and the 19 year-old sister deciding that “ I’m coming round next week to get mine done !

Harvey’s impeccable performances this year have earned her another shot in the prophesies for 2018, to be released on November 26 next. As yet another test tube specimen to demonstrate the wonderful workings of Astrology to the world !

Harvey, Jayjay:

Mentally-ill boredcaster heading for another serious  meltdown with Neptune-Mars attack next 2  years.  Feb, May, June, July, Nov 2018 crucial, also March, Oct, Dec 019. “

Footnote: All personal enlightenments are done in the strictest of confidence, but this condition can be revoked when a client brings the science into public disrepute.


October 7

The Champion Racing System ( above ) has a reasonably  impeccable record in the world’s best horse race, the 6400-metres Great Northern Steeplechase over 3 laps of the famous Ellerslie hill.

5 wins from our last 8 investments and 2 x 3rds. Including a $7.85 win dividend for the " certainty " labelled 3.5 weeks beforehand, but an even better one way back in 1987.

Deductable at $12.55 to win, after jockey Paul Hillis had been forewarned  of his  " big buzz on Queen’s Birthday Monday "  3 months earlier at a party in Takanini.

We haven’t had a crack at the Great Northern  since a 3rd in 2013, but that could all change in 2018 if a 22 year-old  Australian jumps jockey named Clayton Douglas comes over. A youth with such an awesome Pluto-Ascendant trine in 2018 that I had to double check the arrival time with his father, Vic Douglas. Before we trekked down memory lane….

Vic and I  harked back to February 1978, and the great invasion of Kiwis across to Melbourne racing. Kiwi jockeys Brent Thomson, Gary Willetts, Brian Andrews and Midge Didham were becoming dangerously popular with Melbourne’s leading trainers while Mike Laurence, Paul Hely, Harry Green and Dick Walsh had been dominating the jumps racing.

Plenty of lesser lights from NZ there as well, and lots of bad blood from the locals. Similar to the fear and loathing in Auckland around the current Asian invasion. Or Muslims into Australia.

After gathering at the Tanti Hotel in Mornington one Saturday evening, the Kiwi contingent headed to a party at “ Vic Douglas’ place.” The home of old Vic and  family including young Vic, his 19 year-old son.

Sometime during the evening,I was told, the bad blood started gushing. Angst between one of the Aussie’s girlfriends and her Kiwi ex. Big brawl, Aussies against the heavily outnumbered 15-20  Kiwis. My Kiwi mates Allan and Mick and Flynnie the Aussie scarpered, beaten, and Mick was about to drive off when Allan asked him about Don. Our mate, we brought him here, we gotta go back and find him !

So Mick ( reluctantly ) and Allan returned to the house. Not-so-brave Flynnie sneaked round the side of the house for a widdle and almost splashed a dead-looking body. " Fucking Don ! "  I was woken and chaperoned back to the car. Presently we heard voices:

" But he’s our mate…… " --------" We’re not fucking going back there ! "  Plenty of bruises, a fat lip and a black eye.

Young Vic Douglas went on  to be a successful trainer, winning Australia’s closest to NZ’s Great Northern, the 5500-metres  Grand Annual Steeplechase  at Warrnambool, with a $25 shot. And they repeated the win the following year.

Ideally Young Vic will be at Ellerslie for the next Great Northern Steeplechase ( September 8, 2018 ) chaperoning his son who’s got a classy set of planets that day.

Plenty of Australian jumps jockeys trek over for New Zealand’s big races in August and September. Hopefully Clayton Douglas is one of them and hopefully there’s a price…….


October 5

Recent media:

New Zealand's World Cup campaign is in tatters after the world's best forward, North Queensland superstar Jason Taumalolo, withdrew from their team today.

The heavyweight lock forward has chosen to play for Tonga instead - the country he represented at the 2013 World Cup - in a wonderful boost to their hopes of making the final.

The Daily Telegraph understands Taumalolo's decision was based around his disappointment that Kiwis coach David Kidwell had sacked champion Melbourne prop Jesse Bromwich and Gold Coast forward Kevin Proctor from the team for disciplinary issues stemming from this year's Anzac Test in Canberra.

Taumalolo's withdrawal has rocked the Kiwis' preparation following news today that Melbourne premiership winner Tohu Harris will miss the tournament due to injury, following confirmation last week that Kieran Foran had also withdrawn from the tournament to focus recovering from an injury-riddled season.

This  is old news. The Kiwi team’s chances were practically written off way back here on May 12 !

Beneath  “ DAVID KIDWELL AND OUTTAVIT LEAGUE PLAYERS ” the Kiwi team’s recent dramas were reviewed, concluding with

More notably, D Kidwell cops the Saturn-Mars attack again this year, somewhere between November 16 and 22. Right in the middle of the Rugby League World Cup, with a start on October 27 and the Grand Final on December 2………

Notable is the Kiwis final pool match against Tonga in Hamilton on November 11. Their coach cops the frustrationus maximus aspect soon after and possibly before the quarter-finals begin ?

And one of Jason Taumalolo’s rellies in the Otahuhu region has just finished building a giant oven that can spit roast 15 puaka at the same time ! Could get very busy if Tonga happens to beat the Kiwis….


October 4

Serious Saturn invariably brings awesomeness when positively trining anything.

Consider deputy prime minister Paula Bennett. From the moment she arrived in April 1969, she would always be receiving awesome Saturn trines to her Sun, Mercury and Venus between December 2 and 26, 2016. These positions sitting between Aries 18,19 and 20,  with Saturn then in Aries-friendly Sagittarius, between 18,19 and 20 degrees.

Consideration would have been given to a short-term contract as a front-row prop in the Don Murray All Stars Tag Football team.

Prime minister John Key resigned on December 5, 2016. Soon after Bennett’s massive Aries ego collected from Saturn when she was named deputy prime minister !

It’s well known how the Bulldozer’s soon to be running out of diesel, with Pluto ( from unfriendly Capricorn ) smashing those 3 Aries planets in December 2017, while Saturn’s turned nasty and will be whacking Bennett’s Virgo 28 Jupiter position in mid-December.

Next stop, Winston Peters. For while Saturn in Sagittarius ( an enemy of Virgo ) is dismantling Bulldozer Bennett’s Jupiter ( career, lifestyle ), Winston’s Venus in Aries 28 is receiving an awesome trine from Saturn, officially between Dec 2 and 7 !

We gotta wait that long for Winston’s massive Aries ego to be polished by a promoting Saturn-Venus trine ?

Definitely not. The Mercury in Winston’s natal chart resides somewhere between Aries 24.47 degrees and 25.27---and shall be receiving an awesome trine from Saturn between November 3 and 10 !

So Winston will be able understand why the Bulldozer was buzzing in December 2016……….

One key to the  super ambitious Bulldozer is her Moon in Capricorn:

" You tend to be very serious and responsible, thinking that duty calls first before all else. You are not comfortable displaying your emotions for all to see and you certainly don't want them to think that you need help and support. You never want to appear emotionally weak. There is a great sense of ambition within you, perhaps because you feel unloved, unwanted or inadequate. You then work very hard because it makes you feel important or needed. You need to feel secure in your own authority. "


October 2

The better that Astrology gets, the more the scabs of the news media cower away.

So many phenomenal prophesies again in 2017, about people like Steve Kearney, Eric Watson, Andrew Little, Angelina Jolie, Roger Federer, Kieran Foran, Dan Carter, Michelle Payne, Kane Williamson, Anil Kumble etc.

Long gone are the days of Newstalk ZB and Murray Deaker ONZM’s promotions about “ you won’t have to go to any games this year, you’ll know the results beforehand, because the Astrologer extraordinaire, Don Murray, will be in the studio at 2 o’clock.”

Fresh, though, is NZ’s ranking as the World Youth Suicide champions  and leaders in child poverty for developed nations. Homelessness is right up there, too, with NZ gaining a recent Bronze Medal in the World  Meth smoking Championships as well.

We use Astrology to enlighten people, and demonstrate why there’s hope and reason to wait and be patient, using the phenomenal prophesies as  examples. 47 corrects so far from the 100 Annuals on last November----and 3 wrongs now, following the Melbourne Storm’s 34-6 demolition of North Queensland in last night’s NRL grand final.

From last November:

Bellamy, Craig:

NRL Coaching great with 2 of his toughest years ever. Pluto attacks Mars until November then Mercury until Dec 018.

Regardless of what happens next year, Melbourne Storm coach Bellamy has defied the 2017 Pluto-Mars  attack that rarely supervises a premiership win. An error has been registered.


September 30

Recent media:

The number of children and teenagers appearing in court for robbery is the highest in almost a decade.

Ministry of Justice figures reveal the number of 10-to-16-year-olds charged with robbery has jumped by 56 percent in the past year alone.                                                                                                                                       

In the year to June, 267 young people were in court for robbery and extortion-type offences, up from 171 the previous year. That is the highest number since 2008.

How coincidental that “ 2008 ” features ! As the year when “ father and son ” really started to disintegrate…..


30 Jan 2008

Whenever the zodiac's revolution bringer, Pluto, changes signs there will always be some major social amendments

.In March this year Pluto commences his 16-year residence in the sign of CAPRICORN.He shall therefore effect a massive restructuring in Capricornian regions like tradition and authority, business and government, the father and his role.


Old traditions like newspapers, real estate and car sales will be changing drastically courtesy of the internet generation. It's easy to see a further weakening of governments because Pluto's destruction here will root out a lot more corruption and inefficiency.

But the scary piece relates to the massively changing role of the father figure, as the family unit slowly disappears and  marriage becomes just another episode in life's great soap opera for many.
Naturally there will be a massive increase in the numbers of rudderless young men lacking direction, with no-one to guide and teach them in time-honoured Kiwi male tradition how to drink beer properly and the correct way to watch a rugby game.

 Long way to go, before Pluto exits Capricorn finally in November 2024,  then heads into Aquarius. Starting the age of robots, microchipping and other great changes to “ personal freedom.”


September 28

It could be regarded as “ unacceptable ” or “ inappropriate ” to laugh about the homeless problems of Auckland.

Not when absolute stupidity is involved. Consider some recent media:

Martin Dunn, of estate agency City Sales, says thousands of apartment buyers could be left heavily in debt after Australian banks "pulled the plug" on the apartment market.

Up to 5000 apartment buyers could be left tens of thousands of dollars in debt after borrowing deposits for unbuilt units they cannot get the remaining funds for.

Martin Dunn, of estate agency City Sales, said Australian banks had "pulled the plug" on the New Zealand apartment market and were refusing to give would-be buyers the remaining 90 per cent for their mortgage.

Dunn said this had occurred to "unsophisticated investors" who had purchased Auckland central apartments off the plans at property seminars, often "on the spot".

They had been granted loans to pay for their deposits but when they had gone back to their banks to seek the remaining money they had been turned down.’

Astrology’s been round for quite a while. Thousands of years, and approximately 2017 years ago the renowned “ three wise men ” used the world’s oldest science to forecast the arrival of a chap named Jesus Christ !

Some 1990 years later the people of New Zealand started getting educated from prediction columns in weeklies like FRIDAY FLASH and TRUTH, with 18 years of prophetic sensations every January on radio station NEWSTALK ZB.

With so many winners from property investment Astrology. And, obviously, so many losers.

No more notable than the chap who purchased a large ranch in North Queensland in November 2010. A large ranch that 6 weeks later was waterlogged after a massive cyclone, with only a tree and the top of a building visible.

The purchaser obviously wasn’t a subscriber to Astrological Magnificence. The vendor was, though, a smart client who sold when he was advised to----after paying a $40 update fee !

Just like THE BYRDS’ great tune from 1965  TURN ! TURN ! TURN !

“ A time to be born, a time to die.
A time to plant, a time to reap.
A time to kill, a time to heal.
A time to laugh, a time to weep.”


Add: “ A time to be born, a time to die---------a time to sell, and a time to buy.”

No automatic alt text available.


September 26

There are few more egotistical and ambitious than an Aries from the Oriental Rooster Year.

Cricketer Michael Clarke ( 1981 ) and former broadcaster Murray Deaker ( 1945 )  need no introduction. There’s also Hamilton streaker-sex worker  Lisa Lewis ( 1981 ) and Roberta Williams ( 1969 ), the bankrupt ex-wife of the late Australian gangland legend Carl  Williams who intends standing for parliament !  ( “ The maddest bitch you would ever meet,” claims a mutual acquaintance from the Melbourne underworld.)

Rooster mortals crave an audience. Either many children or a large following  because they love the spotlight. Also this  ARIES pair from the Annual Prophesies, November 2016, at

Peters, Winston ( 1945 ) :

Politician acting very strangely in  his 72nd year, with Uranus zooming across his Mercury and Venus spots and Neptune doing same to Mars. April, June, Aug, Sept, Nov crucial with massive, difficult change from Pluto anti his Sun 2018.

Bennett, Paula ( 1969 ) :

Power-crazy  politician  facing unbelievable and difficult upheavals next 2 years while Pluto deals to her Sun, Mercury and Venus with Neptune severely weakening  her Mars.

January 1997, a backpackers hostel in Paihia: Stoned French girl asking stoned Astrologer about her mother---born in the same few days as Aries Roosters M Deaker and W Peters ?

Astrologer: “ She’d be bossy, would talk a lot and love to have an audience ? ”

“ So true ! She never stop talking ! ”  Ma was a schoolteacher whose bossiness had driven her husband to an alternative.

There’s a Chinese warning about having “ two Roosters in the same yard.” Very difficult for business/life partners to both be born in Rooster Years. Like Cancerian ex-mayor/MP/broadcaster Michael Laws ( 1957 ) and his 1969-born partner ( and mother of 3 ) who used to beat him up. It ended when the cops were called to take her away and she ended up in rehab…

Try to imagine W Peters and P Bennett sharing a house ? Bitter rivals at present, as deputy prime minister Bennett impatiently awaits Peters’ big decision.

He goes with Labour, Bennett gets demoted to leader of the opposition. He goes with National on the condition he becomes deputy prime minister, Bennett gets demoted again.

72 year-old Peters imagines himself as a smoothy, a charmer and very notably Venus is one of his 3 planets in Aries. “ Venus in Aries ” is legendary for loving new romantic adventures and challenges, and being difficult to tie down.

Big decisions. Long romantic lunches with National’s  55 year-old from Dipton “ Boring Bill ” English ?……or  Labour’s  37 year-old, childless Jacinda “ Hard on, ”  with a physique very different to “ Bulldozer ” Bennett ?

Image may contain: text


September 25

I was hopeful of a Labour win in the general election, but hardly confident.

As noted here on September 17, a time of birth would be needed for Jacinda Ardern before any prophesies could be made.

Jacinda’s Venus position is in Gemini, somewhere between 21.48 and 22.22 degrees. From the year dot, serious restrictive Saturn in Sagittarius was deemed to be whacking that place sometime between September 22 and October 2, 2017.

She would have had to have arrived before 3 am on her birthday to win on Saturday. Although there’s still a chance of forming a coalition with NZ First and the Greens………

I was probably overestimating the wisdom of K.I.W.I----- Keen Interest Without Intelligence---- who doesn’t think NZ has many problems. Unlike a NZ FIRST candidate who summarized it on Facebook:

" When you have 41,000 homeless, 10,000 in prison, a suicide rate higher than the road toll, when you have 250,000 innocent kids in poverty, 550,000 suffering genuine hardship, entire generations locked out of home ownership, 1600 dying each year from freezing houses, a mental health service that is functionally broken, when you have poverty ingrained in our Society, it is time to vote for CHANGE. PARTY VOTE NZ New Zealand First "

No mention though  of the 2011 Christchurch earthquake comicals-----like HAARP, Hillary Clinton’s prior knowledge, or  the unusual interest from Israel, with their Prime Minister phoning his NZ equivalent 4 times that day !  Or the dead Israeli " backpacker " with 5 passports !

Reasonably hilarious that old K.I.W.I hasn’t  woken to the most corrupt government in NZ’s history. With too many mysteries about the Pike River disaster to be an accident…….

Consider a very knowledgeable rugby administrator, the sort who could tell you how many penalties the ref gave the Crusaders in their home game against the Chiefs 5 years ago. He was unaware of the $13 million of NZ taxpayers’ money that John  Key gave the Clinton Foundation !

The " read, think and ask questions "  generations are rapidly becoming extinct.

Spare a chuckle for the idiotic, National-supporting K.I.W.I, whose children will be the most heavily-mortgaged and in-debt generation in NZ history !

That’s if they ever get to own a home. Suicide’s  a very popular option for NZ youth these days ……….


September 23

I  was recently contacted by a fellow who claimed that I had written a story about him in  SUNDAY NEWS in 1980.

Not hard to find in the year’s scrapbook, February actually, with a notable heading nearby for January 20, 1980:


Full of information and quotes from the Professor of the Pharmacology department at  Otago University  about British researchers discovering  that a  THC derivative  diminished nausea and vomiting, serious after-effects of Chemotherapy.

And the world has finally awoken. Some parts of the world, but not  the land leading the world in youth suicide, child poverty and anti-depressant dependency ( NZ).

Nostalgia had me thumbing back through the scrapbook, and considering the demise of fair journalism, before discovering  another pearl in SUNDAY NEWS of November 4, 1979:


With a leading drug and alcohol researcher claiming that pot could be used to enhance sexual pleasure. What some of us had known for ages, but quotes from a  leading drug researcher, Dr Sally Casswell, gave the article some authority.

The message was that Marijuana/cannabis/pot/weed “ intensifies what’s in the mind.”

So I asked Dr Casswell about a  naked couple sharing a joint during foreplay, and  just  got further confirmation about “ intensifying what’s in the mind.”

The euphoria of a  " Donald Duck " when " outtavit " may be one of the world’s best-kept secrets.

This breaking news was far too late for my 1980 scrapbook.

' Prescription Painkiller Tramadol ‘claiming more lives than any other drug’

September 9, 2017

Prescription painkiller tramadol, taken by thousands of people every day, is claiming more lives than any other drug – including heroin and cocaine – according to Northern Ireland’s top pathologist.

The painkiller doesn’t cause harm if taken correctly, but the danger rises when users mix it with other drugs or alcohol. Last year, 33 deaths in Northern Ireland were linked to tramadol.

Among them were a 16-year-old girl and a pensioner in his 70s.

“I don’t think that people realise how potentially risky taking tramadol is.

I think it’s because it’s a prescription drug – people assume it’s safe.” '

There have been no recorded deaths from cannabis/marijuana/weed/pot. Ever


September 21

Some of NZ’s greatest disasters have revolved around Pluto-Moon attacks.

That’s when the big bully in the sky wreaks his havoc on a human’s inner self. As was happening to coach Graham Henry in the All Blacks’ Uranus horribilis of 2007.

Just a year later a nation was grieving again--- Pluto had turned his attention to the Moon of their beloved broadcaster Paul Holmes. The predicted “ major emotional troubles and home and family problems ” for Holmo coincided with his adopted daughter succumbing to P addiction and eloping with a patched gang member !

Even the small fries cop it, as per an appearance in the Annual Prophesies,, November 26, 2014:

Molloy, Leo:

Horse racing's " poisoned dwarf " on a major downhill with Uranus-Mars and Pluto-Moon destruction. April, Oct, Feb 016 crucial before big wipeout 2017 when Pluto crunches his Mars.”

Within a month, the dwarf had settled a defamation case that left him some $400k lighter, and separated from the 3rd wife and 5 kids !

Consider  one of the greats from the November 2015 Annual Prophesies:

Key, John:

Prime Minister subject to major  residential amendments with Uranus attacking his Moon in April, Nov, and Feb 2017. Massive changes in energy distribution thereafter until  Feb 018  indicative of job change,  with the emotionally destructive Pluto-Moon  attack  of  2018  supervising one of his most difficult years.

Those “ major residential amendments ”  and  “ massive changes in energy distribution ”  supervised Key’s  resignation from the top job in early December 2016. Such a fine performance has earned him another appearance in November 2017:

Key, John:

Massive emotional and close relationship issues with Pluto-Moon attack until Nov 019  bringing matrimonial amendments. Pluto-Ascendant and Uranus-Jupiter negatives supervise difficult  personality changes, with Jan, April, May, July, Oct and Dec 018 notable.

Notable, too, that Key’s Moon resides in House 7, the domain of marriage, partnerships and close relationships, and also doubles as ruler of the same.

There was an appearance for his wife---- "  Bro’  Nag  " --- in November 2016:

Key, Bronagh:

Mrs Prime Minister very frustrated with an excess of negative energy while Neptune harasses her Mars between May 017 and Nov 018. Escapism must be watched.

Last week I was educating a client about Neptune harassing some of her husband’s planets when it struck me that he was just 2 days older than “  The Bro’. ”

“ I know her ” replied the client. “ She comes into my shop.”

There’s a big chance of “ The  Bro’ ” gaining enlightenment.

“ I’m going to tell her about you ! ” enthused the client.


September 19

You wouldn’t normally think that disgraced former champion jockey Lisa Cropp and deputy prime minister Paula Bennett have a lot in common.

Cropp is the three-times winner of NZ’s jockey premiership who’s been disqualified twice for methamphetamine matters. She weighs around 50 kg.

Several giant expletives were uttered when I was compiling this novice 16 year-old’s birth chart back in July 1987. Courtesy of incredible determination and perception, Cropp was soon after predicted to become NZ’s most successful-ever female jockey. With a very rare 6 planets in Scorpio making her incredibly hard to live with, also plenty of major reversals and time out.

As the election looms closer, I decided to revisit one of last November’s most notable prophesies:

Bennett, Paula:

Power-crazy  politician  facing unbelievable and difficult upheavals next 2 years while Pluto deals to her Sun, Mercury and Venus with Neptune severely weakening  her Mars.”

Then I started counting: Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Chiron, Node, that makes 6 ----- all in egotistical, self-centred Aries !

The intensity from  6 planets of the 12 in one sign produces incredible determination and ruthlessness. Also long periods at the top---and  the bottom.

Cropp’s very promising career was halted in 2001 in Macau when she broke her neck in 6 places and was diagnosed to never ride again. The determination of 6 Scorpion planets brought her back to the saddle 3 years later, with the sensational positive to methamphetamine just 2 months before she was crowned the champion in July 2005 !

And again in July 2006 and 2007, before the ditherers of racing corrections finally managed to disqualify her. ( The dithering that took 3 years to get L Cropp to court was all foreseen, courtesy of brilliant Uranus’ presence in Pisces, a soulmate of Scorpio and therefore assisting her 6 planets in Scorpio. )

Two more short-lived comebacks before another disqualification late in 2014.

Even if I have no birth time for P Bennett, she’s copping an incredible hammering from Pluto dealing to her Sun, Mercury and Venus in November and December this year. With big possibilities of her Sun and Mercury getting more hammering until December 2018.

With the  “ Neptune severely weakening  her Mars ” not starting until March 018 and strongly negative right through until January 019.

You get the impression that all the Pluto destruction for Bennett would be more than just losing her job as deputy………

Footnote: Another intense fellow with 5 planets in the one sign (Scorpio ) has recently been making headlines in Britain----“  Otto Putland, 23, who represented Wales at the 2014 Games, allegedly raped a woman twice at an Olympic swimmer's house 


September 17

Back in 1995 a Chinese girlfriend expressed her extreme surprise at the reluctance of New Zealanders to plunge into matrimony.

In her country, a single person over age 30 was automatically deemed to be mentally unstable. At age 29 she had started to panic, but found a contemporary male and they got hitched and produced a daughter.

After 4 years of tedium, she and daughter bolted to NZ. I told her about a game called  " spin the bottle " that was used to select partners for DNA trading in our teen years.

Strange though, that the Chinese had allowed their belief in Buddha’s Oriental Astrology to lapse. Buddha’s 12 selected animals, each rewarded with their own calendar year, have their own characteristics and some aren’t compatible with routine and regimentation. Before even considering the magnificence of western Astrology.

Considerable Dieu Diligence would be required before committing those from Horse, Dragon, Tiger or Monkey Years to holy matrimony or parenting, with obvious reasons for the preference of NZ’s rising political star Jacinda Ardern to remain childless.

Ms  Ardern arrived in July of the1980 Monkey Year, when Venus was in dual, versatile Gemini somewhere between 21.48 and 22.22 degrees. In difficult aspect to Saturn ( Virgo 23 ) and Neptune ( Sagittarius 20 ).

These Venus complications bring roadblocks in the pursuit of simple happiness, and a lot of problems from close relationships. Noting that Jacinda  is just a day older than a NZ horse racing icon dubbed “ Opie-Cock-for-Brains, ” and therefore with the same Venus situation.

A.k.a  champion jockey Opie Bosson, who  has at times been paying $900 weekly in child support for 3 kids to as many different mothers !

The frustrations in finding simple happiness often lead possessors of these Venus complications to focus on serious career matters, or meaningless causes.

Like 2 of NZ’s champion headbangers---" Medication Mikey " King and Sir John Kirwan--- the " depression experts, " who both arrived under similar Venus-Saturn restrictions ! Same as  horse racing personalities Shane Dye, Lisa Cropp, Brad McLean, Karyn Fenton-Ellis, Mike Dillon and Samantha Spratt, all renowned for their close relationship disasters.

Better known victims of the Venus-Saturn happiness blocker include the late Muhammed Ali, Gina Reinhart, Russell Crowe, Le Bron James, Israel Folau, Zsa Zsa Gabor and Oprah Winfrey. Other New Zealanders with the affliction include  Gary Lawson, Millie Holmes and Don Brash.

Jacinda is therefore a smart girl in opting not to reproduce. Plus her Moon being in Capricorn has a definite preference to career pursuits over motherhood, although same is possessed by one of her bitter rivals.

Deputy prime minister Paula Bennett’s a rare mother with the Moon in Capricorn, although it wasn’t planned at age 17, and the sperm donor vanished very quickly. In horse racing terms, Bennett became “ a mare with foal at foot ”  with the product  “ by a sire of unknown pedigree.”

What are Jacinda Ardern’s prospects of being the next Prime Minister ?

No can answer, sorry, with no birth time available for her. Not sure if her Mormon parents would approve of Astrological Magnificence anyway.


September 15

There is a clear message from  Astrological  magnificence and all of the accurate prophesies. ( See article  September 2  )

The future is planned and we can’t do a great deal about it.

Astrological formulae have been developed for long-range horse racing certainties and longshots, also winning and losing sports players and coaches. Also disorders like compulsive gambling, anger management, depression,  substance abuse and  nymphomania etc . Major health issues like cancer  emanate from 6th House complications. Etc.

There’s obviously a formula for death, but I can’t nail it.

Further proof that there is no " God " came when 26 year-old horseman and former jockey Cody Singer took his life recently. Just a week earlier I had noted the similarities between horse addicts, depression sufferers and criminals whose charts have strong planetary influences in the secretive  12th House.

Cody Singer arrived during the Oriental Dragon Hours, 7 am to 9, which time produces the most uncontrollable and self-centred persons. Just-after sunrise birth times place more planets in  House 12 than normal, with the late Cody Singer having 4 of his 12 in the domain of secrecy.

At departure time he was on medication and suffering depression after 8 bouts of concussion from race falls.

The closeness of aspects is very significant, his Sun ( Sagittarius 5 degrees 16 minutes  )  seriously affected from birth opposing Mars ( Gemini 5.21 ). Such tightness is the classic for  restrictions on the maintenance of positive energy, remembering  that Sagittarius, Gemini, Pisces and Virgo positions all clash.

Similar Sun-Mars clashes appear frequently in the charts of both the victims and perpetrators of domestic violence. Also an icon in NZ for her inability to maintain positive energy----legendary teen methamphetamine addict Millie Holmes ( adoptive daughter of the late Sir Paul Holmo )--- with the Gemini Sun and Pisces Mars in disagreement when she arrived.

On the other hand, Virgo positions, for example, are very compatible with fellow earth signs Taurus and Capricorn. And who better to feature here than one of NZ’s most hated---broadcaster Mike Hosking ?

Great trines between Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn bring ease of opportunity and generally being in the right place at the right time. No time of arrival is available for Hosking, but he was blessed with Mercury and Venus around Capricorn 13 degrees, Jupiter at Taurus 16 and Uranus and Pluto at Virgo 14 and 15 respectively.

Just like the bible, there are “ the quick and the dead.” And nothing will change, as I considered my ephemiris  that only goes to December 2050.

There’s a Sun ( Sagittarius 26 )-Mars ( Pisces 26 ) clash on December 18, 2050, producing more Cody Singers and Millie Holmes’ and others with energy maintenance issues.

One arriving on that day around 1.30 pm will be unblessed with the depression classic, Mars in secretive House 12, while someone born just 12 hours earlier will be at risk to cancer from having revolutionary Pluto in House 6 of health and diet……

While those arriving on December 27,2050 will be blessed with a very fortunate trine between the Sun in Capricorn and Jupiter in earth-friendly  Virgo. Right place, right time people, lucky bastards……

It’s called fate.


September 13

There’s an obvious advantage in having a sports coach under favourable supervision from revolutionary Pluto.

That’s when you get the breaks, and happen to be in the right place at the right time.

Players, coaches, horse trainers, Astrologers, actors, politicians, depression sufferers---everyone benefits from  an awesome Pluto trine. As I was trying to explain to a Samoan-born rugby league player named Kuripitone  Tatupu back in 1994. Better known  as " Tony Taps "  Tatupu,  he was making an earn from bouncer work and match payments from the Mt Albert club. A very popular, laid-back dude with a well-known disrespect for Father Time, Tony Taps was told about " 2 amazing years coming  up "—all because of Pluto-trining his Sun !

1995 brought elevation to the Auckland Warriors top side then a lucrative Super League contract. Also representation for NZ and Western Samoa and to cap it off, T Tatupu became a father !

Just like a fellow extra in the making of the rugby movie, Skin’n Bone, in July  2003. Suggesting that an awesome Pluto-Sun trine  " next year " would bring him some major acting roles. This extra had no interest in acting, he was just being used as a body double for the main actor, Antony Starr, out of actor action with hamstring problems.

As Nick Evans, the body double became an All Black in 2004 !

The NZ Warriors’ failure to fully capitalize on champion coach John Ackland’s  " awesome Pluto trines "  is well known. I’m not sure if Eric Watson and co have learned from the experience, but there’s  another very formidable coach getting a stack of Pluto awesomeness in the next few years------ James Richard Blackmore.

He who took the Auckland Vulcans to an NRL Grand Final in 2011, and has  won Auckland’s coveted Fox Memorial with 3 different clubs—Manurewa, Otahuhu and Papakura. An  international job, too, coaching the NZ Maori to an 18-all draw with England-----after the Maori were 0-18 behind at half time.

I’d book Richie Blackmore instantly, with the years of 2020 and 2021 blessing him with a Pluto-Venus trine then the incredible for business/career advancement, Pluto trining Jupiter, through 2022 and 2023 !

There’s also the " Otahuhu factor "---see Sept 3 article----with R Blackmore playing for the Otahuhu Leopards when he debuted for the NZ Kiwis in 1991 aged 21. And having that staunch Otahuhu attitude that CEOs and club owners with fragile egos don’t always  appreciate.

R Blackmore is a comparative unknown in the NRL. So was the coach who took the NZ Warriors to their first-ever Grand Final in 2002. " Who the fuck’s Daniel Anderson ? " was football director Matthew Ridge’s reaction when the name was suggested.

Former pupils speak highly of Richie Blackmore and they  loved playing for him. He’s very adaptable.

R Blackmore  gets results. Especially under an awesome Pluto trine.


September 11

Recent media:

‘ Stephie Key's movie dreams might be crushed after she failed to crowd source funding for her short film project.

The daughter of former prime minister John Key asked the public to help fund racy sci-fi flick Lazarniverse in February. She estimated the film would cost $35,000. 

Under her artist name Cherry Lazar, Key launched a Kickstarter page for the "spacey short film". Only $2727 was pledged for the film.’

Stephie Key in the pitch video for Lazarniverse's Kickstarter fund:

"It's a sci-fi themed brothel. You want to fornicate with a Vulcan or a girl from Venus. This is the place to go," Key wrote, describing Pleasure Planet.

"It involves casinos, cowboys, cave women and a mysterious mobile stripper who claims to have come from Jupiter."

Lazarniverse was to be filmed in the Nevada desert. Key had already travelled to the United States looking for locations to shoot.

She hoped to start filming in July 2017. The script for the 20 minute-long film had been in the making for almost a year, she said.

A couple of years back, Paris-based Ms Key owned world headlines after near-naked poses with parts of her  body decorated with fruit and fast food.

Quite a weird young woman, with no Astrological elaboration possible after a Google birthdate search could only produce “ April 1993. ”

Arrival in the last 10 days of April would have a Taurus Sun sign, otherwise Aries from that Chinese Rooster Year  and she’d be an ambitious, attention-seeker with leadership dreams.

Obviously Ms Key was unable to convince daddy that her film project would make the world a better place:

Listen arsehole, your government gave the fucking Clinton Foundation $13 million to help prop up Israel and you couldn’t even advance me a measly $35k.”--------“ Cherry Lazar Artist / Film maker / occasional extras stand by bitch  LA/Paris ”

This email could have been possible:

Hey Hills, can ya dump $35K of the $13 mill into my daughter’s bank account. Love Johnno.

Lucky it never happened. Wikileaks champion Julian Assange would have pounced, remembering his awesomeness in discovering Mrs Clinton’s email  knowledge of the 2011  Christchurch earthquake 5 hours before it happened  !

Spare a thought for mum, though, as per her appearance in last November’s Annual Prophesies,

Key, Bronagh:

Mrs Prime Minister very frustrated with an excess of negative energy while Neptune harasses her Mars between May 017 and Nov 018. Escapism must be watched.

Imagine Stephie returning home with a black pornstar boyfriend ?

Time for Mrs Key to remember what time her first-born popped out, and get an in-depth Astrological enlightenment. A birthdate between April 7 and 17, 1993 would have subjected  the daughter  to drastic attacks from Uranus and Neptune to her Aries Sun at arrival.

The constantly-changing, restless rebel, easily-led and unsuited to boring routine with escapism and drugs a popular option….


September 9

It’s now official. We have to laugh at idiots like these ones in the recent media:

When Lesley Thomas and George Griffiths bought their 8-year old house near Ashhurst, it was supposed to be a peaceful retreat. Three months after purchase, it's anything but.

"We just had water everywhere, through the front door, leaking through the hall into the bathroom, through every window, through the roof," says Lesley.

"It was unbelievable to see what we had realistically purchased," adds George with a deep sigh.’

Astrology’s been around for long enough, and was used to predict the arrival of Jesus Christ, long before the phenomenal prophesies began appearing in FRIDAY FLASH, TRUTH and NEWTALK ZB etc.

Maybe the idiots  above  are christians ? Maybe they worship media puppets like Teletubby Toni, or Hilary and Jack, or scabby Devlin, or they still haven’t recovered from the departure of the dirty old Sir Paul Holmo ?

Those born with revolutionaries like Uranus and/or Pluto in House 2 of money are fated to suffer major financial reversals. Them with  restrictive Saturn and/or deceptive Neptune in House 4 of home and residence are doomed to experience relevant losses

Case history time:

Astrologer: Very difficult 2-3 years when Pluto ( here ) was whacking those 2 planets ( there ) with some major losses ?

Client: I took redundancy from a very good job and invested it in a coffee bar. I started having an affair with the worker and it broke up my marriage. The coffee bar folded and I lost about $200k.

The moral of the story---- always get “ Dieu Diligence ” before making an investment. Otherwise it becomes an “ outvestment.”

Legendary Rock and Roll animal Lou Reed ( 1942-2013 ) had his theories, in STREET HASSLE ( 1978 ):

You know, some people got no choice, and they can never find a voice, to talk with that they can even call their own. So the first thing that they see, that allows them the right to be, why they follow it, you know, it’s called bad luck.”


September 7

The New World Order has been a resounding success with its plan to divide and rule and weaken the masses.

What better than television and sport to wreck  families and distract people ? And have troublemaking media scabs  encouraging the many-headed monster of the pit to get vicious and hateful just  because a footy team ain’t performing ?

Year in, year out,  Astrological Magnificence delivers with that 90% success rate from the Annual Prophesies, although they make no appeal to  talkback radio scabs like  Martin Devlin.

Devlin was actually part of the foreplay for the greatest prediction ever made on the All Blacks !

‘Twas around 4.45 pm on Saturday, November 22, 2003, when Newstalk ZB’s Murray Deaker ONZM was reviewing the phenomenal prophesies from the Annual State of the Astrological Nation address the previous January.

Which had included the wiping of the All Blacks’ 2003 Rugby World Cup hopes, courtesy of negative aspects for coach John Mitchell.

Deaker had also reviewed the forecasts for rugby star Jonah Lomu, ill enough to be almost  unable to  walk, and  constantly complaining rugby mouthpiece Andy Haden, laid low by a cancer scare.

“ He predicted a difficult year for Martin Devlin ( fellow broadcaster ) ” continued Deaker. “ You know, I was having a long talk with Martin a couple of nights ago, and you just wouldn’t believe the things that have gone wrong for him this year. You certainly got that one right.”

Deaker continued,  with  my warning about selecting  Graham Henry to coach the All Blacks at the next Rugby World Cup, considering the Uranus and Pluto attrocities that would be hampering him in late 2007. And we know what happened to the All Blacks in that quarter-final against France in October 2007 !

Deaker was a fine promoter of the world’s oldest science and his ravings every January for 18 years allowed thousands to receive full personal enlightenments. With so many recommending Astrological magnificence to friends and family members with dilemmas.

Only on the radio, though. Deaker was too wrapped up in his own ego problems to consider taking the Astrological phenomenon seriously. Or getting his own widely-publicised depressions analysed.

" Listen, mate, " Deaker did not suggest in November 2003 to Devlin. “ We’ve had this brilliant Astrologer on every January since 1994. He once asked me for a promotional quote and I decided that ‘ Nobody gets the talkback lines ringing like Don Murray. His New Year predictions have become legendary.’

Go and have a chat, he’ll sort all your problems.”

Instead scabby Devlin displayed his own brand of mental illness in 2004 in a Sunday newspaper column, with a very unnecessary attack on  Astrologers, psychics, life coaches, fortune tellers etc.

Reasonably hilarious that a nation with such suicide, depression and  drug  problems  bothers with scabs like Devlin !


September 5

It may soon become official---breakfast television is the new  " Wake and Bake. "

The meaningless lives of so many are enhanced by the addiction---watching  Hilary and Jack, or Sam the weatherman.

I haven’t possessed a television for 8-9 years, but I did experience a similar, dastardly addiction. In the 1960s  lads of Ruawai would pedal home frantically from Boy Scouts to watch Captain Pugwash at 5 pm, along with his creatively-named crew members Master Bates, Seaman Staines and Roger the cabin boy.

Television only ran from 5 pm to 10.30, one channel, so I can understand the problems of today, with hundreds of channels available 24-7. Yet who could forget the dark days of Paul Holmes’ departure from TV One, or Paul Henry switching channels, and the emotional damage a nation suffered after the axing of  CAMPBELL LIVE a couple of years back ?

Even if host John Campbell’s predicted departure had been supervised by Pluto and Uranus attacking his Jupiter. With another related pearl appearing in the Annual Prophesies, in November 2015:

Barry, Hilary:

TV face with many personal dilemmas and confusion from  Neptune whacking her Sun before 2017’s lifestyle chaos from Uranus attacking her Jupiter.”

A nation of hopeless box junkies threatened to meltdown when Barry announced her retirement several months later. Saved, though, when she returned to a rival channel later in 2016.

Rather strange having so many zillion hours devoted to watching television in a nation with a serious suicide problem ? 606  last year, up from 579,  and  564 the year before that. When people should be encouraged to talk more ?

With more great sadness on the horizon, involving a woman of many roles------sausage roles, filled roles, spring roles,  jam roles, chocolate log roles. Receiving the identical to H Barry in 2018 and to appear in the Annual Prophesies,, November 2017 . Neptune whacking another Sun !

Street, Toni:

" Teletubby Toni " subject to much confusion and uncertainty  with Neptune whacking  her  Sun. Health must be watched, especially in March, Aug and Jan 019.

 Be prepared  ( our motto in Boy Scout days ) Stock up on handkerchiefs !


September 3

There’s an upside to major owner Eric Watson’s stupidity in releasing the NZ Warriors’ winningest-ever coach.

John Ackland guided the Junior Warriors to NRL premiership wins in 2010 and 2011 but  yesterday was steering the Otahuhu Leopards to Grand Final success in the 2nd Division Sharman Cup, beating Bay Roskill 34-20.

Thus ending  the great club’s only year in the 2nd Division since being created in 1911. Otahuhu  are 2nd only to Mt Albert as the winningest team in Division One, for the coveted Fox Memorial. With the Senior A team and the Premier Reserves winning their 2017 Grand Finals as well for an awesome trifecta…….

While Otahuhu town itself is a world record-holder in its own right, as the suburb in the world that has  produced 5 captains of a national sporting team in the last 50 years---- Kiwi rugby league leaders  F R Christian, M Graham, H McGahan, R Barnett and R Wiki.

So Rugby League does not have the numbers of soccer or rugby union ? -------More people drive Toyotas than Ferraris.

Big claims on the most famous NZ rugby league coach ever, too.  Graham Lowe ONZM, QSM, the only non-Australian to coach in State of Origin, began his coaching life in Otahuhu while working there as an auto electrician.

As well as the guile of J Ackland, there was assistant coach George Carmont and the Leopards’ honorary physio, Dane Kereopa, a former captain of the Don Murray All Stars Tag Football  team, amongst the many volunteers.

I occasionally tell young Leopards of the time, about 50 years ago, when Auckland league and rugby were not saturated with Polynesians as opposed to today----" Polyunsaturated "----- and there were " hardly any islanders  playing for  Otahuhu."

Saturday’s Grand Final-winning Otahuhu team, and a dearth of palagi names:

– 1 Geronimo Doyle, 2 Emeliano Mikaele, 3 Ethan Nukanuka, 4 Ethan Fariu, 5 Sitiveni Taufa, 6 Shaun Motu-Muavae, 7 Brodie Clark, 8 Peni Pepa, 9 Thomas Va’afusuaga, 10 Connor Purcell (c), 11 Atansio Kuea, 12 Dylan Uate, 13 Benjamin Benedict, INTERCHANGE: 14 Fred Turuwhenua, 15 Nofoasa Malutoa, 16 Filipe Vaeafisi, 17 Richard Holani. COACH: John Ackland.


J Ackland’s memorable successes with the NZ Warriors’ Juniors in 2010 and 2011 were predicted, courtesy of a pair of awesome Pluto trines. The ideal recipe for a winning coach, although Eric Watson obviously isn’t a subscriber. I have discovered another coach, with a reasonably impeccable record, and receiving a pair of awesome Pluto trines as well in the next few years, deserving of consideration for the woeful NZ Warriors.

A chap who made the Kiwi team at age 21---when he was playing for------the Otahuhu Leopards.

Watch this space !


September 2

Mention  " Astrology "  and  certain kinds of people fly into a rage.

Sad, when it’s the world’s oldest science  and was thoroughly endorsed by the  father of modern medicine, Hippocrates.

Sometime during his life ( 470-370 BC ) Hippocrates decreed that  “  A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician.”

Wisdom foreign to someone like  F.U.C.K----- Fearful Uncultured Clockwork Kiwi. He/she is in the same category as the fool who thinks that Jesus is returning to save the world, “ next year.”

A pig-ignorant christian or a media puppet  like Scabby Liar Leighton ( Smith ) would scour the November 2016 Annual Prophesies and triumphantly declare that “ you got Eddie Jones wrong !

“ Only one wrong ?  Did I get any of them right ?

The septic sceptic is stumped. He’s not into the peace and love and understanding that Astrology promotes.

The predictions are black and white. Right or wrong, so there’s little room for argument, which really pisses off the dirty media scabs who thrive on controversy. They do lots of serious thinking and discussing and don’t appreciate the  light-hearted dismissal of a coach because he’s getting sodomised by Uranus or Pluto…..

So far 44  Rights and just 2 Wrongs from last November’s 100, with so many yet to happen and many spilling over into 2018.

Picking the best is very difficult. From tennis there’s Roger Federer and Andy Murray, with  rugby League represented by Laurie Daley and  Steve Kearney.  Horse racing’s  pearls  include Michelle Payne and Donna Logan, cricket has donated Kane Williamson and  Anil  Kumble to Astrological magnificence in 2017, while rugby has provided Dan  Carter and  Tana Umaga. One  Basketballer, Steven  Adams, with Andrew Little the best of the politicians—so far.  ( top right )


August 31

From the recent media:

The current controversy engulfing Winston Peters was billed as "The mother of all scandals" and involves a long-running superannuation overpayment, which he may or may not be responsible for.

The worst-case scenario for Peters is that, as with Metiria Turei, he could end up being judged as the villain. But, equally, he could well be proved entirely innocent, and the victim of dirty tricks.

From the Annual Prophesies,,  November 26, 2016:

Peters, Winston:

Politician acting very strangely in  his 72nd year, with Uranus zooming across his Mercury and Venus spots and Neptune doing same to Mars. April, June, Aug, Sept, Nov crucial with massive, difficult change from Pluto anti his Sun 2018.

It’s been noted that Peters was born in Aries time in an ( 1945 ) Oriental Rooster Year, natives of which experience major life change, for positive or negative, in a recurring Rooster Year like 2017.

This one arrived in a Rooster Year, 1969, also as Aries, and also has a serious social welfare matter in the pipeline:

Bennett, Paula:

Power-crazy  politician  facing unbelievable and difficult upheavals next 2 years while Pluto deals to her Sun, Mercury and Venus with Neptune severely weakening  her Mars.”

2018 is also far worse for Bennett, with only a very faint hope that she and Peters both join Metiria Turei in the resignation bin before next month’s election.

Very long odds for an  Aries Rooster quinella, and a  Bennett-Peters-Turei  Maori  social welfare  trifecta………..


Back in 1996  a Chinese friend reckoned that “ Peter ” was the only dislike about her new country of residence.

“ Peter ”  is the Chinese pronunciation for “ Peters ”  a.k.a Winston, already expressing his concern then about the landslide of Chinese coming to NZ.

You could be excused for thinking that “ Peter ” has been very influenced by the Chinese in these last 21 years, with his trademark, nearly closed, narrow eyes  that could be blindfolded with some nylon fishing line.

Not true. It’s the sign of a  heavily-stressed, super-bored Aries, doing the same old----not a slit-eyed chinaman.


August 29

Evidence is emerging that major owner Eric Watson is merely a frontman for the iconic movie maker.

Monty Python’s been secretly making movies using  the struggling NRL franchise.

Filming of   “ The Flying Circus ” happens every time the team jumps on a plane to cross the Tasman. “ Searching for the Holy Fail ” is a long-running serial  and the follow up to  “ Life of Brian ” is almost finished.

The Life of Kieran ” details  Kieran Foran’s previous struggles with gambling, prescription drug addiction and his well-known relationship issues. Earlier this year retiring CEO Jim Doyle had an explanation for Foran’s one-year stint with the Warriors:

“ The real purpose in signing Kieran was  to get him right. ”  i.e   We are a rehab facility, a halfway house ?

So WTF was the reason for Australian job hopper Cameron George being appointed the latest CEO last week ?

There was a previous WTF ? on this site when C George got added to the board of directors back in March last year.

He was a member of NZ’s Racing Integrity Unit during the dark days of a culture full of cronyism, bullying and sexual harassment. When public trust in horse racing plummeted to an all-time low before another major  Boy George fail, as CEO  at the Auckland Racing Club for 5 years.

Which included 2 chronic NZ Derby day failures. When the Auckland Racing Club’s iconic raceday failed miserably by competing with major one-day international cricket matches at Eden Park. There were horrific decreases in attendance and betting turnover.

Indicating that Boy George will adapt very easily to the NZ Warriors’ losing culture. To be fair, though, this year’s carnage was forecast long ago, courtesy of appearances for personnel like Watson, Kearney, McFadden, S Jones, Foran and Vatuvei in the November 2016 Annuals……

No indications that Boy George will reverse his loser status in 2018, with the November 2017 Annual Prophesies,  featuring  unfavourable next years for Watson, Kearney and McFadden again, also players Johnson, Tuivasa-Sheck and Luke, along with media man Richard Becht…….


Those born in Chinese Dragon Years like 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988 etc are blessed with a contagious charm and optimism that guarantees an exciting life with many amendments. They also cause a lot of grief for Eric Watson.

Like  ex-wife Nicky Robinson ( 1976 ), former business partner Owen Glenn ( 1940 ) and coach Matt Elliott ( 1964 )  who all faded away after around 2 years of Life with Watson. Glenn’s departure was particularly bitter.

Boy George arrived in 1976 and has firm plans to become a CEO for an NRL club in Australia.

“ The real purpose in signing Cameron was to help him with his career ambitions ” ?


August 27

I was contemplating Astrological formulae for depression when reminded of the latest bashing scandal in Crimbridge.

Crimbridge, like Methametha, is a Waikato town in the heart of NZ’s  thoroughbred breeding industry.

Where serious alcohol and methamphetamine abuse are rampant in the horsey set and bashing goes with the territory. Horses are more important than humans here and we’ve had some ugly stories on the unchecked violence and sexual harassment from members of the Moroney, Tiley, McKee and Te Akau stables.

Latest involved a husband, " found guilty of 4 of 14 charges involving alleged assault against his high-profile wife and their 3 children and breaches of a protection order.

The Jury was  hung on a charge of threatening to kill, two charges of assault on a child and a charge of sexual violation."

The once noble thoroughbred industry is riddled with debt and depression, and appropriately more than its share of  possessors of the “ Scorpio Moon ” and “ Mars in House 12.”

House 12 in the Astrological chart governs institutions, secret and criminal activities, depression, horses and other large animals. Key planets in the 12th House are possessed by all kinds of crims, including horse racing’s ticket clippers, swindlers and race fixers.

Mars in the 12th is the most common significator for depression sufferers, who are frequently savaged by the iconic black dog while the highly intelligent, non-judgemental horse is so often the only friend.

Relative to long periods of inactivity from workplace injuries or financial disasters, with the Mars in House 12 and Scorpio Moon possessors renowned for plunging into dark periods of promiscuity, serious drug and alcohol abuse.

Consider the famous Waikato trifecta of Scorpion Moon possessors----- a prolific piper known as “ Big P of Methametha, ”  the Crimbridge trainer who used to pay his staff in white powder and 3-times champion jockey Lisa Cropp, who ends her second drug-related disqualification in December.

I’ve done Astrological enlightenments for thousands, many involving domestic violence. It’s fact that females are designed to be victims from birth when their Mars is badly aspecting the Sun or Venus. Also post-marital complications arise from powerful planets like  Pluto and Neptune in the 7th and 8th Houses.

Celebrity contacts  in Auckland claim the northern hemisphere-born husband of that “ high-profile wife ”  was “ doing too much cocaine.” He’s a relative outsider in the horsey set, but very possibly a possessor of the Scorpio Moon or Mars in House 12..........



August 25

About 22  years ago the 16 year-old daughter of a pair of motorcycle gang drug addicts hit me with some serious philosophy.

When you’ve got heroes, you can only be second best.

She was having a dig at drooling, beer-drinking oafs obsessed with sport. But I countered  that it were no sin to imagine yourself as a rugby league hero at the gym, as Kevin Tamati, Greg Dowling or Gordon Tallis in the boxing room, for example.

But you gotta wonder about those who drool over media scabs and  broadcasters. A prized collection of  liars, drug addicts, alcoholics  sexual deviates and home wreckers.

Plus it’s reasonably hilarious to have so many mentally-ill broadcasters in positions of influence, especially with NZ’s high ranking on the world suicide stage. This joker really cracks me up :

Veitchy on Sport shared Sinead O'Connor's post.

This is just devastating to watch .. but again, shows the battle millions of us go through each day. Depression - anxiety - suicidal tendencies- take your pick - it's a curse and takes you to places you think there is no way back... for anyone with a family member, friend or loved one battling mental illness, this a reminder of how bad it can get.

Around 7 years ago, Tony Veitch was in no man’s land, after his domestic violence issues got into the mainstream media and he threatened to top himself a couple of times. As noted, a possessor of the dark and gloomy Scorpio Moon, and mental weirdness from a Mercury-Uranus conjunction.

But Veitchy may have seen the light with NZ HERALD’s recent “ LET’S BREAK THE SILENCE ” campaign !

Herald has to be seen to be making an effort to stop all those kids topping themselves. With more misery stories, maybe “ heartbreaking videos ” and the traumas of “ Kiwi mum.”

Veitchy realized the need to “ break the silence ” and talk about meaningful things, so he initiates important conversation on his Facebook page:

 ' just watching classic All Black matches on line - sad I know ! But, the phase play to set up this match winner is glorious! All Blacks

Can this get any worse for the ARU?!!!! Now forced to say no to $50 million bucks. Bloody nightmare .. Qantas Wallabies All Blacks

“ This will interest you .. SKY Sports UK slashing prices and offering customers individual channels for one sport. See what you think..

What the hell is Jarryd Hayne to? Talk about ripping apart the basic culture of a club. The Vodafone Warriors should sign in... #NRL

“ Four tests in 18 months... are you cricket fans happy? Blackcaps

Is this what sport is coming to.. a fan spitting on a ref at half time. NRL - National Rugby League

“  Um.. question: who would buy the Warriors? As we know most sporting clubs bleed money! The Warriors need around 14,000 fans per home match to break even, that ain't happening. Would a change of owner really make a difference?

No Jerome Kaino at blindside .. thoughts guys? All Blacks  '

Full credit to  Veitchy for  " breaking the silence. "    Keep asking the hard questions and he may topple " medication Mikey " King or  Sir John Kirwanker  as NZ’s King of Depression !


August 23

Associate health minister Peter Dunne has always come across as an arsehole.

A sick one, too, for his previous promotion of that synthetic drug and a  hatred of the much safer cannabis.

On Monday Dunny announced that he will stand aside and not seek re-election next month. Like he’s finally woken up ?

Hark back to the archives, www.donmurrayastrologer, earlier this year:


February 16

As indicated, Humm Fm’s weekly Astrology Report this morning detailed the major downers for associate health minister Peter Dunne on the night of the next general election.

As I explained to presenters Vijay Varma and Ms Pooja Kumar, Dunny’s got identical late on September 23 to what supervised one of history’s greatest:

FLASH, July 18,1991:

" I'm not optimistic about the Kiwis winning the next league test against Australia, but I hope like Donald I'm wrong. Next Wednesday's a special for Mal Meninga and a bummer for Jarrod McCracken.

" I'll be relaying this prognosis to coach Bob Bailey so don't be surprised if the wonder centre is subbed early in the game."

Classic. Around the 20 minutes mark, some niggle erupted, Aussie Peter Jackson charged in and shoved a Kiwi player to the ground. Jarrod moved in to censure Jacko and a massive brawl  began. Ultimately Jackson and McCracken were both marched by the referee.

Dunny’s got a similar disappointment on September 23, when the Mercury planet’s at Virgo 18.02 at 10 pm. Virgo don’t like Sagittarius or Gemini positions, so how notable is Dunny having Jupiter and Mars in his birth chart around Gemini  18 and Sagittarius 18 respectively ?

There’s no guarantee that  Dunny will be rushing over to headbutt  rival  Winston Peters or smashing Andrew Little to the ground, but the dirty bastard will be very pissed off leading up to midnight on general election day !

Dunny’s  attitude to cannabis decriminalisation, pain and suffering shows what an arsehole he really is. Maybe he’s got a secret motto:

 “ It’s cool to be cruel ”

There’s also a big chance of dirty Dunny discovering some major pain in the years of 2019 and 2020. He’s got deceptive Neptune ( from Pisces 18 )  smashing both those Mars and Jupiter positions.

May and July of 2019 are crucial, also March, November and December of 2020.

Even though he’s not standing, the Jarrod McCracken factor still applies to Dunny on September 23………..


August 21

The recent political dramas involving Todd Barclay, Metiria Turei and Paula Bennett are nothing when you consider NZ’s best.

I had received good information from an international espionage source about the activities of a bearded Aucklander at San Francisco Airport in June 2006.

This bearded Aucklander had  shown much interest in a pretty Mexican youth and made an apparently inappropriate suggestion. Nek minnit  the pretty Mexican youth produced his CIA card and said " YOU'RE BUSTED ! "

Bearded Aucklander managed to claim diplomatic immunity, courtesy of his  “ marriage ” and an Auckland cop up there on drug squad business was redirected to be a babysitter for 3 days. Then escorted the bearded Aucklander  over to Hawaii to meet an NZ airforce plane that would take him home.

I was unable to locate the bearded one’s  birthdate, but the Astrological  lie detector did produce an indication. His  “ wife ” was born with restrictive Saturn in secretive House 12, that classic for showing a brave face while hiding a lot of dirty, dark secrets…….

Other possessors of “ Saturn in the 12th ” include  Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, George W Bush, Marc Ellis,  Freddy Mercury, Camilla Parker-Bowles, Reese Witherspoon, OJ Simpson, Michael Boulgaris, Angelina Jolie,  Mariah Carey, Leighton Smith, Victoria Beckham and NZ-born jockeys  Lance O’Sullivan, Opie Bosson,  Michael Walker and Jim Cassidy…….

Two days after the posting of the saga on I received an email from a member of the San Francisco gay community. He wanted to  thank me for " filling in the jigsaw puzzle. We knew something had happened to him."

It was a story that the Auckland media tried desperately and unsuccessfully to break.

Two days later I was telling an ex-cop acquaintance, now in a very responsible security position, at the Onehunga spa pool. He laughed: " Our  agent in China texted us about that !

About a year later, in the very same spa pool, a gentleman I barely knew launched into the tale of the  San Francisco Airport sting. How did he know about it ?

“ My mate was the pilot of the plane that brought him back from Hawaii !


August 19

There’s nothing like Astrological magnificence for analyzing close relationship problems so I decided to consider this joker:

The woman in the Aaron Smith saga claims she was offered money to lie about whether she and the All Black had sex in a toilet at Christchurch Airport.

She says she refused to sign a false affidavit and is now taking legal action against rugby bosses for defamation and breach of privacy.

Smith was overheard having sex in a cubicle at the airport last year with a woman who was not his partner. After the incident was made public the rugby star made a tearful public apology and said the incident was a one-off.

But yesterday the Daily Mail Australia published a series of Facebook messages between Smith and the woman suggesting the halfback had not told the full story.

The woman has told the Daily Mail the relationship had been going on for years.

Tonight she told TVNZ's Seven Sharp  that Smith contacted her and asked her to sign a sworn affidavit saying they did not have sex.

A Smith’s birthdate planets include many  similarities to an ageing rocker, multi-married and renowned for his infidelities----Rod Stewart !

Both born during conflict between the Moon and Venus. One text book description of the affliction:

" Moon discordant to Venus:
Your habits may annoy others. You may have bad manners, or bad personal hygiene habits that irritate those around you.  You know exactly how to tell people what they want to hear, regardless of whether it is really honest or not. You may have conflicting emotional desires and needs which complicate your personal life. Perhaps you are trying to please someone you care about so much so that you end up being some other person instead of yourself, becoming very unhappy in the process. You may have trouble figuring out just what you want in a relationship, a mother or a lover.

The least likely to stay married for long. They are weak, grizzle and moan like no other, and have a fondness for drink. The classic for “ tossing it around.”

Had A Smith made the November 2016 Annual Prophesies at he would have earned the following prophesy:

Major chaos in close relationship matters with Uranus attacking his Venus. May, June, Sept, Oct crucial and also March 018.”


August 18

Zillionaire Eric Watson’s getting his head kicked around as his time as the NZ Warriors’ owner enters the twilight zone.

I prefer to look on the bright side. Like Watson’s decision  not to hang on to the Warriors’ most successful-ever coach, John Ackland.

If " The Acks " were still at the Warriors, he wouldn’t be coaching the 2017  Otahuhu Leopards, who last weekend clinched the Sharman Cup Minor Premiership !

Then again, if Watson had used his brains, the NZ Warriors would have won top side premierships in 2010 and 2011.

As per my announcement  to a request about the woeful Warriors ( then running 14th ) from their number one fan, Sir Mad Butcher, in his Mt Smart Stadium lounge in August 2009:

Mate, I want you to stop pulling that thing down there and pull some strings at the Warriors and  make John Ackland the coach and Stacey Jones’ his assistant because they’ve both got awesome Pluto trines in the next 2 years.”

As we know, Ackland went from being the top side’s assistant coach to controlling  his own NZ Warriors’ Juniors and won NRL Grand Finals in 2010 and 2011. A winning year is a winning year, no matter what the competition. (   S Jones  retired from playing, and  coached the Pt Chevalier  team to win  local premierships in 2010 and 2011. )

None of this may have happened, though, had Eric Watson not married the  17 years younger Nicky Robinson in 1999.  Watson knew very little about the game of rugby league, whereas Nicky’s father, Don Robinson, had played alongside the immortal Mel Cooke in Christchurch back in the 1960s.

Was  Eric’s  purchasing a rugby league team  part of the dowry ? While  that short-lived union did make its contribution to Astrological magnificence:

TRUTH, December 24,1999 ( in Millenium predictions re Eric Watson)

" In 2001 he can expect romantic problems with one of the biggest upheavals ever coming the following year."

In 2001, Watson's two-year-old marriage broke up and in 2002 he left New Zealand to reside in England !

With this year’s  rugby league team totally written off, even before his appearance in the November 26, 2016 Annual Prophesies at

Watson, Eric:

Zillionaire in for major reversals from Pluto-Sun  attack until Oct 018. Serious Saturn  setbacks in Dec 017.”

At least the NZ Warriors won’t be part of his “ major reversals ”  next year !


August 16

The shock  had barely passed after NZ’s recent Gold Medal in the World Youth Suicide Championships when this popped up.

The latest Unicef report has NZ  languishing at the bottom of the developed world in relation to the health and welfare our children and youth.

A country where Asians, black Africans and Indians etc are desperately seeking permanent residence ?

" A country that leads the world in youth suicide and tops the developed nations in homelessness. With horrific recent increases in domestic violence and pupil-teacher assaults.

While the number of children and teenagers on Prozac-style anti-depressants has soared 98 per cent in the last 10 years to a total of nearly 15,000 young people last year."

Some years ago there was a  catchy TV ad for a breakfast cereal about “ Kiwi kids ” being “ Weetbix kids.”

Now it’s  “  Kiwi Kids…….are Prozac Kids !  ”

Teenagers from the awesome 1960s and 70s can just shake their heads in disbelief at the latest stats. Those were the golden eras for children, when  father had a lot more respect from being either his own boss or a staunch  union man. And television had yet to take control of the household.

No  improvement either, from the archives,,  30 January 2008:

It's not hard to work out how the net will be helping to put many old traditions to death when Pluto commences his stay in conservative Capricorn in March. ( until 2025 )

 Old traditions like newspapers, real estate and car sales will be changing drastically courtesy of the internet generation. It's easy to see a further weakening of governments because Pluto's destruction here will root out a lot more corruption and inefficiency.

But the scary piece relates to the massively changing role of the father figure, as the family unit slowly disappears and  marriage becomes just another episode in life's great soap opera for many. Naturally there will be a massive increase in the numbers of rudderless young men lacking direction, with no-one to guide and teach them in time-honoured Kiwi male tradition how to drink beer properly and the correct way to watch a rugby game.

SUPERTRAMP  had it sussed, with " The Logical Song "-----  way back in 1979 !

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August 15

One of last year’s great predictions was deciding in June that Donald Trump was going to piss all over Hillary Clinton in the November election.

With the result announced again on Newstalk ZB in October.

“ No he won’t, ” claimed  scabby Leighton, a.k.a veteran broadcaster Leighton  Smith and he told me to ring him after the election.

Naturally I did so. With Smith wriggling and squirming then deciding that he’d received a letter from a Newstalk ZB listener who claimed that hardly any of my predictions with Murray Deaker had ever come true.

Scabby Liar Leighton’s  possibly a national treasure in a country that leads the world in youth suicide and tops  the developed nations in homelessness. With horrific recent increases in domestic violence and pupil-teacher assaults. While the number of children and teenagers on Prozac-style anti-depressants has soared 98 per cent in the last 10 years to a total of nearly 15,000 young people last year !

[ Trumpy  wants to " make America great. "  Scabby Leighton wants to  " make New Zealand hate ? " ]

At least Newstalk ZB  did recognize Astrological magnificence, with thousands being enhanced with personal enlightenments after the shows with Murray Deaker every January. The shows that ran for 18 years, even if  all those predictions  “ hardly ever came true ” !

In spite of Trumpy’s contribution to Astrological magnificence, I could spare him no favours in last November’s Annual Prophesies at

Trump, Donald:

Mr President’s debut full of turmoil from Pluto-Jupiter and  Uranus-Venus blocks, with restrictive Saturn  severely hampering his Sun and Moon. Jan, May, July, Aug, Oct, Nov and Feb 2018 the most difficult.

8 months into the presidency and the USA is allegedly on the brink of nuclear war. Nobody, except maybe a scabby Leighton-type sicko, is going to suggest that Trumpy’s 2017 has been cruisy and smooth !


August 13

There’s not a lot  of Astrological clarity about the upcoming general election.

Recently-departed Labour leader Andrew Little’s chances of winning were  extinguished in  the  Annual Prophesies,, November 26, 2016.

Little finally came to his senses and resigned, with this biggie from last November being eagerly awaited:

Bennett, Paula:

Power-crazy  politician  facing unbelievable and difficult upheavals next 2 years while Pluto deals to her Sun, Mercury and Venus with Neptune severely weakening  her Mars. ”

2018 is more the crunch year for deputy prime minister Bennett, with the Neptune attacks making her especially vulnerable in late March, mid-September and late January 019.

Reasonably interesting having a fellow making serious allegations in June about Bennett’s inappropriate behavior as a DPB recipient. Even funnier were mainstream media reports that he’d received a “ Cease and Desist ” letter from a lawyer days later----he hasn’t yet, and is continuing the crusade with a dozen  people providing backup to his claims as he heads to parliament.

Remembering how the identical Neptune-Mars attack has caused so much strain in 2017 for Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Michelle Payne and Auckland Blues coach Tana Umaga.

And in recent years supervised the great demotions of Manchester United coach Louis Van Gaal and  NZ  MP “ Crusher ” Collins. Also the major personal issues for Auckland horse trainer Stephen McKee and  failure of NZ Warriors’ “ bad buy ” Sam Tomkins etc.

I was trying to analyse the Green Party’s current  crisis and discovered a likely leader---Iranian-born  Golriz Ghahraman . Her being camera-friendly, single, childless and possessing a fine figure ticks most of the important boxes. Many similarities to Labour’s new leader, Jacinda Ardern.

Next step is a Hotness competition. At stake shall be the Helen McLicker Goblet, in honour of the former Labia Party leader who served 3 terms as prime minister.

Representing the Left, in the Red and Green Corner and sponsored by UFC----Jazzy Ardern and Golly Ghahraman  !!!!!!!

Representing the Right, in the Blue corner and sponsored by KFC----Crusher Collins and Puller Bennett  !!!!!!!!

Judge shall be prime minister Bill English, a father of 6. Bill shall be strapped to a lie detector and asked to make the big decision:

Which pair would you prefer for a threesome ?


August 11

44 years ago this week, shy, English-born Tim Vince had his heart set on being a racing journalist at the NZ Herald, possibly forever.

The editorial manager had  told him to be patient and to finish his 3-years cadetship in general reporting first. 18 year-old Tim concentrated on the shipping column, the Sun, Moon and Tides, and local body meetings. Then suddenly an alien with no journalistic qualifications came from nowhere and landed the junior spot in the racing department in August 1973.

Tim was gutted, betrayed, and sulked off to the meat works. " He had his heart set on being a racing reporter," the old lady in the teleprinter room told me, " you should be very grateful you got the job ! "

Hardly my fault that I'd landed the job on the back of experience in racing administration, stablework  and  a pub in Wellington. Strangely I evaded the bane of so many cadet journo's lives---having to learn shorthand.

Four years later I was gone and in 1979 would meet this Tim Vince. Long gone from the meat works and now  making a living as a professional punter, following a massive betting coup on a racehorse he owned. He held no grudges about being overlooked at the Herald…….

Tim’s professional punting career continued and he became wealthy enough to own plenty more gallopers and trotting horses. His analysis of racing form earned a lucrative contract for a large betting syndicate in Hong Kong.

Tim Vince wanted more action and got the chance when the Auckland Trotting Club introduced a course for amateur drivers. Where enthusiasts could learn about driving trotters and have a blatt around the track in special races on the undercard.

Tim Vince had a crack and became good enough to represent NZ  in the USA. Next step was training his own trotters, starting each day picking out hooves and picking up horse shit, even after getting home at 2-3 am from a race meeting the night before.

With the recently-finished 2016-17 season his best ever. 25 winners from 117 starters, placing T R Vince  20th on the national trainers’ premiership and  3rd best on the strike rate table.

I occasionally remind " Tim Dot Pom " that I did him a great favour getting under his neck 44 years ago. Otherwise he could still be at the Herald, as a mouldy old Mike Dillon or  Mick Guerin still  in the racing department.

Or we both could have remained, and moved upwards into the general section. Today, as  maybe chief reporter and news editor, in serious discussion deciding whether Kim Kardashian’s latest selfie, Prince George, or the latest  " Kiwi Mum " to get bashed in a road-rage attack will be the Herald’s lead story ?

We could even settle for this pearler---  " A couple's streamed live footage to a female paedophile of them sexually abusing a drugged five-year-old girl. Warning: Distressing content. "


Some of racing’s greatest have fallen foul of the authorities and earned disqualifications  for behaving badly or breaking the rules. Including training greats from New Zealand like Jack Winder, Wally Pratt and Brian Smith etc . Also jockeys Hector Gray, Norman Holland and Lisa Cropp while over in Australia champion riders like Mel Schumacher, George Moore, Darby McCarthy, Jim Cassidy, Harry Green, Brian Constable and James McDonald etc have received lengthy bans.

Add names like Robbie Waterhouse, Anthony Cummings and Hayden Haitana, remembering that multiple Melbourne Cup winning trainers like Bart Cummings and Lee Freedman have also served terms of suspension. And Peter Moody. I personally had a vague 8-months ban from racetracks ( see Aug 6 article ) and Tim Vince joined the list of legends a couple of years back.

T Vince was just barred from attending Auckland Trotting Club meetings at Alexandra Park, eventually for 8 months, after a very justified and truthful email to an official.

A  colourful  email that included phrases he definitely didn’t learn during his NZ Herald cadetship….


August  9

She’d only been Leader of the Opposition for 5 minutes and the media scabs were already  firing questions about her having “ Billy Lids.”

Astrological Magnificence has produced some amazing predictions for women wanting to be mothers. As I recall a Saturday  phone call from an Indian client a couple of years back.

" Do you like butter chicken ? " she asked.

My confirmation had her sending husband up to the local Mad Butcher shop to get some chicken for an ancient Punjab recipe, then arriving at my place with the creation to tell me all the wonderfuls…….

This couple had just received the eagerly-awaited, Astrologically predicted news that they were to finally become parents !

8 months later the recently-arrived twins were in their basinets in my lounge learning all about  character traits and career paths…………….

Parenting isn’t for everybody, though, as per the media scab in the article below.

So what about Jacinda Ardern ?

To be revealed in Thursday’s Weekly Astrological Report on the Auckland-based Indian radio station Humm Fm. If and when Jacinda is going to have a  Billy Lid  and  how she shall be affected by the powerful Saturn aspect around her at general election time…..

106.2 fm ( NZ ) or via the website, Thursdays 8.30 am.


August 8

The brilliance of Astrology can be judged  by the impeccable strike rate of accurate prophesies.

As per the phenomenals this year from the Annual Prophesies of Don Murray Astrologer  on November 26 last:

From  PREDICTIONS ( above ) starting from ARIES:   JJ Harvey  L Innes M King L Lawless   L Molloy  S Jones  A Little  A Murray N Djokovic  S Kearney   D Trump  T Umaga C Williams  S Adams  M Coleman D Oliver C Wozniaki    R Federer K Williamson  S Johnson L  Daley M Guptill  A Kumble S Marsh   M Payne T Veitch  D Walsh H Clinton  M Hesson  V Kohli   J  Kirwan  A McFadden T Woods   D  Harvey   D Logan D Carter M Cheika  M Vatuvei    

With only E Jones and O Bosson  as mistakes from the original 100.

There’s a bonus  for prophesies made on media scabs who not only tell lies but do nothing for the country’s massive mental health problems. As per recent media:

Radio duo Jay-Jay and Dom Harvey dropped a bombshell on listeners this morning - they're separating.

The pair have been together for 18 years, but announced this morning they're parting ways.

"Dom and I are currently living apart," a tearful Jay-Jay told listeners on their morning radio show this morning. "We've decided to separate."

Yet another coup from the Annual Prophesies,, November 26, 2016:

Harvey, Jayjay:

Broadcaster-depressionist under extreme  personal restrictions with Saturn-Ascendant complications Jan, June, Oct. Then a massively frustrating Neptune-Mars depression era between May 018 and Dec 019.”

Harvey, Dominic:

Broadcaster with major close relationship  turmoil from Uranus whacking his Venus and Jupiter. April, June, Sept, Nov and in 2018 Feb, March  crucial.

Jayjay Harvey’s  the  loser who came for an astrological enlightenment back in February 2005 and learned about the numerous factors that would prevent her from attaining motherhood.

Like anyone who gets a full reading, she was blown away by the past analyses of her troubled childhood, depressions and highly dysfunctional family, only disagreeing with my edict that she was very alienated from her father.

Later she came to learn that the " father " was the biological one she had never met, not the step substitute.

Then a year later, when still Jayjay Feeney, she went dog and ruthlessly bagged astrologers, psychics and seers in a newspaper column . I figured she’d probably been to lots of them and had got the same verdict---no kids !

All astrological readings are done in confidence but the privacy clause disappears when a client brings the great science into disrepute.

Just over 5 years after her she experienced Astrological Magnificence, Feeney announced they’d  finally abandoned plans to become parents. After wasting some $14.5k on treatments !

With allegations later that the fertility drugs had made her fat and consequently depressed !

Astrological Magnificence has caused many a media scab to cringe away and tell lies. But you gotta wonder about  these cowards and liars, especially in a nation setting all kinds of records for domestic violence, pupil-teacher assaults, homelessness, teenage anti-depressant dependency and youths topping themselves………


August 6

‘Twas on this weekend 30 years ago that I was banned from racetracks in New Zealand and declared  an “ Undesirable.”

I had journeyed to the meeting at Pukekohe racecourse with the SUNDAY STAR team for my part-time duties as a formline writer and  there was affronted by the very tall and extremely  angry racecourse inspector, John McKenzie.

In McKenzie’s hand was a copy of probably the world’s most expensive magazine, PLANET KINGDOM, a single sheet of paper retailing for $12 monthly. Listing the dates of horse trainers and jockeys under positive aspects and therefore likely winners.( Hopefully at  prices  like the $55 shot for J Bart Cummings on Melbourne Cup day the previous year.)

McKenzie was more concerned with the magazine’s editorial content that was extremely critical of the racing authorities’ attitude to cannabis smoking. With  serious warnings to jockeys, trackriders and stable staff after Palmerston North jockeys Peter Ayres and Paul Taylor got busted by the police when  cannabis was found in their car.

And very concerned with my claims that around 50% of northern jockeys were using cannabis, and that I personally had smoked with about 60 jockeys “ before and after races.”  Plenty of champions and  big race winners, with no proof that it was impairing anyone’s judgement. Turn a blind eye was my recommendation.

So I left Pukekohe racecourse and hitch hiked back to Auckland. I had alerted a SUNDAY STAR general reporter beforehand that drama may be unfolding, after hearing  that " McKenzie was looking for you at Paeroa " ( midweek racemeeting ). Photographer was despatched and next day there was a headline:


Sunday brought a call from the producer of  Paul Holmes’ 1ZB  breakfast show, and a primetime  8.45 am interview  on Monday. Holmesie was fascinated  by the allegations of jockeys toking, with " you mean to say that jockeys actually  go out and ride in races after they’ve smoked marijuana ? "

Yes, Paul. And I told how a Sydney jockey flatmate and I smoked a couple on the way to Hawkesbury races the previous December---- and said jockey came out and won the first race !

Radio Pacific’s Tim Bickerstaff had me on his show for 2 hours a couple of evenings later and the SUNDAY STAR had a follow up story next weekend.

I was aware of an awesome, positive Astrological  progression in the spring of 1987 assisting my ambitions, and business  gained a lot of new subscribers from the publicity. Happy subscribers, too, and repeats after the selected jockey for a meeting early in October, 16 year-old novice LISA CROPP, landed a $45 winner for us.

But I still wanted to be able to go to the races and  had a  meeting with John McKenzie and his  fellow, unrelated racecourse inspector named Bryan McKenzie.

Big John was still fuming, especially after a lot of the allegedly  detrimental publicity racing had received. Now he wanted me to produce a list of  " those  60 jockeys " with a view to charging them all with committing a criminal offence !

I went outside to think for a few minutes, before agreeing to the request.

So J McKenzie proceeded to read from the list of licensed jockeys in the official calendar. The majority of my answers  were   "  no…..not sure……can’t remember ". At the end of a long list there  were only 4 Yes answers and J McKenzie was very angry: " You claimed there were 60 ! "

“ Ah well, some have retired, hmmm some are in Australia and one has died.”  I didn’t tell McKenzie that many of my " noes " and " can’t remembers " were blatant lies, and that the 4 Yes persons were all straightoes who didn’t smoke weed anyway !

My ban stood. In vain I pleaded with  J McK to " just let me go to Ellerslie, please, one race a year, the Great Northern Steeplechase ? " and the interview ended with “ Fuck ya then, I’ll   grow a beard like him ( Bryan McK ) and you won’t recognise me anyway.”

I rang Tim Bickerstaff and he donated a few minutes on Radio Pacific with " so McKenzie wants you to grass on all your jockey mates just so you can go to the races again ? "

I still attended Ellerslie meetings whenever I felt like it, with an accomplice who’d  be warned about keeping an eye out for a  “ big tall bastard (J McKenzie )  .” And PLANET KINGDOM was selling very well.......

A   letter went to the President of the NZ Racing Conference who ultimately  ordered J McKenzie to pardon me, after 8 months as  an " Undesirable. "

Footnote:  Random drug-testing of jockeys and other licensed persons wasn’t introduced until 8 years after the " Undesirable " drama. Hundreds have been nabbed and banned, prompting many to switch to methamphetamine. Because it’s apparently a great appetite suppressant for fasting jockeys and  departs the system a lot quicker than the harmless cannabis.

Many outed for methamphetamine, too, with none more infamous than 3-times premiership-winning  jockey Lisa Cropp ( mentioned above ) who’s currently serving her 2nd term of disqualification for those  matters……..


August 4

You wouldn’t normally think that German-born, Australian tennis brat Bernard Tomic and Maori rugby league coach Steve Kearney would have a lot in common.

Tomic’s apparently getting smashed and slammed all over the place for his attitude problem. So I located his birthdate planets and was not surprised, Tomic being an October 21 arrival. Consider part of the LIBRA section in last November’s Annual Prophesies at

Difficult Pluto times for Oct 10,11,12 borns and Uranian chaos for Oct 17-21.”

A closer look shows that B Tomic’s Mars position is around Cancer 19 degrees !

Same degree as this  struggling fellow, who appeared in last November’s Annuals:

Kearney, Steve:

Rugby league coach with progress  blocked from Pluto-Mars frustrations until late 018. December 017 has serious Saturn restrictions, but 019 much more productive with awesome Uranus-Jupiter trine.”

Kearney’s  NZ Warriors will fail to make the final eight for the 6th consecutive season.

Pluto whacking your Mars can be a real bastard. There’s a dearth of positive energy, you make the wrong decisions and progress is invariably blocked, often by events beyond your control.

I had the Pluto badding Mars experience in the 4th form at Mt Albert Grammar. When I got demoted to a “ B ” rugby team and missed a coxswain’s job in the rowing squad. I was caned more than in any other school year and also got knocked from my perch at the top of Latin class after 5 consecutive terms !

I had also learned long before that there’d be a winner and a loser in every game, or the occasional draw. That players would miss tackles, drop balls and get season-ending injuries. And that referees wouldn’t always get it right.

Nothing has changed. Players still drop balls and miss tackles and refs still make debatable decisions. And the great unwashed get angry and hateful and oblivious to a Pluto-Mars attack that may be  humbling them in the near future.

Non-coaches also suffer  “ a dearth of positive energy and make the wrong decisions.” So many mortals  have invested unwisely and started doomed new ventures ( including marriage ) under Pluto drasticity.

So don’t be too hard on Kearney and Tomic this year. And next.


August 2

Back in 1984, as a Hotel Workers’ Union delegate, I was a proud fighter in Labour’s upset election win.

To be fair, though, there was Astrological assistance. My first-ever public prediction ( TRUTH, April 1984 ) forecast a major comedown for National leader Sir Robert Muldoon and elevation for Labour’s David Lange, as happened in the July snap election.

I departed trade unionism in 1986 to travel and become self-employed. Learning the following year about a group of females in same union, known as “ The Black Widows, ” on a mission to undermine their male colleagues and achieve nothing positive. One was current Labour MP Sue Moroney.

The trade union movement has been reasonably fucked ever since and there’s no hope really for the workers.

Even less when Labour elected Andrew Little as their leader. As per the archives,, March 11, 2016:


March 11

Last Thursday on the Humm Fm weekly Astrology Report the unbright future of Labour leader Andrew Little was discussed.

For a start he’s got the horrific psychological mixture of Mars, Uranus and Pluto locked together when he was born. A classic for major mid-life crisis and mental illness, with identical in the birth charts of  two of Auckland’s best-known hot air balloons, Cameron Slater and Sir John Kirwankir. The last thing you’d want in a leader is a serious Mars affliction, much better seeking someone like John Key, born during a very strong  trine between Mars and Saturn.

It was also noted that  looney Uranus will be moving over A Little’s Mercury in the last fortnight of this month. Heaps of strange thoughtings and communications. Hostess Ms Pooja Kumar wondered if there was any chance of A Little leading Labour into power next election.

As much chance of you playing in the Warriors’ forward pack against the Tigers on Saturday night.”

With a probable appearance already booked for next  November’s Annual Prophesies: ( 2016 )

" Little, Andrew:

Opposition leader with Pluto-Mercury and Neptune-Node afflictions hampering his progress until Dec 018."  '

A Little stepped down as Labour leader yesterday.


July 31

I’ve always stressed the importance of selecting positive Astrological times when you go on holiday.

With so many sad tales of tourists getting bashed and robbed and ripped off. Or even hijacked.

Conversely with so many happy tales of blissful, Neptune or Uranus-assisted vacations from smart clients.

Consider this warning for NZ’s  Eric Watson in the November 2009 Annuals,

Zillionaire in for some losses with Uranus attacking Mars and Mercury. April and July spotlighted.”

In “ April  ” of 2010  Watson was hospitalised after breaking his back during a skiing holiday in Switzerland !

Rather ironically one of 2017’s major holiday losers has been a horse trainer involved in the current world record for a long-range  certainty:

Multiple Group 1-winning trainer Roger James is counting the hours before he returns home to New Zealand on Sunday for surgery after breaking his tibia in France on Monday.

James took to Facebook on Thursday to outline his troubles since falling from an E-bike on Monday at Saint Emillion in the south of France.  

He wrote on Facebook: "The last three days have been hell trying to deal with the language at hospitals then the minute that a decision was made for me to return to NZ for surgery on my broken tibia, I was kicked out and have been holed up in a hotel room.

"I start my long journey home 10am (Friday) Bordeaux-Amsterdam-Dubai-Melbourne before arriving in Auckland around 5am on Sunday then to Waikato hospital for surgery.

"To say spirits are getting low is correct."

From the Annual Prophesies,, Nov 26, 2010:

"James, Roger:
Very astute galloping trainer with a Pluto-Mars plus operating in Autumn and Spring. Major overseas success is likely, but also a certainty long-range on December 26, 2013

 R A James entered 5 on December 26, 2013, with the 4th of them, HERA, scoring in the fillies classic at $16.90 for the win !

 There was a racing enthusiast-tradesman-rugby fanatic who wondered about “ my stars ” a couple of years back. And was told about an awesome, blissful Neptune-Moon year with a special high on the day of Ellerslie’s famous Great Northern Steeplechase in September. ( wishful dreaming for one of his racehorses.)

He joked about his dilemma---a contract in the Christchurch earthquake rebuild or a break from NZ’s winter working in Rarotonga ?

I joked about preferring Christchurch, having a dip in the lagoon after work and cold beers on shore beneath the palm trees.

Naturally he opted for “ Raro ” and that brought a “ special high ” on Great Northern Steeplechase day. When he was selected to play in a Cook Islands golden oldies rugby team against a team of NZ politicians.

Enhanced by his having an older brother who’d once been NZ’s deputy prime minister……


July 29

August 15 brings the 48th anniversary of probably the greatest gathering/convention/meeting of people in history.

The Woodstock Music and Art Festival was a rock music festival at Max Yasgur's 600 acre (2.4 km²) dairy farm in the town of Bethel, New York from 15–18 August 1969. It might be the most famous rock concert and festival ever held. For many, it showed the counterculture of the 1960s and the "hippie era".

400,000 attended, 90% smoked cannabis and there were  no arrests………

 Colorado paid homage with a major, recent announcement---"  VS Strategies, a pro-legalization research company in Denver, says the state has pulled in $506 million since retail sales began in January 2014. That includes taxes and fees from medical marijuana, which was legalized years earlier, but the vast majority of the revenue came from recreational.

Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational weed, so its market is the most mature. And lawmakers and entrepreneurs in other states, and other countries, look at Colorado as a measuring stick."

Meanwhile  New Zealand, where homelessness is the highest  in developed countries and youths are the World Suicide Champions, didn’t have as much to contribute  in the “ war on drugs:”

Police speak out about a drug epidemic sweeping across New Zealand that has killed seven this month.

St John Medical Director Tony Smith says  synthetic cannabis-related responses have peaked this week in Auckland with ambulance officers responding to 23 incidents yesterday, July 20, and 20 cases on Wednesday, July 19.

"Patients under the influence of this drug are exhibiting grossly disturbed behaviour, suffering seizures," St John Medical Director Tony Smith said.

"Most concerning is that the drug appears to be linked to some people’s hearts stopping beating and we have had seen seven sudden and unexpected deaths.

There was some cop on a mainstream media video clip waffling about synthetic cannabis but he missed some important points.

No mention that Dunny, a.k.a associate health minister Peter Dunne, and his lawyer son were very instrumental in bringing  synthetic cannabis and “ legal highs ” to NZ before the legalization decision was reversed.

Nor did the boring cop point out that the syntheticisers were training for the Kiwi youth team defending it’s World Suicide Champions title.

As I recall an arresting officer, 41 years ago last April, explaining that being busted for 3 cannabis joints wasn’t really a big deal as “ if they discovered alcohol tomorrow, pal, that’d be illegal as well.”

Within a decade of his statement, alcohol advertising was introduced to television and the drinking age was lowered !

Oh, and in NZ it’s still illegal to use the plant “ God ” created that cures so many serious illnesses including cancer…….


Almost 63,000 people in England will die over the next five years from liver problems linked to heavy drinking unless ministers tackle the scourge of cheap alcohol, doctors are warning.

Senior members of the medical profession and health charities are urging the government to bring in minimum unit pricing of alcohol and a crackdown on drink advertising to avert what they claim is the “public health crisis” of liver disease deaths.


More Australians are dying from accidental opioid overdoses each year, with prescription painkillers rather than heroin now accounting for two-thirds of the fatalities, latest Australian Bureau of Statistics data shows.

An analysis of finalised ABS data by researchers at the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre found 68 per cent of the 668 overdose deaths in 2013 were related to pharmaceutical opioids – a far cry from the heroin epidemic of the 1990s when the majority of opioid deaths were caused by illicit drugs.


July 27

It’s loads of fun robbing the rich and giving to the poor.

As the Champion Racing System ( above ) has been doing for nearly 32 years, with the current racing season ending at 3 wins from just 10 investments.

Win dividends of $1.80, $7.50 and $12 helped the profits, officially $2.13 back for every $1 invested. Or the hypothetical banking system, with a starting outlay of $200  and therefrom  $100 a win on every investment and the bank balance swelling to a reasonably awesome $1330 at season’s end—like 600%-plus interest !

Make that $1130, to be fair, after deducting $200 for  “ management  fees ” as clients are required to place $20 a win on each investment for their information provider. No matter whether they stick $1 on for themselves or $1000, the  “ management fee ” is still $20 on the nose.

Previous seasons  had the same bank balance finishing at  $4090, $340, $2370, $590 before the shocker when 2015-16 ended----the $200 balance was reduced to $100 and our first losing season in 6 ! A reasonably traumatic experience, but comparatively minor to the tragic tales of most horsey people.

The average betting $1  is reduced to 83 cents after taxes, so $2.13 back is very good. With an amazing $2.01 back for every $1 since the longshot method was resurrected in January 2011.

And it’s well-known that the average racehorse in training has a 6-7% chance of just breaking even in the ledger, so low is the stake money in third-world racing ( NZ ).

It’s also well-known that dedicated horseyheads ain’t big on worldliness and mental expansion, but many of them can read the English language. Not that any would like to  recall the “ no racecourse certainties ” myth being first exploded in the weekly FRIDAY FLASH on June 28, 1990  with  an Astrologically-calculated  “ certainty ” declared for July 4, resulting in a $12 win dividend from the McKee stable.

TRACKSIDE CHANNEL had  more “ certainties ” during my irregular appearances in the mid-1990s, including the pinnacle, the 6400 metres,1996 Great Northern Steeplechase winner that paid $7.85 given the " certainty " tag 3.5 weeks before hand !

Longshots have been our specialty, going back to a $55 winner for J Bart Cummings on Melbourne Cup day 1986, a $100 winner in Australia in 1988 and  a $57 shot at Hawera, NZ in July 2001. Nothing really large since our $28.50 investment winner on Boxing Day 2013 at Ellerslie, but they can pop up anytime.


Starting deposit $200 into TAB account

final balance 2016-17        $1330

final balance 2015-16         $100

final balance 2014-15         $590

final balance 2013-14         $2370

final balance 2012-13         $340

final balance 2011-12         $4090

From a horse racing investment system that kicked off in November 1985. With balances obtained by placing $100 a win on selections from the Don Murray Racing System.

The world’s oldest science is one thing the New World Order cannot control. Nor can the Rothschilds fuck with the Bank of Don.

Legendary  Sydney racketeer-gambler  Perce Galea once claimed that  “ Only fools and horses work, and the horses work for me. ” An inspiration.

Anyone’s welcome to join our team, as long as they can read, write and count. You can start with a $50, fully refundable, initial deposit. ( Same price as half a day’s training fees ! )

Email for details…..


July 25

How amazing is the world’s oldest science ?

Something I ask myself at the end of every personal consultancy.

Like a recent call from a client of 2-3 years ago  who wanted to send his brother round before he flew back to the USA. Brother wanted an enlightenment for one of his friends  back home too.

As always the character analysis and historics  were spot on. The friend back home, with an ultra-sensitive Cancer rising and Venus in adventurous Aries, was diagnosed with the need for a lot of space and freedom----not easy when you’re married with 2 and in routine employment.

The friend was also diagnosed with considerable strain from Neptune-Mercury complications this year--- “ he’s having a lot of problems  getting citizenship “---- and subject to some difficult personal changes in 2017 from Uranus-Ascendant issues, June, September crucial and----“ June, last month ? He had a massive heart attack, on June 16 to be exact !

That’s the kind of  analysis that brings the recommendations. Like a Chinese lady in New York who sought an enlightenment on her wayward, younger sister. She’d learned  about Astrological magnificence from a Russian girlfriend in Auckland.

A Russian lass who thinks outside the square and cares about others, and had a proposition. Drop the price and she’d send  plenty of people around to sort their shit out. Mostly girls in their 20s, last year’s recipients including 21 year olds of Maori and Rarotongan heritage, getting a special discount for being a  F O K---Friend Of Katya.

Even the late Charlotte Dawson, a day after her own phenomenal enlightenment, phones me and wants to shout one for her 22 year-old hairdresser !

Also a Lebanese banker, with homes in 3 countries, introduced to Astrological awesomeness  by an American  colleague residing in Northern Ireland.

Those who travel extensively and take risks invariably gain greater wisdom. No surprise, with the domain of overseas travel and living abroad, the 9th House, also governor of  philosophy and higher education.

I’ve always been fascinated by the great interest in Astrology from widely-travelled rugby and league players and  coaches. Like a Polynesian  coaching in Japan texting his mother ( holidaying in China ) for a time of arrival as marital problems were being diagnosed.

Or a sceptic from the original Auckland Warriors who suddenly  requested an enlightenment 10 years later. Yeah, he admitted he’d changed his mind-------" after that prediction you made on Stacey Jones " ---his former teammate who missed most of a season with a broken leg while suffering Uranus-Sun complications.

One of my favourites was the 21 year-old Indian girl, whose main ambition was to get married and become a mother. Normal for a security conscious Taurus from the Snake Year. Stunned to learn that it was all happening in the next 3 years but convinced of Astrological magnificence after the past-life analysis.

15 months later I noticed her surname had changed on Facebook and sent a WTF ?

“ Oh, yes, I’m getting married on Saturday. You’d better come along.”

We with Venus in Aries thrive on new challenges and adventures. I was able to  delete " attend Indian wedding " from the bucket list.

Soon after Ms Taurus Snake and husband moved to Australia and 15 months later she phoned to get an enlightenment on her newly-born daughter………

An occupation  goes to a new level when you’re trading respect and understanding. And get Facebook messages like this one:

Hi don

How are you Natasha ?

Thank you fo everything finally we are expecting a baby

So excited


July 23

As a former journalist, I marvel at the degeneration of today’s news media and their big focus on negativity.

With few better examples than the efforts of a  TV3 scab named Karen Rutherford about 2 years ago.

In league with a prominent member of Indian society, Pratima Nand QSM, Rutherford  did a major expose on fraudulent Indian witchdoctors operating in Auckland.

I got invited to a media meeting and tore a strip off  Rutherford for her channel’s failure to review the phenomenal  Astrological prophesies on TV3 in recent times; on Super Rugby, the All Blacks, the America’s Cup, the NZ Warriors, Scott Dixon and the Black Caps etc.

It transpired that TV3 sports editor Tony Wright, after 3 consecutive January 1 prophesy sessions, got told to zip it. For Wright’s American bosses prefer the peasants to remain dumb.

Ms Nand got a blast, too, with “ tell her ( Rutherford ) about the prediction on your ex-husband !

Back in 2010  Ms Nand  brought  her ex  round for a reading. As always, his character and past life analyses were impressive before an upcoming problem was addressed. The subject was about to go to jail and had been confidently advised that he’d serve a minimum of 2 years.

 Good news, I told him, courtesy of some awesome progressions and a Pluto positive, he’d be out in a year, obviously for home D !

 “ But it’s an offence that doesn’t allow for home detention ! ” he protested.

“ You watch it happen, ” was the conclusion. A year later I received that news that he’d got released after serving just  one year. While Ms Nand QSM was busily campaigning as a candidate for ACT in Mt Roskill in the 2011 general election !

Confidentiality is guaranteed for Astrological enlightenments, but can be revoked when a recipient brings the great science into disrepute. As did Ms Nand, and a pair of mentally-ill broadcasters, Jayjay Harvey and the late Charlotte Dawson, who’d both been stunned by the depth and accuracy of their personal enlightenments but rather strangely chose later to rubbish the great science in public. ( The mentally ill are renowned for being untruthful. )

Those fraudulent Indian witchdoctors initially charge a minimum consultancy fee, then discover problems for the client that apparently can only be rectified by prayer. This can be expensive, with stories of 5 and 6 figure sums lost by the gullible.

Don Murray Astrology charges $100 maximum, after a client has been convinced from the past-life analysis.

There shouldn’t be any gullibles, though, if the trio above had come clean about their incredible enlightenments. Same with other media scabs like Tony Wright, yet another mental illness icon Murray Deaker ONZM , Doug Golightly and racing commentator George Simon etc who’ve been party to so many stunning predictions.

Even the failing depression “ expert ” Sir John Kirwan was full of praise on national television for a phenomenal prophesy !

So many liars and cowards  in a dangerously negative media.   

Reasonably hilarious to have so many mentally ill in positions of influence, so it’s hardly  surprising  that  NZ is the World Champion in youth suicide, with massive, recent increases also in domestic violence and school kids bashing teachers…..


July 21

Recent media:

Klaus Eberwein, a former Haitian government official who was expected to expose the extent of Clinton Foundation corruption and malpractice next week, has been found dead in Miami. He was 50.

Eberwein was due to appear next Tuesday before the Haitian Senate Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission where he was widely expected to testify that the Clinton Foundation misappropriated Haiti earthquake donations from international donors.

According to Miami-Dade’s medical examiner records supervisor, the official cause of death is “gunshot to the head“. Eberwein’s death has been registered as “suicide.”

Eberwein, who had acknowledged his life was in danger, was a fierce critic of the Clinton Foundation’s activities in the Caribbean island, where he served as director general of the government’s economic development agency, Fonds d’assistance économique et social, for three years.

According to Eberwein, a paltry 0.6% of donations granted by international donors to the Clinton Foundation with the express purpose of directly assisting Haitians actually ended up in the hands of Haitian organizations. A further 9.6% ended up with the Haitian government. The remaining 89.8%  – or $5.4 billion – was funneled to non-Haitian organizations.

The Clinton Foundation, they are criminals, they are thieves, they are liars, they are a disgrace,” Eberwein said at a protest outside the Clinton Foundation headquarters in Manhattan last year.

{ Lest we not forget that NZ’s  suddenly-departed prime minister John Key gave $13 million of taxpayers’ money to the Clinton Foundation ! }

And there was an interesting appearance in last November’s Annual Prophesies of

Clinton, Hillary:

USA’s Mrs Nasty in disgrace mid-year courtesy of difficult solar progressions, with Uranus-Sun negativity supervising further reversals in 018. Serious Saturn-Moon blocks make Jan, July, Oct 017 very stressful.

“ Whistleblower suicides ”  have risen rapidly in the USA, with many mysterious disappearances and “ suicides ” among people 15-16 years back who’d seriously questioned the iconic 9-11 disaster.

Recent years have seen more “ suicides ” by medical professionals seriously questioning vaccinations, and opponents of the Clinton family. A few months back I read  the brilliant biography of investigative journo Gary Webb---the fellow that exposed the CIA and their cocaine smuggling operations---before he too “ committed suicide.”

It’s very common for governments the world over to employ “ eliminators, ” with revelations here on  June 25, about the former British MI5 agent who owned up to the “ under orders ” murder of Princess Diana and Dodi  of August 1997.

With one of that agent’s former underlings, a Kiwi ( June 25 also ), getting a contract from the Colombian government to eliminate 7 evil drug dealers.

Hillary Clinton’s loaded 12th House {  secrecy, institutions, depression, criminal activity } would ensure she has the nature to order the hit on anyone she chooses. Especially in the month of a “ Serious Saturn-Moon block !

The myths and lies around 9-11 are reasonably hilarious. Further interest here….

79-year-old retired CIA agent, Malcom Howard, has made a series of astonishing claims since being released from hospital in New Jersey on Friday and told he has weeks to live. Mr. Howard claims he was involved in the “controlled demolition” of World Trade Center 7, the third building that was destroyed on 9/11.

Mr. Howard, who worked for the CIA for 36 years as an operative, claims he was tapped by senior CIA agents to work on the project due to his engineering background, and early career in the demolition business.

Trained as a civil engineer, Mr. Howard became an explosives expert after being headhunted by the CIA in early 1980s. Mr. Howard says has extensive experience in planting explosives in items as small as cigarette lighters and as large as “80 floor buildings.

The 79-year-old New Jersey native says he worked on the CIA operation they dubbed “New Century” between May 1997 and September 2001, during a time he says the CIA “was still taking orders from the top.” Mr. Howard says he was part of a cell of 4 operatives tasked with ensuring the demolition was successful.


July 19

Roger Federer's wait for No. 8 at Wimbledon is over.

He is once again the champion of the grass-court Grand Slam tournament, now more often than any other man in the history of an event first held in 1877.

Not really surprising after his appearance in the November 2016 Annual Prophesies at

Federer, Roger:

Major Improvement for tennis champ with Pluto-Venus and Neptune-Mars  trines. Jan, May, July, Nov and Feb  018 positive before Uranus-Node downers in June, Sept 018.”

Not surprising, either, were the failures of 2 great rivals, both important enough to make last November’s Annuals as well:

Djokovic, Novak:

Tennis gun suffering major reversals from Pluto-Jupiter attack until Oct 018. Feb, May and  Dec unproductive in 017.

Murray, Andy:

Incredible slowdown  for the tennis champ with Uranus-Venus, Saturn-Mars and Pluto-Jupiter complications. Notable in Jan, Feb, May, June, July, Aug, Sept, Nov.”

THURSDAY MORNING: The weekly Astrology Report on Auckland-based Indian radio station Humm Fm will reveal the bleak future of recently-appointed Indian cricket coach Ravi Shastri. 8.30 am, 106.2 fm or via the website


July 17

There are still some awesome things about the horribly underperforming NZ Warriors rugby league team.

They pay mortgages for the players and put food on their tables; they provide plenty of laughter and have been a wonderful vehicle for Astrological magnificence.

Back on May 18, I was considering their latest failure---employing the job-hopping Australian disaster magnet Cameron George in an administrative position.

And reviewing their stupidity in signing playmaker Shaun Johnson for another two years, considering his planned  appearance for the November 2017 Annual Prophesies on !

" Johnson, Shaun:

Rugby league great confused and distracted  by Neptune attacking his Sun and Mercury until Feb 019.  March,  April, July and Sept 018 very crucial. "

With some very relevant mainstream media on Saturday morning !

It would take a miracle for the Warriors to play Finals football this year after last night's loss to the Panthers.

It was a dark night for the club as they bid farewell to favourite son Manu Vatuvei, saw their finals chances all but evaporate and watched their million-dollar man Shaun Johnson limp off with a possible season-ending injury. Basically their worst nightmare played out on an already emotional night.

They will find out over the weekend the extent of halfback Johnson's knee injury and whether a suspected ACL rupture will curtail his season and potentially impact on the start of next year. It is also a massive concern after the club shelled out big money to sign Johnson to an extension midway through the season. Now he is facing the prospect of a second serious leg injury of his career.

Fellow star players Roger Tuivasa-Sheck and Isaac Luke are similarly unfavourable in Astrological language for 2018, along with coach Steve Kearney, fitness chief Ruben Wiki and major owner Eric Watson…..


July 15

It was looking ominous for the Queensland Maroons when the NSW Blues smashed them in State of Origin game One.

28-4 was the score.

Game Two and a last-minute conversion gave it to Queensland, 18-16.

Fast reverse to the Annual Prophesies, of November last year, and the NSW coach’s appearance:

Daley, Laurie:

Major off-year for the rugby league great with Pluto attacking both  Mars and Jupiter and Uranus anti his Sun. Feb, May, June, Oct, Dec extremely challenging.

I’ve so often stressed the importance of having the coach under positive Pluto, with several of that ilk amongst the list of formidable prophesies in 2017 so far:

L Innes M King L Lawless  L Molloy  S Jones  A Murray N Djokovic  S Kearney   D Trump  T Umaga C Williams  S Adams  M Coleman D Oliver C Wozniaki    R Federer K Williamson  S Johnson  L Daley M Guptill  A Kumble S Marsh  M Payne T Veitch  D Walsh H Clinton  M Hesson V Kohli  J  Kirwan  A McFadden T Woods  D Logan D Carter M Cheika  M Vatuvei . 

No surprise, therefore, that Daley’s boys capitulated in  Game Three, Queensland winning 22-6……….


July 13

After a great Team NZ or All Blacks triumph, many a Kiwi puffs their chest out proudly.

Reminding themselves of this great little nation, so often “ punching above our weight.”

Not only on the sporting field, but in homes and schools as well !

Recent media:

Police family violence investigations reached a record high in 2016, statistics released today show.

Police investigated 118,910 incidents of family violence last year, an increase of more than 8000 on the year before.

This is up from 110,126 in 2015 and 101,955 in 2014, according to the new statistics from the New Zealand Family Violence Clearinghouse, based at the University of Auckland.

Recent media:

Schools say they are at "breaking point" as new figures show they are standing down a record number of students for assaulting teachers.

Latest Ministry of Education data show total stand-downs last year increased by just over 1000, or 8 per cent - the first increase on an age-standardised basis since the ministry started actively discouraging stand-downs a decade ago.

Physical assaults on other students and teachers accounted for 80 per cent of the increase.'


July 11

The mainstream media have a great hatred of the awesome Astrological science.

Fair enough. They can’t have super “ knowledgables ” like Leighton “ Dark Secrets ” Smith or Tony Veitch or Teletubby Toni Street or “ Hillary and Jack ” etc  getting their fragile egos smashed by the great prophesies and logic.

Thankfully the world has the privately-owned, Auckland-based Indian radio station Humm Fm. With presenter Ms Pooja Kumar coming up with a brainwave when last Thursday’s weekly Astrology Report discussed the catholic church’s latest disgrace, Cardinal George Pell:

Pooja: There have been a lot of priests on paedophile charges all over the world. Maybe the pope could use your assistance.

Don: The pope and me ?

Pooja: Yes, the pope could get you to check out the Astrology of all his new recruits.

Don:  What a brilliant idea Pooja ! Wow, yes, I’ll explain to the pope the need for birth times for them all, so I can see whose got Scorpio Moons or Venus afflictions and I’ll  let the Pope know which ones to turn down.

Vijay: You may even have to live in the Vatican Don, and we’ll have to ring you up there.

Don:   Gee, not happy about that, Vijay,  but at least  working for the Pope will smooth the path for me to get to heaven—and of course I’d put in a good word for Pooja and Vijay for coming up with the idea.

From the mainstream media:

Vatican police have raided a cardinal's apartment where a drug-fuelled homosexual orgy was taking place.

Police entered an apartment at the former palace of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (or Holy Office) last month not far from the Vatican City.

The occupant of the apartment is alleged to be a priest who serves as a secretary to cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, the head of the Pontifical Council for Legislative texts and a personal adviser to the Pope.

The allegations of the orgy were first published by newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano.

According to the paper, neighbours became suspicious before complaining about irregular behaviour of those coming and going at the apartment.

When police showed up at the apartment, they reportedly found drugs and a group of men engaged in sexual activity.

The priest was then arrested and taken for questioning.

Il Fatto Quotidiano suggested that Pope Francis has been infuriated by the news and may force Coccopalmerio into retirement.

The incident is symptomatic of a difficult period for the Pope. Four years into his papacy the Catholic Church appears racked by conflict and scandal.

Critics blame the Pope's choice of personnel: cardinal George Pell, appointed to clean up the Vatican's murky finances, has taken a leave of absence to defend himself against sex abuse charges in Australia.

I decided to check the birthday planets of Coccopalmerio, resulting in the production of several ginormous expletives. “ Cocco ” was born under the angry, frustrating Mars-Pluto block, the creator of so many with serious anger management and substance abuse problems !

Including  Osama Bin Laden,  John McEnroe,  Richard Loe,  Muhammed Ali,  convicted paedophile Adam Johnson,  Gary Freeman,  Mike Tyson,  exhibitionist Lisa Lewis,  Chopper Read, Chris Harder, Matthew Newton,  Miles Davis,  Max Key,  convicted murderer Greg Meads, Judith Collins  and  Lorde…….. 

By strange irony erratic Uranus is hovering over Cocco’s Mars this year, always a recipe for erratic and unusual behaviour !

With all these scandals, I wondered how the pope’s gonna cope.

More ginormous expletives after scanning his planets, with another booking for the November 2017 Annual Prophesies on !

" Pope Francis:

Head of the catholic church subject to massive and difficult  personal restructuring from Pluto-Mars and Uranus-Midheaven attacks. Jan, May,July, Oct, Nov and March 019 crucial. "


This Thursday morning, ( 8.30 am, 106.2 fm or via ) I’ll be revealing who would be the perfect coach for the struggling NZ Warriors  over the next 3 seasons…….


July 9

Recent media:

Warriors icon Manu Vatuvei is reportedly set to exit the NRL to join UK Super League side Salford next season.

The 31-year-old is contracted to the Warriors until the end of next season but according to reports out of England today, the club has granted him an early release to allow him to continue his career with the Red Devils. The deal is expected to be officially announced in the coming days.

As reported by The Herald in May, Vatuvei has been weighing up his career options recently, after battling shoulder, rib, hamstring and knee injuries over the past three seasons.’

Manu’s only had one top side game for the Warriors this year and it was cut short by injury. Hardly surprising considering his appearance in the November 2016 Annual Prophesies of

Vatuvei, Manu:

Rugby league icon slows down appreciably with Neptune weakening his Sun until Feb 018. March, April, Aug challenging with Saturn hampering his Venus June, Oct.”

Salford are taking a big risk here, considering the  “ Feb 018 ”  factor, but it’ll be another great life and earning experience for Manu, his wife and 4 daughters. And another hilarious reminder of possibly the first-ever prediction made on the famous “ Beast.”

A mutual Tongan acquaintance recalled his primary school days with Manu and the day a teacher lost his rag:

You’re just a waste of space, Vatuvei, and you’ll never do anything with your life !

At age 19 M Vatuvei was in the Kiwi team that creamed the Aussies 24-0 in a Tri- Nations final. Later a  2008 World Cup winner scoring 3 tries, and 14 seasons ( so far ) as a professional rugby league player setting all kinds of try-scoring records……

PAULA BENNETT’S difficult upheavals

July 7

Sooooooo interesting are the allegations about Paula Bennett’s  behaviour in the late 1980s.

As reported in the mainstream media:

A retired judge with considerable experience in laws surrounding online issues says those who share posts which break the law could be legally liable themselves.

The comments by retired Judge Dr David Harvey, who is Director of the New Zealand Centre for ICT Law, come after Deputy Prime Minister Paula Bennett threatened legal action over an online post accusing her, without evidence, of several historical criminal acts.

According to a cease-and-desist letter sent to a North Island man by lawyers acting for Ms Bennett, a post and video were published on June 30 containing "material highly defamatory of the Deputy Prime Minister".

The post has been widely circulated and the letter states it has already had more than 5400 shares.

Sooooooo interesting is the appearance in last November’s Annual Prophesies, from Don Murray  Astrologer

Bennett, Paula:

Power-crazy  politician  facing unbelievable and difficult upheavals next 2 years while Pluto deals to her Sun, Mercury and Venus with Neptune severely weakening  her Mars.

Consider the phenomenal prophesies already in 2017 for people like L Innes  M King, L Molloy S Jones A Murray N Djokovic S Kearney D Trump T Umaga C Williams S Adams M Coleman D Oliver C Wozniaki  R Federer K Williamson S Johnson M Guptill  A Kumble S Marsh  Payne T Veitch  D Walsh H Clinton M Hesson VKohli  J Kirwan A McFadden T Woods  D Logan D Carter M Cheika M Vatuvei .   

Soooooooo  interesting that the  Neptune-Mars and Pluto-Mercury attacks continue until December 2018. Especially when you see how the former has been adversely affecting Melbourne Cup-winning jockey Michelle Payne---see article July 3.

I’ve been working on a time of arrival for Bennett and it seems very possible she were born with her 4 Aries planets in the secretive, behind-the-scenes, 12th House that also incorporates criminal activity.. There are many similarities to Ms Hillary Clinton, while restrictive Saturn in that 12th would allow Bennett to hide a lot of dark secrets and put on a brave front.

Saturn in the 12th is very popular with politicians, too, also in the birth charts of people like George W Bush, Barack Obama, Vladimir Putin and Helen Clark……..


July 5

Longevity in the broadcasting industry produces it’s share of  mental illness sufferers.

Murray Deaker, Jayjay Harvey, Mike King, Leighton Smith and the late Charlotte Dawson etc  in recent times. How about this weirdo ?

 Veitchy on Sport   June 28

I have been so pro Team NZ for so many months.. now I don't know what is left. I have worked out I am a failure, to all you guys and most importantly my family. I received some personal posts today that just destroyed me. This is me telling you all, who have been amazing .. I'm so sorry for letting you down .”

Tony Veitch is best known for his domestic violence conviction and the fiancée-booting episode of 2009, then a couple of feeble suicide attempts after the big cover-up was revealed.

A Scorpio Moon possessor, Veitch still loves stirring shit and initiating hate campaigns against people like James Spithill and Warren Gatland. But he’s an awesome servant of the New World Order, which started formulating their game plan around 1976……

The New World Order will include changes in the family: homosexual marriages will be legalized; parents will not be allowed to raise their children (the state will); all women will be employed by the state and not allowed to be "homemakers"; divorce will become exceedingly easy and monogamous marriage will be slowly phased out.

New World Order/Broadcaster heaven is everybody tuned in 24-7, watching, listening or following Veitchy on Facebook. Which is naturally going to minimise “ me time, us time or them time ” and assist with the creation of mindless robots.

Enter Sir John Kirwan, famous rugby player, infamous rugby coach and depression expert. He was knighted in 2012 for, apparently, his services to mental illness. It hasn’t done much good, with NZ recently aspiring to become a world leader in youth suicide !

But there’s still a chance for Kirwan to man up. He may remember when Sundays were sport free and when representative rugby didn’t start until June. He might even question the overkill now that is heaven to a sports nut like Veitch, with  Super Rugby and the NRL in full swing in early March and a 3-way fight with cricket to be boss of the lounge !

Imagine “ J K, ”  a professional rugby player or coach for nearly 30 years, advocating a few sport-free months every year and even a weekly day without television ( and internet ? ) for the purposes of family time ?

There was a time when television didn’t exist and there wasn’t any sport, betting, pubbing or shopping on Sundays. Families stayed together and very few people had the need to top themselves….


July 3

When nebulous Neptune is attacking a person’s Mars position, there are always major reversals.

Same supervised the high-profile dumping of  politician Crusher Collins in 2014.

Also Manchester United’s coach Louis Van Gaal last year, with horse trainer Stephen McKee and rugby league star Shaun Kenny-Dowall suffering as well.

2017 has seen identical hampering Auckland Blues coach Tana Umaga with 2018’s  lab rats for Neptune-Mars testing including politicians Paula Bennett and Gerry Brownlee along with rugby league star Mitchell Pearce and Auckland broadcasters Jayjay Harvey and “ Teletubby Toni ” Street.

With Australian jockey Michelle Payne one of the superstars of 2017. Payne became the first female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup in 2015 on 100-1 shot Prince of Penzance but hardly anything has gone right for her since. With an appearance in the Annual Prophesies, last November:

Payne, Michelle:

The slowdown continues for Melbourne Cup-winning jockey with Neptune-Mars harassment until Jan 018.”

Major slowdown, with M Payne having only managed 3 wins in her 50 rides since Christmas. Also as a trainer, with just 2 wins from 50 starters since last October.

Back in March M Payne copped a $1500 fine for an abusive tweet about the Flemington track manager. With another penalty last week:

Melbourne Cup winning jockey Michelle Payne was on Thursday suspended for one month after she was found guilty of taking a banned substance earlier this month.

Payne, who pleaded guilty, told stewards: "I am embarrassed and I apologise for what I have done."

Astrological magnificence has no peers when a dark tunnel needs to be illuminated. Strugglers and the hapless take great hope from reassurance about upcoming, awesome trines, and M Payne is going to be a lot more productive when this Neptune-Mars harassment is over next January.

With the currently under-fire Mars, and Venus, getting awesomely trined by Uranus in 2020-21 !


July 1

Here I was, on June 29  wondering about the Astrological make up of a sexual deviate.

I have wondered at the likelihood that most of the ginormous number of paedophile priests who’ve been outed  were born with serious depression aspects---Venus blocks, Scorpio Moons, Mars in House 12 etc---- that drive so many to commit heinous crimes.”

Next day, this turns up in the media !

 ' CARDINAL George Pell is facing multiple child sex charges, police have confirmed.

Victoria Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton told a media conference in Melbourne this morning Cardinal Pell had been charged “with historical sexual assault offences” with “multiple complainants”.

He has been charged on summons to appear for a filing hearing at the Melbourne Magistrates Court on July 18.

“The charges were today served on Cardinal Pell’s legal representatives in Melbourne and they have been lodged also at the Melbourne Magistrates Court. Cardinal Pell is facing multiple charges in respect of historic sexual offences,” Mr Patton said.

Police did not reveal the exact charges being faced by the Cardinal.

Mr Patton insisted that Cardinal Pell was being treated in the same way as anyone else being investigated for historical sex offences.

“The fact that he has been charged on summons, we have used advice from the office of public prosecutions and also we have engaged with his legal representatives is common and standard practice. There has been no change in any procedures whatsoever. Cardinal Pell has been treated the same as anyone else in this investigation.”

Cardinal Pell, 76, is Australia’s most senior Catholic but is based in the Vatican, where he is serving as prefect of the secretariat of the economy. He is the third most powerful figure in the Vatican behind the Pope. '

A scan of Pell’s birthdate planets shows the Moon in SCORPIO !  With his Venus  in dual Gemini, afflicted by both the Node and deceptive, seductive Neptune !

His Gemini Sun clashed with Mars in Pisces at birth. A classic for anger management issues.

Without a birth time we cannot know what horrifics are in the crucial 5th, 8th or 12th Houses, but  already G Pell is booked to become the first-ever man of the cloth to make an appearance in the Annual Prophesies, On November 26 next:

Pell, Cardinal George:

Catholic figurehead facing paedophile charges and severely hampered by Neptune hampering his Mars and Sun. Much confusion and  delusion until Dec 019.”


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